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From the Second Amendment Foundation . . .

The Second Amendment Foundation today filed a challenge of Pennsylvania’s promulgated firearms regulation and its enforcement by the Pennsylvania State Police and Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office, which includes warrantless searches.

SAF is joined by Shot Tec, LLC and a private citizen, Grant Schmidt. They are represented by attorneys Joshua Prince and Dillon Harris, Civil Rights Defense Firm, of Bechtelsville, Pa. Defendants are Col. Christopher Paris, commissioner of the Pennsylvania State Police (PSP) and Montgomery County Sheriff Sean Kilkenny, in their official capacities. The action was filed in the Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania.

The petition challenges Col. Paris and the PSP’s “interpretation, implementation and enforcement” of the firearms regulation “which is being enforced” by Kilkenny, according to the court filing. The petition alleges that Sheriff Kilkenny “has implemented a policy…which he contends, based on the PSP’s promulgation and implementation of (the regulation) permit him, in the absence of probable cause and a warrant and in violation of…the Pennsylvania Constitution, to come into those…homes or business.”

Plaintiffs further assert this inspection enables the sheriff to impose sanctions against holders of state licenses to sell firearms “for not having ‘safe storage’” in the event of an emergency when the PSP has “failed to promulgate any regulations addressing what constitute ‘safe storage’ or sufficient safeguards…when the General Assembly only delegated to the PSP the ability to establish such standards.”

“The State Assembly has never enacted a law allowing for warrantless searches of licensees, but the state police promulgated a regulation requiring licensees to submit to such searches, which are now planned by the sheriff’s department,” said SAF Executive Director Adam Kraut. “We believe there are grave constitutional issues involved in this scheme, particularly when an administrative agency simply waives an individual’s constitutional rights by implementing a regulation without any framework from the legislature. Equally troubling is the Sheriff’s assertion that he would revoke a license from and individual asserting their right to be free from unlawful searches and seizures. We have filed this petition to ensure constitutional rights are respected.”

SAF founder and Executive Vice President Alan M. Gottlieb observed, “No statute should allow carte blanche regulations to be imposed by any law enforcement agency because of the inherent danger of overstepping legal authority and constitutional protections which must be protected in a free society. We’re seeking a remedy from the court to stop this, especially when warrantless searches are involved.”

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  1. Can anyone familiar with this ‘regulation’ comment on the practical application of it?

    Does the citizen sign away their rights before they issue the ‘permit’? ‘Agreeing’ to these searches?

    And, what happens if they knock and you tell them to fuck off without a warrant? (Like I would be inclined to do… 😉 )

    • It is being applied to “holders of state licenses to sell firearms”. These would be FFLs at their place of business, not citizens’ homes.

      Their actions still violate the law and both the Pennsylvania and US Constitution.

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    • oldsht…Nevet mind your blowbag f-bombs…Based on your opinion of POTUS DJT and his voters did you vote for joe or did you toss him an indirect vote? Please advise.

        • Bush Jr. asked the ATF to re-evaluate barrel importation rules in 2006, which led to an import ban. Obama signed numerous resolutions, executive actions & orders, including H.J. Res 40, which prevented those receiving SSDI for mental health disorders from purchasing guns; (and Trump rolled that one back).

          Intellectual honesty is in short supply.

        • You’re just upset that Donald Trump won’t make drugs legal. Because he saw his older brother destroyed by them. People like you would vote for tyranny as long as you could get high in public.
          Without fear of being arrested.

          And have the government pay for your drugs. Which is exactly what is happening in San Francisco. And other Democrat run cities.

      • “Please advise.”

        I will be happy to do so, and I will do so every day to you to to beat it it into your stupid brain.

        Because, you are STUPID. Unbelieving, mind-numbingly STUPID. And I really think half the problem is your gender.

        Trump will cost us the next election because of patently ignorant people like YOU… 🙂

        • Geoff,

          Might not be the real Deb you’re responding to. I see no mention of any raycism, Nahtzees, Jim Krow, et al in her (his?) wording. And no TL;DR, either. Like I said, probably not the real Deb.

        • Well by persecuting Trump the Dems have made him the Repub candidate so vote for him or go dem. He was already way of DeSantis who was ahead of Ramaswamy who I really like. The rest of the also rans aren’t even worth considering.

