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Nikolas Cruz (Amy Beth Bennett/South Florida Sun-Sentinel via AP, Pool)
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By Justin Caruso

A new book co-written by Andrew Pollack, the father of a teenager killed during the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas (MSD) High School in February 2018, contains a number of shocking details about the shooter Nikolas Cruz and his erratic behavior in school.

Pollack, whose 18-year-old daughter Meadow was killed in the shooting, co-wrote the new book “Why Meadow Died: The People and Policies that Created the Parkland Shooter and Endanger America’s Students” along with Max Eden.

An excerpt from the book was published in the New York Post Monday, and the details are bizarre. Here are the seven most staggering stories.

Cruz Was Caught Masturbating In School

According to the excerpt, a female student named Paige first met Cruz and he tried to give her a hug. After the hug, a teacher told Paige, “Don’t touch him. He just got caught jerking off.”

Cruz Shouted: “I Want To Kill!”

In another incident, Cruz’s eighth grade teacher Carrie Yon told him that he was a “good kid.”

In response, he yelled, “I’m a bad kid! I want to kill!”

A Teacher Wrote That Cruz Didn’t Understand The Difference Between Violent Video Games And Reality

The same teacher, Carrie Yon, wrote in a “Functional Behavioral Analysis” of Cruz that she didn’t think he “understands the difference between his violent video games and reality.”

“He is constantly showing aggressive behavior and poor judgment. His drawings in class show violent acts (people shooting at each other) or creepy sexual pictures (dogs with large penises) … I would like to see him sent to a facility that is more prepared and has the proper setting to deal with this type of child,” she wrote.

Cruz Attempted To Commit Suicide After School

As an eighth grader, Cruz reportedly tried to commit suicide by jumping into traffic. This incident was recorded by teachers as a “minor disruption.”

Cruz Was Obsessed With “Terrorist Topics” And Was An “Excessive” Gamer

After Cruz enrolled in a special school in early 2014, a psychiatrist wrote in a report that due to “excessive gaming,” the future school shooter had a preoccupation with war and terrorism.

“He goes to YouTube to research wars, military material, and terrorist topics. Wears military related items before he goes to school. Parent stated that all of these ideas are related to his excessive gaming,” Dr. Nyrma Ortiz wrote.

School Psychiatrists Warned That Cruz Has “Dreams Of Killing Others”

In a note written by Ortiz and another therapist Rona Kelly, they report that he admitted to having “dreams of killing others and [being] covered in blood.”

Despite All Of This, Cruz Was Able To Go To MSD High School And Join JROTC

Finally, the most interesting bit of information from the excerpt is that after a short period of good behavior, Cruz was sent to MSD High, and even temporarily joined the school’s Junior Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (JROTC) program.

Eden and Pollack write:

Nikolas Cruz couldn’t possibly have made himself any clearer. Broward schools staff knew exactly who and what he was. Yet they not only allowed him to enroll in Marjory Stoneman Douglas, they literally gave him an air gun, shaped like an AR-15, and let him practice shooting.

Indeed, there were many warning signs about Cruz and his potential for violence.

Immediately after the shooting, one MSD student told a local news reporter that “everyone predicted” Cruz being a shooter.

“Honestly, a lot of people were saying it was gonna be him.”


This article courtesy of the Daily Caller News Foundation and is reprinted here with permission. 

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      • So any US Citizens we find inconvenient, we just ship em off to a secret compound outside the country and torture them. For what? Interrogation? To learn what?

        Sure this one is a piece of shit so who cares. Problem is this sort of thing always starts with the pieces of shit, so noone complains, until it moves on to them.

        • no point in stressing this kid’s twisted thought processes. he’s a straight mess; isolate him or end him, either’s fine.
          gitmo is for members of the previous administration(s)…

        • It is so funny how some many of these tough guys rant about the 2nd Amendment but will throw the 4th, 5th, 6th, 8th, 9th and 10th Amendments under the bus the first time someone offends their tender sensibilities.

    • Thanks to Broke O’Bummer’s “no expel” policy, the school’s can’t get rid of these kids until they kill.
      Good job O’Bummer.

      • The same thing is happening in Texas. Public schools are becoming nightmares. The numbers of poorly educated kids is increasing. Schools attempt to hide this by fudging grades. Bad student behavior is always blamed on the teacher. Nobody actually fails. Then they get to college, find that they can’t begin to handle even dumbed-down college work, and start protesting that the school and teachers are “racist”. If you are hiring this generation’s graduates be very, very careful about who your hire. Even top flight schools have rubber-stamp degrees.

