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So the Laugo Alien, being imported and sold by Lancer Systems, is the best handgun I have ever shot. Unfortunately the first 500 Signature Edition guns are $5,000, so I’m pretty much crushed.

The Laugo Alien is the flattest, smoothest, fastest shooting 9mm out there. Machining, fit, finish, and ergonomics are top notch, and the trigger is great.

Weird, right? The fixed barrel is down under the slide there, hidden inside the dust cover back to just above the trigger guard.

There she is; the fixed barrel and the HK P7-esque gas delayed blowback system with the recoil spring off to the side. High-pressure combustion gas is ported into the cylinder above the barrel, and that pressure prevents the piston from moving rearwards into the cylinder, which therefore prevents the slide from moving rearwards.

When the bullet exits the muzzle and the gas pressure drops, the piston and slide can now cycle, with some pneumatic damping built in as the piston shoves the gas in the cylinder back out through a small port.

Holding everything together is a top rail that affixes at front and rear. Take-down and assembly is fast and tool-less. One very cool aspect of this design is that the iron sights or red dot do not reciprocate with the slide. On a flat shooting gun like this, that makes the sights that much easier to track.

Never losing sight of your sight picture makes for a dang fast-shooting pistol.

Did I mention the machining, fit, finish, and ergonomics are absolutely fantastic on this gun?

It’s beautifully made and it looks and feels like everything you’d hope for.

And the Lancer Laugo Alien shoots like it, too. Or better.

A short, crisp, awesome trigger completes the package. There is no other 9mm that shoots as flat, soft, and fast as this gun outside of something like a custom-tuned open class race gun with a compensator.

TTAG will be borrowing an Alien for full review as soon as one becomes available. I’m going to have a hard time sending it back. Unfortunately, at $5,000 its price tag is more outside of my budget than inside.

Even though the Signature Edition comes with two top rails (iron sights and optics-ready), a red dot sight, three magazines, a holster, and more, that’s still a lot of cash. The funny thing is, if I had it, I’d spend it on the Alien in a heartbeat.

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      Listen to uncle George’s advice, you snot-nosed punk :

      • “Why can’t you be, like your big brother Bob,

        He got a haircut, and a real job…

    • This is on my buy list but its got to come down from $5,000. For $5,000 more, I could get an AX50, or just 2.5K more, a Serbu 50. I love pistols with a low bore axis but costs costs costs. Gota let all the money bags out there pay for R&D

      I responded to this but TTAG seems to be glitchy about accepting comments, can tell when it registers because it doesn’t just blink off. The last comment was the fourth one that didn’t register and they aren’t going to moderation. The whole internet from Ebay to China has been glitchy over the last few weeks.

  1. Hammer fired too, with the hammer dropping from the top of the slide. How is it that this gun finally got on the radar of TTAG when all other blogs seem to have discussed it quite some time ago. Glad you got a chance to shoot it. This is certainly on my radar and am a bit willing to add a 9mm pistol to my collection if this eventually comes within my budget.

    • We posted a press release or whatever when it was first announced, but that’s very different from holding, seeing, and shooting it. I thought it looked cool when it was announced, but it was just sort of an interesting idea. Having shot it now…oh yeah. Super excited about it.

      • I don’t remember that but could have easily missed it. Around that time other blogs and sites had hands on testing with it, I do recall thinking it was odd that TTAG wasn’t part of that experience. Anyway, glad you had a chance to experience it this go ’round.

  2. I have been waiting a very long time for this gun.

    I wanted the Caracal, the STRIKE One, etc. They didn’t really work out.

    Major downside is manipulating the slide, it’s going to be problematic. You could put the red dot further forward with the rail piece they have, but what does that mean for holsters?

    • Why wouldn’t you rack it with the RMR?

      I danged sure would. Thought that was a feature/ benefit of an RMR.

    • “Major downside is manipulating the slide, it’s going to be problematic.”

