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SB Tactical‘s FS1913 pistol stabilizing brace is one of the lightest and sleekest braces on the market, pairing beautifully with all sorts of rear Picatinny rail-equipped, large format pistols. It’s quick and easy to fold out of the way, adding less than an inch to the gun’s non-braced overall length, ready at any time to be deployed into its extended, locked position in less than a second.

While the fiber-reinforced polymer strut on the original FS1913 is perfectly stiff and strong enough for just about any use — we’ve shot a bunch of 375 Raptor with polymer FS1913s without issue — there are applications on which a stronger, aluminum strut makes more sense.

Additionally, the market just wants it! Whether for peace of mind knowing that the aluminum will, ultimately, hold up to more abuse or for the ability to Cerakote the strut to match the firearm, the FS1913A (A for aluminum) was always going to happen.

We don’t have an official weight stat yet, but we checked out and played with the new FS1913As at SHOT Show this year and they look and feel great. They feel only slightly heavier than the polymer FS1913, which is one of the lightest braces on the market at just 10 ounces.

Seen above is an FS1913A on a Black Collar Arms Pork Sword Pistol chambered in 375 Raptor. It’s a thumper when shooting 270 grain, full-house loads (2,200 FPS from that 12-inch barrel). While the polymer FS1913 holds up fine, this is right on the edge of what you can shoot with it and not really notice the strut flex slightly. The new FS1913A makes perfect sense on a gun like this.

In even better news, SB Tactical didn’t increase the price for the FS1913A. It has assumed the FS1913’s old MSRP of $249.99 (retail more like $200 even), and the FS1913’s MSRP has been reduced down to $199.99.

FS1913As will be hitting stores soon.

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  1. This might be the one I add to my 300BLK pistol, I’m not made of money and the price point is about as good as it will get. 🙂

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