    • A few months ago, I was listening on the radio about an interview with some higher-up FBI person saying that they lack the resources to investigate every possible shooter threat. In July they put out an RFP on a social media vetting/filtering tool, but no news updates yet.

    • Are you saying that this is why we need more Red Flag Laws ? (sarc)
      I hate conspiracy theories, but I have read the entire official report of the investigation (just Google it as I did) and there are a lot of loose ends that even without a tin hat, one cannot make sense of unless there was a massive concerted effort to choose this particular shooter (none deserve their name in print) to carry out this heinous act. He was their anointed one, he had expressed exactly all of the sentiments the Radical Left Anti 2A hoped for in their Anti-Hero, and had expressed to carry out their mission to further denigrate legitimate 2A supporters. The legal system had more that forty documented opportunities to stop him, yet a liberal controlled Sheriff’s department, and more importantly, a liberal controlled school system fearing “ratings” reprisals brushed these incidents under the rug. We don’t need Red Flags, we don’t need “gun control.” We need more enforcement of existing laws, we need more accountability for those responsible to safeguard our children. Destroying the 2nd Amendment will accomplish none of this. BTW, so is London any safer re: violent crime or criminal deaths (don’t play the firearms game with me, I have lived in London) than any free city in the US?

      • If there were no mass murders with a firearm, what pretext would leftists use to push for disarming their opponents? They need mass shootings to get support for their gun grabbing policies.

        Crime deaths don’t matter to them. Only those shot to death are really dead. Those stabbed, beaten, choked, burned to death are only mostly dead and as such they don’t count.

    • 14. Shooter was declassified and allowed to attend regular classes in high school as a regular education student with no therapy and/or services even though they knew he needed them.

      June 16, 2018 Independent Review: “…this student was allowed to attend regular classes on a traditional school campus. It is critical to note that from age three through 18 he was served through the exceptional student education (ESE) program as a student with a disability.”

      15. A black student at the time 18 years old had documented disabilities with parents who wanted their child to stay classified and provided services in the high school. Barbara J. Myrick & Susan J. Hofstefter knew this student needed therapy and counseling. They refused to allow this student to attend the public high school and demanded this student can only go to special education schools in the district. The parents wanted their child to be in the high school to have access to general education denied in the ESE school.

      March 16, 2017 Deposition of Alan Gregg, M.D. P:8 L:20-25: “Q. Okay. So clearly would you agree that what you wrote here in the treatment plan describes a child that needs some ongoing therapy and family therapy and psychotherapy to work with some of CHILD communication issues, would you agree with that? A. Yes.”

      16. While the shooter was allowed to attend regular classes as a declassified student in the public high school the black student even with a doctor stating for CHILD to go to public high school was denied by School attorney’s Barbara J. Myrick and the ALJ when the parents lost the due process hearing.

      March 16, 2017 Deposition of Alan Gregg, M.D. P:12 L:2-6: Barbara J. Myrick: “Q. Okay. When you said in this report that CHILD would go back to the school setting in a general education setting, what is your definition of a general education setting? A. A regular school.”

      17. School attorney’s Barbara J. Myrick & Susan J. Hofstefter demanded the deposition of Dr. Alan Gregg. Parents of black student had their child evaluated by Dr. Alan Gregg who filled out Broward Co. SB form for hospital/homebound instruction because they did not want their child to go to the ESE school where only access point education is provided and was being upset by the refusal of the school district to allow CHILD to attend a general education high school. The student was 18 years old and parents wanted student in the general education program it was not allowed because school staff determined the student had no right to any access to general education due to disabilities.

      March 16, 2017 Deposition of Alan Gregg, M.D. P:4 L:3-7: “A. January 25th. Q. Okay. So his parents have given us—I believe you filled one of these forms out for hospital homebound. What I wanted to ask you is about what you said in the forms.”

      18. It was the belief and enforcement by school attorney’s Barbara J. Myrick & Susan J. Hofstefter that the black student could not attend school in the general education environment without supplementary aids and services. Broward CSB does not want to even attempt providing supplementary aids and services to this student. Yet the shooter with much worse documented violent behaviors was allowed to declassify and attend with no supplementary aids and services.

