Joe Sakran
The hashtag "#DoSomething" is displayed as trauma surgeon and gun control activist Dr. Joe Sakran takes the podium during a news conference calling for Senate action on H.R. 8 - Bipartisan Background Checks Act of 2019 on Capitol Hill in Washington, Tuesday, Aug. 13, 2019. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)
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Dr. Joseph Sakran is the director of emergency general surgery at Johns Hopkins. He’s also an ardent anti-gunner. As his profile indicates, his research interests include . . .

Gun violence; injury prevention; outcomes research; trauma system development; public policy and advancement of surgery in poor resource settings

He started the #ThisIsOurLane gun control campaign for doctors and testified in favor of an “assault weapons” ban and universal background checks before the House Judiciary Committee hearing on “gun violence,” last year.

Firearm injury and death in America is not only a disease, but a public health crisis in the United States. Every day, an average of 109 individuals are killed and more than 240 people suffer injuries secondary to firearm violence. While the United States is a world leader in many arenas, we are failing when it comes to firearm injury prevention.

Firearm-related injury and death is a public health problem creating a vast burden of disease across the spectrum of ages and socioeconomic groups in this country. Additionally, firearm-related violence has a substantial economic burden of over 229 billion dollars per year to the United States health care system. Most concerning, despite advances in trauma systems and health care capabilities, the fatality rate secondary to firearms has not significantly changed or improved.

Dr. Joseph V. Sakran, an assistant professor of surgery at Johns Hopkins Medicine, testifies before a House Judiciary Committee hearing on gun violence, at Capitol Hill in Washington, Wednesday, Feb. 6, 2019. (AP Photo/Jose Luis Magana)

Dr. Sakran could not be reached for comment on the over 250,000 people who die annually — more than six times the number of firearms deaths — due to medical mistakes and malpractice (that number is according to, well, Johns Hopkins).

He’s been the subject of fawning profiles and interviews by Gun Control, Inc.’s adjuncts at The Washington Post, Forbes among others. But it appears that Dr. Sakran may crave still more attention.

The good doctor issued a flurry of tweets yesterday announcing that he’d been threatened and implied that he suspects the culprit is targeting him due to his gun control advocacy.

Click over to read the full thread in which the surgeon bravely proclaims his resistance to threats (while likening himself to Martin Luther King) and pledges to continue his work aimed at further limiting Americans’ Second Amendment rights.

There’s just one problem. Take a closer look at one of the images of the threatening flyer Sakran allegedly discovered on his windshield.

Dr. Joseph Sakran
Courtesy Dr. Joseph Sakran and Twitter

To the left of the flyer, you can see the reflection of the ceiling of Dr. Sakran’s garage. That’s the plainly visible pull-down access door.

That raises a few questions. Did the good doctor leave his garage door open all night? Did someone break into his garage in order place that threatening message on his windshield? If so, did he call the police to report the crime? If not, why not?

Sakran’s tweet is getting pummeled unmercifully in response to what appears to many to be a false claim of a death threat.

We’ll let you draw your own conclusions.

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    • No one – and yet even with all of their serial lies they still have not been able to achieve their liberal gun free utopia – so what do they do – tell even more lies.

    • If you want to know what the Left is up to just listen to what they accuse the Right of doing.

      It’s called projection.

  1. This is no different than the “jewish synagogue vandalism” hoaxes which are ALWAYS committed by jews in order to keep their “eternal persecution complex” alive.

    • right…because jews are never physically threatened, the holocaust never happened, and, as we speak, the elders of zion are protocoling. dude get a grip!

      • Well, Jews are threatened. As are whites, blacks, asians, and every other group. But the supposed and much media hyped massive rise in hate crimes since the Donald Trump candidacy has been composed almost exclusively of hoaxes, except for a couple of high profile shootings and stabbings.

        And that is usually a clue. If real haters are going to risk everything they are usually going to try hard for a body count. Anytime something is merely scrawled on a wall or somebody just says something naughty, or somebody is accosted late on a sub freezing night in a place full of people just like him but is not seriously injured or killed and manages not to drop his sandwiches then it is most likely a hoax.

