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The causes for the plague of gun-related murders gripping our nation is multifaceted and complicated, but not necessarily for the reasons articulated on the right. When they mention causes and solutions, they virtually never bring up the words “guns” or “firearms regulations” other than to discount and reject the cause-and-effect relationship.

The primary distinction separating the United States from other wealthier, highly industrialized countries that boast extremely low rates of gun deaths and injuries (and murders overall by any means) is our nation’s disastrous position on guns and the laws meant to regulate them.

If that is not the case, does that mean the United States has many more cases of mental illness, diagnosed and not? Are schools in the United States significantly “softer targets” than schools, for example, in Australia, Japan, or Sweden? Do boys and young men come from “fatherless” homes at radically higher rates than in these other countries? And why are we not seeing similar violence-prone behaviors in girls and young women from motherless (or fatherless) homes? Additionally, why don’t people on the right talk more often about what effects the fathers who remain in the home, but who inflict abuse on family members, have on the behaviors of these members?

As with all large-scale social problems, we miss the key causes and solutions when we focus solely on individualized cases instead of viewing the essential systemic issues. The major underlying cause by far for the U.S. having the highest rates of firearms deaths and injuries in Western “democracies” is the unprecedented number of these weapons, their easy accessibility, and the lack of political courage by our elected offices to take decisive action by placing common-sense safety regulations on the sale, use, capacity, velocity, and amount of guns in private ownership.

Contrary to Wayne LaPierre’s claim that “to stop a bad guy with a gun, it takes a good guy with a gun,” I say, “to stop a bad legislator with the NRA, it takes a good voter with a ballot!”

Why do politicians and so many U.S. residents continue to deny, deflect, diffuse, dispose, and dispense with raising issues revolving around the massive and virtually unrestricted availability of firearms, some reaching military-grade capability, as the prime reason for the epidemic of gun violence in the United States?

— Dr. Warren J. Blumenfeld in Gun Rights Advocates Mute the Actual Causes of Gun Violence: Hypermasculinity & Easy Access

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      • @Prndll… Hey-oh! That’s freaking hilarious, and sad that you’re 100% correct.

        • Our society has apparently decided that men make just as good women, as women do. It’s Clown World; I just live in it.

      • RE: blumenfield “The causes for the plague of gun-related murders gripping our nation is multifaceted and complicated”

        FYI blumenfield you sneaky Gun Control ratbassturd…The cause behind the criminal misuse of firearms is not more multifaceted or more complicated than the cause behind the criminal misuse of bricks, bats, knives, feet, fists, vehicles, matches, etc.

        In other words if a criminal smokes you with a firearm it does not give Gun Control zealots grounds to go after the rights of the law abiding anymore than going after motor vehicles after drunk drivers, etc. criminally misuse vehicles to cause roadway crashes, fatalities, etc.

        Besides blumenfield, History Confirms your Gun Control is Rooted in Racism and Genocide…Sieg Heil?

        • “Why do politicians and so many U.S. residents continue to deny, deflect, diffuse, dispose, and dispense with” holding bad players accountable?

        • Commentary obviously written by another confused/confounded, sit down to pee, bed wetting, no testosterone, raised only by women, human born (perhaps) with a penis but no idea what it’s used for type of academic who would like to be relevant somehow.

          Someone really needs to take this thing bass fishing or duck/deer hunting, way back in the boonies. It’d fix him/her/it one way or another.

        • Going after motor vehicle manufacturers is next on the list. Already several states’ attorneys general have indicated a willingness to sue Hyundai and Kia because their cars are “too easy to steal.” What was called Grand Theft Auto, a felony offense back when I started working in the court system is now called “joy riding” and I believe is no longer a felony in CA. Could be wrong on the last bit. However, I do know that it is treated the same as a teepeeing a house. Just a rite of passage for teenagers.

      • Because gender identity is no longer biological but now on the higher plane of emotions.

    • Also how are we having issues with hypermasculinity when testosterone levels are the lowest ever?

      • Maybe it’s relative. Normal people now appear to be hyper masculine due to the feminization of this country.

        • “Black poverty is inextricably linked to the” fact that for the first 250 years of black folks in America they were enslaved and the fruits of their labor stolen from them while educating their children was against the law.

          When the system steals the fruits of your labor and intentionally keeps your kids ignorant under law, it may be difficult to achieve wealth and academic success.

          And that’s the very definition of systemic racism, when the legal system supports the enslavement, abuse, murder and intentional ignorance of the African-American population.

          You know, both the United States Capitol and the White House were built with slave labor because white folk were just too weak to get it done:

          “Two of Washington, DC’s most famous buildings, the White House and the United States Capitol, were built in large part by enslaved African Americans. National Archives holdings include wage rolls, promissory notes, and vouchers that document the work done by slaves on these two historic structures.“


          A reasonable person would say the United States government owes a couple hundred years rent to those African-Americans and/or their descendants.

        • Miner you running a bot scrip? The race related stuff is lower in the comments and its more single parent household status that tracks with black (and white) criminality than any other factor so may want to tweak your script a bit as that was getting threadbare back when Trayvon was relevant.