          Trumps numbers and donations are up since the indictment. Marginal people are flocking to him. DeSantis has made a couple of mistakes and Trump is also hoovering up disaffected DeSantis supporters.

          Any R candidate that doesn’t back Trump if he wins the primary will be seen as a traitor. If Trump doesn’t win the primary then the deep Trump people will claim’, possibly correctly, that the primarybwas stolen from him and for sure they will not support the nominee and will work against them.

          As for the situation in the article, applies to FFLs and is illegal and unconstitutional x2.

  2. Fascism. Plain and simple. Gun control is a pet project of fascists the world over.

    Wonder if hunter biden will do any time over his felonies?

      • Wonder how understanding they would be if it was one of us?

        Must be nice to have daddy in charge of the doj.

      • I really hope this plea deal will be fully scrutinized and used in next year’s election campaigning. It’s a perfect example of the Biden Mafia double standards, visible for all the world to see. I can envision a TV commercial’s banner now:

        “Follow a D.C. Policeman as he invites you into the halls of Congress?…two years of prison for crimes against the establishment. Commit multiple federal felonies as a member of the Biden family?…a stern warning and wag of the finger.”

    • Hunter only had one felony to deal with, relating to a false statement on his 4473.

      Of course, since you folks consider any gun control law an infringement of his constitutional rights, I’m sure you consider the felony charge and diversion agreement just more Fascism by big government.

      Regarding the tax misdemeanors, Hunter paid his outstanding obligations years ago, $2 million to the IRS.

      The IRS went after Willie Nelson for $32 million in taxes, and he never did a day in jail so I don’t think Hunter will be incarcerated either.

      • The fact that you serve fascism is a given, miner. You guys even have black suited storm troopers that do not hesitate to use violence.

        And yes, the 4473 is illegal under the constitution. Shall Not Be Infringed is so simple even you low iq types can figure it out. Guns should be bought and sold like any other commodity. In my youth they were. Auto parts stores. Hardware stores. Mail order. Nothing was off the table.

        I saw pickups in the student parking lots at schools with guns in the window racks.

        We really are past due a Nuremberg 2.0.

      • MINOR Miner49er. I suppose you think that Hunter should go free? If Hunter had paid his tax obligation “years ago”, he would not have been charged with Income Tax Evasion.
        No, I don’t think your bud, Hunter, will be serving a second in jail. Different levels of justice for the entitled

      • for your consideration:

        Hunter will plead guilty to two misdemeanor tax charges after failing to pay federal income tax in 2017 and 2018 — he owed more than $1 million in back taxes. He will also admit that he illegally possessed a firearm after lying on an ATF Form 4473 during a 2018 handgun purchase in Delaware. Hunter denied he was a narcotics user on the 4473 despite his self-documented crack cocaine addiction.

        Unlike Miracle Star Vaughn, a 27-year-old woman from North Liberty, Iowa who was sentenced last month to serve 366 days in a federal prison for lying on a 4473 about her drug use, Hunter will not see the inside of a federal prison for his false statements. He got a pass. Instead, federal prosecutors will allow him to enter a two-year diversion program. If Hunter behaves for two years, and the odds of that are iffy, the federal gun charge will be dismissed. Hunter will not be a convicted felon and will not forfeit any rights.

        – from Lee Williams substack

        Perhaps the biggest complaint the right wing has is that Prosecution and jail seems to be only applicable to one side of the political isle on basically similar crimes. That is often apparent in gun charges.

        • Wasn’t Vaughn black? White privilege may have saved hunter. That and the fact that daddy runs the doj.

        • “Prosecution and jail seems to be only applicable to one side of the political isle on basically similar crimes“

          Why should I ever expect the posters on this list to tell the full truth…

          Now for the rest of the story:

          Hunter Biden himself confessed to his crime in writing, he lied about his drug use to purchase one firearm that to this day has never been shown to be involved in any crime.

          On the other hand, let us consider the details of Ms. Vaughn’s activities:

          “According to court documents and evidence presented at sentencing, Miracle Star Vaughn, 27, purchased seven handguns from Scheels, in Coralville, over a period of 18 months. During the firearms purchases, Vaughn provided false information regarding her address and her drug use. One of the firearms Vaughn purchased was recovered in Chicago in the possession of Dimione Walker. Walker was a felon prohibited from possessing firearms, and also had a federal warrant for his arrest. One of the other guns Vaughn purchased was recovered in the possession of her significant other and co-defendant, Michael Haythorn, also a felon prohibited from possessing firearms.

