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Hello there,” I said to myself as I stumbled across the Dan Wesson DWX Compact. With just a passing glance you’d think it was another one of the many 1911s in the Dan Wesson lineup. However, the DWX Compact is a bit more than that.

The DWX Compact is an experiment in blending some of the better parts of the 1911 and CZ 75 series of pistols. This amalgamation of two of the world’s most legendary pistols looks to be a winner.

It’s a heavy steel pistol that uses the ergonomics of the CZ 75 compact’s frame with what appears to be a 1911 slide. The DWX Compact takes CZ 75 magazines and grip panels. That opens it up to a very large lineup of magazines, including the ultra-cool 26-round CZ 75 magazines.

They hybrid pistol also uses CZ 75 compact grips, so again, your options to customize are many.

The gun’s designers adopted a 1911-style safety as well as a single action only trigger. The gun ditches the 1911 link system and uses the simpler CZ-style takedown with a lever. It’s nearly identical to CZ’s P-series guns.

The 1911 side of the gun offers users the ability to use some of their favorite 1911 gadgets and gizmos to customize the gun even more.

The sights are also a mix of CZ and 1911. There’s a 1911 dovetailed style sight in the front and CZ Shadow 2 rear sight. This gives you plenty of options, but will make finding a set a little tricky.

As a CZ fanboy, I’m in love with the gun’s ergonomics. It fits perfectly in my hand and would be an amazing carry gun as far as I’m concerned, although the high price may scare some away from carrying the DWX Compact. MSRP is $1,799.

The Dan Wesson DWX Compact is the best thing I saw at SHOT Show 2020 and I’m excited to get my hands on one.

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    • I take it the ‘crowd’ you are hitting up for funds is a crowd of one, your significant other? If you discover the magic sure-fire sales pitch, clue us in, please? 🙂

        • My goodness!

          Someone sure is ‘triggered’.

          Just another ‘satisfied customer’… 😉

  1. As much as I love CZ and think this is a cool item I think I prefer the design of the Sig p210 slide and overall shape, despite it being a single stack. Hoping that someone could run them side by side and compare the pros and cons of each along with how they perform. This could be an interesting year with the Alien, DWX, and P210 coming out. Can we hope for some Mateba love and cheaper/easier access to the autorevolvers?

    • Interesting point of comparison. I’ve got the CZ75 SPO1 and the 210. Equal in my book.

  2. for $1799.00 it’s a bit out of what I would consider for a CCW pistol and likely a very heavy one at that. But still, it is a very nicely designed pistol. Would make a good target cpmpitition pistol IMHO Congrats.

      • That is light for a steel frame, but still heavier than my preferred carry, and with all the other EDC stuff I cart about all the time, ounces matter.

  3. “The Dan Wesson DWX Compact is the best thing I saw at SHOT Show 2020”.

    That’s a surprising comment, I’ll have to check this out in Nashville at the NRA.

    • That is probably the sweetest looking pistol I’ve ever seen. I won’t have one anytime soon sadly, but I like.

  4. If this has a 1911 trigger, I’m in!

    I’ve been drooling over a Wilson Combat EDC X9, but even I, a master of rationalization, cannot justify the expense of that particular toy. As an owner of a few Dan Wesson goodies, I’m sure one of these could find a way to my safe.

    • I own an edc x9 and its absolutely amazing and this is intriguing. I am going to have to pick between this and the edc x9s as one of my next purchases.

    • I got to check out this gun and it’s full size variant at SHOT and the triggers felt just like Dan Wesson 1911 triggers, which are excellent. Other than the trigger, it feels much more CZ than 1911.

  5. Yet another CZ75 clone in steel, there are a bunch of these that are priced much lower. Even if it is a good and reliable example, it is unlikely to be a great success in the market. Why spend two or three times the cost for a heavy steel carry gun that is going to just get banged around and get a bunch of holster wear?

  6. Really nice-looking pistol. I think I want but can afford….yet.

    I would prefer it with a clean-shaven dust cover, instead of a rail. Just me.

    • Me too.
      I could do without the forward slide grooves- maybe a BHP cut instead..
      Make it with an aluminum frame, hard anodized (not painted please!)
      ..and get the price down to about a grand.

      • Sweet…….it is pretty nice looking.

        Kinda like a HiPower with a taller slide and a better safety.

  7. I’m gonna say that’s THE best-looking handgun, I’ve ever seen. Out of my price range, and it will never be MA legal, but a guy can still dream.

