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The TTAG crew brought you lots of great coverage from SHOT Show 2016 this January, and while I think we hit the most exiting and newsworthy items we certainly didn’t — couldn’t — cover it all. After two months, I’m officially tired of seeing the “2016 SHOT” folder chock full of unpublished photos languishing on my desktop. So, complete with captions where appropriate, here are all of the rest of the [gun-related] photos I took this year (warning: very photo-heavy post follows!) . . .

The lead photo is IWI US’ Tavor X95. It’s a slimmed-down version of the Tavor with an AR-style mag release and swappable grip + trigger guard units (available with a “normal” trigger guard). Available in the U.S. soon.


That’s the Galile ACE in carbine form. It’s IWI’s modern interpretation of an AK.


I was really impressed with the trigger on this Taurus Millennium G2, and it was a great shooter on the range.dsc04154

Rossi Ranch Hand.dsc04155

Taurus 8-shot .22 revolver.dsc04156

Rossi revolvers.dsc04157

Rossi carbine.dsc04167

A DoubleStar .45 PhD 1911 ( dsc04168 dsc04169

Sarsilmaz ST-9dsc04170dsc04171

One of ATI’s polymer-framed 1911s. It shot quite nicely and was very controllable despite its light weight.dsc04172dsc04173

Provision for mounting an optic.dsc04174dsc04175dsc04176dsc04181

Korth Revolver SuperSportdsc04182dsc04183Front sight is 4-way click adjustable by hand.dsc04184

Both the amount of rear sight leaf protrusion and the width of the notch are adjustable via a single screw each. That’s right, turning a screw opens or closes the width of the rear sight notch.dsc04185

Cylinders are very easily swappable between .357 Mag, .38 Special (that’s right, there’s a specific one for maximum accuracy), and 9×19. I shot it in .357 Mag with Fiocchi ammo and it felt like a .380. dsc04186

Beretta’s PICO v2.0. Apparently they’ve solved the exact functional issues I, well, took issue with. It did shoot fine for me on the SHOT Show range and the slide was worlds easier to rack than on the original PICO.dsc04187


Pro-tuned version of the PX-4 Storm Compactdsc04189

This thing was insane on the range. Easily one of the softest-shooting compact guns I’ve ever fired, and the trigger was beautifully smooth.dsc04190dsc04192

Beretta ARX-100 with OSS suppressor.dsc04193dsc04228

Republic Forge 1911sdsc04229dsc04234dsc04235dsc04236dsc04237

PR-15 pistol from FB Radomdsc04238dsc04239dsc04240dsc04241dsc04242dsc04243dsc04248

Angel Armor door panels.dsc04250dsc04251dsc04252dsc04253dsc04254dsc04255dsc04256dsc04257dsc04266

Dead Air MASK-22 on a Walther PPQ 22dsc04267dsc04271

Delta P Designs BREVIS II in big boy .338 LM flavordsc04273dsc04274

M32A1-MSGL, 40mm multi-shot grenade launcher. Apparently this was a joint venture between VLTOR and Milkor USA: dsc04275

dsc04276 dsc04277

SOG throwing hatchetsdsc04278

Throwing knivesdsc04280 dsc04281 dsc04282 dsc04291 dsc04292 dsc04293 dsc04306 dsc04307 dsc04308 dsc04309 dsc04312

While grabbing some water, I managed to set my camera down directly on top of this gigantic magnet. It was there to very firmly keep the tablecloth from blowing away, but this was 2/3 through Range Day and I thought I may have just wiped all of the photos and videos off my camera! I about died.dsc04317

GP100 .22 LR. It ain’t cheap, but it’s very nice.dsc04318

Holds 10 rounds.dsc04319

New Vaquero .44 Magdsc04320 dsc04321 dsc04322 dsc04323 dsc04324

SPHINX pistols in various sizes and colorsdsc04327

Latest SilencerCo Maxim 9 prototype. Now using GLOCK mags.dsc04328 dsc04329

Fixed barreldsc04332 dsc04333

May end up adjustable for length like SilencerCo’s Salvo and Osprey Microdsc04334 dsc04335 dsc04336

The Osprey Microdsc04337 dsc04338

Micro in full-length configuration.


Range Day was near an active mining site.dsc04400

New knife company FirstEdge making folders and fixed blades from ELMAX steeldsc04401 dsc04402 dsc04403 dsc04404 dsc04406 dsc04407

From Raven Arms, a bunch of carbon fiber rifle stocks.dsc04408 dsc04410 dsc04411 dsc04412 dsc04445 dsc04446


From Klecker Knives is this cool little knife kit for kids. The plastic pieces assemble into a lock-back folder to be used for safety practice. Different colors can be combined and, sure, bedazzled. They’re $12.95 shipped Prime on Amazon.dsc04427

Klecker makes real knives, too.

