Canadian Armed Forces C22 SIG SAUER P320
Courtesy SIG SAUER
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Another western nation has adopted the SIG SAUER P320 as the official sidearm of its armed forces. Our neighbors to the north have christened the modular P320 as the C22 and have chosen it to replace John Moses Browning’s venerable Hi-Power 9mm that the Canucks have been carrying since World War II.

Here’s SIG’s announcement . . .

SIG SAUER, Inc. is pleased to announce that the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) has officially transitioned to the SIG SAUER P320 and received the official designation of C22. The initial delivery of 7,000 pistols is complete and soldier fielding of the C22 is in progress to replace the Browning 9mm adopted in 1944.

“The selection process for the C22 was extremely competitive with safety, reliability, and accuracy at the forefront – the P320 delivers on all fronts and ensures operational readiness and effectiveness for the Canadian Armed Forces,” began Tom Jankiewicz, Executive Vice President, Law Enforcement Sales, SIG SAUER, Inc.  “For the first time in nearly eighty years our northern allies will field a modern, reliable pistol to support and carry out their mission.”  
The C22 is a P320 modular, full-size, 9mm striker-fired pistol. The C22, contract pistol enhancements including improved ergonomic design, 17-round capacity, and a loaded chamber indicator that is visible to the user at any angle. Additionally, the C22 features the SIG SAUER P320 innovative 3-point takedown safety for pistol disassembly which does not require a trigger pull for disassembly and the five-point safety system making it the safest and most dependable pistol available. 
“SIG SAUER is honored that the P320 is the official sidearm of the Canadian Armed Forces, and proud of the positive feedback we are receiving throughout their transition to the P320,” concluded Jankiewicz. 
The P320 pistols for the Canadian Armed Forces are distributed through MD Charlton. For more information about the SIG SAUER P320 and the safety features visit

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  1. Oh, no.

    The 320 is the most dangerous handgun ever produced. They go off sitting in a holster, they go off sitting on a desk, they go off just looking at one. They go off if you hit the rear of the slide with a 16lb sledge hammer. There have even been cases where the 320 jumped from a closed drawer, did a flip in the air, and fired a round just before hitting the floor. Indeed, the government is hiding episodes where the 320 (M-17) sneaked out of holsters, and killed soldiers sleeping in their barracks. (who says guns don’t kill people?)

    The 320 is dangerous, I tell you.

    • Sam, the really dangerous ones are the ghost guns. Since ghosts can’t be seen, they do the damage and fade from view!

      • “Sam, the really dangerous ones are the ghost guns. Since ghosts can’t be seen, they do the damage and fade from view!”

        Yeah, you are right. Need a lot more martoonies to solve that one.

    • My 320 snuck out last night and got drunk, then while driving home drunk ran over two cats, a squirrel, and side swipped three Big Wheels while doing donuts in three different yards.

      • “My 320 snuck out last night and got drunk, then while driving home drunk ran over two cats, a squirrel, and side swipped three Big Wheels while doing donuts in three different yards.”

        Might consider putting your 320 through an NRA safety program. Seems to need behavioral modification. The safety program includes four rules that are easy for guns to learn.

        • Where there’s SMOKE there’s(occasionally)fire. I don’t assume there’s nothing to all the bad Sig 320’s…🙄

      • “…side swipped three Big Wheels while doing donuts in three different yards.”

        It’s actually a ‘thing’ these days for old kids like us to construct literal motorized ‘Big Wheels’ from motorcycle chassis and go-cart rear wheels. And race the damn things… 🙂

    • I don’t understand why so many people rush to the defense of this line of firearms, fuming about the slander against a fine pistol. “SIG make a defective product? Nonsense!!” As I recall Remington played the same gaslight game with their 700 triggers, until they couldn’t deny the truth anymore.

    • Sam, ROFLMAOBT! Gee, my P320 (M-17) has been in my safe and on my hip, and has never fired unless I put my finger inside the trigger guard depressing the trigger.
      Here’s a hint. People LIE all the time to cover up their mistakes.

      • “Remember, the “jump-flip” only happens on the FBI version.”

        Thanx; makes my day.

  2. The fact that the Sig P320 was chosen means absolutely nothing.

    The man in charge is telling everyone that lives there that they are not good enough to be armed but their military is. Basically, The Canadian government has value but it’s citizens are worthless. So the only real question to be asked (asking anyone that signs up for military service there)…Just WHO are you enlisting to protect? If it’s for the protection of the Canadian people that have already been deemed to be worthless then what’s the point?