        • @Miner Your comment has nothing to do with mine. Also, current poverty levels have nothing to do with slavery that was abolished long before your grandparents were born. If anyone really wanted to help poor black people, then they would study the difference between successful vs unsuccessful black people. That’s the key. If anyone wants to be successful, then they should emulate the people who are successful. If they aren’t emulating successful people (of any color), then their poverty is their own fault.

        • Generational blame, miner? We must continue to punish all Germans regardless of birth date for not-zee actions?

          I’ve never owned a slave and I’ve never met a slave. But let’s play the game by your rules. The democrats fought a war to keep slavery. They also founded the klan. Let’s ban the democrat party, seize all their assets and properties and pay reparations from that.

        • MINOR Miner49er. That is a ration of crap. It is another example of how you Lefties refuse to admit that the problem with violence is people, not weapons. AGAIN, a weapon no matter what it is, is an INANIMATE OBJECT. Violence is not peculiar to any race. But there are some people where stupidity runs rampant.

        • Miner, perhaps it a cultural thing? The oppressed people-of-color taking a culture of intense self-pride where any perceived insult must be met with violence and even to the death. They learned the white cracker culture from their former masters.

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  1. there is nothing stopping you from immigrating to one of these so called safer nations, doc.

      • Not to be anti religious, but I associate the surname “Blumenfeld” with a certain group known for their anti-gun bias and I am not talking about the Friends religion. Which I have always found hard to understand given world events almost 90 years ago which resulted in a significant reduction in the number of said religionists. One would think clear logic would make them staunch supporters of the Second Amendment.

        • You’re not supposed to notice that. Also, remember that this particular tribe made up almost half the Politburo, two thirds of the Party, and three quarters of the NKVD, and a certain pattern comes into stark relief. They are very enthusiastic about concentration camps when they get to be the guards and torturers. They don’t like deplorable peasants who don’t want a boot on their necks. And you can’t collectivize the kulaks unless you first disarm the kulaks, right?

  2. Most “gun violence” is perpetrated by blacks. Nuts like Blumenfeld know this, they just don’t want to say it. Remove blacks from the gun violence statistics and we’re as safe as the Cotswolds.

    Talk about an “inconvenient truth.”

    • “Data shows a clear connection between poverty and violent crime. And in the United States, poverty is inextricably linked to anti-Black racism and white supremacy. Because of centuries of racist policymaking and disinvestment, more Black people than white people live in poverty in the United States, but research has shown that Black and white people in poverty commit crimes at the same rate. In general, white people commit crimes against other white people at about the same rate as Black people do against other Black people. Despite the facts, no one ever decries the “white-on-white crime” problem.“


      • “In general, white people commit crimes against other white people at about the same rate as Black people do against other Black people.”

        Factually incorrect in the SE US (pers obs, 50 year sample)…

        Your “research” is boogered.

        Further, blacks shoot wayyyy more whites tha the reverse.

      • Black poverty is inextricably linked to the Johnson administration, the Great Society, and the so-called “war” on poverty. We’re still paying the terrible price for these misguided, counterproductive programs. And yes, I agree they were racist policies. All democrats are racist, and always have been.

        • That was LBJ’s plan. Keep them on welfare and they’ll vote Democrat forever.

      • A wealthy black man who plays for the Dallas Cowboys was involved in a driveby shooting/murder on a street that I own a property on and I saw it happen. The man is a millionaire and somehow/someway he still acted just like the poor black men he was in the Tahoe with. How do you explain that?

        • Gansta rap. They’ve been conditioned to worship scumbag criminals as if they were some kind of hero.

        • “The man is a millionaire and somehow/someway he still acted just like the poor black men he was in the Tahoe with. How do you explain that?”

          Here’s a white multimillionaire whose entire family are multimillionaires and benefited from the best upbringing and academics available who raped his toddler daughter.

          How do you explain that

          “Although Robert H. Richards IV was
          convicted of rape, the wealthy heir to the du Pont family fortune was spared prison by a Delaware court in 2009 because he would “not fare well” behind bars, according to court documents CNN obtained Tuesday.

          Richards is a great-grandson of the chemical magnate Irenee du Pont.

          He received an eight-year prison sentence in 2009 for raping his toddler daughter, but the sentencing order signed by a Delaware judge said “defendant will not fare well” in prison and the eight years were suspended.“


          Of course, the white guy did not serve a single day in prison for raping a little girl.

          So tell me, did the black man serve any time in prison?

        • Miner49er: “Poverty and slavery from multiple generations ago are the reason why people are criminals.”

          Also Miner49er: “Here’s a rich person being a criminal because he’s a criminal.”

        • Miner49er: “Poverty and slavery from multiple generations ago are the reason why people are criminals.”

          Dude, you are lying, the statement you have up there in quotes attributed to me is absolute fabrication.

          Of course, you must mischaracterize my position, it’s all you’ve got.

        • Except I’m not lying. I was very obviously summarizing your two conflicting positions. Anyone with a three digit IQ could read through the comments on this page and fully understand the context of my above comment. Thank you for reminding us that you don’t belong to that demographic.

        • DuPont……..the same that have a children’s hospital with a wing dedicated to taking care of their inbred children that didn’t turn out ok and have been involved in the production of gunpowder for over a century and essentially own Delaware? I kinda remember that case and the charge was a invented one just to keep the rapist off the sex offender registry…………why would you use a politically well connected military industrial complex funded dynasty known to inbreed to prevent wealth from leaving the family for comparison here? Oh and overwhelmingly democrat supporting family.

