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From American Tactical:

American Tactical, US manufacturer and worldwide importer of firearms, ammunition and tactical equipment, is proud to introduce the Bull-Dog Shotgun.

The Bull-Dog is American Tactical’s latest import from Turkey. This shotgun offers a contemporary look and modular design while bringing function and reliability to shooters of all kinds. The Bull-Dog is a semi-automatic 12-gauge shotgun with a 3-inch chamber. It has an 18.5-inch barrel and overall length of 26 inches.

The Picatinny rail system allows the shooter to use an extra magazine as a foregrip. It has removable adjustable open sights and an adjustable cheek rest. The Bull-Dog also features a patent-pending AR-15 style charging handle.

The Bull-Dog Shotgun (ATIG12BDB) has an MSRP of $499.95. It includes one 5-round magazine with Picatinny cut-out. Three choke tubes are also included. Additional 5-round and 10-round magazines are available to purchase separately.

For more information on products from American Tactical, visit For press inquiries, contact Monica Arnold at [email protected].

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About American Tactical:
American Tactical is both an American manufacturer and a worldwide importer of firearms, ammunition and tactical equipment to the United States of America. While offering customers a broad range of shooting sports and defense products, they search the globe to bring the best quality and prices to buyers. In addition, they manufacture many products in the United States to offer American-made options in their vast product lineup.

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  1. I like it…! I’m a big tactical shotgun guy, already have 4 tactical styles already, look’s like it might be 5 soon…,

  2. I tried shooting a bullpup shottie once, and wasn’t too fond of it due to the poor ergonomics, but this one looks interesting. The only way I’d ever use this over a tried-and-true security pump model would be if the ergos were good, the cycling was reliable, and with the 10-rd mag.

    • I’m not sure if you tried a hi-cap mag during your previous shoot, but they’re absurdly huge. Fun for mag-dumps at the range, but basically a foot-long 2×4 at a right angle to your (otherwise compact and maneuverable) shotgun. I’m more comfortable with the KSG.

    • One I bought several years ago is a UTAH , Bull pup (I think it was the first bull pup style) got a camo paint job , like a K S G , got two tubes for rounds (pump gun) nice thing about this one is the selector has 3 positions, right side pulls out of the right tube, left out the left tube, so you can run different rounds, the nice thing is leave it in the middle & it alternates , one out the left , the next out the right. I personally like that feature. Only problem is when fully loaded its heavy. Nice for a firefight but to pack it around it’s noticeable.

  3. I like it…sorry it’s from the caliphate. Oh as an aside I was changing the ammo on my AR and discovered I killed my red dot by leaving it on. Anyone know who has the cheapest CR2032 batteries(not ebay or Amazon)???

    • Local grocery or hardware store? I suspect if you factor in S&H that’s going to be cheaper all-in than almost any mail order, with the possible exception of Amazon Prime.

    • I buy my 2032s from digi-key, a pack of 50 Panasonic batteries is less than $12.

      Shipping adds another $9-10, but that’s still less than 40 cents each.

      • Thanks Mystickal! Do you know what “single use” CR2032 batteries mean? Haven’t got a clear answer…

    • FWW,

      Caliphate…exactly. No go on this one.

      That being said, tonight, we are ordering take-out from the Turkish restaurant just west of here. Best stuffed grape leaves in the valley. Made in the USA!


      • Soooo….. the local restaurant is her ein the USA, not part of the Caliphate thn.

        EAT HARDY!

        TIP WELL & OFTEN 🙂

      • The wife and I will be ordering from our favorite local Okinawa-style, family-owned Japanese sushi restaurant. Think “Mr. Miyagi’s home village” instead of “neon Tokyo” theme. Best sushi I’ve ever had, and it’s local!

        On a funny note, I was in the MidWest (flyover country) a few years ago visiting relatives, and they wanted to impress their Angelino guest by taking me to their own sushi joint. Um…the greeter and servers were white hipsters (think Starbucks baristas), the cooks were Latino, and their version of tempura was more like Gorton’s fish sticks. Absolutely the worst and most laughable attempt at sushi I’ve ever seen, but I suppose people who live 1500 miles from either coast and don’t know any better,…well…don’t know any better. 🙂


        • Haz,

          I think I was in that place. Thought about calling the Japanese embassy to advise them Japan is under attack.

        • You know what I call sushi?


          I’ll put sushi on a hook and catch a fish to COOK 😉

          Joking aside, that’s the great thing about a free-ish country. You guys can do your thing and I can do something else. Anything else. 😉

        • “You know what I call sushi? Bait”

          You haven’t had good sushi. That’s not surprising, since good sushi isn’t the majority of the sushi out there.

