Scot Peterson Parkland broward coward
This Feb. 14, 2018 frame from security video provided by the Broward County Sheriff's Office shows deputy Scot Peterson, right, outside Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Fla. The video released Thursday, March 15, shows Peterson going toward the high school building while a gunman massacred 17 students and staff members, but stayed outside with his handgun drawn. (Courtesy of the Broward County Sheriff's Office via AP)
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File this under least surprising news of the day. The US Secret Service has studied school shooters and found that — shockingly — almost none of them “just snapped.” To the contrary, virtually every one of them exhibited warning signs and, as such, the murders they committed could have been prevented.

Probably the most egregious of all of these was the Parkland massacre, committed by a student who put up more red flags than May Day parade at Lenin’s tomb.

The study was conducted by the Secret Service’s National Threat Assessment Center and concluded, in part, that “schools may need to think differently about school discipline.” To which anyone who’s been paying any attention would reply…duh.

The problem comes when the “different approach” to take is something along the lines of what’s being advocated by woooly-headed social justice advocates like Elizabeth Warren who thinks the solution is to remove all armed security personnel from the nation’s schools.

Because leaving America’s schoolchildren completely vulnerable to those who would murder them is the only fair, socially responsible thing to do. Or something.

By Colleen Long, Associated Press

Most students who committed deadly school attacks over the past decade were badly bullied, had a history of disciplinary trouble and their behavior concerned others but was never reported, according to a U.S. Secret Service study released Thursday.

In at least four cases, attackers wanted to emulate other school shootings, including those at Columbine High School in Colorado, Virginia Tech University and Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut.

The study by the Secret Service’s National Threat Assessment Center is one of the most comprehensive reviews of school attacks since the Columbine shootings in 1999. The report looked in depth at 41 school attacks from 2008 through 2017.

The information gleaned through the research will help train school officials and law enforcement on how to better identify students who may be planning an attack and how to stop them before they strike.

“These are not sudden, impulsive acts where a student suddenly gets disgruntled,” Lina Alathari, the center’s head, said in an Associated Press interview. “The majority of these incidents are preventable.”

Nearly 40 training sessions for groups of up to 2,000 are scheduled. Alathari and her team trained about 7,500 people during 2018. The training is free.

The Secret Service is best known for its mission to protect the president. The threat assessment center was developed to study how other kinds of attacks could be prevented. Officials use that knowledge and apply it in other situations such as school shootings or mass attacks.

Since the Columbine attack on April 20, 1999, there have been scores of school shootings. Some, like Sandy Hook in 2012, were committed by nonstudents. There were others where no one was injured. Those were not included in the study.

The report covers 41 school attacks from 2008 through 2017 at K-12 schools and were chosen if the attacker was a current or former student who used a weapon to injure or kill at least one person at the school while targeting others.

“We focus on the target so that we can prevent it in the future,” Alathari said.

Nineteen people were killed and 79 were injured; victims included students, staff and law enforcement. The research was launched following the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, in 2018.

The Secret Service put out a best practices guide based on some of the research last July to 40,000 schools nationwide, but the new report is a comprehensive look at the attacks.

The shootings happened fast and were usually over within a minute or less. Law enforcement rarely arrived before an attack was over. Attacks generally started during school hours and occurred in one location, such as a cafeteria, bathroom or classroom.

Most attackers were male; seven were female. Researchers said 63 percent of the attackers were white, 15 percent were black, 5 percent Hispanic, 2 percent were American Indian or Alaska Native, 10 percent were of two or more races and 5 percent were undetermined.

The weapons used were mostly guns, but knives were also used. One attacker used a World War II-era bayonet. Most of the weapons came from the attackers’ homes, the investigators reported.

Alathari said investigators were able to examine detailed information about attackers, including their home lives, suspension records and past behaviors.

There’s no clear profile of a school attacker, but some details stand out: Many were absent from school before the attack, often through a school suspension; they were treated poorly by their peers in person, not just online; they felt mistreated; some sought fame, while others were suicidal.

The key is knowing what to look for, recognizing the patterns and intervening early to try to stop someone from pursuing violence.

“It really is about a constellation of behaviors and factors,” Alathari said.

The attackers ranged in age but were mostly young adults, seventh-graders to seniors. More than three-quarters initiated their attack after an incident with someone at school.

In one case, a 14-year-old shot a classmate at his middle school after he’d been mocked and called homophobic names. The attacker later reported the victim made comments that made him uncomfortable and they were the final straw in his decision to attack. Seven attackers documented their plans and five researched their targets before the attack.