      June 16, 2018 Independent Review: “Students with disabilities should attend the school they would attend if nondisabled and can only be removed from the general education environment if education in regular classes with the use of supplementary aids and services cannot be achieved satisfactorily.”

      19. This statement may be true but does not give the shooter the right to attend regular classes if his behaviors are not appropriate and does not have the academics to pass the classes with no supplementary aids and services that showed when he was expelled without any accommodations to address his behaviors and academics there was no “…achieved satisfactorily.”

      June 16, 2018 Independent Review: “Once a student reaches the age of majority (age 18 in Florida), all rights previously awarded to the parents transfer to the student. Parents continue to be valued participants in educational planning, but they no longer have the authority to provide or revoke consent under IDEA. Districts are prohibited from providing any ESE services to students with disabilities once consent is revoked. This student revoked consent for ESE services in November 2016.”

      §300.9 Consent means that (c) (2) If a parent revokes consent, that revocation is not retroactive (i.e., it does not negate an action that has occurred after the consent was given and before the consent was revoked).

      20. The school district made no attempt to obtain consent for a reevaluation before declassifying and sending the shooter off to the high school with no supplementary aids and services. There was no IEP meeting to review the existing data they had on the shooter.

      Procedural safeguards: REVOCATION OF CONSENT
      “If your child is currently receiving special education and related services, you have the right to revoke your consent for such services at any time. You may revoke consent either orally or in writing. If you revoke your
      consent orally, the district must provide you with written confirmation within five (5) days of your oral revocation. When you revoke your consent, either orally or in writing, the district must provide you with prior written
      notice to acknowledge your revocation and the date upon which all special education and related services will cease.
      Once services have ceased, your child will be considered a general education student. All rights and responsibilities previously held by your child (as described in this document), including special education disciplinary protections, will also cease.
      4 ISBE 34-57J(11/18)NOTE: The effect of your revocation will result in a complete termination of all special education and related services to your child. However, if you are in a disagreement with the type or amount of services your child is receiving, but believe that your child should continue to receive special education and related services, please review the sections, “Complaint Resolution”, “Mediation”, and “Due Process Hearing” for a discussion of your rights in the case of a disagreement over services.”

      §300.300 Parental consent (d) Other consent requirements.(1) Parental consent is not required before—(i) Reviewing existing data as part of an evaluation or a reevaluation;

      §300.300 Parental consent (c) Parental consent for reevaluations. (2) The informed parental consent described in paragraph (c)(1) of this section need not be obtained if the public agency can demonstrate that—(i) It made reasonable efforts to obtain such consent;

  1. I imagine Florida will likely put him to death. Either way, that frail little boy will popular in prison and not in a way he’s gonna like.

    • He is already very popular in prison in a way he never dreamed of; and not in any way you imagined (Pervert!). Thanks to the press and their aggrandizement of his notoriety, he is being bombarded with love letters from women and female admirers as he never would have been able to accomplish otherwise. Society in general has sanctioned (ie., rewarded) his behavior in ways he never imagined possible. He succeeded and the media and society’s morbid fascination have rewarded his behavior. Is it no surprise that more young people want to emulate his example?

      • You are correct about that, but he’s still in county right now. Once he gets to actual prison it’s going to be a very different story. There’s a very big difference between jail and prison.

  2. Most of this is happyday horseshit compiled with hindsight. Dogs with large penises in his drawings? God only knows how these morons would view some of the greatest playwrights of ancient history. That kind of analysis would, hilariously and ironically, be comedy gold.

    However, the facts that they thought he couldn’t tell the difference between fantasy and reality AND he attempted suicide are two pretty major “swings and misses” on their part.

    • My take as well. Fantasizing about war and playing fantasy war video games is pretty normal behavior among boys. Heck, it was the war fantasy (before video games) that got young men to willingly volunteer to go to fight a Glorious War. By these standards, these shrinks would think the entire Roman civilization was entirely bonkers. Heck, even Socrates, when asked what he wanted on his grave marker, said he only wanted to be known as an honorable soldier. I suspect that George Patton’s major reads were books about war.

      But acting out on suicidal ideations is a different kettle of fish, as is hearing voices and demons in one’s head. Violent acts that constitute crimes are another think too–and there were apparently a number of them too.

      • Can you imagine the shitstorm if, tomorrow let’s say, some major production company wanted to put on an old Greek Satyr-play or, God forbid, make one into a movie?