          I used to think the way you do, until I lost a bet. My end of the bet was that I would eat sushi if I lost. the guy I was betting against paid for the whole thing. I was convinced it would suck.

          I was wrong. Good sushi doesn’t smell like raw fish at the fish market, because good sushi is actually *fresh*.

          The tuna roll was my favorite. A very light, subtle taste. It was damn *good*…

  4. Mm. I’ve been thinking the next gun will be a shotgun … but I had my eye on a Mossberg 590A1 Retrograde. If I can ever find one in stock, that is.

    • Built (well, assembled really) my 590A1 from parts bought off Final cost was maybe $200, about five years ago. It’s the 590A1 with the bayonet lug.

      Due to the current apocalypse driving the buying panic, finding deals is going to be tough for some time. For guns in popular demand it may take ordering one, waiting for it to come in and paying more than the usual markdown from suggested list.

      • Speaking of deals long gone, you could get a full parts kit to finish a Polymer80 Glock (17,19,26, didn’t matter) complete with two mags and a Glock case for about $500 on Ebay from a variety of sellers. I bought a few for myself, and helped a few friends to complete their own as well.

        I still have one more unfinished frame (I got them all serialized back in 2018, so they’re grandfathered under our CA law and therefore legal), so was looking for another kit. Only one of those original sellers still exists on Ebay, and the kits are now $700. At this point, it’s actually cheaper to buy direct from any other major retailer such as Glock Store.

      • While I’m comfortable assembling ARs, I’m not there with shotguns yet … this would be our second shotgun, and first pump-action. (I generally like to have one around for comparison purposes when something doesn’t seem to together right.) So I’m more or less resigned to waiting for things to settle down a little.

        These days, given what the shutdown is doing to some New Mexico gun stores, I’m willing to pay a little more, so long as it’s going local(ish).

    • Not really, just new furniture on a box mag conversion of a hunting shotgun design, most of the time. Few are purpose built pup’s. Which of course means their triggers are typically worse than a dedicated, from the ground up built as bullpup only entries. Not hugely so, but noticeably if you’re familiar with pup’s at all. Trigger slap is one difference you’ll note right away.

  5. Turkey is under the thumb of an Islamic dictator pretending to be the elected leader of a western democracy.

    Why anyone would knowingly give that country their hard earned USA dollars is a mystery to me.

    • Anymore with shotguns, the first thing I look for is COO. Finding “Turkey” save me a lot of reading time. China too.

      Too bad. I like a lot of what I see.

  6. I have read that the recoil is harsh. Bullpup shotguns.

    I don’t have any firsthand experience with them.

    • Not so much, though dependent on the actual gun itself. Pulling the butt spacer stack out of a VRBP-100 (Derya Arms N-100) actually lessens the felt recoil. Brings the bore axis more inline with the shoulder, and it’s got a fat ass for a recoil pad, both makes for easy to manage straight push recoil.

      I know, goes against the grain of what a few have said about it. Stateside peoples have developed a penchant for low recoil rounds, whilst the international shooting community only uses full power. Consequently, that one doesn’t like to cycle < 1350 fps, and prefers above 1400 fps @ 1 1/8 oz. Which gets everyone over here all whiny about felt recoil. Well, that and the stock spacer angle, easily fixed.

      I'm going have the barrel cut to reduce it's OAL further. With a permanently affixed brake to make up the difference, & avoid the SBS quandary. 2 axis Compensating Brake really, more for the muzzle climb than brake action, to speed up followups. Followed up with some ideas I've been kicking around for years on how to nice up any 'pup's fatal flaw. The trigger.

  7. Yawn! Just because it’s black and plastic doesn’t make it good. Besides, shotguns are for birds. Yeah, I read the previous article. Never said you could kill someone with one. Just my last choice.

    • Kinda thinkin’ the same. There are too many other guns on my wishlist before I get a shotgun: lever action, revolver, AR-10, another 5.56 bulpup, another AR15, another glock, a bolt action in 22LR. So many guns so little money.

  8. Why is every shotgun suddenly made in Turkey?

    I prefer American but I would buy a foreign one from a not so hostile country like Italy, Japan, or S Korea.

    • Eh, most of the Turks I’ve met were good people. Although I realize that’s anecdotal. Ergoğan, that asshat’s another matter entirely. They’ve always loved shotguns, it’s just U.S./Canadian importers suddenly took notice over the last few years for whatever reason.

  9. I just bought a Remington 870 Wingmaster. This shotgun was built in 1980 and is getting new wood and barrel. I’ll add this to the 70s model Rem 1100 I already own… you can keep your plastic Islamic shotgun…

  10. “It includes one 5-round magazine with Picatinny cut-out.”
    Can anyone explain to me what is Picatinny cut-out on a magazine?

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