          At sentencing, the District Court found that when law enforcement confronted her, Vaughn continued to provide false statements. The District Court considered the danger to the community created by Vaughn’s conduct and noted that Vaughn’s lack of criminal history allowed her to purchase these firearms.”

          Well, that sure is enlightening.

          She purchased a total of seven firearms, two of which were found in possession of felons prohibited from firearms ownership, one with an active felony warrant.

          And she continued to provide false statements, intentionally obstructing justice regarding the investigation.

          Kyle, congratulations, for today you win the crown for the most deceptive post utilizing the fallacy of false equivalence to push your fraudulent narrative of unequal justice.

          Leaving out those details revealing that the severity of her crimes was so much greater than that of Hunter Biden is the very definition of a ‘lie of omission’.

          And really, did you think that no one would look up the reference you posted? A five second google search revealed your bullshit, how sad that you are so inept.

        • MINOR Miner49er WHOOPIE WHALE DUNG! Hunter signed a confession and then got off scott free.

      • minor49iq…Show support for Gun Control by handing out nooses and swastikas. After all nooses and swastikas are Gun Control’s History Confirmed sidekicks so stfu and hop to it.

      • “Of course, since you folks consider any gun control law an infringement of his constitutional rights, I’m sure you consider the felony charge and diversion agreement just more Fascism by big government.”

        that is 100% false.

        once again lack of knowing what ‘context’ means trips you up.

        • “that is 100% false“

          Really? Here’s someone who agrees with my statement:

          June 20, 2023 At 10:36

          And yes, the 4473 is illegal under the constitution. Shall Not Be Infringed is so simple even you low iq types can figure it out.”

        • @Miner49er

          “Really? Here’s someone who agrees with my statement:”

          once again your lack of understanding what ‘context’ is trips you up. No where did the person you quoted agree with you.

          stop reading into things what is not there, learn what ‘context’ means, stop using confirmation bias, learn to read, and stop trying to defend your obvious lies.

        • “jwm
          June 20, 2023 At 10:36”

          “And yes, the 4473 is illegal under the constitution“

          “And yes, the 4473 is illegal under the constitution“

          “And yes, the 4473 is illegal under the constitution“

          And yes, in the English language as she is spoken, the statement above means concurrence with the expressed opinion.

        • miner. The 4473 is illegal. It violates our civil rights. And people go to jail for that bogus paper. Shouldn’t hunter suffer the same as th4e rest of us?

          Some pigs are more equal than others. And you’re fine with that.

        • “And people go to jail for that bogus paper. Shouldn’t hunter suffer the same as th4e rest of us?“

          Not everyone is charged, and not everyone is further prosecuted, it depends on the severity of the offense:

          “For being a user of unlawful drugs in possession of a firearm, the punishment is up to five years. The odds of being charged for lying on the form are virtually nonexistent. In the 2019 fiscal year, when Hunter Biden purchased his gun, federal prosecutors received 478 referrals for lying on Form 4473 — and filed just 298 cases. The numbers were roughly similar for fiscal 2020“

          The numbers were really bad during trumps presidency, out of 112,000 attempts, only 12 were prosecuted:

          “Trump’s Justice Department, as well as several states that do their own background checks, almost never prosecute what are called “lie and try” felonies. This is when someone legally barred from owning a gun — often a convicted felon, a violent spouse abuser or someone with a serious mental illness — lies on a federal background check to make a purchase.

          The FBI, in reviewing instant background checks for firearm purchases, detected 112,000 lie-and-try crimes in fiscal 2017 alone, and federal investigators had names and addresses on the filled-out forms. How many were prosecuted? Twelve, according to a recent Government Accountability Office report.“

          And that is the question, Hunter Biden purchased the firearm in 2018, Donald Trump’s DOJ had two years to prosecute him but failed to do so.

        • @Miner49er

          “And yes, in the English language as she is spoken, the statement above means concurrence with the expressed opinion.”

          So you made up your own version of English?


          I suggest you learn English.