        Chapelle sums it up well

    • Sir, you need to step back with the Anti-Semetic rhetoric. It has no place in our society and it certainly has no place on this forum. You can sit at home and let your mind rot with Jewish conspiracy theories, but I see a comment like that again and I will insist that you be banned from the site. BTW, I’m not Jewish, but your kind of vapid hatred is what led to the Holocaust, and as an American born, red blooded, freedom loving patriot, I will not sit by and listen to hate filled genocidal nut cases.

      • Free speech is free, or it isn’t.

        The antidote for bad speech is more speech (think that is a quote from somewhere).

        By their fruits you will know them. Just as we entertain and repeat the vomit of the anti-gun mafia, we should not be silencing uncomfortable comments from others(one can always know who is who, and delete comments without reading).

        • “Free speech means the government cant silence people. Websites can do whatever they want”

          No question. However, we have only ourselves to blame for our forked tongues. It is OK to report, repeat, copy and paste, the words of the anti-gun mob (drivel and trash though it is), but somehow we are to become snowflakes when other uncomfortable words appear here?

          Snuffing so-called “white supremacist”, nazi, hard right, alt-right, anti-government militia, submissions will do nothing to protect us from slander from the Left. Just as with jihadis, the Left needs no provocation from us to launch them into screeds and tirades about how we are unmitigated, irredeemable deplorables with all those unsavory qualities I listed.

          Just delete what you don’t like. Not enough time in the day to suffer what you detest.

        • Free Speech means someone WILL be offended.
          Yes you have a Right to Free Speech.
          No, you DO NOT have a Right to NOT be offended.

        • “Free Speech means someone WILL be offended.
          Yes you have a Right to Free Speech.
          No, you DO NOT have a Right to NOT be offended.”

          Thar ya’ go.

      • As a Jew I respect his right to write idiotic vitriol.

        As a Jew I’m armed and have a CCW in case someone of his ilk ever tries to take his vapid fantasy out of his mother’s basement and into the real world.

        But I still respect his right to free speech.

    • Tim – maybe a lying doctor who is now a politician? Hmm, are there any of those, let me think for a moment – yep – at least one – little ralphie in Virginia………………..

      • GomezNSA,

        Little ralphie in Virginia? Oh, you mean Governor Ralph “Infaticide” Northam. Or is it Governor Infanticide Blackface Northam? Or Governor Blackface Infanticide Northam?

        • To be fair, we do not know for sure he was in blackface in that picture. HE could have been in the clan hood. Remember, he said he’s not sure which was him.

    • Doctors are hired help, just like an auto mechanic. Would you better tolerate a mechanic with political views, or a mechanic who lies to you?

      Fire them both.

      • He works for Johns Hopkins. The patients he treats for gun injury (if he actually works the ER) are most likely street criminals who don’t pay anything for his services anyway. He’s paid by Bloomberg grant money. Not much can of his getting fired and he knows it.

  2. We like to think of anti-gun people as representing “the Left”. One thing to remember: the Latin root “sinistra” (“sinister” in modern English) translates to “Left”.

  3. I’d say ‘probably’. Unverified claiming to receive death threats became a common trope around the time that Gamer Gate happened. And even then… so what of it? Some random a-hole talking smack on the Twatter shiouldn’t be considers anything significant.

    • “Some random a-hole talking smack on the Twatter shiouldn’t be considers anything significant.”

      Ordinarily, I would agree. This is *different*, and *worse*, because he was banking on his (implied) credibility of being a physician, a ‘healer’.

      That makes it a whole new ballgame. He needs to have his ass called out on it the same way ‘Jussie’ Smollett (should have had) his ass called out on his lie of being racially attacked.

      Sam had it right. Doctors are the ‘Hired Help’ and should be fired for lying to a customer. It’s worse when a doctor does it, since a car can be replaced, your health often cannot.

