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Last week, Project Veritas released a series of undercover videos showing Kyle Jurek, a paid staffer for the Bernie Sanders campaign in Iowa, calling for the creation of gulags and violence against Trump supporters – and by extension gun owners – and some Democrats.

Now this week, another paid Bernie staffer has called for more the same revolutionary violence against political opponents and death to the rich.

Martin Weissgerber, a field organizer for the Sanders campaign in South Carolina, wants to see “reeducation camps” of those who don’t support the Vermont socialist. And he has a special plan for the wealthy, too.

Guillotine the rich,” he told an undercover Project Veritas reporter. He sounds like a certifiable fan boy of Joseph Stalin and Pol Pot.

Here are highlights of Weissgerber’s enlightened world view.

Furthermore, he wants to use what he believes is “the most badass, effective gun in the world” to carry out his hoped-for political violence: the AK-47.

After all, what would a young radical carry besides an AK? Mr. Wiessgerber is such an AK fan that he wants to get one tattooed on his body.

His words from the video: “Leave it to the Soviets to make the most badass f******, most effective gun in the world. The AK-47. The destroyer of imperialism and colonization. That’s why I want to get it tattooed on me.”

image via Wiki.

“I’ll straight up get armed. I want to learn how to shoot and go train. I’m ready for the f****** revolution, bro,” he said on tape.

And then he’s going to use his rifle to subjugate the rest of us who already have guns and know how to use them, but disagree with his brand of politics. Yeah, that should be fun.

Here’s a longer version:

One can’t help but think this is just a bunch of dorm room-style philosophical bloviation by a keyboard warrior out for a beer with some fellow travelers. But you never know. Clearly James Hodgkinson, another Bernie bro radical, was more than just revolutionary talk when he drove to Washington and tried to assassinate the Republican charity baseball team.

I have little doubt Mr. Weissgerber could find himself an AK-pattern rifle in most of America. The gun, after all, was built for illiterate peasants to use, so even Weissgerber should be able to make it go bang, despite all the time apparently spent in college studying the failed Soviet Union instead of, well, dating. Or maybe he studied the Soviets in an effort to score with like-minded girls enamored with the gulag lifestyle.

Either way, about the first time our young hot-shot tried to use that rifle to affect his brand of revolutionary political violence, I can’t help but think some old guy with a carry gun would put him down faster than a rabid dog. Or a Texas Church killer.

Let’s hope we never find out.

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    • The 2A would be shredded in a whole… I duno, five seconds if it were constitutionalists or republicans

        • Why? Alinski’s Rules for Radicals says to make the other side live up to their own rules. This crazy person has frightened you, and he frightens me. So who do we call to get him Red Flagged, preferably in the dead of night. If God smiles on us, maybe even a “furtive movement”!! One can hope.

        • I know you said you were joking but for people wondering Iowa and South Carolina have no Red Flag laws. Every state already has laws about making threats though.

    • Dang! Some of the rants of these Bernie dudes sound like they’d be right at home with some of the TTAG posters as to what “we” should do to “them”. Just sayin’…

  1. If he does decide to go nuts, let’s hope he picks the home of a well trained, former SF guy, or the like. With any luck, it’s just posturing for psychotic lefties, but these are the people the general public should be concerned with.

    Sic Semper Tyranis, Bernie Bro.

    • His rhetoric and hypcorisy will literally stop at the tattoo shop, and he will look like every other faggot trying to impress someone with tattoos, calling it “art”.

      • Most people who get tattoos are not trying to impress you. They don’t give a flying fuck what you think about their ink.

        Interestingly, they also never shittalk people who don’t have any tattoos nor do they wonder why people don’t get them.

        • Apparently you do or you would not be commenting. I always call it the clown look especially on women.

        • Phil; to each his own. Ink on women is usually an enhancement and something I personally find attractive.

          Judge not…

        • The logical extension of your own argument is that you care so much about other people’s tattoos that you have to reply to a reply that doesn’t address you and you are so conceited that you can’t help but adding your own derogatory thoughts about people.

        • You guys crack me up, clowns and more clowns then you wonder why the left does not take you serious. Nothing says lowlife and poor life decisions better than tattoos.

        • Ragnar says: “Ink on women is usually an enhancement”

          What kind of skanks are you dating that a gangrene looking tat is an “enhancement”?

          Tramp stamps, sleeves, knives pointing down to their snatches, are all a form of self-mutilation.

        • Red; Perhaps it is a form of self-mutilation. It can also be seen as a form of art on a living canvas.

          Maybe I am just too libertarian and don’t believe I should dictate what other people do if it has no direct impact on me or others.

          Go ahead and support the ban on sodas, plastic straws, tattoos and guns. I will continue to support individual rights.

