Police secure and investigate the scene of a shooting in San Francisco on Friday, June 9, 2023. Multiple victims were struck by bullets during a shooting in the Mission District Friday night, but authorities said there were no fatalities. (Santiago Mejia /San Francisco Chronicle via AP)
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From the CCRKBA . . .

The San Francisco County Board of Supervisors has backed down on a proposed ordinance that would make much of the city into a “gun-free zone” after the Second Amendment Foundation and California Rifle & Pistol Association promised legal action.

The proposal was championed by Supervisor Catherine Stefani, who essentially tabled the motion indefinitely, after bemoaning the 2023 Supreme Court Bruen decision, which is giving gun control proponents fits, while jarring the San Francisco Police Department to start issuing carry permits. She referenced, perhaps as a face-saving maneuver, proposed state legislation that may be adopted later this summer by lawmakers in Sacramento, as a reason to stand down on the proposed ordinance.

“This happened after CRPA and SAF sent a letter to the Board of Supervisors explaining why the planned ordinance would be unconstitutional,” said CRPA President Chuck Michel, a longtime practicing attorney and gun rights authority in California. “It is truly unfortunate that San Francisco politicians refuse to respect the Second Amendment and can’t accept the new legal reality that people have a Second Amendment right to carry a firearm in public.”

“As soon as we were advised of this proposal,” said SAF founder and Executive Vice President Alan M. Gottlieb, “we took action. This is not the first time we’ve had to stop extremist gun control in San Francisco. We successfully sued the city twice over attempted handgun bans, and won both times. We’re prepared to do it again, but our letter to the Board of Supervisors evidently has made that unnecessary.”

“Our warning to the Board of Supervisors was direct and left little room for doubt about our intentions,” noted SAF Executive Director Adam Kraut. “The letter clearly explained why the proposal was bad policy, and would result in another SAF-CRPA victory. We also reminded the Board it should wait to see whether the state legislation is adopted and how it fares under litigation. That appears to have had the desired impact.”

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  1. “that would make much of the city into a “gun-free zone””, that’s the east coast from Maryland north to the Arctic Circle.

    • It would appear that many city attorneys are not bona fide lawyers. Kallyfornikadia has preempted gun laws which means only the state can make laws regarding guns. That rule has been on the books for as long as I have been interested in guns which is many decades. Every time a city passes an ordinance dealing with guns it null and void under state law. But city attorneys keep telling their only client that such laws are perfectly okay. There is no constitutional issue involved, Don’t have to cite any supreme court cases. It is state law in Kallyfornikadia. This basturd state is not the only one. I don’t know how many other states have redemption laws, but they are numerous. The good part is that the Kallyfornikadia Supremes have ruled that when a public entity is sued and loses, it must pay the attorney fees for the suing party. The state legislature tried to void the ruling but the legislation didn’t pass. Look for it to pop up again in the legislachure in the future. Suing publik bodies is big business for attorneys in Kallyfornikadia.

      • You truly believe the ‘Law’ has any influence on what Liberal/Progressive Democrat politicians do or don’t do? In terms of legislation. If that were the case. We wouldn’t be fighting to defend and protect Our 2nd Amendment Rights in over half the nation.

  2. I understand it’s important for people to put up a fight. Especially when the state you live in is your home, where your family is. It’s where your livelihood is.

    But too many people were seduced by the “oral and anal”. They legalized urinating and defecating in public. Made sex in front of children legal. Being able to use drugs in public without fear of being arrested.

    San Francisco was the first. It became the libertarian liberal and left-wing utopia. And now they are trying to turn the entire state of California into that utopia.

    In exchange for all your civil rights. But you will be able to practice and experience all of your wildest pleasures you’ve ever dreamed of.

    • Can I have a gunm in San Fran if it identifies as a personal vibrator?
      I know I’d kinda look funny hopping around with an 03A3 shoved up my ass but somtimes you gotta do what you gotta do.
      And who knows, the midget wearing a banana yellow thong riding his mostly nude leather clad boyman might get a fad started.
      Pretty soon we may see all kinds of freaky keaky’s with gunms shoved up their asses.
      Spring powered air gunms, oh yeah baby.
      *Boing Boing*
      Hi Ho Silver away

    • Sometimes personal circumstances prevent exercising our opinion by leaving this schitzhole of a state. Should my circumstances change, that flash of white and the hearty “I’m outta here” won’t be the Lone Ranger.

  3. The San Francisco County Board of Supervisor’s time would be better spent cleaning sidewalks to avoid slip and fall lawsuits.

    • Legalize crime and all the criminals go away. Which is becoming the objective of Liberal/Progressive Democrat politicians.

  4. “It is truly unfortunate that San Francisco politicians refuse to respect the Second Amendment and can’t accept the new legal reality that people have a Second Amendment right to carry a firearm in public.”

    It’s little different than the early civil rights era when the democrat fascists refused to accept that Blacks could ride at the front of the bus, and fought it as hard as they could. We need to use that playbook to ram those rights down their fascist throats as hard as we can… 🙂

  5. It really did bother the liberals in charge of San Francisco, that the panthers would travel to the city and buy guns, from Chinese America owned gun stores.

    Which is why eventually the white liberals had to force all of the gun stores to close in the city. Thereby insuring that minorities would not have a place to buy guns in a retail store.

    So why didn’t the panthers buy guns from the stores in Oakland?
    Because no white-owned gun store would sell to them. And that’s okay, we have freedom here. The panthers just went to another business. That was willing and happy to take their money, for all legal gun sales.

  6. I guess the San Fan politicians thought better of their “plan” for more control. They knew it was a loser in a court room.

  7. CRPA President Chuck Michel, a longtime practicing attorney and gun rights authority in California. “It is truly unfortunate that San Francisco politicians refuse to respect the Second Amendment and can’t accept the new legal reality that people have a Second Amendment right to carry a firearm in public.”

    He misspoke, it is not a new legal reality, it is a long established civil liberty that has been violated and enforced by unconstitutional laws and oath violating holpophobic unaccountable bureaucrats and elected officials. All Bruen did was partially restore the 2nd Amendment, if SCOTUS itself was faithfully fulfilling its oath and obligations it would have declared every single arms control law in the US (federal, state, local) unconstitutional, without any exceptions or unconstitutional “carve-outs”, and that would include every single gun control law.

    • The Gun Control Act of 1968 is Rooted in Racism, Slavery, Discrimination, etc. The History of Gun Control Confirms it.

      To keep the stench of their beloved Gun Control rot around scumbag politicians clearly have to turn their faces to the atrocities surrounding Gun Control and look the other way…They get away with the agenda of racists and nazis because they know the Public is deaf, dumb and blind about the History of Gun Control like many Gun Talking blowbags on this forum.

      Below is a link covering the first of several videos exposing the History of Gun Control, Thank .40 Cal for the link…

  8. These people have had enough of trans ideology…

    California State Superintendent, Tony Thurmond BOOTED From School Board Meeting.

  9. Maybe all those students wouldn’t be threatening suicide if there weren’t so many groomers, including teachers telling them that threatening suicide was the best way to manipulate people into getting what they want.


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