        • MINOR Miner49er, I have a RED HOT NEWS FLASH for you, Lefty. Virtually NO ONE is prosecuted for lying on an ATF Form. In 2019, 473 people were prosecuted for lying on the ATF Gun purchase form 4473.
          And yet there are THOUSANDS of violations!

      • MajorLiar,

        See!?! THIS is a perfect example of how ‘you always be lyin’! YES, we think mandatory background checks are a violation of the 2A – no s**t, Sherlock. PARTICULARLY with (i) the DoJ/FBI administering said system, and (ii) the political system defining the criteria (c.f., your objection to veterans with PTSD being ALLOWED to own guns – if you think a particular veteran is unsafe with a gun, there are ESTABLISHED PROCEDURES to GO TO COURT and prove that, you lying liar who lies.

        But, if WE are subject to felony prosecution and mandatory federal prison time for something, why should you lying, senile, demented husk of a so-called “President”s son be exempt from THOSE SAME CRIMES?????

        You are too much of a lying liar of a partisan propagandist to even look in the mirror – if you could actually grow a beard, you’d probably have one, to avoid the necessity of shaving.

  3. So the Pennsylvania Stasi thinks they can “secret police” with impunity? Slap the chit out of them. While you’re at it do ILL annoy. And Commiefornia. And every other Dimscum©.

  4. He’s doing that crap in Pennsylvania, I doubt he’d try that in Texas, well he might, but only once.

    • Unlike here in Minnesota, you can dig a 3X6X6 foot hole year around, so yup, Texas has that going for it.

      • I think that most people would have more trouble with the 3rd S than the second one.
        ( Shoot, Shovel, Shut-up )

      • “…Texas has that going for it.”

        Texas also doesn’t have Tim Walz, Peggy Flanagan, Keith Ellison, Ilhan Omar, Amy Klobuchar, Tina Smith (shall I go on?), so, yeah, Texas (and Iowa) also have that going for them.

        I’ve lived half the year in MN for years but I don’t know how many more I’ll be able to put up with. Guns, taxes, counterculture everywhere, guilt-ridden wealthy city folks moving to the country…

        • Craig, there’s plenty of good things coming out of Minnesota… I-35, I-90, I-94 … and ME in another 11 months when the wife retires.
          Then for all I give a shit, the DFL trifecta can finish burning it into the ground. By the way, nice of you to not pour salt in the wounds of not only burning through a $18B
          “surplus”, they spent another 10 or so on additional new programs.

      • @ unicorn whisperer And most of Texans have a tractor with a backhoe, get good and deep so not even the coyotes find it…

        • MB, you can get by with a four foot deep hole if the first foot of backfill is quick-lime.

    • must be pretty confident of his chances for reelection…probably wouldn’t be the case in most PA counties….

    • The scrambled eggs on the hat are a bit much, but to his credit, he wears only one star. Sheriffs here in Texas wear five.

      • “but to his credit, he wears only one star. Sheriffs here in Texas wear five.”

        because, obviously, Sherrifs in Texas are 4 times better.


        • “to his credit, he wears only one star. Sheriffs here in Texas wear five“

          “because, obviously, Sherrifs in Texas are 4 times better.“

          Just so you know, four times one is only four, not five.

        • yes, but 5 -4 = 1

          1 star vs 5 stars minus one star is four stars better than 1 star.

          They don’t have 4th grade math on your planet?

        • “yes, but 5 -4 = 1“
          5 minus 4 = 1

          Well, there’s your problem.
          You’ve made it a subtraction problem, when it is a multiplication problem, “times”:

          “Sherrifs in Texas are 4 times better.“

          I disagree with that particular premise, in support of my position I offer you Uvalde…

          And here in hillbilly land we spell “Sherrif” as ‘Sheriff’.

    • He’s not wearing the Sam Brown belt.

      If you want ridiculous sized hats, look at the senior Russian officers.

  5. The real Hunter prosecution will happen over the bribery and failure to pay taxes on those bribes, but by the time they actually charge him his daddy will be so addled by dementia that he won’t have to stand trial or testify.

    • R.Chains
      Although there is clear criminal conduct with Hunter and “The Big Guy” I wonder if the 5 year statute of limitations will cause all this to be an exercise in futility?
      I would suggest that this was the play all along.