        • Dude:

          “I was very obviously summarizing… “

          Summarizing? Then why did you use the quotation marks? I understand, English as a second language can be confusing, including punctuation.

        • It gets the point across quickly. Anyone of average intelligence can read the comments here and immediately get it. I’m not the first person to use that format. Welcome to the world wide web. It isn’t complicated to understand. You’re the one who’s confused.

      • LOLOL. Poor Whites do not commit violence at the rate of all blacks, rich or poor.

        Try again.

        • Was about to say West Virginia would like a word. Yeah maybe property crime/graffiti can be vaguely comparable at lower income levels but for any crimes of violence there is no way I can make the rates look similar honestly

        • Buffalo, New York has the wealthiest majority-black zip code in America. It has more than three times the violent crime rate of Hazard County, Kentucky, which has the poorest majority-white zip code in America. Millionaire black professional athletes and millionaire black musicians commit violent crimes at almost exactly the same rate as the average for their race.

          “but but but they just do it because of poverty” was disproven generations ago. The economy in the US boomed between the end of the First World War and the stock market crash that began the Great Depression. The violent crime rate went up sharply during that time, and fell when the Great Depression made almost everyone much poorer.

          One of these things is not like the others, one of these things does not belong. You’re not allowed to notice, though. You’re certainly not allowed to speculate about the behavioral pathologies associated with a group that has an average IQ of 83, between three and ten times the testosterone level on average compared to us, and which is almost thirty times as likely to carry the MAO-A gene for violent psychopathy.

      • More poverty is more than anything else the result of liberals following the Democrat party to the point of going over a cliff in laziness. It’s more about drugs and lack of education for those that care about themselves and others so little that nothing matters with no will to fight since government will take care of them.

        Property is NOT about skin color or racism.

      • If poverty were about skin color then you wouldn’t see more blacks in it. You would see more whites in it simply due to the fact that this nation has more white people than anything else. It is not and never has been about that,

      • Alliance for Gun Responsibility: Resources

        Check out Brady Center’s ASK (Asking Saves Kids) campaign …

        This program from Moms Demand Action reminds you …

        We created this Extreme Risk Protection Order Toolkit in partnership with the Educational Fund to Stop Gun Violence and Giffords. …

        Our friends at Giffords Law Center have crunched the numbers …

        Guns Down America is pressuring the nation’s 15 largest banks to stop doing business with the gun industry …

        This visually stunning piece by the Washington Post …

        The gun lobby is adept at distraction, misinformation, and fear-mongering—whatever it takes to make Americans (and more importantly, politicians) complacent in the gun violence epidemic. …

        Liar69er thinks he found a great source — that is filled with lies. Why am I not surprised?

      • I’m sorry, but this take is, to say the least, delusional. The statistical link between poverty and homicide rate in particular is remarkably weak. Grab the state-level median income and homicide rates (I tried 2019). Run a regression analysis. I got an R^2 of 0.0013 and a slightly *negative* slope. Now try the same thing with black population fraction – R ^2 of 0.51 ! In the social sciences, an association of that strength is virtually unheard of.

        Now, you can quibble about using state data vs. census tracts, etc. But remember that the OP is trying to draw comparisons between whole countries. There’s a lot to be said about measures of poverty, and what we really mean by the term, but remember that the OP is demanding we limit our analysis to “wealthy” nations, which are pretty much universally defined via such bird’s-eye measures as GDP per capita.

        What you get when you really drill down, to the places where murder is concentrated and “what we really mean by poverty”, what you find is a kind of social dysfunction. And poverty is more an effect of this dysfunction than a cause. The children of an underpaid university adjunct professor married to a struggling artist aren’t the ones ending up in prison, their low family income notwithstanding.

      • Straight up bullshit. Poverty and crime have nothing in common. Lack of morals and ethics are directly related to crime. You have no idea what poverty is and neither do the so-called experts. You as well as them are just making excuses for bad choices resulting in bad consequences. I grew up in abject poverty. No running water in the home. No inside bathroom. Wood heat and cooking. No fancy extras, Christmas/birthdays were needed clothes. If I wanted something i got a job and earned it on top of daily chores, which included putting food on the table. From the time I could shoot a firearm. Not once did I consider robbing, stealing or assaulting anyone. Why?. Because I was raised better and taught Morals, Ethics and Values. By a Man who was not just a single father, but a mentor. something sorely lacking in today’s society where the Government has taken over as the main bread provider in so many families. Not because of race, color or creed, but due indoctrinating people to believe that they can’t survive any other way. You are an obvious product of that indoctrination and living in your Mother’s basement only proves it.

      • MINOR Miner49er, What another ration of C R A P! The people is not poverty, or race, it’s people who are trying to take advantage of others. It’s been a problem since time immonium. Just like people like you who are stupid enough to think that the answers are simple and have nothing to do with personal human behavior.

        • that would be the immonium eon.
          if miner squirts immodium up his keyster, will it stop the mouth diarrhea?