        • No tattoos on my body. But I have to chim in and say you sodomites judging people for what they do with their bodies is super gay like your churches.

        • This kind of thing makes me laugh specifically because it’s another form of fuddery.

          Most people with tattoos are people you don’t know have them. In fact, you probably know people who have tattoos you don’t know about. More than 1/3rd of Americans have a tattoo.

          To say it’s a sign of bad life decisions is much more a reflection of your ignorance and bigotry than it is a reflection of anything about people who have tattoos.

        • Please Phil, come tell me about how you think my service ink for myself and dead friends implies that I’m lower-class and apparently should be ashamed of myself and decisions. But you wont. Not to me, or anyone else. You’re hardest behind a keyboard or while silently judging in traffic on your way to your cubicle.

        • I have tattoos. Stupid decisions and I know exactly why they exist. It’s not for me to look at. I don’t write notes on my hand. It WAS statements. Now it just gets covered up because it IS a waste of money.

        • DrunkEODguy

          I was also EOD. I have the same kind of tats. 4 of them, just names.

          “What a stupid fucken decision that was” – PTSD

        • FunnyGuy

          Not religious. Just know stupid when I see it. The vernacular I chose offend you? And did you just call me a “Sodomite” ….lol. Faggot. Now bend over and take this dick in your cute little sissy pouch.

        • I’m on the cutting edge of the trend. Finally. Acres of untouched pale white skin. No tats and very few scars.

        • Having so many tattoos you need to get them removed to have another tattoo is the new tattoo. And of course, it’s actually pop (pop – like N sync and Justin Bieber) to get face tats now.

  2. Weird. I studied the USSR too. Wrote papers, was chosen to present them at conferences, was offered a couple fellowships for doing that shit… how one can study the USSR and not be impressed by the wasted talent, resources and short-sighted oppression is beyond me.

    But, he won’t last long. If he’s remotely keen on the environment he should hate the USSR. If he’s not keen on the environment then it’s only a matter of time until those he calls friends nail him to a cross for it.

    • ELF is at least consistent with that. Would be hilarious if he ran into some of the newer eco fascist groups the wrong way.

    • “… how one can study the USSR and not be impressed by the wasted talent, resources and short-sighted oppression is beyond me.”

      Because students are not being taught the truth about Communism, the USSR, Mao, etc. The so called “educators” in fact are teaching anti-truths.

    • Strikes me that they named “Red Flag” laws aptly enough. The “reds” controlled people, and it is all about control of the people. I like the more appropriate red colors on the shields of the Spartans, Molon Labe.

      Kinda wonder where they are gonna get the numbers to round us all up. Only been one successful revolution and that was when we little people kicked British ass. They of course were better than us “colonists” we “rabble” beat them. All others are like Russia, Cuba, even Frenchies. Didn’t end well for the people’s liberty.

  3. Classic socialist. Blood thirsty and uncivilized. mao, stalin, pol pot, hitler, bernie. Another 100 million dead, coming right up.

        • Don’t you have a bread line to stand in? Seriously though it amazes me how the true believers get that wrapped up in that political cult and then miss the irony of the religion being the opiate of the masses nonsense they preach.

        • lol at this guy^^^

          Learn that in a socal college did you?
          Glad you stand for nothing. And if that is the case, then why the fuck are you here even bothering to comment? Get real dude. If you don’t stand for something you will fall for anything. I stand for very little and can ignore a lot of shit, but when it comes to my right to self defense, I won’t budge and I am passionate about it. Wanna criticize it? Good. I know what side you stand on then.

          fuck you.

  4. Bring it on White er Weissgerber! Never shot a rifle huh? Hope you don’t get a Gersh KUNTsman reaction you weenie😃😎😏

    • “….like a bazooka…”
      “….But mostly, I was just terrified…..”
      “….The explosions — loud like a bomb — gave me a temporary form of PTSD…..”

      Having a tough day at work? Just down a little? Reread Kuntsman’s article and you’ll be smiling before you’re done. It cracks me up every time.

  5. “The AK-47. The destroyer of imperialism and colonization.”

    Ha ha! The Soviets just rolled in the tanks, seized the country, and installed puppet dictators. They were called “satellite nations.” No imperialism or colonialism there. These Gen Y’ers or Millennials are educated by our academic elites, and they come up with this?

    • I suspect he’s talking about socialist movements around the world that were backed by the Soviets but were well away from the USSR itself.

      Loads of Socialist parties in Africa and elsewhere were backed and armed by the USSR. Various groups in conflicts like the Mozambican War of Independence and Rhodesian Bush War were armed with AKs by the Soviets. That list is pretty long actually.