      • Statute of limitations has been gone long time. Just look at sex crimes, 20 years ago in some cases.

  6. Falling on swords for the spoiled brat self serving pos crackhead hunter biden says a whole lot about minor49iq

  7. Hunter got a walk. Everyone knows it. Even if they won’t admit it. What I find interesting is the media is now focused on this (for a little while) instead of the Ukrainian tapes. I predict the media will stay on this story just long enough for most people forget the tapes.

    • “the Ukrainian tapes“

      What Ukrainian tapes?

      No one has seen, much less heard any of these so-called Ukrainian tapes, it’s just another bullshit story from Rudy Giuliani.

      Why won’t the Republicans break them out and use them as the basis for criminal charges against Bidens?

      Because it’s all bullshit, just like the election stealing stories, just like the fraudulent elector scheme, just like the violent “tourists” seditious conspiracy.

      “GOP Senator Admits Biden Bribery Tapes Might Not Exist After All
      Chuck Grassley was at the forefront of pushing these claims to begin with.
      Tori Otten
      June 15, 2023
      3:29 p.m. ET”

      “I’m oversight of the FBI,” the Iowa Republican said, referring to his work on the Senate Whistleblower Protection Caucus.

      “I want to know [if] the FBI, are you doing your work? I want to see your work. Have you listened to these tapes? And if you haven’t, why haven’t you? In other words, do the tapes even exist?”

      Grassley isn’t even the only Republican to acknowledge the tapes might not be real. Senator Ron Johnson told Fox News Thursday that “we don’t know” if the tapes exist. House Oversight Chair James Comer, who has led the charge against Biden, said Wednesday he doesn’t know if the recordings are “legit.”

        • Let me assure you, I am completely cognizant of the fact that there are many republican criminals, not just Donald Trump.

          Here’s another Republican party official being called to account for their lies and corruption, bravo!

          “The chairwoman of the Michigan Republican Party and others have been ordered to pay a $58,000 fine following an unsuccessful lawsuit that would have had thousands of ballots in the state’s midterm elections invalidated in November.
          The Detroit Free Press reported that Wayne County Circuit Court Judge Timothy Kenny issued an order on Monday ruling that the lawsuit was “frivolous” and that those who brought the case and defended it should cover costs and attorney’s fees for the Detroit clerk’s office.”

        • MINOR Miner49er. Far more DEMONcRATS are criminals than Republicans. Start with Shifty, Hillary, and Bill.

      • Those Tapes were destroyed by the FBI-Stasi; just a Mercenary Thug Squad of the DNCCP.

        Gotta cover up for China’s Biden B***h Boys

    • Because Hunter is the Biden Syndicate’s bagman and messenger. Slows down business if he’s put away.

      And he has more paint-by-numbers artworks to sell to China, to be displayed in a Beijing dumpster.

  8. SAF and Shot Tec should be thrown into a dungeon when the sun never shines for the next 20 years. Criminals now are increasingly robbing gun stores for weapons of mass destruction and any person licensed to sell guns that does not have safe storage should have his license revoked and he should be thrown into the nearest deep dark hole of a dungeon.

    The law should be extended to cover all private owners of guns and this is where registration is an excellent idea.

    Safe Storage laws are mandatory in all industrialized nations because THEY CARE about their children’s lives and they care about preventing smash and grab robberies.

    It is only the paranoid Neanderthals’ of the far right whose sick minds prevent them from thinking clearly and logically and shame on these criminals who care not what happens to our nations children or the thousands of stolen guns that end up in the hands of drug gangs and far right maniacs who commit mass murderess.

    Serbia enacted emergency gun laws after they had two mass murders in one week.

    They suspended all new gun sales for two years

    Made it mandatory that all people who own or buy guns to undergo immediate background checks and psychological tests.

    Anyone caught with an illegal gun gets 15 years in prison.

    The people are complying and one police warehouse already now has over 70,000 guns turned in because it was a “no questions asked” option for those who wanted to get rid of both legal and illegal guns. The massacres shook the nation to its core.

    One Serbian official stated that we were able to do this because we have a true democracy and we do not have a corrupt system like America has that has corrupt gun lobbies that can bribe corrupt officials into not passing sane gun legislation. We listened to the people and they wanted this legislation passed right away. Unlike the U.S. we live in a civilized country that respects the lives of its citizens.

