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When it comes to staying alive during a defensive gun use, you must master two basic manuevers: moving and shooting. There are a number of situation specific variations on the theme. Shoot and move. Move and shoot. Shoot then move. Move then shoot. I think that just about covers it. Of course, it helps to have an idea of where you’re going, so you can know which way to move: forwards, backwards or down to the ground. Simunition training is ideal for armed self-defenders who want to┬álearn how to shoot while locating and/or using cover during an adrenalin dump. Meanwhile and in any case, whenever you enter a new environment—whether it’s Whataburger or Raven Aultman‘s favorite gym—look for some place to go if something goes wrong. That way, if you suddenly need to get going while the going’s good you’ll know a good place to go.

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  1. I think for us citizens getting away from the danger is primary. And barring that going for cover. Saving our asses is what the whole exercise is about.

    • Don’t forget that there are often friendlies with us such as children, who can be devilishly difficult to motivate in the best of times.

      Sometimes the best option is to move towards the attacker(s).

      • True, I was wargaming the one on one confrontation in a public place where an attack might occur. The protect the family scenario in the house has a whole other set of issues with it.

        • There’s also the fam on the street scenario. In a restaurant. Parking lot. Supermarket. Etc.

  2. I am always on the look out for cover etc, in a eating place fast food etc. have your back to a wall, where you can watch whole area, look for doors etc, open area’s look for parked cars, trees, even a ditch to use as cover, check out the people around you is that guy a trouble looking for a place to happen, stopped in your car at red light , keep doors locked and up, look for a way out,think you have no way out if someone wants to car jack, hit the gas and horn and go like all hell , make it a art to be alert at all times. watch out for big groups of people, stay on the out sides, get lost in a bad looking area keep moving , run a red light , drive on a side walk, forget rules the only rule is SAFE!

  3. A good self defense game to play when you are out and aboot is “What doesn’t belong here.” Look for people, or in the post-Boston world things, that don’t fit the norm. When you spot them identify all your possible escape routes so if something goes down you can GTFO without ever needing to pull your gun.

    Most situational awareness advice I have read requires you to scan everyone.
    That’s too much information for most people to retain. You don’t have to worry about the twenty something mother pushing a baby stroller. If you spend time on her it’s more likely that you will miss the gangbanger with a long coat on a 90┬║ day. Teddy Roosevelt avoided a Spanish ambush in Cuba by identifying a Mediterranean bird call used by the enemy as out of place. That is good example of using deviations as cues to potential danger.


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