      • 48’r:
        The only truth you tell is by mistake.
        Poverty and violent crime are PLANNED OUTCOMES of our allegedly “elected” reprobate-zentatives. They refuse to represent all but the TV and “News” addled masses of sheep who vote blindly for them. Like mice eating poisoned food…
        America’s slogan should be:
        “Cause a problem,
        Refuse to admit your guilt,
        Use propaganda to Blame the Innocent,
        Persecute them Mercilessly”
        This plan seems to be working flawlessly.
        And by the way, your hood and sheet are showing…

      • MajorLiar, the lying liar who lies,

        So, explain why, in the 50s, when Jim Crow laws (passed by DIMOCRAT politicians) were still a thing, Blacks statistically had close to or equal to the same “nuclear family” structure as Whites, and were making great strides in gaining economic status . . . until DIMOCRAT Lyndon Johnson came along with his “Great Society” bulls***? REPUBLICANS had to pass the Civil Rights Act (DIMOCRATS filibustered it).

        No, you “Progressives” have done more to kill the black family structure, and set back African-Americans, than all the “structural racism” could possibly do. I no longer expect you to be smart, but is it too much to ask that you not be blatantly stupid and dishonest??? You are an ignoranus, and a lying one, at that. You would have to improve yourself to qualify as pond scum.

        • Miner and his kind have the r@cism of low expectations from those they are trying to be saviors of.

    • “Serum estrogen, but not testosterone, levels differ between black and white men in a nationally representative sample of Americans”

      It’s not masculinity that’s the problem. Especially considering the blacks behind these crimes overwhelmingly grew up without fathers.

    • Nearly all gun violence, whether by black, white, yellow, brown or red, is perpetrated by leftist idiots. Color has far less to do with it than political ideology.

    • “…I say, ‘to stop a bad legislator with the NRA, it takes a good voter with a ballot!’”

      You just know he stayed up all night writing that little gem. I can just picture him the next morning, sleepy-eyed in his footy pajamas, reading over his words: “Boom. That one’s gonna change the world.”

      Snort. Clown. Learn to write.

    • Leftists are educated, I’ll agree with them, they generally have higher levels of education, but they still suffer from an inability to learn. The term “college educated idiots” was coined with the political left in mind!

  3. Who cares what is said on a web site called LGBTQnation.com? Please tell me why I should care what a bunch of leftist perves have to say about anything.

    • I had no reason to care what the Russians had to say on Facebook regarding the 2016 presidential campaign. The problem is that a huge number of other people do care. Misplaced though that is. Far too many people can be easily manipulated. That’s why it’s believed by Democrat voters that Jan6 was an insurrection. Pelosi said it was so therefore…it was. Nevermind that it wasn’t

      • Remember that time the Russians manipulated Michael Moore into showing up to an anti-Trump rally? Good times. But Trump was their secret agent out to destroy America, right Miner? 😂

    • “Who cares what is said on a web site called LGBTQnation.com?”

      A ‘group’ that is one of the smallest self-serving self-amplifying liberal ‘demographics’ in the country making up their own definitions who in their own minds believes they are what/who they are because they say so and ’emotional feelz’, with absolutely zero scientific fact they are who/what they say they are, is not significant to you?


      • “with absolutely zero scientific fact they are who/what they say they are“


        People who are intersex have genitals, chromosomes or reproductive organs that don’t fit into a male/female sex binary. Their genitals might not match their reproductive organs, or they may have traits of both. Being intersex may be evident at birth, childhood, later in adulthood or never. Being intersex isn’t a disorder, disease or condition.

        What does it mean to be intersex?

        People who are intersex have reproductive or sexual anatomy that doesn’t fit into an exclusively male or female (binary) sex classification. Intersex traits might be apparent when a person’s born, but they might not appear until later (during puberty or even adulthood). You may never notice their intersex traits externally and you might only find out about them after a surgery or imaging test.

        In the past, being intersex was known as having a disorder of sex development (DSD), and you might see it referred to this way in some places. But being intersex isn’t a disorder, disease or condition. Being intersex doesn’t mean you need any special treatments or care. But some people who are intersex choose gender affirmation options if their gender doesn’t match the one they were assigned at birth.

        Being intersex may affect your:

        Reproductive system.
        Gonads (ovaries or testicles).

        How common is being intersex?

        An estimated 1 in 100 Americans is intersex. Around 2% of people worldwide have intersex traits.

        What causes being intersex?

        Experts don’t know what causes being intersex. Some intersex traits can be genetically inherited (passed from one generation to the next in a family). Being intersex might occur due to:

        Changes to an androgen hormone receptor gene.
        Natural or synthetic hormone exposure occurring during embryo development.
        Missing or out-of-place sex-determining region Y gene (SRY).
        Other genetic conditions causing abnormal levels of hormones related to genital development.“


        • No one here cares about your abnormalities – real or delusional. Keep it in your closet and go get an injection of testostorne or estrogen while you’re getting that lobotomy.

          Take the insane no T “Dr” Blumenfeld with you.

        • shut up miner

          You know darn well this was not about a physical anomaly of ‘Intersex’.

        • Miner, I was born with an interwealth disorder, as in my wallet never fully developed. Which one of your many cited dot orgs can I turn to for help? I have lost all hope that my government will help me out as I am not one of the currently favored groups. Please, please, please, can’t you and the rest of your liberal friends help me with this disorder? Send money now !!

        • This post is a lie. The prevalence of intersex conditions is a tiny fraction of 1%. The Cleveland clinic here is trying to lump Disorders of Sexual Development with intersex conditions. They are not the same. Almost all patients with DSD are of unambiguous sex.

