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This is an interesting one because it features a Heckler and Koch P7, which is a pretty cool pistol. The P7 was billed by H&K as their finest pistol for decades and it is, indeed, a very solid gun.

It also has some fairly unique features such as a gas delayed blow-back and a squeeze cocking mechanism.

See that angled front grip? That’s the cocking mechanism; it takes around fifteen pounds of pressure to cock, but only one pound of pressure to hold it in place.

Who else here uses a unique/somewhat unique handgun for their daily carry?

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  1. Black Arch Holsters makes some great holsters for the P7. The solid steel pistol is a little heavy for IWB carry when compared to polymer guns, so a good holster is a must.

    • Thanks for the heads up on Black Arch. I have one of their holsters for my Glock and really like it. I’ll get one for the P7. (This is my EDC photo)

  2. Ever FIRED a P7?

    It’s wierd. The mag release is in a strange, almost inaccessible place.

    Better keep it clean too OR the little gas blowback hole and piston WILL cause malfunctions.

    Requires more than 1 lb to “hold”.

    Would LOVE to own one. BUT would never carry such a valuable “German Staple Gun ” as Clint Smith calls it.

  3. One of best pistols ever designed. Only drawback is 9mm. Not so much a factor now with modern ammo. Strictly a belt carry gun because of weight, but that weight and low bore axis, keeps recoil muzzle/flip down. Plus it’s only 9mm. My go to pistol when I would shoot a plate match. It just shoots so damn fast! Get an M8 variant if you can. Speed reloads are much faster. Love mine.

  4. > Who else here uses a unique/somewhat unique handgun for their daily carry?

    I do. I’ll get around to sending a pic one day.


    stop it sweetie, your making my side hurt.

  6. I carried two muzzleloader pistols and a cutlass as a dare on the job once….scared the heck out of everyone…..

    And of course we went to the range afterwards…what a hoot, I miss that job every once in a while.

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  13. Thanks for the response strych9, you are both more articulate and slower to anger than myself, admirable traits that I am always striving for. Cheers

  14. I asked him about this carry on the EDC website and the carrier was all about it over modern ones. I guess to each their own, but the rarity of this weapon and how weird some of the designs were with it, personally, I would never EDC something like it. It would sit in a glass case on my home office wall.

    • From 1992 until September of last year my EDC was a P7M8. Not a great gun for doing multiple mag dumps at the range, but it almost nothing is easier to use. Simply draw and shoot. Very accurate and runs like a Swiss watch (although I admit it has almost as many parts). 4″ barrel and 8+1 capacity the same size as a Glock 43. Pretty much the lowest bore axis anywhere and very fast back on target for follow-up shots. I have never experienced a failure to feed or eject.
      The downsides are parts are getting rare/expensive, the gun feels kinda like it wants to fall out of the holster (do not use cheap holsters, buy from someone who understands this gun’s balance), you can’t use unjacketed ammunition, and weighs a ton more than the P365 I replaced it with.

  15. A couple summers back I spend some time on the range shooting a friend’s P7, several different sessions. I never could understand the value of it as compared to any of my 1911s or the Glock 43 or J frame I EDC. If the cocker system has anything to do with safety, just keeping one’s finger off of the trigger until ready to shoot is (for me) much easier to learn.

  16. Envy, envy, covet, covet. (heavy on the covet) The P7M8 (with an American mag release) is on my bucket list. Just the coolest. Right up there with the P 08 Luger.

  17. I wanted one of those so bad for years, but only to get the grip signed by Alan Rickman (Hans Gruber) from die Hard, but in a shadow box on the wall, stare at it and be happy.

    RIP Hans!

  18. I carry mine IWB. Deep down appendix carry. Not easy to draw fast but it’s with me! Best damn design ever! The M8 model has mag release like others, by the trigger. Clean mone every 500 rounds, no problems. HK should do this again a d try to get it lighter! Got an unused P7M8 in my safe but I carry the P7PSP.

  19. P7 M8 is a great pistol….very safe to carry and shoots like a laser beam. If you buy one be forewarned, it likely isnt your last. Never had any problems with malfunctions with the gas system.

  20. P7 is one of the worst handguns I have fired. Grip safety is extremely resistant, recoil impulse is unpleasant. Handling and maintenance are nothing to write home about either. An interesting piece of history though.

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