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Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam, (AP Photo/Steve Helber)
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Reader Rokurota sends the following . . .

I accidentally clicked on an ad, and it took me to this teaser about a story from my local ABC affiliate in the Lynchburg and Roanoke area that ran on Monday.

Local police agencies say that legal gun owners may actually be part of the growing problem of crime scenes at gunpoint.

New research shows criminals are getting their hands on serious weapons at an alarming rate.

This was one day after Democrats swept the state house, announcing they will ram through gun control.

My 2A friends and I are all speculating what they’ll propose, and the complicit fourth estate here seems to be setting up the ball for a spike. “Safe storage” laws comin’ right up!

If only “safe storage” is where it will stop. Remember that following the Virginia Beach shooting, Governor Ralph Coonman Northam and anti-gun legislators have proposed a wide range of limits on the right to keep and bear arms including . . .

  • “Extreme risk protection orders” AKA a red flag confiscation law
  • Universal background checks
  • A one-gun-a-month purchase limit…that used to be law in the Old Dominion until it was repealed in 2012
  • An assault weapons ban
  • Magazine capacity limits

Northam can’t wait to get going.

Northam said in a statement Tuesday night after Democrats won at least 21 of 40 seats in the state Senate and 51 seats in the 100-member House of Delegates that the “ground has shifted in Virginia government.”

“Since I took office two years ago, we have made historic progress as a Commonwealth,” he added. “Tonight, Virginians made it clear they want us to continue building on that progress.”

The governor went on to argue that the results signaled that voters wanted state lawmakers to take action on issues such as gun safety and climate change.

The newly-elected legislators will be sworn into office in January and the Governor and Democrats are vowing to push through their slate of gun control laws and limits almost immediately.

If you live in Virginia, plan (and buy) accordingly.

In addition to being famous for wearing blackface, the Governor may soon also be known as the greatest gun salesman in Virginia history. At least until the new legislature takes control.

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    • “Local police agencies say that legal gun owners may actually be part of the growing problem of crime scenes at gunpoint.”

      That statement chills to the bone. It guarantees that the po-po will set up anonymous snitch hotlines for denouncing gun owners. No one will be safe.

      One’s political views are now sufficient to trigger a Red Flag raid. East Germany comes to the Old Dominion.

    • Stop the hand wringing, folks. I left liberal New England 30 years ago for the Navy, and have been stationed in Virginia three times since. I have often been told by southern gentry and good ol’ boys alike that I talked funny and I should “watch out because we won’t tolerate that type of politics down here.”

      After living there, I’ve realized that Virginia – even 30 years ago – was effectively just as anti-liberty as Massachusetts. State and local taxes are oppressive. Want to register your car in Virginia? You will pay a sales tax based on the value of the car every year, even if it’s payed off. You will pay a safety and emissions inspection fee to a dealer or garage every year even if the car is brand new. It is a primary offense if your registration sticker is out of date. Want to build a deck on your property? We have a permit fee for that. Don’t dare have any recyclables mixed in with your trash. Any road systems that actually work have variable-rate tolls – wait – what do all those registration fees go to? The rest of the roads are choked by never-ending public works projects that never seem to fix any of the traffic problems. There are anti-obscenity speech laws in the largest city in Virginia, and the police get to decide what constitutes obscenity. Don’t forget that the one gun a month was only a few years ago?

      Five of the top ten richest counties in the US are Northern Virginia suburbs of Washington DC. They produce nothing but government workers, and people who lobby government and sell things to government workers.

      Virginia wasn’t lost on November 5th 2019, it’s been gone for a long time.

  1. As more and more blue states set up “good for me, but not for thee” gun control that allows government agents (LEOs) to enjoy a fuller spectrum of 2A rights while seriously restricting common citizens, it sets the stage for a future SCOTUS showdown in regards to the creation of a second class of citizenry, which is a violation of the 14th Amendment.

    Today’s news, if you’ve already read it, is that Trump just appointed another 150+ Federal judges, who were all successfully confirmed. He now holds the position of appointing the most Federal judges of any previous President in our nation’s history. Yes, there are still many activist judges, and there may likely always be. But the judicial sentiment is being gradually turned conservative, with an eye for Constitutional constructionism. I predict that CA’s absurd dream of being the vanguard for all-things-unconstitutional-because-muh-feelings will lead these Leftist leaders into a dead end, and therefore into a judicial trap that will result in a major reversal of many gun control laws due to my 14th Amendment posit above.

    • You make great assumptions. You have no clue who those judges are and whether the supreme court wants to confirm the 2nd Amendment for what it is.