        • “Bullshit“

          Perhaps you folks would be kind enough to share the details of your academic and medical residency experience and training so that we might better understand your credentials as a medical professional.

          “Cleveland Clinic in Cleveland, OH is ranked No. 4 on the Best Hospitals Honor Roll. It is nationally ranked in 13 adult and 9 pediatric specialties and rated high performing in 18 adult procedures and conditions. It is a general medical and surgical facility. It is a teaching hospital. The evaluation of Cleveland Clinic also includes data from Cleveland Clinic Children’s Hospital. Also ranked the No. 1 hospital in Ohio & Cleveland metro area and the best in the country in Cardiology & Heart Surgery, Cleveland Clinic excels at caring for the sickest, most medically complex patients in these specialties and more. Cleveland Clinic is nationally ranked in the top 5 in Cardiology & Heart Surgery, Gastroenterology & GI Surgery, Geriatrics, Obstetrics & Gynecology, Rheumatology and Urology. It is rated High Performing in nearly all procedures and conditions.”


          Hey Opossum, there might be a reason why you are on food stamps.

        • He said gonad. (Cue beavis amd butthead laugh)

          He’s really workin that copy/paste button today

        • “I was born with an interwealth disorder, as in my wallet never fully developed.”

          There’s a simple solution to that problem. You can identify as a billionaire. When you go to pick up your new Ferrari, simply tell them how you identify. They have to play along with your delusions because if they don’t, then they aren’t being accepting and inclusive, which is both a sin and probably highly illegal.

        • “Perhaps you folks would be kind enough to share the details of your academic and medical residency experience and training so that we might better understand your credentials as a medical professional.”

          You first.

        • @Miner49er

          “…would be kind enough to share the details of your academic and medical residency experience and training so that we might better understand your credentials as a medical professional.”

          Perhaps you would be kind enough to share the details of your academic and medical residency experience and training so that we might better understand your credentials as a medical professional, instead of copy-n-pasting works of others that is either not correct and biased and you take put of context because u don’t understand it.

        • MINOR MIner49er. If you were born with “outdoor plumbing”, you are male; if you have “indoor plumbing” you arse female.
          Live with it,

        • “copy-n-pasting works of others that is either not correct and biased“

          I copy paste information from the Cleveland clinic because they are recognized as an excellent authority regarding medical issues.

          You claim it is incorrect, what information or source do you have to support your wild ass claim?

          You folks don’t like it when I copy and paste from authoritative sources, because it interferes with your treasured ‘feelings’ about this subject.

        • “You folks don’t like it when I copy and paste from authoritative sources, because it interferes with your treasured ‘feelings’ about this subject.”

          Liar69er, you reap what you sow. You lie so frequently and so habitually that if you state that the sky is blue, most of us are going to look out the window to see if it’s true.

          That’s a normal reaction to your lack of credibility. You misquote others, you change the meaning of what is said, and you take comments out of context so that you can go off on some tangent that has nothing to do with the subject at hand. You even contradict yourself within the same sources that you cite.

          So don’t expect to be treated fairly, to be taken seriously, or to be engaged in a thoughtful exchange of viewpoints. You made your bed; there’s no reason that any of us should share it with you.

        • COOL STORY, BRO!!!

          Now, tell us the percentage of ACTUAL “intersex” people in the population. Go ahead, don’t be shy, just come out with it, you lying liar who lies.

          And what is the rate of percentage of people who “identify” as transgender, today, compared to what it was ten years ago?

          Seriously, you lying liar who lies, go roger yourself with a telephone pole. You become more disgusting by the day.

        • Yep, how many “AMERICANS” did they murder pushing their “COVID VACCINE AND MASK LIES”????

          And I see you are still earning your pay from your “FEDERAL MASTERS”!!!

        • MINOR Miner49er, Maybe rather than using Leftist propaganda sources you should try to find out the truth ?

        • JRM while the death and injury rate for the Covid shots are staggeringly high compared to the entire combined rest of all VAERS history combined it is still a small number compared to respirator related infections paired with remsdiver related organ damage. We will see how the numbers shake out over time but hoping depressed immune systems and increased rates of cancer are unrelated.

        • Yes, a tiny handful of children are born with the severe birth defects you describe. There are fewer than a hundred such individuals alive at any given time. What does that have to do with the pederast lobby and its war against our culture?

        • @Miner49er

          “You claim it is incorrect, what information or source do you have to support your wild ass claim?”

          Its not “incorrect”, its not “wild ass” – the “information or source” I have to support it is you. Everything you post is confirmation biased and misunderstood out-of-context BS.

  4. Disappointing. They didn’t even work racism into the list of ’causes’.

    The Pennsylvania Legislative Black Caucus is calling on the General Assembly to act and pass gun safety legislation – pahouse.com


  5. Hmmm, not a thing about Soros DA’s, releasing violent criminals without bond or punishment, “Defund the police!”… Looking at his listed works, he’s so far left he’s always ahead of the sun.

  6. Doctors are the leading cause of death in the USA. Why believe anything these death doctors say?

  7. “Why do politicians and so many U.S. residents continue to deny, deflect, diffuse, dispose, and dispense with raising issues revolving around the massive and virtually unrestricted availability of firearms, some reaching military-grade capability, as the prime reason for the epidemic of gun violence in the United States?”