      Hang his ass out to dry. I hope the doctor rating websites flood that clown with bad reviews for having the audacity to use his position to lie…

  4. How do you make death threats in the digital world nowadays? There’s IP addresses saved and how would they get your cell number? Your phone may say Unknown Caller, but there’s a record. I’d say made up BS by the left again

  5. The problem with #DoSomething is that there is little to no recognition for the fact that something IS being done…..more people are arming themselves.

  6. If you have to lie, your argument is lost, your credibility is gone.
    Too bad the MSM won’t put this on the front page….like the Jesse Smolett case….until the truth came out. Then silence.

    • I’m thinking of starting a move to petition the OED to add a new verb, ”to smullett (ˈsmɒlɪt), v.i., to stage a false attack on oneself for personal or political gain. Eg., Dr. Sakran was found guilty of smulletting when evidence was uncovered that he staged his own death threat.”

  7. What an idiot! Clearly he is just another attention seeking leftist with delusions of grandeur. Who would waste the printer ink to bother threatening a nobody like that?

  8. One only hopes he is lying. I would not want to believe that someone actually threatened this gentleman, it is not conducive to our cause.

    I really like the statement by Not Mandie where she states he should carry a gun to protect himself. Hypocrisy at it’s best. Guns only for anti-gunners.

    • He has certainly shown himself to be a person of incredible dishonesty. And using his Doctor’s credentials to further the falsehoods.

  9. 1) Owning firearms is not a “disease.”
    2) He does not look anything like MLK.
    3) He obviously put that on his car’s windshield himself.
    4) He must not care that we now all have his vehicle’s VIN.

    Party on.

  10. I read the whole Twitter thread; best laugh I’ve had in a while. This dumbass is getting lit up left and right.

  11. Hows that saying go…something…enough rope…something…hang them selves?
    In his over zealous push to make himself look like a hero to the gun grabber cause, because, of course, he was such a HUGE threat to gun owners that they had to resort in making death threats against him to shut him up, he unintentionally provided the answers to the questions “Is this guy a credible source of information on gun statistics?”, “Can I believe what he says is fact?” Hmm,,,that would be a NO. He won’t be able to make a single comment about guns that will not be followed with images of this tweet haunting him forever. Thank for the help there Doc.

    • “He won’t be able to make a single comment about guns that will not be followed with images of this tweet haunting him forever.”

      Don’t underestimate gun-grabbers. When they fail, their go-to response is to blame the political environment for making people so frustrated they do stupid things. Gun owners are so dangerous they pose both a physical and psychological danger to society and safety. Orangeman bad.

      Reputation restored, creds for heroism enhanced.

  12. How much did Johns Hopkins school received from Bloomberg again? $1.8 Billion can do wonders to influence someone’s opinion.

  13. Yes. There really aren’t any valid ways to be against giving the some of the weakest among us a viable means to defend themselves against larger and stronger predators without lying.

  14. Other things we’ve learned about Dr. Joseph Sakran based on the photos he posted:

    A: He’s a surgeon who doesn’t keep his fingernails trimmed. Seems risky.

    B: He posted these pictures to Twitter before putting on pants.

    C: He owns an inkjet printer and doesn’t know about the identification patterns that such printers add to their prints.

    • “C: He owns an inkjet printer and doesn’t know about the identification patterns that such printers add to their prints.”

      That leads to an interesting question – Did he break any laws with that Twitter post?

      He may not have signed a police report, but he did make a public accusation of a death threat. If he’s for real, produce that printout and track the printer down, if possible…

  15. I would love to invite the good Doctor to a range session with me and my friends (including a couple of his fellow Doctors), to show him that gun owners come from all walks of life, and that there’s a sport as well as patriotic duty in gun ownership. My treat Doctor, and I’ve a good selection of firearms for you to try out and receive instruction on the safe operation and handling of the same. I hope you eventually see that your position and opinions are not indicative of the millions of Law Abiding Citizen Gun Owners of the USA.

    • Bemused – I’m too far away to make him the same offer 😉 I doubt that he would take either of us up on a most generous offer since guns are bad or evil or have some mystical power to force other wise normal rational being into committing the most heinous crimes, or something.
      BTW, I don’t think anyone else has noted in their comments that of the (supposedly) 109 daily deaths he cites, at least 65 or so are suicides, tragic acts no doubt. What he also fails to mention is that determined suicidal persons WILL find another way ‘out’ no matter what restrictions are put on them and their access to firearms.