Thirty-two were criminally charged, with 22 charged as adults. Most took plea deals. More than half are incarcerated. A dozen more were treated as juveniles. Seven committed suicide and two were fatally wounded.

Alathari said the report shows that schools may need to think differently about school discipline and intervention.

The report does not weigh on political topics such as whether guns are too accessible or whether teachers should be armed.

She said their goal is to make schools a safer place where no more attacks occur.

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  1. But if you don’t leave children vulnerable then school shootings are less likely to happen. If school shootings don’t happen then kids don’t die. If kids don’t die then gun control doesn’t pass. You can see the predicament the left is in, can’t you? People like her are disgusting vultures.

    • If you truly believe anybody wants kids dead you need to get outside and breathe some moving air… POTG clearly disagree with the methods of gun-grabbers in terms of prevention but we can ALL agree that dead innocents are not okay.

      In short, take your bullsh!t rhetoric elsewhere and let’s find areas where we can meet on common ground to discuss solutions instead of playing THEIR lazy card and just blaming the “other.” You’re worse than they are; we have the moral high ground and you’re squandering it.

      • Matt, I get what you’re saying but I think Dave has a point too, at least some leftists. Some of them seem honest to God giddy anytime there’s a mass shooting to advance gun control. Not to mention there’s many democrat congress members that keep/write gun control legislation on hand, and wait for a tragedy to suddenly introduce the bill. That particular behavior is evil in my opinion.

        • He doesn’t have a point, full-stop.

          If some nutjob waves a bloody shirt, call the crazy as it is. Otherwise blaming everything on the bogeyman that is the left is quickly turning into a new manifestation of Godwin’s Law. It doesn’t actually address an issue, it just points fingers.

          I grew up in Southern California. Many of my old friends wouldn’t have dreamt of voting any color but blue until the last few years. The Democrat party as it exists right now does NOT represent anything past a small percentage of America and we will absolutely blow this opportunity with the sort of nonsense posted above. Diversity has always been our greatest strength and we are going to waste it all with some garbage purity test of political piety.

        • Matt
          “Many of my old friends wouldn’t have dreamt of voting any color but blue until the last few years.”

          and look at cali now…a national laughing stock, a punch line to a dem joke

          the whole state is falling apart and is slipping to 3rd world status, can’t keep fires from burning huge parts of the state because of decades of mismanagement and the power is off for days at a time…then add shit covered streets!

          I am so happy I left and get to fiddle while it burns!

      • Matt,

        Half the country wants to be able to legally kill their own children in the womb out of sheer inconvenience to their personal lives, so what was your question again about not believing something?…

      • Wrong. I remember quite well when Sandy Hook happened and my POS govenor Ed Rendell on camera called it a tragedy and smiled and said (paraphrased here, been awhile) “But at least now we can finally pass sensible gun control.” Also David High. He lives for dead kids Stokes his ego every time he’s on camera. And if Dems DONT want kids killed, why is Warren suggesting removing armed school officers?

        • ” I remember quite well when Sandy Hook happened and my POS govenor Ed Rendell on camera called it a tragedy and smiled and said (paraphrased here, been awhile) “But at least now we can finally pass sensible gun control.””

          Leftists are lower than pond scum…

      • Matt that is a BS argument and you know it. SROs don’t make kids less safe and trying to disarm them is just f**king stupid. That’s like saying if the SS wasn’t armed the president would be more safe… … …

        Get your head out of your ass on this middle ground shit. Guns are a tool, society is super screwed up. Where is the problem really?

      • Well Matt, isn’t strange that right after 9-11-2001 all government buildings found the resources to secure themselves into their said buildings?

        No matter how you slice it, they only care about themselves and the children are but a pawn in their evil game.

      • Matt, he’s right. There are some on the Left that are genuinely pleased when they hear about a mass shooting. You can hear it in the tone of how they report that news. Those sick bastards are happy to hear about it, because it helps their goal of grabbing guns.

        After Obama was elected, Rham Emanuel was *quoted* saying – “Never let a tragedy go to waste.” That POS actually said that…

      • Matt Richardson,

        If you truly believe anybody wants kids dead …
        … we can ALL agree that dead innocents are not okay.

        Clearly, Matt, you are an honorable person who has a profound respect for and desire to uphold the sanctity of human life. Unfortunately, there are a LOT of people who do not.