    Because… first there isn’t any “deny, deflect, diffuse, dispose, and dispense” and its a constitutional right, something you seem to have ignored and that’s all, contrary to your false assertion, the law abiding are asking to exercise peacefully. And second, there isn’t any “massive and virtually unrestricted availability of firearms, some reaching military-grade capability, as the prime reason for the epidemic of gun violence in the United States” because the law abiding are not doing it but rather its the very elements you try to claim/imply do not exist which is the criminal mental-illnesses and criminals.

  8. Hypermasculinity and easy access.
    Well they cant get rid of the gunms so I suggest they cut the balls off of every human male that identifies as a man.
    Problem solved.
    No where in the constitution does it say The Right To Have Balls Shall Not Be Infringed.
    Probably a good thing it doesn’t as Shall Not Be Infringed seems to be the go phrase for 23,000 infingments.
    And to think yesterday was Memorial day, those hyper masculine veterans certainly kept your freedom of speech rolling didn’t they.
    Blumenthal, that’s jewish isnt it? Strange that someone with jewish ancestors would want the right of citizens to be armed disarmed.
    I’m confused.
    Chocolate chip ice cream anyone, maybe a hot shower will help. “Sissy get in here and wash daddies back.”

    • balls! said the queen.
      if i had two i’d be king!
      once a king always a king.
      but once a knight’s enough.

  9. The primary distinction separating the United States from other wealthier, highly industrialized countries

    I’m continuously amazed by the insistence of limiting the discussion on the causes of homicide to “wealthier, highly industrialized countries”. Murder is neither a product of wealth, nor of poverty, nor does it have anything to do with industrialization.

    Anything you measure in instances per 100,000 people per year is, by definition, an aberration, and murders tend overwhelmingly to be committed by aberrant individuals with a history of violating social norms. Decades of criminology research is pretty clear on this point. You can’t measure the risk factors using the yardsticks we use for the everyday lives of normal people, because we’re not dealing with the everyday actions of normal people. Income is a “big numerator” variable – because normal people have one, a few abnormal people won’t make a difference. Murder is a “small numerator” variable – zero for normal people, all contributions are from the presence of a few abnormal individuals. Drop a few psychopaths from maximum-security prison on Apple’s campus, and it won’t make any noticeable difference to the median income, but you can bet it’ll make a huge difference in the rate of violent crime.

    It would be similarly foolish, in the wake of such an experiment, to compare corporate policies between Apple before and after, or between Apple and Google, as if they were causative factors. Normal people follow rules, more or less. The kind of aberrant, antisocial individuals who commit murder couldn’t care less. Policy is a “big numerator” variable.

    “But the UK has strict gun laws, and a much lower homicide rate!” yes, but correlation is not causation. The UK had a similarly low homicide rate back in 1920, when anybody could buy a concealed pistol license at the post office and go around with a revolver in his coat pocket.

    • I think that they misspelled his last name, it’s actually
      There, FIFY

      • my ol’ man jerked off into a flower pot and out came a bloomin’ idjit.
        he was a great wit, i’m a half- wit.

    • Missed that one earlier and you know darned well no one can make that connection in the academic world or get cancelled for every ist/ism they can have thrown at them.

  10. Wait, so you’re telling me the alphabet mafia thinks masculinity is bad? Say it ain’t so. After he dismisses single-parent families, he infers that it might not be a bad thing that dad isn’t around because there’s apparently a good chance that dad is an abuser.

    Once again, here they are pretending like the solution to violent crime is mysterious. We have a history of dealing with violent crime in this country. Track the rise in violence that came out of our previous cultural revolution in the 60s. People finally had enough and properly dealt with it in the 90s. The Dems gave us cultural revolution 2.0 in 2020, after some small spikes caused by turning violent criminals into martyrs. Once again, we’re dealing with the effects. Violent crime is up. We could always use what worked before. Or we can pretend like it’s a mystery so we can ban gunz.

    Dr. Warren J. Blumenfeld is author “The What, The So What, and The Now What of Social Justice Education” and co-editor of “Readings for Diversity and Social Justice.”

    This is what passes as an intellectual on the left. The religion of the left is Diversity Inclusion Equity and battling the Sun Monster.

    • I thought it was the flying pizza monster?
      now it’s the sun monster?
      damn it’s hard keeping up with this stuff

    • Incarceration of the worst offenders and separation from lower level offenders helps but reducing the economic incentive for single parent households and promoting stable two parent families would do wonders to lower crime rates but that is a bridge too far for a lot of groups.

      • First stop the bleed while working on healing the wounds. We need to begin this yesterday, but they’re fighting it by ignoring the problems. The solutions aren’t even that complicated. But it would eat into the power of the Left which is all that matters to them. They have no incentive to turn people into responsible, family-oriented voters.

        • Either of those will be heavily opposed as it behooves those seeking control to keep most of the country in a state of chaos so the living standards can be reduced and normalized and seize yet more power as a “solution”. Oh and NYC is shipping illegals all over Albany (first county then city of) now so yay for more chaos locally.

        • Right now just happy I do not have massive hotels or unoccupied apartments anywhere in walking/busline distance but work is going to be interesting this week.