        The Right would go apeshit, so would the Left and Hollywood would be stuck defending it. That battle would be epic. Epic in the Illiad and the Odyssy sense of the term.

        • “Can you imagine the shitstorm if, tomorrow let’s say, some major production company wanted to put on an old Greek Satyr-play or, God forbid, make one into a movie?”

          Done and did, ‘Caligula’ (1979) – The un-rated version had (for the era) healthy dollops of sex and violence :

          (NSFW – Sign in to view)

    • No, this kid was not normal. The totality of his behaviors and his actions, including specific incidents, is far beyond what typical kids his age do.

      Severe mental illness tends to be progressive, it continues to evolve as a person ages. To miss it in this kid, where they had observations of him getting worse year after year, is an enormous failure even without all the murders he committed.

      A book describing these failures is a good and useful thing.

      • I never said the kid was normal. In fact I noted quite specifically that he was not.

        I simply said that most of this list is “happyday horseshit”. Which it is.

  3. One of the let’s most cherished goals is a “lowest common denominator” society where marginal or worse creatures like this go wherever and do whatever. Making sure the rest of us can’t defend ourselves is part of the plan.

    • Sure seems like it. As far as I’m concerned, progressivism (a la America’s “intersectional” left) is a misery-worshiping death cult.

      • Very true. Notice how the “solutions” they propose for environmental problems always require people to live poorer. They never suggest turning engineers loose to develop a solution that requires no reduction in our standard of living. In the 1970s, I once rented a Ford Maverick. It got 13.5 miles per gallon. Today, my automotive toy is a 150 mph Infiniti couple that does 10 mpg better and runs far cleaner all thanks to auto company engineers.

  4. Pleeeeeeeease, somebody, pontificate on how SSRIs or video games made him do what he did.
    Your arguments will be as valid as “the guns made him do it”.

    • Eh SSRI might (key word) have played a part in the suicide attempt and maybe a more violent period of psychosis but those are outlier side effects that likely would have resulted in a change of meds (assuming the doc didn’t fail as hard as the school). This one was just broken for reasons we will likely never know.

      • Yeah…… that’s not how SSRIs work.
        They don’t cause psychosis.
        They don’t (nor do other antidepressants) “cause” suicidality or violence as a “side effect”.
        They DO lower impulse control in *some* people with diminished executive function.
        Often, they are misprescribed.
        But you’re right, this kids is fundamentally “broken”. Looks microcephalic, too.

  5. So many warning signs….he was already on psychotropic meds (which probably made him worse, not better). It makes me wonder what interventions were actually possible (legal)? Probably, getting him out of a public school into a setting with much more supervision was desirable. Was there availability?

    It cannot be as simple as some people have suggested, that his Hispanic last name constituted a ‘get out of Jail free’ card. The warning signs continued over too long a period for that. I suspect no one really knew what to do and everyone was expecting someone else to do something.

    What is the threshold at which a child is identified, and mandated by the state to be under some sort of supervision? Who will make those decisions? How do we prevent some mindless bureaucracy from becoming the child’s new parents? Does the state get to over-ride parental authority in such cases? Who decides on the treatments? Who pays for it all? Do we want the state’s powers expanded in this way?

    I am not saying that nothing should have been done; I am questioning whether we really know what to do.

    I have seen and know of too many families held hostage by emotionally, psychologically, or developmentally damaged children. Bankruptcy, poverty, divorce, extreme isolation, decades of misery followed by suicide, homicide, or both. That is the foundation for my questions.

    The only real solution is to understand the causes of these disabilities and find effective treatments, not just drug them.

    What does this have to do with guns? Plenty. We need to address the causes of violence; restricting firearms will not reduce the violence.

  6. And Barry Soetoro et al pushed him along by their ultra lenient punishment protocol’s. As in none. But ban the S&W Sport II. That’ll save ” the children”😫. My greatest sympathy for the author…

    • Committed is more like it. There were incidents involving the police where he literally threatened to kill people with his AR-15. They just sent him on his way. In the long run he made good on his promises.

      • There are many individuals on this forum who threaten to kill ‘demo-commies’ and progressives with their A.R. 15‘s and make numerous jokes Homo-erotic jokes about oral sex.

        Should they be red flagged?

        • I get that Libertarians Liberals and the Left believe children should be treated like adults. They have been saying this for decades now. That’s why they support abortions for girls without the parents knowledge or consent.