        Do those people explicitly want dead children/innocents? Some do. (There really are some awfully terrible people in the world.) And while the rest do not explicitly want dead children/innocents, many of them consider dead children/innocents an acceptable loss — a “necessary evil” if you will — if it moves us to the “final solution”.

        You seem like an intelligent person. Please realize that tons of people are NOT committed to righteous positions and actions. Otherwise, how do you explain the Holocaust and countless other democides and genocides?

        • The holocaust happen because many people were convinced they were doing the right thing by exterminating Jews and other ‘undesirables’. There were no Nazis who thought they were evil, in their minds they were cleansing the race protecting the purity of their people and the fatherland.

          Just like the white power nuts here in America, who believe America is being destroyed by waves of Brown immigrants.

        • @Miner49,

          You’re mostly right. Where you go off the rails is limiting the racist garbage to “white power nuts.”

          First, not everyone who has a problem with ILLEGAL immigration is a “white power nut”, especially since whites can also immigrate ILLEGALLY.

          Second, racist garbage is practiced by some people of every single ancestry group there is. For example (but not limited to), “La Raza” and BLM.

      • If they don’t want more kids dead, why are they trying to remove armed security from schools? In some cases they are trying to mandate that even armed police would be prohibited by State or Federal law.

        I think that many on the left engage in ‘Magical Thinking’, you see this in many areas besides guns (gun free zones are safer, criminals obey the law!). From ‘Free Health Care’ to ‘Free College’ to what ever else they are going to take your money to fund (It’s Free!). But believing they have good intentions is a mistake. Almost everything the left is pushing is being sold by lies and deception.

        In fact Elizabeth Warren’s entire adult life has been a Lie. ‘I’m an Indian’, ‘I was fired because I got pregnant’ we could probably spend all day listing them all. It’s amazing what a craptastic bunch of liars and thieves we have running our country now. At least once they asset strip the middle class we can look forward to the re-education / death camps that always follow the current path we’re on.

      • In Dave has a point. All the signs have been there and not a thing was done. THEY SAID THEY WERE GOING TO DO IT! A lot of these shooters did. When they say they’re going to do it and they don’t do anything, well it looks like they’re allowing it to happen to further an agenda.

        • All the signs have been there and not a thing was done.“

          Sounds like you are in favor of a red flag law to help prevent these tragedies. You should develop a list of the ‘signs’ you think are good indicators and urge your legislators to pass a law including these signs as the criteria for gun confiscation.

        • @Miner49,

          Those “red flags” are not reasons to take their guns but otherwise ignore them. That is simply “gun control” via SWATting.

          They are indicators that direct, personal intervention is needed in their lives, up to, and including involuntary psychiatric treatment.

          Guns are just the tool. If you leave the mentally disturbed tool user unaddressed, you still get attacks. As the Secret Service found, guns are not the only tools used by troubled people.

        • I’m not for red flag laws, but when someone says “I’m going to shoot up a school”, you take action. There weren’t really signs, they SAID THEY WERE GOING TO DO IT! It’s no different from yelling fire in a crowded theater.

      • I envy you your trust in humanity, Matt. Call me cynical, but the only way Leftist behavior makes sense is if they think like Dave described. In order to reach their political goals and defeat us (deplorables in their mind) they must disarm us. Their stance towards sacrificing of innocents is illustrated by their celebration of killing innocents in wombs, in the case of certain Virginia governor, even after they leave the womb.

      • I think most politicians score high for sociopathy. I think a lot of them don’t care about things that most people would. And no, I don’t think they genuinely care about dead kids. I think they care about dead kids when it can affect the power and influence they have accumulated. You don’t see most of the gun grabbers care about dead kids when they are in the inner cities under democrat control. That’s because not only are they accountable rather than their opponents, but they have also manipulated the poor minority communities there to be convinced they have nobody else to vote for. Thus there’s no harm and little benefit in doing anything about dead kids there.

        Move it into the suburbs where you can demonize opposition and lose more campaign bucks from backers who are upset, and then they make noises about doing something. Usually that something has nothing to do with saving kids, but breaking up a single-issue voting block that in majority opposes them.

      • Sometimes men get raped. I want you to think about that for a minute. Why does this apply here? Because when women get raped you liberals typically blame the victim by saying they shouldn’t be somewhere/dress a certain way. Well… men get raped too. So how are you going to say it was a short skirt or location? Rapists are out there looking to rape. The same way murderers are out there right now looking to murder.

