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As we posted this morning, the Charon is a 3D printable lower receiver for the AR-15 that combines the ergonomics and solid construction of the PS-90 with the benefits of the AR-15 platform. The files for the part were released earlier today, and within hours the Dropbox account of the author was suspended for using too much bandwidth. But never fear, there’s a mirror of the files available for download. At least, until the DoJ gets wind of this and shuts it down as they did DefCad.

Download the files here.

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    • You’ve gotta uncheck the little box under the link that says “Download with Sendspace Accelerator.”

      Sorry about that. Uncheck it and it’ll let you grab the .zip without issue.

        • Scanners say all sorts of things, doesnt mean theyre right. They also slow down your system enough that you might as well get infected. If you want to do things right, run your browser in a virtual machine and ditch whatever scanner you’re paying $50 a year for.

        • +1 on the VM. That link above attempts to install a bunch of worthless garbage. I can’t believe TTAG would put a link up like that.

          Thankfully I have my VM set to non-persistent. All changes to the disc are discarded when I power off.

        • BTW: If you are running Fusion and want to set your disc to non persistent let me know.

        • Nick might not be running Window$, as he’s an IT guy.

          An unfortunate consequence of being immune to certain malware is being unaware of it.


        • I’m also an IT guy (engineer), and this link was garbage for Windows and Mac. I deleted it right away after seeing it was a packaged .dmg file, then fired up the Win 7 VM. However I didn’t try it on my Linux distro…

        • Did the link get updated?

          I’m currently pulling down a 37.9 MB zip named ‘’

    • It isn’t for everyone, but it was designed with a purpose in mind that isn’t exactly up everyone’s alley.

      I designed it for the ergonomics of the P90, the parts availability and caliber choices of the AR, and the ridiculously cheap price of printing one yourself.

      The plastic will cost you about 60-75 dollars for the whole print. Add in the LPK, Buffer and Buffer Spring, and you’ve got a fully functional AR-15 Lower for just under 200 bucks.

      • Which is about the cost of a New Frontier Armory poly lower. But nobody will know you have it, which is the point.

      • Greetings Mr WarFairy,
        This design of yours is about 1 step away from the answer to our registration problem here in New York State. If this can be made without the thumbhole it looks like it would be the NYS legal lower we are all desperately searching for. Would you consider making a NYS version of this design if feasible, or alternatively consider making a lower designed specifically for those of us stuck in NYS. You could be a hero to the masses here. You might even be able to charge a small fee for those blueprints and turn a quick buck (or many thousand). Either way cool looking design and keep up the good work.
        Dr. Mike

        • I’m not familiar enough with the NYS laws to engineer something around them. Do you have a link to a concise dictation of what is and is not kosher?

          I’m thinking if the thumbhole is slightly filled in so that there is a thin panel between the two sides, it’ll end up being enough to grab, but not enough to call a thumbhole stock, but I want to make sure before I label anything NY or CA safe.

          On the money side of it, none of my designs will ever be charged for. This information will always be free and, as far as I am able, available to anyone that desires it.

      • Hey WF, hope you didn’t take offense as that wasn’t what I was shooting for. I understand the purpose and need for this and commend you for having done it.

        • It’s all good man, no offense taken at all. It started as a design study to see what would happen, and a few people commented that they liked the idea, so I just ran with it.

          I appreciate the reply man. Keep an eye out. I’ve got something bigger in the works.

        • In response to WF: Cool, looking forward to it. Now I just need to make friends with somebody who owns a printer :/

    • I feel that we are on the cusp of a golden age of bespoke gunsmithing. It is now almost trivial for someone to design a custom stock, mixing and matching the features they consider worth having, experimenting to see what works and what doesn’t, and coming up with something that fits them, instead of targeting the mythical ‘average man’.

      The future …looks wonderful.

      Provided, of course, that the politicians don’t f*** us out of our 2nd Amendment rights. We all know they haven’t given up. There will be another tragedy- there are too many thugs and lunatics in the world for it to not happen sooner or later. When it does, they will wave the bloody shirt for all it’s worth.

      Where can we find politicians on our side of the issue with some steel in them?

  1. downloaded, we need to push to TPB though.. That will really give the politicians hissy fits!!!

  2. Should we explain the basics of BitTorrent for people again? Or would that just be spam this time?

  3. do not understand how this, now using a required metal upper, doesn’t even comes close to what the initial complaint would be over a “entirely plastic” gun (which the defender wasn’t anyway). They can only have a problem if they have the same complaint as the had with DD’s distribution.

    Thing is if they are a non-profit, then it’s legal entirely… now was that really the motive or was it the intent to really to just get a ban on plastic components… poly AR lowers, as an example.

    This is a very interesting combination of designs. It exchanges some ergonomics for durability. It’s obvious compromise is now a stronger rear frame section for the bolt in a platform now using our current available components.

    • You do know that they make low-end 3-D printers that can…print identical 3-D printers? On the Defcad forum they had a thread about someone who made and test-fired a Liberator with one. Only got 450 ft/sec on a .380 out of it because of loose barrel fit with the first prototype, but it functioned. You might have to break out the shaping file, acetone vapor, or get yourself an accu-wedge for a P-90-ish lower, but it could be done.

      Go out and make yourself a friend with a 3-D printer. Any friend.

        • Well, mostly. About 80% of the parts can be printed. And if you buy all the parts and put them together, mine is coming in less than $500.

        • Silvartius, do you have any links on your project? It sounds like something I might want to try.

  4. Im at work right now, otherwise I would gladly download to a VM, package as a torrent, and upload to PirateBay… But nope…. Can’t do dat here.

  5. This looks particularly robust with fewer weak points than other printable lowers. Good job, kommando.

    • When I get back to the states, I intend to make a Prototype with a quick and dirty serial number so that I can file the SBR form. I really, really want to throw one of the RRA PDR uppers onto it.

  6. I really like this but do not have access to the technology or brains to make it happen. How much could I pay someone to just print one and slap an SN# on it and sell it to me “legally?” I know it defeats the purpose of the technology and that pesky, “shall not be infringed” thing lol.

    • Would the person “selling” it to you not have to have the proper manufacturing FFL license? Forgive me if the question is simplistic, but I have very little knowledge of how this part of the “system” works…

      • Good point. I honestly have no clue how all of that works. I guess if I knew someone near me with a printer I could do it myself.

        • If you press the enter button then YOU made it.

          Its as if you used a cnc mill owned be a friend & loaded the program.

  7. As I say on all posts of this sort (if I see them): Download this file and put on a flash drive(s) and store offline in a safe place (just in case) with your other 3D files (liberator, standard capacity mags, standard AR lower, etc) EVEN IF YOU DONT OWN A 3D PRINTER at this moment.

    • There’s a bullpup project in the works. She’s a long way from even an alpha stage release, but it is coming along.

      As a taste, it will have an adjustable stock, and hopefully a trigger that doesn’t suck.

      Keep your eyes on the net. It’ll be coming soon.


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