      • You really are a pompous ass. His opinion is completely subjective, it doesn’t hurt you in anyway. Most of the comments from you lately seldom add to the conversation, are you that abrasive in real life?

        Personally I like CZ75s, but think the Hi-Power with deep blueing and jet black grips are slightly better looking.

        • Grizzy, untwist your knickers. Don’t like my comments? Don’t read them. Don’t be such a snowflake.

        • Someone called you out as being Paul. So I am correct in calling you an ass. I’m not a snowflake, but you’re right from this point on I’ll skip your shitty comments.

        • Whatever you need to do to feel better. Take deep breaths, in through the nose, out through the mouth. Think happy, happy thoughts.

  8. It doesn’t look like it has a 1911 beavertail safety? Just curious, I’ll never be buying it at this price.

    • Even in the 1911 not a fan of the grip safety, I ride the safety lever and don’t always engage the grip safety, that’s why I’ve never carried a 1911, the DWX is the best of both platforms, love my full size, can’t wait for the compact, I’d like to see an optics cut.

  9. Neat. I’ve long thought that an ‘ideal’ pistol would combine some elements of both the 1911 and CZ-75. For those who have never used one, you really should try a CZ-75. They’re the ‘1911 of eastern Europe’ for a reason.

    Again, nice to see a company doing some development on something other than a Glock clone.

    • I don’t disagree, but for me the slide should ride internally, like the 75. What would be the mechanical advantage to have it mimic the 1911?

        • “Ease of machining and fitting.”

          Translation – Ease of early 1900s mass-wartime production?

          The loose-n-sloppy mil-spec dimensions had no problem going *bang* when asked, but when folks tried ‘improving’ it with a closer clearances the reliability problems were soon to follow, it seems…

      • Easier running of the gun. The short slide height is my only complaint on the CZ.

        Not much to grab.

        • “The short slide height is my only complaint on the CZ. Not much to grab.”

          Yup, my CZ 2075 is the same way, and since I had a nasty crush injury (about 80 percent healed and still improving), working the slide to check chamber clear has been a literal pain.

          I added some skateboard tape to the front of the slide and the ability to grip it is much improved…

    • The DGZ looks like a promising hybrid: excellent CZ 75 grip shape, familiar 1911 controls. Linkless/bushingless CZ lockup and takedown. FCG appears to be similar to 1911 w/o grip safety, consequently simpler. I have not seen any mention of an internal safeties. I don’t expect any problem with the slide rails. Aftermarket parts availability should be good.
      And it’s not a Glock clone!

      I’d like to see a factory carry version.

    • “For those who have never used one, you really should try a CZ-75. They’re the ‘1911 of eastern Europe’ for a reason.”

      My first new gun purchase in nearly 20 years was the CZ 2075 RAMI, that I understand was strongly influenced by the 75’s design, like a low bore axis with the slide riding partially inside the gun’s frame, and using 75-pattern magazines. I really love the way it feels in my hand. After I run a pile of ammo through it, I’m planning on embarrassing myself (if that were even *possible*, Ha!) by submitting a TTAG reader review on it for potential publication…

    • not sure they chose the best attributes of each.
      i like both grip angles.
      i like both sa triggers.
      i like the slide in frame, but this slide will allow for better purchase.

  10. “The DWX Compact takes CZ 75 magazines and grip panels. That opens it up to a very large lineup of magazines, including the ultra-cool 26-round CZ 75 magazines.”

    Most cool. My new 10-round CZ 2075 RAMI can accept CZ 75 magazines, so I can taste some of that big-mag fun on my carry rig at the range…

  11. This just added to my buy list for 2021. By then the kinks will be worked out, holsters and parts more available, and I will be getting tired on the CZ Bull Shadow compact I’ll have next month. I like steel, real guns that withstand the abuse I give them. Every Glock owner commends his light weight gun with reliability, but CZ owners know the truly reliable guns are CZs. We don’t worry about it, CZs rock and I can’t wait to have a Dan Wesson DWX Compact.

    • It’s possible that there is more than 1 truly reliable gun out there.

      Signed, a Glock & CZ owner who carries a Glock (or a Kahr) every day. Love my CZ-75 tactical but it has jammed several times on me. None of my Glocks ever have.

      And I love my Dan Wesson Heritage but it has not been 100% reliable either. On the plus side, it’s the most I’ve ever paid for a gun that doesn’t run 100% so there’s that…

  12. When can I find the DWX compact in stores?I have looked everywhere. A free one would be nice.Lo.

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