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"Granite School district hearing specialist instructor Kasey Hansen gets handgun training from concealed carry permit instructor Jim McCarthy." (caption and photo courtesy

“I can think of nothing worse than having to witness my students being killed or maimed without me being able to at least attempt some sort of intervention . . . I might even die in the process, but, in my opinion, going down shooting would be better than standing in front of them helplessly.” Unidentified Utah teacher [not shown], Gun-toting Utah teachers to parents: Your kids are safe with us via

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  1. “I might even die in the process…….going down shooting would be better than standing in front of them helplessly.” Well said.

      • I thought so, until I started reading the comments to the article. Eee gad. The Chicago Tribune has more pro-gun comments in its articles.

        • Yeah, the op-eds and the comments are where the anti-gunners hide in Utah. They tend not to say it out loud in public, since they’re scared shitless of us in person. 🙂

        • The SL Tribune is the liberal outlet in Utah. A newspaper mostly concerned with destroying what makes Utah great.

        • I was surprised to read a lot of the comments.

          ‘Concealed carriers are going to be cleaning their guns and accidentally shooting kids.’

          ‘Teachers who tell kids not to touch them are giving a standoff-ish message, not nurturing care.’

          ‘Angry teachers will snap and shoot kids.’

          Man, folks are really stretching to come up with excuses. The statistics surrounding concealed carriers just don’t support the kind of wild speculation being throwing around.

        • Count the number of anti gun comments in the SL Tribune and that’d probably the number of anti gun people in the whole state.

          All big cities, and Salt Lake City is no exception, harbor leftist types to one degree or another. But I would rather walk unarmed in Temple Square than in Times Square. No contest. And the beauty of it is I have the choice to be armed in SLC.

      • Play dead until the attacker is reloading, then try to stab them with a pen, or urinate on them and tell them you’re menstruating or something.

        Isn’t that how it goes?

  2. It’s a shame most can’t. My wife is a teacher and would love to be able to protect herself and students, but in Texas she can’t even have it in her car in the parking lot, since she is an employee of the district.

    • This goes totally against what I was told in CHL class. If memory serves about the only place I can’t have a gun locked and concealed in my car is the post office parking lot. Is that wrong?

      • The “employee thing” is what gets her. I can show up and have my gun in my car in the parking lot, but since she is an employee they can’t. A little extra rule for them but not the regular public.

    • Unalienable rights are unalienable rights. Our government did not grant us the right to protect ourselves and thus they cannot legitimately criminalize it.

      Suppose your wife carries concealed anyway — and really keeps it concealed. If no one knows, she will never face any bogus consequences. And even if someone does discover that she is carrying, what is the worst that can happen? She loses her job? Gets a misdemeanor charge? That’s better than being dead.

      If she wants to be extra cautious, she can keep her handgun in her purse where it should truly never be discovered. And she can even keep semi-auto handgun without a round in the chamber which makes an unintentional discharge absolutely impossible. Of course if a spree killer came into the school, the extra second to rack the slide and chamber a round is almost never going to be an issue.

      By all means, we should all fight gun free criminal empowerment zones at the legislative, executive, and judicial branches through due process. Until we are successful in those venues, our options are limited. As the saying goes, better to be judged by 12 than carried by 6.

  3. I can’t get over hoe people HAVE to know which teachers are carrying, or that some people don’t get that bad guys sometimes need to be stopped with violence. It’s sheep afraid of the sheepdog. I really have to wonder about people who believe humans and society can be entirely rid of violence. It’s just not realistic and very naive.

    • Oh, we can have a relatively violence-free society. If everyone were armed, we’d get pretty damned close to it.

  4. Then out spake brave Horatius,
    The Captain of the Gate:
    “To every man upon this earth
    Death cometh soon or late.
    And how can man die better
    Than facing fearful odds,
    For the ashes of his fathers,
    And the temples of his Gods.”

    The Lays of Ancient Rome by Thomas Babington Macaulay

  5. The Board of Trustees for my college just voted not to allow licensed faculty and staff to carry. If we have a shooting on our campus, I know whom to blame as being at fault.

    • Me too. Instead we had three county deputies patroling my high-school in FL. It woud have been much cheaper to have 6 or seven armed teachers. It is Hilarious to think civilians, which cops ARE, can not handle themselves around children with their firearm.

      Al the above excuses of why teachers shouldn’t be armed is an indication of distrust aof their fellow man… Truely disgusting show of the de-evolution of civilian adhesion.

  6. I believe that an innate distrust of their fellow man, along with projection of their own feelings of incompetence in most matters onto all other ‘mere civilians’, accounts for almost all differences between we who own and carry defensive firearms, and those who would deny us access to those same weapons.

  7. I believe that a complete distrust of their fellow man, along with projection of their own feelings of incompetence onto all others, accounts for the main difference between we who own and carry defensive firearms, and those who would deny us access to those same weapons.

  8. I guess pencils & scissors just don’t cut it anymore with some teachers, the ones that want to save the kids. I’m waiting for the first teacher DGU & the brady spin machine trying to muck it up, Randy


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