          And having abortions done at public schools helps to keep it a secret from the parents as well.

          But that is not how our Republic works. At least not yet on a national level.
          The parents choose how to control their kids. The three L’s have no children. So like gun grabbers who have no guns, these people don’t no what they are talking about.

    • Nope, there was plenty of probable cause to charge him criminally several times. He would have had plenty of due process. The so called red flag bullshit eliminates due process. HUGE DIFFERENCE.

    • People in institutions don’t hurt the general population. They don’t buy guns and go on spree killings.
      He should have been committed after his mother died instead of living with another family where he assaulted their son. And they didn’t have him arrested so he was free to kill others.

  7. These signs are interesting, but there’s nothing actionable unless there’s a criminal act or commitment for insanity. Maybe that’s elsewhere in the book. Perhaps focused treatment and special ed might have helped, but teachers aren’t miracle workers. OTOH, special classification can get you some immunity from consequences. I don’t know what it’s like today, but it used to be that you weren’t legally allowed to give special ed students detention. My school got around this by calling in Supervised Alternative Study, but it was isolation in a plain room with a teacher or vice principal watching constantly.

    Morbid or bizarre behavior doesn’t necessarily mean someone is dangerous. Lots of people have a fascination with something that scares them. I’m sure lots of kids now study/obsess over school shootings in the hope that understanding them will give them some control over something that is really out of their control. However, there’s also losers like the Newton shooter who study shootings and think, “I can kill more people than that.” Distinguishing can be hard and our legal system requires a crime to be committed before removing someone’s freedom.
    If we start having to get permission slips to exercise rights, we’ll wind up like the “good ole days” where you’ll be denied because you’re the wrong color, don’t belong to the right church or political party, are too poor, or didn’t cozy up to the winning politician – kind of like the few remaining “may issue” states.

    • He could have made a criminal threat. I’m not sure how Florida defines this. Threats are usually ignored by law enforcement.

  8. Hey, where’s “lower case” vlad?
    He should have already been in here telling Andrew Pollack that he’s a horrible person his views on the 2nd A are ALL wrong, basically got what he had coming to him, Europe is awesome, and the US of A is the cause of every bad thing that has and ever will happen in the universe.

  9. Public masturbation has been normalized by the Libertarians Liberals and the Left. Children Saying repeatedly they want to kill other people has also been normalized. The people behind this normalizing of bizarre behavior are adults who have no children. And they consider themselves to be sexually liberated.

    To discipline a child seems bizarre to them. So they invented “time out”. And they actively interfere with parents who do disciple they own children.

    • WTF do libertarians have to do with this? The central point of libertarianism is less government, which I think most here agree with.

      Also, the libertarian community was split in 2016 with about half going right and half going left. Don’t lump them all in together. There is a significant difference between, for example, those represented by and as opposed to those represented by outfits like center for a stateless society.

      • You sound like a republican explaining how the party was split into conservative and Liberal back in 1980. But you are correct. There was a Libertarian split in 2016. Who would have believed that would have happened?

        Personally I prefer Lew Rockwell to Reason Magazine. Reason is filled with socialists who want to smoke dope.

        “Liberals and conservatives believe that the government should dole out welfare. They just disagree on the amount, the requirements to receive it, and the strings that should be attached. Libertarians believe that all charity should be private and voluntary.”

        Show me where the Libertarians support private church and synagogue religious based charity? Show me where they support voluntary group association with a religious group that imposes/ requires self control on its members?

        Welfare was always a private concern. Never the government’s. Until atheists who hated the church and the synagogue worked to undermine religious based self control. And then replace it with government support of promiscuous sex and welfare single mothers. And replacing the father and his guns with a welfare check, and the guns of a big city police department.

        It would help if Libertarians get rid of people like Nick Gillespie and the rationalization about the wonderful VP candidate William Weld. It’s just amazing in a very sad way.

        The Debate: Walter Block vs. Nick Gillespie on Donald Trump 1 hour 45 minutes long

    • Chris T in KY wrote
      quote————————To discipline a child seems bizarre to them. So they invented “time out”. And they actively interfere with parents who do disciple they own children.————-quote

      You Right Wingers will never leave the stone age. Child study after child study proved that taking privileges away was far more effective at changing behavior long term than using violence (corporal punishment). It was also not psychologically damaging to children when parents took away just privileges. When you use violence you are breeding another generation of stone cold killers and violent people who are taught that the best way to solve a problem or conflict is through extreme violence and that it is actually socially acceptable (maybe among the Hillbillies). They will even say “My old man beat the shit out of me and I beat the shit out of my kids”. Violence and murder in the workplace are directly traced to child abuse at home. Violence against women also stem from child abuse (corporal punishment)

      But then again when would the uneducated ever bother to research anything. They simply do not.