        • “ liberals typically blame the victim by saying they shouldn’t be somewhere/dress a certain way. ”

          Are you serious? Do you really believe that?

          In my experience, most of the condemnation comes from religious conservatives, who have always had a problem with the way women dress. I can tell you the dress codes are established by conservatives and not liberals. And I have heard preachers claim that women dressed “immorally” are ‘just asking for it’.

          Could you please provide an example of a liberal condemning a rape victim for her clothing?

        • @Miner,

          I’m a “religious conservative”. While it’s certainly true that an attacker’s actions are never the victim’s responsibility, one must look at the entire picture before drawing a conclusion, whether from a “religious conservative” viewpoint or from yours.

          If a man sexually assaults a woman, it is always wrong, and the attacker must be punished. Period.

          Now let’s look deeper. If that incident happened in a public park, for example, and a female jogger was assaulted in any form as she was minding her own business, then of course it’s not her fault in any degree. I think everyone can agree with that. But if a college girl goes to a party provocatively dressed for the purpose of garnering attention, knowingly enters the locale where she knows both alcohol consumption and flirting will be encouraged & expected, and participates in activities that make her vulnerable, then is any subsequent sexual assault really 100% the attacker’s fault? If I put a red MAGA hat on my head and willingly walk through downtown Seattle, knowing that I’m going to provoke a certain reaction from others, am I really exonerated from any culpability if someone punches me? Or if I put on a t-shirt with the American flag and walk into East L.A. and yell “Beaners Go Home!”

          Not everything is so clear, so don’t use such a broad brush to paint “religious conservatives” as moralistic knuckle draggers.

        • Yes, it always is 100% the attacker’s fault. Always. A rapist doesn’t attack out of necessity, but out of choice.

          Failing to keep oneself safe and being at fault in a crime are not at all the same thing.

        • Jason, school may have done that 40 years ago, but today they don’t teach discipline. Without discipline in the home and with none at school our society declines. Hell, half the parents at ball games act worse than the seven or eight year old kids playing the game. Most school shooters have broken homes whose parents have no clue what their kids are doing, the other half come from unbroken homes whose parents don’t know what the are doing. It takes a home and school to teach kids social skills and what it means to be responsible in society. The liberal parents backup up by liberal school policies is a bad thing.

        • The home schooled students I have worked with when they reach college are better-adjusted socially and much better prepared for serious intellectual work than their public school counterparts. They are adults, ready to take on the world and it’s challenges. The difference is very noticeable.

  2. The problem is not that there are no red-flag signs and signals. The problem is the current social and political context that hamstrings school personnel (yes, some, but not all school people buy into this stuff).

    What happens if a classroom teacher notices something? The teacher is made to initiate and implement classroom responses. In other words, the teacher is made to be responsible. If a teacher begins noticing too much, they will get called in the carpet.

    What happens if an administrator notices something and calls a parent? Chances are that the parent (if one shows up) will blame the school for being inadequate and blame the administrator for being prejudiced. In other words, the administrator will be made to be responsible. God help them if the red-flag student happens to be a member of some aggrieved, protected class.

    What happens if any school person dares suggest that a student is displaying any red-flag behaviors whatsoever? The school becomes immediately responsible for implement a wide range of interventions, many of which shield the student from standard disciplinary interventions. In other words, the school is made to be responsible and, at the same time, the school’s hands are tied.

    As frustrated as we are with the schools, we must recognize that the social and political powers that be have shaped the school into their current contortions.

  3. Your children can’t be in a school shooting if they’re not in a communist indoctrination center now commonly known as a public school. Home school is the answer. I consider it child abuse to send an innocent child to a leftist run school. Do what you have to do to get them out.

    • That’s easy too. Go live in a school district not full of leftist nimrods. Those still exist too. Not all school districts are a bad thing still.

      • Can be easy when the teachers union isn’t the inmates running the asylum. Some areas home school followed by private school are the best and long term cheapest options.

  4. Home schooling is the best answer, but many families need two incomes so there’s nobody at home to do the schooling.

    Besides, with school shootings being true “Black Swan” events, the real reason for home schooling is the avoidance of indoctrination.

    • Brother, I’ve seen people on one low income home school. It can be done. You just may not have as many toys as otherwise. And in the long run it is more than worth it!

      • Exactly! One of my coworkers of 30 some odd years had a second full time job for 20 plus years so his wife could stay home and teach their kids. Their shared sacrifice paid great dividends! Everyone has choices.