      • He’s fapping away at the thought of his Caravan of Death administering “people’s justice” on the bourgeoisie.

        He aims to do more in numbers than Vasily Blokhin and in percentage than the Khmer Rouge.

    • dacian, the DUNDERHEAD, For your edification, gun stores are not being hit by criminals as near as much as you claim. You are either lying or misinformed. I’ll bet lying.
      Registration is the first step in your confiscation scheme. No way will real Americans ever support such a scheme.
      “Safe Storage” is a myth. What good is a gun you are going to use for self-defense if it is locked up in a safe unloaded? Where there are children around the house, I have no problem with the parents locking up their guns, but the self defense firearm while locked up should be loaded and accessible.
      Serbia is a lawless land. They have been fighting amongst themselves since WWI. But also bear in mind, this is the US, not Serbia. Serbia does not have a Constitution with rights of the citizens built in. We have enhanced sentencing for crimes committed with a firearm but your Leftist DA’s and the Leftist Judges rarely impose the REQUIRED SENTENCE. What good is a law that is not enforced. What good is a law that only is obeyed by the law abiding citizens?
      Apparently, you think that if you pass a law, the criminals will fall into line and obey? What planet did you come from?
      At first I thought you were just another blithering idiot. Nope, you are not. You are one calculating S O B that is trying to ready the government to impose your socialist ideology upon us, unsuspecting Americans.
      Well, most of us are on to your schemes. Don;t think your getting you way will be easy as you think. Your logic is faulty and lacks basic understanding of human behavior.

    • Miner49er… you really do need to learn how to do research, stop lying, and stop using confirmation bias.

    • Again, the Republicans doing the investigation haven’t seen, much less heard the alleged tapes. All we have is reports indicating that no one knows if these tapes are authentic; from the link you post:

      “The tapes, which are yet to be authenticated, were released on Tuesday by Ukrainian lawmaker Andrii Derkach, who long has aired unsubstantiated corruption accusations against Biden and his son, who used to serve on the board of Ukrainian gas company Burisma.”

      Does the phrase “have yet to be authenticated” have meaning for you?
      How about the phrase “unsubstantiated corruption accusations“?

      And here’s the best part from the link you post:

      “The recordings don’t appear to contain anything that would incriminate Biden or his son and were seen by some observers as a political effort to help U.S. President Donald Trump’s reelection bid.”

      Does the phrase “The recordings don’t appear to contain anything that would incriminate Biden or his son“ havemeaning for you?

      I can understand why you folks are flailing so much, federal judge Cannon has set an August 14 trial date for Donald Trump‘s charges under the Espionage Act.

      Good times!👍🎉

        • “well, obviously now someone has.“

          No one in the United States has seen or heard the alleged tapes.

          You may be ready to attach ironclad credibility to claims arising out of the chaos of the Russian attack on the Ukraine, but I’ll take a more realistic view of the credibility of any reporting from the war zone.

          And this is old, stale propaganda, you really should get some fresh material if you want to entertain your audience.

          “NBC News reported on June 2, citing a senior law enforcement source, that the FBI and a U.S. attorney appointed by former President Donald Trump had reviewed the allegations against the Bidens in 2020, but had found the claims to be unsubstantiated.“

      • but you said…

        No one has seen, much less heard any of …”

        well, obviously now someone has.

        stop tying to defend your lies with even more stupid.

        • “Republican Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer is still making the media rounds as part of his “lower your expectations” tour, and he admitted just a few days ago that the so-called “Biden informant” who alleges that Biden took a multi-million dollar bribe from Burisma hasn’t actually been heard from in over THREE YEARS! So everything that the Republicans have claimed so far has been based on a single person’s accusations that were never corroborated and then the person disappeared, and that’s why Comer is off on his apology tour.”

  9. This is plainly Treason and this so-called sheriff should suffer a Traitor’s fate.after a fair trail with all due process.

  10. It would be entirely justified if a PA citizen fully exercised his Constitutional rights in response to a criminal action such as this.

    • FFL’s should expect harassment these days…similar to what happened during the clinton years…right now they’re a targeted group….unusual for state and local LE to get involved in this way…but the state is slowly turning purple….


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