  11. I don’t know guys, and gals, but last night I had an AR15 walk up to my door and nearly kill me, but fortunately since the safety was on and it had no fingers to remove it, I survived the attack, I now feel a lot better about being shot by a rifle, I still fear and watch for idiots and leftist morons with box cutters or machetes, or an AR for that matter, these are the real threats, not the guns, it’s the idiots who use them to do the wrong thing. and if we diss arm ourselves, we will be sitting ducks to these assholes.

  12. This dude said why are girls from fatherless homes not violent. Are you kidding me. Doesn’t know the difference between male and female.

    Me dont think that problem manifests itself the same way between male and female. Does anything else???
    I would think very little in the major childhood trauma area would show up the same between the sexes.

    I think with female you may probably end up with more of the drug addicted, living on the streets, prostitution type thing. I could be wrong. Not a doctor i just try to use my noggin

    • Pretty sure the girls end up more violent as well just less noticeably so. For a starting data point look at violent crimes by race for females and contrast it to single parent household data by race. Unfortunately it is not as widely (relatively as the data set publicly available is miniscule) studied as depression and drug abuse by parents marital status but that is another great starting point for the topic. We barely have data for males and next to nothing for females in this area.

    • … just tryin to use my noggin.
      Well, stop that !! Noggin usage has been outlawed since early in 2020fromthe very highest level of government on down. If you don’t believe me, just google ” stupid things joe biden did last week “

  13. What this fool doesn’t point out is that when you look at gun deaths you have to do it in relation to a Country’s overall population. The US actually ranks very low on the list worldwide for gun deaths. Additionally, this individual doesn’t look at the real stats regarding gun deaths with about 2/3 being suicides not homicides. Also, overlooked is no one getting to upset that we lost 100,000 people to drug overdoses last year. Then of course we ignore open borders, failure of federal law enforcement to enforce existing laws like lying on your NICS application for a firearm, defunding the police and/or making rules that make it impossible for them to do their job, ignored mental health and behavioral issues either brought or not brought to the attention of law enforcement who at times does nothing. So like most anti-gun and leftists these people only want to present one side of the issue, their side. Well that’s tough on them. I now do as they do and totally ignore their opinions and arguments because they are always one sided, their side.

  14. liberalism is the main cause. life doesn’t matter. everything is viewed through Marxist doctrine. we kill babies even as they come down the birth canal.

    there is no love, no respect, no truth, no responsibility, no meaning, no purpose, no God who values humanity.

    these are the results.

  15. When you compare us to the European Union, we’re something like 23 times more likely” to have homicides and handgun killings.

    Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation at the University of Washington compared the 2019 murder rates from firearms — not just handguns, between countries across the globe. Among the findings is that the firearm homicide rate in the U.S. was 22 times larger than in the European Union as a whole. AND REMEMBER SINCE 2019 THE HOMICIDE AND MASS MURDER RATE HAS GONE EVEN HIGHER.

    The U.S. firearm homicide rate in 2019 was 4.11 people per 100,000, compared to 0.19 in the 27-nation European Union. Bulgaria had the EU’s highest firearms homicide rate 0.56 per 100,000 – more than seven times lower than the U.S.

    Romania had the EU’s lowest firearm homicide rate at 0.06 per 100,000 – 65 times lower than the U.S. Romanians are restricted to owning handguns manufactured before 1945, but can only collect and not carry them.

    Here are the firearm homicide rates of several other EU nations and how they compare with the United States, according to IHME:

    Italy: 0.35 per 100,000, 1/12th of the U.S.
    France: 0.32 per 100,000, 1/13th of the U.S.
    Sweden: 0.25 per 100,000, 1/16th of the U.S,
    Spain: 0.13 per 100,000, 1/32nd of the U.S.
    Germany: 0.08 per 100,000, 1/51st of the U.S.

      • Hey lil ‘d, I can guess five reasons that you’re (assumedly) still in America and bitching about it on a regular basis…
        Germany won’t allow you in.
        Spain won’t allow you in.
        Sweden won’t allow you in.
        France won’t allow you in.
        Hell, even ITALY won’t allow you to enter !!
        Here’s a newsflash asshole,
        ” Capitolvania ” doesn’t want you either.

    • dacien, you lying asshole. Now break it down according to race. I dare you.

    • From the person who wants to mass murder their way to ut0pia.

      He sees desolation and calls it peace.

    • dacian, I know you catch a lot of hell on this blog from most of us but really we all think your a swell guy. Give me your address, I’ll call up an airline ,I’m sure there is a bunch of viewers on TTAG that will chip in for the plane ticket and then I’ll give you a ride to the airport and you can be on your way to one of those Eurapeein countries you want to live in. Maybe you could stay with Albert LJ Hall until you find you a place. Maybe,,, them Brits are kinda the shits about people staying with them, being civilized and all. But hey it’s better then where your at now, right?
      See we are nice and want to help you get out of the country you dont like to one of the countries you do like.
      Hows that for a deal?

      • He’ll have to cut off the ankle bracelet and may have several hours to day before the authorities realize he’s doing a runner.

        • In a civilized country
          Ankle bracelets are not needed because of unicorn farts and lucky charms.

  16. “there is no love, no respect, no truth, no responsibility, no meaning, no purpose, no God who values humanity.

    these are the results.”