And real cool tomahawks. Shown here is the KLAX.dsc04429

This fixed blade knife has a trick up its sleevedsc04430

Well, in its spinedsc04431

Snap it rearwards, and…dsc04432

A skinning hook pops out. dsc04433

Electronic, fingerprint-operated gun lock from Identilock.dsc04434

Key backupdsc04435 dsc04436 dsc04437

This is a new caliber in the works by Maxim Firearms. .35 Maxim? Crap, I forget what it actually is other than it’s something new for the AR-15 platform.

dsc04440 dsc04449 dsc04450 dsc04451 dsc04452 dsc04453 dsc04454 dsc04455 dsc04456 dsc04466 dsc04467 dsc04469

Girsan had a large product catalog of very affordable, Turkish-made guns.dsc04471 dsc04472 dsc04473 dsc04474 dsc04475

I had to take some photos of this BHP that was color case hardened by Midwest Gun Worksdsc04476 dsc04477 dsc04478 dsc04479 dsc04480


A cutaway SIG silencerdsc04506

SIG Optics was there with the current product linedsc04508 dsc04510

Threaded P238dsc04511 dsc04512 dsc04513 dsc04514 dsc04515

The LEGION series has officially branched into just about every possible product from lights to knives to holsters to ear protection, and more…dsc04516 dsc04517 dsc04518 dsc04519

P320 laser frame from SIG Opticsdsc04520 dsc04521 dsc04522 dsc04523 dsc04524 dsc04526

A pretty darn compact thermal sightdsc04527 dsc04528

Optic-ready seriesdsc04529

More LEGIONs are comingdsc04530 dsc04531 dsc04532 dsc04533 dsc04534 dsc04535

Threaded barrel Ruger Charger Takedowndsc04536 dsc04547 dsc04548 dsc04565

SilencerCo boothdsc04566

A Kel-Tec bullpup MSR for ban statesdsc04567 dsc04570 dsc04571 dsc04579 dsc04580

Magpul is branching outdsc04581

Pants, shorts, belts, gloves, hats, bags, pouches, etc etc…dsc04582 dsc04583 dsc04585 dsc04586 dsc04599

A visit to Fenix Lightsdsc04600

100 bright lumens from this slim little guydsc04601 dsc04602

QD rail mount for 1″ flashlightsdsc04603

6,000 lumens? Holy crap. Yes, I turned it on while pointing it up at the 25-foot-high ballroom ceiling and everybody in the room squinted.dsc04605

Cut-away Dead Air Sandmandsc04606

Dead Air’s PYRO muzzle device. It uses the same QD attach system as their suppressors and mitigates the muzzle blast of their muzzle brake without going full-on silencer mode.dsc04610

Sandman S over cut-away Sandman L, with QD mount disassembled. End caps are swappable and will be available in .30 cal, 6.5 cal, and 5.56 cal bore diameters.dsc04612

9mm PDW in the works from Patriot Ordnance Factorydsc04648

Caracal F with Quick Sights (which I actually like in practice)dsc04649 dsc04651 dsc04652

“Available” in a couple of cerakote optionsdsc04653dsc04655

I checked out some amazing race guns from CK Arms, where I ran into JJ Racaza who was doing the same. Nice dude.dsc04656dsc04657dsc04658dsc04659

Looks like they’re fans of the Dawson Ice magwell with Delrin insert.dsc04688

Norma Ammunition is going to be expanding its product line and presence in the U.S. this year.dsc04693

A Grand Power in 10mm. Sweet!dsc04694dsc04696

Rotating barrel, as usual. Above it’s in battery.dsc04697

And rotated until unlocked. No tilting.dsc04699

Bersa is making a competition gun in the Thunder 9 Pro XT.dsc04700

They may be known for living more on the budget end of the spectrum, but this gun felt extremely well put together with one of the very best DA/SA triggers anywhere. Granted, I only dry fired the show model but this trigger would go toe-to-toe with a top-of-the-line CZ Shadow any day. dsc04703dsc04704

Llama micro .380 1911dsc04705

Micro indeed, but pretty faithful to the original design.dsc04706dsc04707

Rob Pincus is working on a new carry gun and a new company called Avidity Arms. This slab of metal is a prototype PD10, and I guess the idea is a skinny, slab-sided, all-metal 9mm CCW piece.dsc04708dsc04709dsc04710

Roberts Defense is making 1911s that struck me as a heck of a bargain at these price points. The apparent quality of materials and extremely precise fit and finish isn’t normally seen at these prices. I was very impressed with everything about these pistols.dsc04711dsc04713dsc04714dsc04715dsc04716

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    • Those “Rossi” single action revolvers sure look like “Heritage Rough Ryders” to me. Did Taurus just do a name change? Or, is Rossi in the single action revolver business now? Taurus owns both Rossi and Heritage.

  1. Okay, so I’ll take…. uh… 1 of each, thank you.

    Except for maybe those Roberts Defense 1911s. More than 1 may be required.


  2. It’s the modern day equivalent of flipping through the sporting goods section of an old
    Sears & Roebuck Christmas catalog.

  3. I’m liking the .22 LR ammo with 45 grain bullets. That makes it more than just a subsonic round, it makes it an accurate round since it weighs more and doesn’t deal with the disruption going from supersonic to subsonic velocities. On top of that it sound also be quieter even without a suppressor. CCI also makes a 45 grain .22 LR and that’s also marketed for suppressor use, but it’s a lead hollow point which means it should expand even at lower velocities meaning bullets could expand from a handgun.

    I don’t care for single AAA flashlights, to me you’d be better off with a single AA flashlight as it can use AA, 14500, and AAA if you fill the rear with some aluminum foil as a shim. Then, if you want a small light, even smaller than AAA will allow, get a rechargeable.

    Who is really going to buy one of those biometric gun locks? The reliability of it is suspect enough, but to have that huge freakin’ think hanging off the trigger guard… how are you supposed to conceal carry that? Do they even make holsters for it? Also, kind of defeats the possibility of using a weapon light, huh?


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