      • “What he also fails to mention is that determined suicidal persons WILL find another way ‘out’ no matter what restrictions are put on them and their access to firearms.”

        No, no, no, no. It is settled science that without access to guns, people do not commit suicide otherwise; too much trouble. It is guns that make people want to self-cancel, always guns. Remove guns from non-criminals, and life will be wonderful, and filled with people who otherwise would be seduced by guns to take themselves out.

        Everybody knows this. Orangeman bad. Guns bad.

        • I find this argument unproductive.

          Are there people who are depressed and impulsive in ways that removing their access to a firearm would force them into a longer chain of action to kill themselves, thereby giving them time to think “It’s not that bad” and therefore saving their life? Almost certainly. How many/what percentage of suicides/how effective this would be over the longer term are all open questions.

          So there’s nothing wrong with non-government programs to hold on to people’s guns for a bit if they’re in crisis. How effective such a program will be is again an open question and one for which hard statistical data will be exceedingly difficult to glean.

          However, it does provide a number of opportunities for us. It let’s us turn that “if it saves one life” thing back around and, if we do get a statistical correlation we can then point to that and say “X% saved. What have you done on this front grabbers?”. On top of that it cuts back against the narrative that we’re all just hicks who care more about our dangerous toys than we do about people.

          My recent tactic with these arguments has been to take out a scrap of paper and write down “The Life-Giving Sword – Yagyū Munenori” and leave it at that. So far 3/8 people have come back and said “Wow, I never thought of it that way”.

        • “I find this argument unproductive.”
          – – Yes it is, but fun to ridicule.

          “Are there people who are depressed and impulsive in ways that removing their access to a firearm would force them into a longer chain of action to kill themselves, thereby giving them time to think “It’s not that bad” and therefore saving their life?”
          – – When a sovereign individual decides it is time to leave, why stand in their way? If they are reasonable/responsible enough to see to their own affairs, they are reasonable/responsible enough to decide when they have had enough.

          – – Isn’t it odd that we have devolved to where eliminating the unborn is “normal”, yet we are so exercised over the prospect that a live human is making their own decisions about that life? About all “society” owes a suicidal individual is to once question, “Are you sure; would you like to talk about it?”, and respond accordingly. If a person doesn’t want help, where is our moral authority to demand they receive it? Where, even, is our moral authority/responsibility to help them exit?

        • “When a sovereign individual decides it is time to leave, why stand in their way?”

          I’m not going to get deep on the philosophy here but… it depends.

          This is part of what assisted suicide is about in certain regards. The person makes the decision and can justify it. It’s agreed that this is a rational decision based on facts and evidence and not a rash decision. Once that’s done and they really, truly want to do it they are assisted in a way that ensures they don’t botch the job. That’s a process, for better or worse, with some safeguards in it. It’s not a Futurama suicide booth.

          For example: I find it dubious that any serious person would argue that teen suicide over a break-up is something we should just allow to happen unopposed. My friend was certainly grateful that he was saved from such a thing by someone who found him bleeding out in a school bathroom when we were in high school. Should those people have said “Oh, look a sovereign person cut their wrist on the shitter! Ah well, let ’em bleed out and we’ll clean up the mess later. Obviously they made the right decision for themselves?” Just a couple months later the guy who actually did cut his wrist would have disagreed that it was a good idea. To this day he maintains that it’s one of the dumbest things he ever did.

          I further doubt that most people who are suicidal have their “life in order”. The one’s I’ve known, to a person, certainly didn’t. And they left a bigger mess behind in their wake.

          Abortion isn’t something I’m going to discuss here other than to say three things: First, personally I find it abhorrent to use it as a method of birth control. Second, hard core Right To Lifers greatly minimize how often a medically necessary abortion actually is, which is to say they lie about this. Third, until both sides can come to the point of telling the truth and arguing in good faith I want no part of this argument because it’s like trying to mediate which LD student gets to eat which color crayon.