    • There are still good public schools in conservative areas that offer healthy value instilling education. I’m in one now. If people can they should leave these liberal hell holes and let them crumble in on themselves.

  5. The problem that no one wants to talk about is the breakdown of the family and personal relationships. At least they seem to acknowledge that. Funny how our “intellectual” leaders and information gatekeepers don’t want to admit that.

    Per the summery:
    Nearly every attacker experienced negative home life factors
    All attackers experienced social stressors involving their relationships with peers and/or romantic partners

    Shocker huh?

  6. Did the SS also examine out how to profile/predict cops who will stand around with thumbs up their rear end?

    SS track record for reliability is as poor as the FBI.

  7. Most students who committed deadly school attacks over the past decade were badly bullied, had a history of disciplinary trouble and their behavior concerned others but was never reported, according to a U.S. Secret Service study released Thursday.

    I’m sure law enforcement will step up to the plate by treating badly bullied students as potential mass murderers.

  8. Most attackers had experienced psychological, behavioral, or developmental symptoms: The observable mental health symptoms displayed by attackers prior to their attacks were divided into three main categories:psychological (e.g., depressive symptoms or suicidal ideation), behavioral (e.g., defiance/misconduct or symptoms of ADHD/ADD), and neurological/developmental

    You know which boys have fewer of the above symptoms?

  9. “The fact that half of the attackers had received one or more mental health services prior to their attack indicates that mental healthevaluations and treatments should be considered a component of a multidisciplinary threat assessment, but nota replacement”

    That indicates that their mental health services didn’t do any good.

    • So … then what? Pre-crime? “We’re locking you up because you match the profile of a killer. No hard feelings, kid.”

      • “So … then what? Pre-crime? “We’re locking you up because you match the profile of a killer. No hard feelings, kid.” ”
        Close, it’s more like “We’re taking ALL firearms out of your families home, and banning you from EVER purchasing firearms for your entire life, and ANY residence you live at MUST be free of firearms, and if you violate these conditions you WILL go to prison, because you match the profile of a killer. No hard feelings, kid.”
        Remember, we’re doing this for the children, so smile knowing the children are safe.

    • I can tell you based on having a family member who has had this type of health struggles that it is shameful how hard it is to get real help even when it is sought out. We might as well not have mental health care in the US. That’s the problem.

      I don’t know the solution but… sometimes if people could just sit down with a doctor that cared and would listen it’s go a long way. That’s not easy to do now.

      That and modern day kids need to be disciplined to not be such little douche bags. All these are problems that have been brought on by liberal urbanization of life.

      • “I can tell you based on having a family member who has had this type of health struggles that it is shameful how hard it is to get real help even when it is sought out. We might as well not have mental health care in the US. That’s the problem.

        I don’t know the solution but… sometimes if people could just sit down with a doctor that cared and would listen it’s go a long way. That’s not easy to do now.

        That and modern day kids need to be disciplined to not be such little douche bags. All these are problems that have been brought on by liberal urbanization of life.”
        Not the case BCB, no such issues in my family.
        Both of my sons (now 20 and 26 years old), and I own numerous firearms, and I kept them both focused on what mattered in their adolescence. Both graduated high school in 3 years, with associates degrees from dual enrollment. One is an Air Traffic Controller, working on his Masters in Aeronautical Engineering, the other has his Batchlors in Business and owns his own business.
        I posted my response not from personal experience, it was from my knowledge of the regressive lefts long term goals. It’s simple, a disruptive kid? No firearms for life. ADD meds to help a child focus? No firearms for life. A medical THC card for who the F knows? No firearms for life. You posted something that could be construed as derogatory about another group of people? No firearms for life?
        See the pattern?

  10. Affirms my belief that school shooters are made by their peers. As somebody who had more than his fair share of fights with bullies, and has at one point been antagonized by most of the kids in his class, there is a (not so) small part of me that does not feel bad about how some bullied kids react with ballistic retribution to their tormentors. If these, “victims,” were so worried about being shot, then they wouldn’t find such sick pleasure in creating shooters.

    • I was bullied and shunned by my classmates at school. Admitted one year earlier, learned to read before setting a foot in school, small and skinny, inept at sports, introvert with glasses. Perfect subject for physical and psychological abuse.
      I would lie if I said that I didn’t think about suicide sometimes, but I never imagined that I would go and kill my tormentors. There must be something broken in such monster’s minds and souls.

