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Once vast herds of Democrats roamed the plains of western Michigan. [Gun show attendee Michael] Schenk said, “When I was a kid, we were all poor, and it seemed like everyone was a Democrat. These days, I don’t know any.”

Democrats have embraced abortion and gun control, among other things. Abortion is not a deal breaker. The pro-life movement faces the problem of abortion being declared a right. It’s not but abortion advocates did good PR on that one.

Gun control is a deal breaker because gun ownership is an enumerated right. People know the real aim is gun confiscation.

We have had gun control for 52 years. If you are a felon or crazy, you cannot buy a gun. Wife-beaters and people dishonorably discharged from the military cannot buy guns. The list of people banned is long. You can only buy from a licensed gun dealer and they must check out every buyer even at a gun show. [UPDATE: People have pointed out individuals may sell among themselves. I forgot.]

– Don Surber in Writing Off Gun Owners


[h/t Instapundit]

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  1. Unless you live in a state bought and paid for as I seem to be.
    Dasalvo the Speaker of the State Senate took a half million dollar bribe from Bloomberger and now we have to put up with all sorts of crap due to this RHINO.
    Thankfully anything he passes will get killed off by the state and Governor as a whole. But some crap is sure to get by.

  2. What is there to say?

    Killing a child is a right….
    Killing killers with a firearm is the worst evil imaginable….

    • Like it or not, and I do not, Roe v Wade, a decision by the Supreme Court, did not say it was a ‘right’ so much as it was ‘legal’. The pro-choice group refer to it as a ‘right’. That is just like I was taught in law class, it is not about what is “right or wrong”, it is about what is “legal and illegal”. At least Michigan doesn’t have the “post” term abortion Virginia’s governor pushed for. Maybe with the newer, more conservative Supreme Court judges Roe v Wade will be overturned and they will rule to strengthen our Second Amendment.

      • The Supreme Judge has already decided the case regarding abortion. He has ruled that “You shall not commit murder”. Wicked fools in black gowns may conspire against Him, and defy His rule for a short time. Yet, like chaff, they are blown away by the winds of time. All the judges who decided Roe are likely dead by now and have already been called to give an account for their crime by the true Judge.

        “Now therefore, O kings, be wise;
        be warned, O rulers of the earth.
        Serve the Lord with fear,
        and rejoice with trembling.
        Kiss the Son,
        lest he be angry, and you perish in the way,
        for his wrath is quickly kindled.
        Blessed are all who take refuge in him.”
        Psalm 2:10-12 ESV

      • The stated goal of all the planned parenthood and roe v wade mess was to make abortion “safe, legal, and rare”. But now we’re looking at a million abortions a year, or ~1/5 of viable pregnancies. Considering this has been going on for decades now, and a bit over half of all abortions are for minorities, we’re well past wwii jewish holocaust levels of dead black and brown children.
        Keep ’em on welfare, keep the numbers controllable, keep ’em ignorant, keep ’em dependent, keep ’em blaming republicans, keep ’em voting democratic for the next 200 years.
        Sorry, but not all of us want to stay brown and docile.

      • I understand what you mean but the 2nd Amendment does not need to be strengthened, it needs to be enforced. Big difference.

  3. Dunno about western Michigan but when was a lad I had a bunch of relatives in & around Flint,Michigan. And they were GM people who voted D. My how things change! BTW I was shocked when I heard about Flint using water from the Flint sew er river. It was a bubbling cauldren 60 years ago😩

    • The Flint Michigan DemocRATS are so dirty that they are blaming the “Flint Water Crisis” on the former Republican governor and on the state, NOT on their own incompetence, criminality and greed.
      You see, Genesee County and Flint wanted to get off the Detroit Water System and establish its own regional water authority, the “Kareghnondi Water Authority”. Previous to the “switch” water was supplied to the Flint area by the Detroit Water System from Lake Huron. This was accomplished by existing pipelines that take water from Lake Huron all the way to the Flint border. In fact, there is a second pipeline parallel to the existing pipeline that is a part of the Detroit System that is not being used.
      The Kareghnondi Water Authority opted to install a NEW (third) pipeline to Lake Huron in order to get away from the Detroit system. This involved much time-consuming effort as “right of way” and “eminent domain” issues needed to be worked out.
      The DemocRAT city and county officials could not wait for the new pipeline to be completed, so they opted to take water from the Flint River, which, every one in Michigan knows, was highly polluted from decades of industrial processes.
      To add insult to injury, DemocRAT city and county officials refused to spend $50.00 per day for anti-leaching chemicals which would have prevented the lead leaching problem that they are all talking about.
      It is government incompetence and criminality of the highest order committed by democRATS.
      As an aside, it is well-known that the Detroit Water System produces the highest quality of water in the country.

      • Flint was in receivership and under the appointed city manager of then Republican governor Rick Snyder (the decision to use the Flint river was made by the second consecutive city manager appointed by the governor)

  4. The people of Flint were poisoned by incompetent socialists belonging to the Democratic Party. Another example government in action. Now they want the cell phone manufacturers to give them a universal password to our phones. We can’t trust them with our water. Why would we trust them with our phone passwords, or anything else for that matter?

    • Ah yes, the deep state wants Apple to completely re-write their operating system (at Apple’s expense, naturally) to make things more convenient for law enforcement. This back door should pose no concern to anyone because the government will have “top men” safeguarding it so it won’t fall into the wrong hands. They will have no connection to the brain trust at OPM that allowed my personnel file along with several million other present and former government employees to be hacked and stolen.

      • It’s not just the deep state. Trump opposes encryption too.

        But more generally, more people need to ask “What makes government trustworthy with this?” on a lot of things.