        • Regards teens and suicide….I wouldn’t consider them sovereign individuals. Which means my questions relate only to adults (and I think 16-20.99yrs is not an adult). With teens, there is a totally different dynamic of life at hand; a societal shift of the last 20yrs where youngsters are reared so as to have zero coping skills outside tantrums. I would ask teens twice.

        • Well then under your own rules you’d have no issue with going after something on the order of 16.76% of suicides.

          Further, I really don’t see where the concept of “sovereign” people comes in here. You don’t have a right to not be told things you don’t want to hear. It’s not an invasion of someone’s “sovereignty” to say “You’re fat and it’s disgusting and unhealthy. Get some help.” or to say “Dude, you’re depressed and need some help here bud”.

          Further, there are actual societal costs (by which in this case I mean to the taxpayers) to both kinds of behavior which means it’s not actually a sovereign decision in the first place.

  16. They should take a closer look at the piece of paper. Every printer has a small code that is printed – so small and usually in the yellow ink so it is not visible to the eye. The FBI can track it back to see what printer it came from. I would bet you that this sheet came off a printer that he has direct access to. People do stupid things – really stupid people do things like this.

  17. According to a a Baltimore newspaper , he found the note on his windshield as it was parked on the street in front of his parents house, I believe overnight . He didn’t look at it and tossed it into his car, days later while cleaning car he saw what it was and “ recreated “ the scene” In his garage lol.

    If it was face down on a windshield overnight in Baltimore, that ink would be water damaged I’d imagine , any snow, frost ,moisture of any kind would make it bleed . Wonder if any neighbors have cameras ?

  18. Professor of Surgery? This isn’t a doctor problem, this is a school problem.
    Dr. Joseph Sakran is a lying sack of crap. You normally only see this from fuzzy subjects…

  19. I’ve made a video outlining some of the most compelling evidence that this is a fraud. I would love it if TTAG could give it a share and get the word out there. There really is virtually no reason to think this is legitimate.

  20. David , you realize that according to published newspaper reports , he said he found it on his windshield parked outside his parents home, and didn’t look at it but tossed it in his car. Claiming that days later he saw what it was and recreated it inside his garage For the photos .

    Yes I feel it’s faked but it’s no discovery that that photo is inside his garage , as he admits to that .

    The thing to look at is if this was outside presumably overnight ,in winter in Northern Virginia, there would be ink bleed due to moisture, on the windshield, snow, frost, condensation from temperature changes all would cause wet paper and ink bleed .

  21. He should turn the original copy over to police to look for prints. There’s a chance secret dots are embedded in the page that could trace its origins.

  22. The good physician IS a liar.

    Not only that but he CREATES the lies he TELLS. Does that make him a “superliar”? Or simply a cheap whore (in the non sexual sense) attracted by Michael Bloomberg’s hundreds of millions given to BUY medical “researchers” at Johns Hopkins and other medical/public health institutions?

    The gun research by Criminologists is generly good. BUT the studies and statistics by members of the Medical-Public Health complex (or published in their journals) are “result oriented trash” designed to ADVOCATE only one position.

    ER Docs are the worst, because like ghetto cops they are buried in bodies of victims of VIOLENT PERSONAL CRIMINAL violence.

    If you spend 8-12 hours a day dealing with shi*heads, you soon come to believe that EVERYONE is a sh*head. For police, it is called the “Wyatt Erup syndrome” and it is treated as a mental health illness. I know because I had it as a young prosecutor in a new state. The cure is to develop unrelated activities and friends that are not shi*heads.

    It is a personal MENTAL HEALTH problem for Docs too. The ER is not a reflection of Society as a whole. On the trauma side, it is often a distillation of the worst actions of the worst people. Focusing on the worst 0.5% of results is not a “scientific” sample of anything. Physicians should know this mathematical fact.

  23. I can understand why he feels so strongly against guns, he practices in a liberal stronghold of extreme gun violence, Baltimore, Md. The rest of the world is not like that hellhole. Your own politicians and their constituents have brought such a life upon you.


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