      • You are correct that we don’t know all these judges. But I’ll certainly state that I find it better that Trump has chosen them instead of Hillary, Biden, Sanders, or Warren. I’ll be happy for the advances wherever they happen, large or small.

        We need more optimism and energy for the fight ahead of us, Chief. If you look at the glass as being half empty all the time, you’ll be defeating yourself before you even get started.

      • “You have no clue who those judges are and whether the supreme court wants to confirm the 2nd Amendment for what it is.”

        Uh, then why was the “New York Pistol” 2A case granted cert. by the SCOTUS, dumbass?

        If they wanted to do nothing, they wouldn’t have agreed to hear the case argued a few weeks from now…

      • Sorry, “Chief Censor” but we have a fairly good idea since he has picked from a list that was at least partially drawn up by the Federalist Society. He has appointed157 that have been confirmed by the Senate and it may be over 160 by the end of the week per the Daily Signal. One more Supreme Court pick and the Democrats have lost control Court for at least ten years if he gets a second term as I expect, they are out for another twenty at least.

        Trumps court picks may be the only thing that will restrain the tyranny of the left, otherwise the Democrats will destroy this country.

        • Rusty–I share the optimism. I think Trump will be re-elected in a landslide maybe 45 states if everything breaks right. No way he gets CA, NY, NJ, CT and maybe one or two more. Make no mistake the long knives are out for him with every Dem in the congress trying to oust him and every MSM news ‘journalist’ trying to be the one to bring him down. However, look at the losers on the Dem side.
          In his second term, Trump will likely appoint another 150-250 Federal judges and maybe two more Supremes. If that happens, then maybe, just maybe we can start to get our country back. We’ll see. My bet is on Trump.

    • Really? Well one of Donny D’s appointees to the Appeals Court just upheld Chicago’s ban on “assault weapons” because it “created the feeling of safety.”

      Dumpft is a gun grabbing scumbag just like all the rest.

    • If Texas flips it will be too late. Lights out. Literally, in many cases, as CA has recently shown us.

      The main difference between CA and the Titanic: The lights were still on as the Titanic sank.

      Maybe I’m being a bit dramatic. Parties win elections, they lose elections, the whole thing has kept turning. But I don’t think one party has ever been as rabidly anti-American and authoritarian as the modern Democrats.

    • How many congressional seats does your state maintain? You should be praying that battleground areas continue fighting the good fight rather than assume that because nobody can even name more than one city in your neck of the woods you’re safe.

      Virginia isn’t California (yet,) they’re still in play for the foreseeable future.

      • Yes, we are, and we intend to keep it that way. (Thanks for the vote of confidence in us, Matt.) The Republic was born here and we won’t forget that. As a great captain once said, “the line must be drawn here.” I am sick of defeatist talk of how we’re permanently blue because of the DC suburbs. I am sick of talk of retreating or moving to friendly territory. The Dems have their eyes on Texas next. They won’t stop until everyone capitulates. I admit, like a lot of “just want to be left alone” conservatives, I refused to be an “activist”. I voted, but didn’t proselytize or argue and get in people’s faces like the progressives and smugly thanked God I didn’t live in California. That luxury is coming to an end. We’ll be tested soon. Non-compliance is on the horizon, and we’ll see how seriously we take our state motto.

  2. The Courts have proven down through their history that they are power mad whether they be Democrats or Republicans and seldom if ever overturn an anti-gun law.

    You were warned that without NRA big money the elections would go down the tubes and that is exactly what happened in Virginia.

    I will be supporting the NRA in 2020. As a gun owner I have no choice. Without the NRA we are finished in the 2020 elections period.

      • Our biggest enemies are guys like you Merle who do not support the NRA. Do you belong to the Anti-Fa too? Whoever the other poster is I do not care at least he is putting his money where his mouth is and he is not afraid to spend it.

  3. Very interesting. Your average Trumptard doesn’t care though, long as he’s in there, they’re “winning”. Meanwhile, the states will Californicate apace.

    • The states will continue to rot if their local GOP can’t even run an opponent in 2 dozen seats like the GOP in Virginia. No-one’s gonna swoop in to save what’s clearly long shot like that. The dems don’t even have supermajority like their autocracy in California But please, continue with your big-brain dunking on other people and squander situations that could be saved with a little effort.

  4. remember:
    in virginia within 4 years of being convicted in a court of law and jailed for having sex with their teenage secretary a lawmaker can run for office again and win a state senate seat
    but…but…judge roy moore!

