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Extremely low drag (high ballistic coefficient) projectiles designed with terminal ballistics (efficacy on game animals) in mind. This is the way. In this case Federal Ammunition and Hornady are playing nice together, resulting in Federal Premium ammunition featuring Hornady ELD-X projectiles.

What this means to me is extremely precisely-loaded ammunition in top quality brass with top quality primers firing some of the best bullets available. I can’t wait to try it out.

Federal’s press release follows . . .

Federal Ammunition introduces an expansion of its line of Premium hunting loads to now feature Hornady ELD-X hunting bullets. The new offerings will be loaded in Federal’s Anoka, Minnesota factory. The full lineup will soon be available in ten centerfire cartridge options from 243 Win. to 300 Win. Magnum. Currently, ELD-X 7MM PRC 175-grain is available online: ELD-X 7MM PRC (

“Continuing the tradition of Federal Premium—which means loading the most popular bullets—we now are loading ELD-X bullets,” said Federal’s Senior Director of Product Management, Jesse Whiteside. “ELD-X bullets are very accurate and we are holding this bullet to our highest standards of our Premium specifications. Our customers requested these bullets in factory-loaded ammunition, and we are happy to deliver on our customers’ needs.”

The match-accurate, hard-hitting ELD-X hunting bullet features an extremely high-ballistic coefficient in a design that provides effective expansion at a wide range of velocities. The bullet features a unique polymer tip that resists deformation to achieve consistent ballistics and initiate extreme-range expansion. It also touts an aerodynamic secant ogive and optimized boat-tail, plus a concentric copper jacket with robust shank.

Summary of cartridges include: 243 Win., 90-grain; 6.5 Creedmoor, 143-grain; 6.5 PRC, 143-grain; 270 Win., 145-grain; 7mm Rem. Magnum, 162-grain; 7mm PRC, 175-grain, 308 Win., 178-grain; 30-06 Sprg.,178-grain; 300 WSM, 200-grain; and 300 Win. Mag., 200-grain.

The load also features specially formulated propellant and nickel­-plated brass. It is packaged in 20-round boxes; MSRP: $52.99-82.99.

For more information on all products from Federal or to shop online, visit


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  1. Dear Federal,

    That is really lovely, thanks for coming up with the new technology.

    However, the marketplace is in dire need of primers. Small pistol primers, large pistol primers, small and large rifle primers.

    Heck, maybe some match grade primers in the mix but I don’t much care about those because I’m a low budget kind of guy. Right now, I can use about 10,000 large pistol primers to firm up my inventory of what I’ve shot already.

    So if you folks could work on that as opposed to all these new wizbang cartridges that I have no hopes I’ve ever buying or shooting, I would be grateful.



    • Walt, better read it again. What I understood is that Federal is loading in existing Hornady bullet in existing calibers. Most of the calibers have been around for decades. I’ve been shooting the Federal Premium since the bullet was the Sierra 165 gr BTSP. I don’t reload anymore, but I empathize with your problem.

      • S­t­a­r­t w­o­r­k­i­n­g f­r­o­m h­o­m­e! G­r­e­a­t w­o­r­k f­o­r-E­v­er, ­S­t­a­y a­t H­o­m­e M­o­m­s O­R a­n­y­o­n­e n­e­e­d­s­ a­n e­x­t­r­a i­n­c­o­m­e. G­e­t s­t­a­r­t­e­d. Y­o­u o­n­l­y n­e­e­d­ a bzh computer a­n­d a reliable c­o­m­p­u­t­e­r c­o­n­n­e­c­t­i­o­n­ s­o d­o­n’t g­e­t l­a­t­e t­r­y…….

  2. $82 for a box of 20.
    Well I wont go hunting with you Jake
    But I’ll go chasing wemon
    So put them hounds back in the pen
    And quit that silly grinning.

  3. 30 years ago I bought 200 Winchester 270 rounds that still take deer every year & didn’t cost as much as just 1 box of those. I continue using the old timey rounds.

  4. Polymer tips are unique? Olin’s been crapping them out for years, sorry Vista. At a lower cost per round, too.

    Unless the brass is locally-sourced, organic that is painstakingly hand mined by the local UMWA with the primers lovingly set by local orphans on work release these aren’t worth the cost.

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