      • Ditto here. I probably fit the profile, but never, ever considered doing such a terrible thing. And for every “mental” approach toward prevention, there will be bleeding heart types protesting against it for whatever reason. Armed guards seems like the only solution (and prevention) to me.

  11. NAW!Who would believe it? Maybe all the people in Lakeland? The nut did everything but send up smoke signals. Holmes in Arora was under psychiatric care for how long?

  12. This is of course not new, though the Secret Service has updated their reports. This first came out after Columbine.

    Their approach is excellent, proven in many schools around the country. It is the sort of thing that cities, counties, states and the US Congress should be funding. Not more studies but to implement the training and provide the resources to apply this in all schools.

    • But the results don’t fit “our” truth so they don’t apply. Now let’s pass a bunch of laws curtailing civil liberties and do another study this time with intersectional cosmic victim blaming demihumanism. Gonna add the sarcasm because I almost hear this in real life now.

  13. “The problem comes when the “different approach” to take is something along the lines of what’s being advocated by woooly-headed social justice advocates like Elizabeth Warren who thinks the solution is to remove all armed security personnel from the nation’s schools.”

    I find no proof she ever said that. What she did say was she wanted and would fund a way to have State Paid For mental health care for students which the Republicans claim they also want but refuse to spend any money on. Hypocrites indeed.

  14. So, how much time and money was put into this “rocket science” how many people were able to figure this crap out without the benefit of ALL the available resources of the federal government and what, if anything will come of it? Will it make even one child safer? No. Will it change Warrens view that there should be no armed guards in our public schools? No. So, what’s the point? Look at us we’re relevant, smart, have way to much money on our hands? I could have told them pretty much the same thing in one Email in about 15 minutes…

    • That’s all true. The good thing is that this is an official government document so it’s more difficult for the lefties to dismiss it.

  15. Wow, this is interesting. Why? Because 99% of it is found in Glen Beck’s 2013 book ‘Control, Exposing the Truthy About Guns’. It would appear, at first glance, that pretty much all the information could have been gleamed from a six year old book, by an author that some consider too right wing to give real credence too. Many of the gun control advocates think like Joe Biden, they don’t care about the facts, only the truth; they truth as they perceive it, not the truth as the facts make it.

    We live in a nation where one or two well placed fools control so many lemmings…..

    • Two things to remember at all times with propaganda, nobody (including you and I) is immune, and if the situation was hopeless nobody would bother with it.

  16. “The US Secret Service has studied school shooters and found…”

    Dan Z., don’t call them “shooters.” Gives us a bad name. Even the SS study didn’t say that – it’s a study on school violence, not “shooters.”

  17. Most who pay attention to this stuff already knew this. I just hope it’s not twisted into another excuse for government to disarm all the people — just in case. If the evidence is strong enough, the suspect should be arrested and processed. The line of inheritance codified in state laws should determine the legal custodian of any property. Custodians should be instructed regarding firearms.

    But let’s be honest about this topic. Since 1999, the statistical probability of a student being killed in school, on any given day by a gun has been one in 614 million. Your odds of winning the lottery are 1 in 300 million. The chances of your child being kidnapped are about one in 300,000.

    Shooting incidents involving students have been declining since the ’90s. Fact is all but three mass shooters in recent history passed background checks. Two stole their rifles. The other one bought from a guy who assembled it from parts and sold it from home. For God’s sake it wouldn’t be a problem if the public school system would do something to protect the kids.








  19. Sweet Baby Jesus, Adam Lanza SPOKE about shooting up a school years before he did.

    Every spree killer i can think of gave clear and unambiguous foreshadowing of their intentions except the Las Vegas shooter, and all the info on him is being withheld.

    • The Vegas shooter had caught AIDS from the local hookers. His fear of living with the shame and stigma was his chief motivator to initiate the actions to fulfill something that he really wanted to do. This was a passion that he shared with his brother, who knew all to much about the shooter’s motivation before he carried it out.
      Vegas Casinos have their own security forces that resemble a Special Forces team. They are Bad Asses to say the least. They took care of the shooter. LVPD is embarrassed and don’t want the public to know how ineffective they really are.

  20. Wow, go figure. When somebody says that they want to commit mass murder, they may actually mean it? And I thought shooting the neighbor’s cat was just a phase everyone goes through while growing up. Personally, although I haven’t bothered to learn a damn thing about my own son, I know my boy wouldn’t do that.


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