    True dat my brother. No truer words have ever been spoken

  17. Liberals refuse to acknowledge the damage that their failed social policies have caused.

    Liberals destroyed inner city, mostly black families and created generations of amoral feral people who have absolutely no concept of right and wrong.

    Rather than craft laws that hold the perpetrators of crimes accountable liberals take away the rights of everyone else in the guise of seeking “equity.”

    As always, liberals refuse to hold themselves and the criminals they coddle to account because their greater objective is the destruction of traditional norms. The new enemy is the white middle class and everything they hold dear.

    We are watching a culture war being waged against us no different than the one waged by Mao’s Red Guards. Modern liberals are radicals. They want to remake our society. They will take away your individual rights, property, and money to do it.

    • To build a new society you must destroy the old society.

      Return to Year Zero as the Khmer Rouge would.

  18. UHHH . . . NOPE. We’ve walked away from BIBLICAL principles like “love your neighbor as yourself”. In other words, examine our consciences. Put the CRIMINALS behind bars and NOT in over glorified hotels. Leave the LAW-ABIDING citizens alone. Criminals do NOT obey the law.

  19. they are NOT misguided. They dont care about criminals. They ARE the wannabe criminal tyrants. they want us DISARMED, helpless, dead or enslaved. If we locked up or killed all of the criminals, there’d be no need of their uniformed thugs (ie, cops) which they FULLY DO intend to use to disarm us. and enslave us. All thru history, that’s how it was done, and how it IS done in every country in the world. NOTICE how those countries that they tout dont have black and Hispanic gangs? They wont talk about that. That’s “racist”. Well, Latino is not a race. and most black crime is committed against other blacks. is it racist to point that out? I dont gaf if you’re purple polka dotted, if you attack me, I’m going to shoot you dead.

  20. First, fix your camp Doc. How many of the soy boys were involved in the race/BLM/ANTIA riots? Next would be to fix the lack of prosecution of violent criminals and demands for censorship over mean tweets.
    Then force those fathering children to support their children or if the state has too, incarcerate them. Then there is the claim about hyper masculinity. BS. Were these chumps doing the shooting anything close to masculine, they would do what most of us older men did as young men. You had a beef with someone you dealt with it 1 on 1 and no weapons were involved. It’s the chickenshit little street punks and the “I’m bad because I gots a glock” bunch of nutless wonders shooting up the cities. Most of them would run in fear if they had to face an actual man.
    As for the easy access of guns, crap, guess the Professor hasn’t tried to purchase a gun in places like California or New Jersy in the last couple decades.It’s a lack of masculinity rather than hyper-masculinity.

    • I dont know about that part , ” most would run in fear if they had to face an actual man.” Them gangsta’s are shuting at each other quite a bit, they hand to hand fight a lot too.
      Never underestimate your ennama.

  21. Isn’t hyper-masculine in this context just a code term for “thug” which we were all told is racist which means any discussion of so-called hyper-masculinity is just more racism so we must dismiss it.

    • That only works for conservative right wingers.
      You can racist all you want if your a left wing liberal.

  22. these people never address the objectively insignificant number of guns used in violent crimes compared to the total number of guns and gun owners in the usa. references to other nations are a total red herring as they do not share the same crime culture, drug culture, and immigrant demographics. totally bogus.


  24. The most common cause of “gun deaths” in the US is not accidental, nor is it homicide. It’s suicide.

    Anyone failing to take account of this when using the general statistic is, at best, ill-informed. At worse, they are being purposefully dishonest by spending an article talking about mass shootings and homicides but using a statistic primarily made up of suicide.

  25. guns are not the problem, criminals are! more people need to exercise their 2A RIGHT! to combat crime!

  26. Bloomersfilled has his head full of as much Bullschit as his bloomers.
    Obviously, He’s never purchased a gun, filled out the required Form 4473, and waited as his Background check went through the NICS database. In some States, there are additional steps required before one can legally purchase a gun. In my State of Commierado, even a Private Purchase must go through an FFL (there’s you Universal Background Checks, and it hasn’t changed the Crime Stats at all Dacian).
    So where are the guns used in crimes coming from? Well it’s not FFLs, as less than 5% of guns recovered after a crime, we’re legally purchased. Between 80 to 95% of guns recovered from. crime scenes are either reported stolen (10-20%) or Black Market purchased (nearly 80%).
    I could, we’re I so inclined, drive downtown, and within an hour, purchase a Black Market Firearm. All that’s required, is the cash to purchase the gun.
    The simple fact people like Bloomersfilled ignore, is that most gun crimes are committed by illegally purchased Firearms, not legally purchased Guns.
    No matter how you try to spin the narrative, it still comes down to Crimes Committed by Criminals thar are the Root Cause of the Gun Violence problem. Not Law AbidingvGun Owners, so quot trying to paint us with the same brush Bloomersfilled.

    • That is a feature, not a bug. When it doesn’t work, the next step is “ok guise we now have to ban all guns everywhere, turn them in or else,” and send the army house to house, kicking in doors, confiscating all firearms, dragging everyone inside away in chains–if they’re white, anyway. Can’t have crime with stolen guns if guns don’t exist, right? But they’re not going to “overpolice” “brown communities,” because that would be “racist.” We know this will achieve the stated intent because bans and laws worked so well with heroin and cocaine and no one can get those things and no one ever ODs and dies. Right?

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