      No more “problematic” than a CZ Shadow 2’s slide racking procedure. So no real problem other than the $5K buy-in (actually on sale for $2.5K on Lancer’s website)

        • “That is just the 50% down payment.”

          Say that after I posted. Still no issue racking a CZ S2 so the LA alien should be no different of a manual of arms.

        • It’s quite different. The “top strap” doesn’t cycle. The optic is fixed. It’s like the sides of the slide cycle but the top is fixed.

  3. $5,000 is way more than I could dream about spending on a 9 mm pistol. Thought this would be expensive, but not that expensive.

    • Same here.

      I suppose I could afford it, if I had a real job, like my (non-existent) big brother Bob…

    • The online store has it dropped down to $2500 but I can’t tell if it is $2500 after the 50% deposit or $2500 total with deposit, anyone? If it is down to $2500 you get the gun, RDS, two slides, 3 mags, holster, case…etc. If it is $2500 I am sorely tempted to throw my credit card at Lancer and say charge it! Did send them an email to clarify.

  4. Phuck that! Who buys these guns?
    I mean we all have ed those hit the lotto guns but this is like a wea hole another level of mentally dissbled.

    • That cost is nothing to a first-tier competition shooter who’s already paying that much for a high-end modified Glock/CZ/Tanfoglio/whatever race-gun. It appears to be race-ready at that level so it’s not that far out of line.

  5. Maybe later when they offer it in 10mm or 50 AE. 9’s are just not that hard to shoot, even in subcompact. but a gas gun that makes a 10 feel like a 9… that I would pay big bucks for.

    • I believe this is geared more towards competition shooters than anything. If it takes off I could see other rounds (.40, 10mm, 38 super, .45?) maybe being added. They gotta start somewhere.

  6. It looks like it shoots like a dream. Anyone want to buy one and destructive test it to see what it can take? Some of its bits seem like they might be a little fragile.

  7. Barrel fixed to the frame. That tends toward more accuracy. I wonder why 9mm? Other than the fact that it’s the world pistol round. But for flat out accurate shooting there’s better rounds.

    5 grand. A bit high for a pistol but I just tossed 1700 on a shotgun and was looking at a 1200 buck rifle today. And the rifle would be nothing but a range toy.

    Spend your money in how it makes you happy. 5 grand for a 9mm pistol would not make me happy. I groaned and moaned for a couple of days after spending 500 on a glock brand glock.

    • I saw another very nice Benelli SuperSport Performance Shop for $2400 at Cabelas. I was tempted, but I “don’t need it”. I need property to shoot/hunt on way more.

      • Oddly enough one benefit to living in CA is a lot of public lands that are open to hunting. And since there are fewer and fewer licensed hunters here it normally only gets crowded on dove opener.

        I’m retired. I go on a Tuesday and it’s not uncommon to have the place to myself.

        Hunting season is about done here, at least for the good stuff. I’ll probably take it to the sporting clays range for a couple of trips to get a feel for it.

  8. Yeah $5000 seems like a lot until I realize how much I’ve blown on women,kids who never call and cars that are rusted out heaps…πŸ˜•πŸ˜πŸ˜Ž

  9. Years ago I bought a S&W .22 LR pistol that had its barrel on the bottom, It would shootzen good, I traded it for Smith Corona A3O3. Heck of a deal right, uh not really the guy I traded it to went and shot his girlfriend’s other boyfriend with it.

  10. Cool pistol.

    But if I had $5000 to drop in a wad……it would probably be for a Beretta Parrallelo.

    But that’s just me.

    • Well normally my videos are like 10+ minutes long so the intro fits better. Kind of excessive when the entire video is 90 seconds and the intro is a third of it haha.

    • Certainly didn’t for me. Maybe it exactly counteracts the empty brass ejecting out the right side πŸ˜‰

  11. From their website:

    “To commemorate this momentous arrival, Lancer joined forces with Laugo Arms Czechoslovakia to bring you the Laugo Alien Signature Edition.”

    Hmm? Living in the past, are we?

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