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1 Tip for Maximizing Gun Defense: Guns for Beginners

Kevin Secours offers excellent advise for attacking a gunman. Here’s one that’s not on the video above. Carry a gun. Use it as needed.


  1. avatar Stovepipe says:

    Use Hilory as a sheild.

  2. avatar gs650g says:

    Vote against gun grabbers in any party

  3. avatar Krog says:

    I actually like this video as it does so many things right compared to all the useless info out there. Fight to win or die.

  4. avatar MikeJH121 says:

    You keep going until you can’t. Churchill said it, “Never, never, never quit.”

    As he said, I may be about out but I am going to keep going to protect loved ones.

  5. avatar James69 says:

    I think a money gun loaded with 100’s would defuse any situation or my Ruger Redhawk in .454 your choice.

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