      • See also the use of DNA analysis in “law enforcement”. “science”/etc. Its all about lazy cops.

      • Like I’m going to trustthose basTURDS with anything of mine I remotely consider private, secure or confidential.

  5. Surber is worth following. Gun politics isn’t his beat: politicians, media and the like getting it wrong is. He’s noticing gun politics off of Gov Blackface’s machinacians n kerfuffles in the next state over from his.

    “Deplorable” Don Surber is one of the very few Journalists to call The Orange Crush early. Like Salena Zito, he saw a lot by looking, and continues to. (Zito is credited with coining “Trump’s supporters take him seriously, but not literally.”) Surber banged the “Who’s deplorable, again?” riff pretty hard for a while.

    Surber does analysis n comment in his own venue these days. Thing is, he footnotes (links) everything. His various schticks developed — he didn’t start with a “trumpenfreude” list, that developed over time, from noticing. Surber isn’t fitting messaging to promore an agenda, more mocking when conclusions don’t fit the facts.

    Surber n Zito are the kind of thinking, snarky politics n culture analysts n mockers pro-gun folks should want to inform. They’ll call out anti-people’s BS, like the piece above.

    • Interesting, inconsistent content-based behavior in comment system.

      Me and my tinfoil hat speculate this is read-in functions, platforms, n infrastructure testing on-demand squelching of venues n content. A “November Surprise” stomping coordination, issues promotion, n get out the vote could swing the next presidential by at least as much as page rank shenanigans in the last one. (Look it up. Left-of-center academic who did the research starts his first person account with “I am not suicidal.”)

      Let’s not even talk about the microtargeted get out the vote system the D’s used to snag 2012.

      Just like the agitprop, false flag n voter suppression of The Chorus of Trolls before an event like the VA protests, this is politics by other means — not govt to ro represent people but curating people to pretend they support what’s been decided.

      Hi Bloomie!

      • *Chorus of Comment Trolls.*

        Notice they’re not here right now. Pollute the conversation n people can’t discuss, plan, or coordinate. Shut it down n they feel isolated n alone.

      • My fat fingers can’t count.

        Also, 4 rounds of various attempted posts failed, so should be test6, maybe?

  6. As it should be. We all have our “book of rules”. It has been ingrained into us all of our lives and we try to live by it. The Bible, the Torah, the Koran, to name 3, are examples of these.We may have a higher set of values than or neighbor, we should not be able to force him not to shop on our sabbath, he may have a different one, or not have one at all.

    We live in the world and must remain true to our beliefs. We are not called to force others to our beliefs. Our form of government does not infringe on certain unalienable rights, it allows for freedoms of the world, it also allows us to practice whatever religion we choose(within certain constraints).

    Just because something is legal, does not make it moral. We do not have a theocracy, we have a system of laws that are needed by society as a whole, not by proclamation on high. This was how our country was started, sadly, it is not the same.

  7. Oh, they’re still here. Certain enclaves of W Michigan will (D) until they die, but it’s hard to assess because nobody wants to publically support Trump for fear of getting attacked by some loon w TDS. I think high employment and a good economy have really helped.

  8. Not in metro Detroit, downtown is being flooded with liberals from NYC and Illinois who are fleeing the trash they voted for, ultimately the state will go hell. I’ve worked in city for an decade and I have seen the liberals move in to gentrify downtown and they ignore the violence around them and push laws that will just unarm those who need it.

  9. “We have had gun control for 52 years.”

    No, actually we have had [unconstitutional] ‘gun control for around 86 years. For the first federal [demonRat] usurpation was in 1934. Our governments were expressly Constitutionally denied the delegated authority to enact any ‘gun control’ legislation PERIOD. They only have the power to provide punishment for abuse or criminal misuse of that specific right. But once the lawfully imposed sentence has been served, then every American citizen is entitled to keep and bear arms for their own defense. And yes people, that [currently] even includes felons:

    Because black powder firearms are considered antique firearms, the possession of a black powder firearm by a person subject to federal firearms disabilities is not prohibited by the GCA. However, a person subject to federal firearms disabilities may not receive and/or possess black powder firearms that can be readily converted to fire fixed ammunition by replacing the barrel, bolt, breechblock, or any combination thereof which are classified as “firearms.” Additionally, state law may prohibit the possession of a black powder firearm by persons who are not federally prohibited from possessing them. Please contact your state’s Attorney General’s Office for information regarding black powder firearms.

    [18 U.S.C. 921(a)(3) and (16); 27 CFR 478.11 and 478.141(d)]

    Last Reviewed August 21, 2019

    Put THAT in your [crack] pipe and smoke it, lie-berals.

  10. Roe vs. Wade was never about abortion to start with. Look up D. James Kennedy “Lies and more lies” on Youtube.

  11. The OP references a Politico article that was written by a Mittener who thinks Grand Rapids is Western Michigan and has probably never heard of Escanaba or Ontonagon (though he does acknowledge the base existence of the U.P.).

    I’m not shocked that he was shocked. I very much doubt most of MI changed politically on guns since I grew up there. The simple fact is that people who hunt for food because they have no other choice are not gonna be big fans of gun control.

  12. Oh, gawd. Another “gorillas in the mist” op-ed piece in an election year.

    Was this yahoo at least wearing a pith helmet as he bravely sallied forth to interview the native savages?

    • Surber’s from rural-ish W Va.

      Maybe read tha article. Surber mostly does “Here’s Another Thing The Smarties Got Wrong.” One of the few, like Salena Zito, who called the last presidential early. (Also similar is Micky Kaus, who’s quite left of center politically.)

      My take: Surber’s mocking the Gorillas In The Mist blue enclave hot takes. Buf, it’s on the interweb, where irony is dead, so…

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