  5. 21 of 40 and 51 of 100 sounds like a razor thin margin to me. I’d think there would be a few swing districts that wouldn’t take too kindly to their 2A rights being trampled on. The Dems will have to find a couple to fall on their swords to get it passed.

    • i was thinking this too. passing highly partisan legislation by the narrowest of margins is probably asking for trouble, if it can even be pulled off. i seriously doubt 100% of the democrats in the chamber believe they were sent their with a gun control mandate

      of course all it takes is the right palm greasing to sway any holdouts

    • Some of the R losses were by slim margins – 18 votes in one case, IIRC. Additionally, don’t forget VAGOP R’s aren’t necessarily pro-freedom and will easily side with leftists.

    • Gov, you are right, and the bill will come due in 2021. However, we saw what happened in 2008 in Congress. Democrats are very good at whipping members into line. (Would you want to be the one Democrat who stopped gun control?) They will not pass up this opportunity to eat the whole cake, stomach ache be damned.

  6. Governor “Coonman” and the re-elected white Tranny delegate Danica Roem both have something in common. They’d both support racist gun control.

    • Perhaps we should start using the phrase “racist gun control”. They claim to be against racism, but they trash any black who’s pro 2A. Candice Owens never gets fair treatment from the MSM.

      • A black conservative knows unfair treatment goes with the conservative lifestyle and the positions you take. It toughens you up. I know from personal experience. (smile)

  7. Surely a few of those Dem Reps and Senators are from the rural, red parts of VA and will vote pro-gun. If not, then you have your work cut out for you.

  8. I suspect that it won’t be long before they find out just how much of a “problem” we can be to their agenda.
    Not a single person I know has any intentions of complying with whatever pointless legislation Coonman comes up with and since obtaining new gear may be made more difficult through sale bans, we’re stocking up now. And there’s no intention at leaving at just that, we’ll be taking the fight to them. While beating back Bloomberg’s billions at the ballot proved problematic, we aren’t going down quietly. We’ll contest in the courts, we’ll use the soon to come failures of the legislation as proof to show future voters, etc.
    They want a fight, they’ll get it.

    • I already stocked up and have talked with some allies about conspicuous noncompliance strategies myself. Also think its time to actually go to VCDL gatherings.

    • Reminds me of a similar saying I read:

      “There are an estimated 100+ million gun owners with an estimated 400+ million guns and 100+ billion rounds. Believe me, if gun owners were a problem, the Left wouldn’t have to waste any of their time trying to prove it.”

  9. One of the MDA/Everytown nutjob twitter accounts posted that they will be coming for everyone’s guns. Of course they won’t be doing the work, they will have someone else do their dirty work for them. Cowards. I hope I get transferred out of VA soon.

  10. Maybe its almost time for a few good people to just say NO.
    If I don’t feel that a new law is Constitutional. Legally for the moment put before me or not.
    Im morally due to ignore it. I cant. I wont obey it.
    So far Ive not been put in that situation. But I do know what Id do if I were.
    I sure hope the folks in Virginia aren’t forced to choose.
    People of the gun there better be prepared to put up a stand.

  11. I’ve always liked the commonwealth of Virginia. Just think about it for a minute or three. A state where common folk are wealthy. Bet the residents are sure glad about that. The bottom line on all of this is going to be when we start marching in the capitals, singing “We shall not be infringed upon.” And getting a few law passed removing exemptions for leo’s and other privileged folks. By damn if it good enough for me to have to comply with it damned sure good enough for everyone, no exception, else to comply with.

  12. Yes, stealing easily accessible guns is a major way for criminals to obtain them.

    Of course if you really want to deal with that issue you could throw people in prison for 20 years for burglary.

    But hey, they would punish the criminal. Can’t have that?

  13. hA Ha hah , artickle say Law Abiding Gunm Owners. Hah hah dumb iz you shitz THERES NO SUCH THING AS A LAW ABIDING GUN OWNER, gunms are evil, u own a gunm, u must be evil, evil breaks the law. Go Ask Alice. because its just thst crazy

  14. Thanks VA voters and Gun owners & FUDDS…. ur all in a commie State now enjoy!!!!!!!!

    Just wait for Jan when u will be worse than Commiefornia..the price of laying on ur ass……

    “The condition upon which God hath given liberty to man is eternal vigilance.”

    U had 30 years to fight the blue federal wave crap hole of libtard NVA….its been going blue for decades for all to see even the blind!

      • No here no tunnels , you dig 6 feet down in most of our state you hit water. That’s why we do not get many basement dwellers. They need scuba and their computer keyboards tend to short out.
        So ours are out in the open for the most part.


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