      • Yes, I understand you want to have sex with children. You think parents discipline is just to harsh correct? You think your approach is better correct?

      • I really like it when I get to repeat nonsense from morons who are even more empty headed then me. This country needs a federal law that says parents have to ask there babies permission to change there diapers.

        – The Real True Original Vlad Tepes

    • Just like the growing police state has been normalized by the “conservatives” (who haven’t conserved anything but the profits of defense contractors and welfare to Israel).

      We can thank the “conservatives” for the TSA, Homeland Security, and various other vomit inducing constitutional infractions.

      • Back when the church and the synagogue provided the welfare to people in need, the police forces in this country were much smaller.

        In fact government overall was much smaller.

  10. Living one town over from Parkland. This whole situation with this kid was and still is a cluster f@#$k from day one.
    As far as I can tell. Nothing not a thing has changed in Parkland or in the Broward Sheriffs dept. Except the sheriff is gone. This same thing could happen there all over again tomorrow. Or so it seems.
    I hope Im wrong and just not seeing the changes made if any.

  11. My comment disappeared to be replaced by an AD. I guess my opinion wasn’t important enough.
    This little SH is more popular in jail with young women/girls who worship him and give him what he could never have accomplished before. The media made him an instant Super Hero; he is the Left’s Super Hero.

    • >My comment disappeared to be replaced by an AD. I guess my opinion wasn’t important enough.
      Sometimes it happens because of bad writing; I recommend you to use any paraphrasing tool that exists online to correct yourself, for example;
      Hope it helps.
      By the way, agree with your point
      >The media made him an instant Super Hero; he is the Left’s Super Hero.

  12. If all of this is true, and it may well be, who is really at fault for not taking action before this blew up an he went on rampage? Cruz, to some degree, but others downplayed the events which enabled him to do what he did.

  13. Clearly we all need to be forcibly disarmed because this kid was crazy and pushed through the system by people who didn’t want to deal with him.

    That’s what the left is selling on this.

  14. Just remember you will never get affordable Health Care under the Gangster Criminal Republicans and the mass shootings will go on and on until they ban all guns.

    • Guns were banned in communist Russian and Socialist Germany. That didn’t prevent mass shootings there. They were just all committed by government death squads.

      Which I assume you support as a total believer in unlimited power of the state.

    • You can get exactly as much health care as you can afford. Just like with any other goods and services. Prices are high because of leftist regulations and insurance costs.

      No, you don’t have any right to make me pay your doctor’s bill. I don’t want you to pay for my stuff and refuse to pay for yours.

    • Fact: Mass shootings will go on and on until they ban all guns and then they will go on and on and on and on and on. Even a cross-eyed slack-jawed drooling moron like me knows 400 million is a big number.

      – The Real True Original Vlad Tepes

  15. Stoke the fire of revenge by being a shill for Anti-American laws and procedures, not too mention making money off the blood.
    So who let this hypocritical pimple dick be the savior of the mental world!

  16. I saw an interview with Actor Steven Seagal from a couple of years ago and he hit the nail right on the head. He talked in depth about the Columbine shooters who said they were going to do the shooting, went to counseling and convinced the counselor all was well, bragged how they fooled the counselor, and then committed the shooting. He talked of other shooters who said they were going to commit the shootings and were ignored.

    He ended with this and it probably blacklisted him in Hollywood forever or more so than he already was: He said, “The fact that they are ignoring these threats shows that they are allowing these shootings to happen to further an agenda.”

  17. A major part of this story often not discussed was the diversion program this kid was placed in. It was a fake court for real crimes where bad kids attended a made up court system so they wouldn’t have a record. It was introduced by a buddy of Obama from Chicago. After it first started he went back to Obama and said, wow look how much teen crime we have reduced in our schools and Obama said wow, ok here is 50 million dollars to really amp up this fake court program where kids don’t actually get held criminally liable for anything they did in a court of law and have that go on their record. Had this lunatic not been a part of this program, he would have had a record and would probably had a hard time walking into a gun shop and buying a gun.

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