      Mozambique, Burkina Faso and East Timor even have an AK on their flags while Zimbabwe has it on their coat of arms.

    • Exactly. Don’t know what the big deal is. Nothing to see here, just another domestic enemy.
      Stay strapped or get clapped!

  6. Some one sell him an out of spec
    head spaced century arms ak with a lose trunion and 2×’s the powder charged
    7.62 ×39ammo.

  7. And HE works for a gun-grabber… Perfect candidate for the Red Flag except you gotta have a gun to have it taken away.. By the way, the other guy “Jur_k-off” (e dropped intentionally) was Just busted in Iowa over the weekend for DUI, suspended license, possession and a bunch of lesser bullshit.. Hope he enjoys HIS time in the Gulag…. Better get a grip on your BOYS there Bernie!!
    Note to Mr. Weissgerber: Be very careful what YOU wish for, too young to die, too stupid to live…. NEXT!!

  8. “despite all the time apparently spent in college studying the failed Soviet Union”: He obviously did not get to the FAILED part…..

    • Probably spent too much time with the watermelon (ie: Red and Green) chicks. There are jokes going way back how these girls are more willing to share themselves.

        • It’s a reference to their political stances. The reds are the Socialists or Bolshies. The greens are the environmentalists.

          Watermelons are green on the outside and red on the inside. Pushing socialism (despite the VERY poor environmental record) as environmentalism.

  9. I’ll take him on at 800 yards with my Grand. Jackass doesn’t know who he’d be contending.

  10. What a pile of horseshit! Anyone who buys this is too stupid to be allowed out-of-doors unsupervised. 😀

    And yes, I have been shooting since I was 6, and at one point in my life I went through 1,000 rds per week for a few years. Then I got into flying, got married, and bought a house – so that was the end of that. My wife would never tolerate the sound of my case tumbler running 24×7. 😀

  11. Yawn. What the douche doesn’t seem to get, most of are way ahead of him. Good luck playing catch up.

  12. it doesnt matter who wins or loses in november
    things are going to get worse
    -a lot worse-
    before they get any better
    plan accordingly

  13. If there’s evidence ,put the cuffs on them, threatening the lives of innocent people, is a very serious crime.

  14. Scarily, there are people who agree with him and they intend to vote for Sanders. I actually saw a Sanders 2020 bumper sticker on a car in town today and I live in Republican Farmville USA.

  15. Ah yes, I am surely scared of this pajama-wearing hipster that wants to get a tattoo of a gun without knowing how to shoot one. Very frightening.

    I can’t help but notice that there are many lefty wingnuts that talk about the French Revolution with reverence as if they stopped reading the history book after the King and Queen were executed and so missed out on how things went after that.

    • I really wish the Mexican revolution was more widely taught. The constant infighting and fragmenting of the revolutionaries inevitably seeking their own chunk of power seems more applicable to a worst case USA scenario.

  16. Socialism or communism is a real threat. Prophet John Paul Jackson prophesied that they will have a Robin hood mentality. Rob from the rich etc. Flash mobs wil rob rich neighborhoods he said. Best learn how to prepare. Sandbags not a bad idea! AOC and Sanders are messed up. But people who like to blame others for their own cry baby problems are growing up and causing trouble. Don’t laugh this off.

    • I’m not laughing. Well, I’m laughing at this particular tool. But if the leftists gain power, there’s a very real chance we could see what you describe.

  17. this punk p.o.s. needs to be made famous for his desire for genocide and Nazi leanings.. this lunatic better be careful for what he wishes for.. he’s a coward, hypocrite loser who probably lives in his mommys basement and gets handjobs from his uncle.

  18. What a stupid little pantywaist. He wants to “learn how to shoot”!? And yet he’s magically “ready for the f****** revolution, bro,” and he’s eminently qualified to declare the AK “the most badass, effective gun in the world”. Hilarious! Spewed like a true clueless millennial. He might as well tattoo a target on his ass ’cause he’ll be one of the first casualties when bullets start flying.

  19. Let me guess, this doesn’t rise to the level of terrorists threats?

    But some Candian jackass “hoping” a race war breaks out in VA, while bugged by Feds in another state is cause for a VA governor’s declaring a state of emergency?

  20. Under Socialism billionaires should not exist because they are antithetical to the benefit of the people.

    Under Capitalism billionaires should not exist because they are an inefficient allocation of capital.

  21. So, if we let this weenie or his crush anywhere near the levers of power, they’ll kill us all to make a point?

    Does he know know you’re supposed to argue *for* getting yourself into power?

    • Appealing to the “true believers” to get them more wee-wee’d up; ignoring the everybody else they mobilize n radicalize in the opposite diretion.

      Good for us, these useful idiots can’t count.

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