    • Yeah, I’m inclined to disregard announcements like this. I’m sure the P320 is a decent platform (I don’t have one and never will due to lack of interest in Sigs), but military/police contract bidding is assuredly not the straightforward contest anyone could hope it would be. Somebody on the winning team always has success greasing palms and lining pockets to get the contract. Same thing happened with my employer years ago when we made a massive $2 million computer network upgrade. Five completely separate platforms bid for the job, and all of middle mgmt thought one of them (the most logical one) would definitely be the winner. Nope. We ended up getting a second-rate software suite that wasn’t a good fit and had to be customized out the wazoo just to work in our company, and it took two years of stumbling to complete it.

      Why did we do with that substandard option? The CFO (who writes the checks) chose it because his brother-in-law was the salesperson getting the commission. We were shocked!…shocked, I say!

      As far as a gun platform, I’d think the better choice for funds would be to train officers/soldiers to make good decisions and not pull their guns & shoot dogs.

      • How do you get 50 Canadians out of a swimming pool?
        You say, “Please get out of the swimming pool.”

        What does Canada produce that no other nation can produce?

        What is native to Canada, has antlers, and sucks blood?
        A moosequito.

        That’s all I’ve got.

        • Why was the Canadian friend late in reaching the airport?

          …He got delayed because he was poutine in some food.

  3. I’d be more impressed if they said their citize……
    I mean subjects could could own them

  4. Will surplus Hi-Powers be coming from the Great White North, or is Fidel Jr. going to be melting them into plowshares?

    Oh, and maybe I need a P320 after all. Not because Canadiens, but because I don’t have one.

  5. Not a big fan of Canadian bacon.

    I tried, once, to drink Canada dry, but they just had more liquor than I could swallow.

    I tried to join a Canadian Club but decided against it when they said they don’t serve bourbon.

    I heard the Quebec Capitales baseball team had to concede a game because they forgot to being LaBatts.

    • When someone commits a first-degree murder in Canada…
      …It becomes a 34-degree murder in the U.S.

      How did the Canadian beaver get online?
      He logged on.

      When God made Canadians, he made them polite, peace-loving, and nice.
      But the Devil said, “you are disturbing the balance of nature”.
      God thought about it, and said, “Perhaps. But I don’t want to undo my work.”
      Devil: “well, there is only one way to fix this. Here’s what I suggest…”

      So God created Canadian Geese.

  6. Canucks are not allowed to carry semi-auto handguns anymore, why would they allow their military to have guns they can’t have anymore. Nice people, totally F’ked up government. Is Biden trying to imitate their Communist government?

  7. The selection process for the C22 was extremely competitive with safety, reliability, and accuracy at the forefront

    Are there objective trials available for the public to see, was it a matter of bidding, or is this another case of being rigged from the beginning?

    I worked in a profession where the governing authority specifically forbid obtaining any work by “donating, etc.” I went to work for a large, well-respected company. They hired a “marketing firm” (AKA lobbyists) to market their company to government executives (through donations, etc.) I asked the branch manager isn’t that illegal and unethical? He said that’s how everyone gets that kind of work (very large government contracts).

    • That’s also how Biden was able to force many companies into making their employees get that shot.

    • “The selection process for the C22 was extremely competitive with safety, reliability, and accuracy at the forefront”

      Translation: Hookers & Blow

  8. I love Canadians but I hate their tyrants. I have spent many months fishing in BC but no more.

  9. Pretty sure the Canadians aren’t allowed to own either the old Browning or the new Sig. And if I recall correctly you might be better off following the SSS method if you are forced to defend yourself in Canada since they operate on the UK criminals are more valuable than you are standard.

  10. @Hush
    “Sam, I’ll drink to that.”

    If I can find my lost shaker of salt, I’ll raise it in salute to your well considered, astute decision.

  11. A pity. The BHP is twice- and more- the pistol than the SIG 320. Just sayin… Castro’s son will have them all melted down.

  12. I admit I came to know the SIG P series pistol late in life. Great pistols I think I own four, or five, but not this one. No experience. I have one Novak Hi-Power. No way a SIG P series is an upgrade on tbat.

    • They’re Canadians. Tredeau, or whoever is at the helm up there, will probably order them destroyed.

      • our current regime will work tirelessly with them to prevent any from crossing the border south.

  13. I am surprised that the pusillanimous nation of Candida even allows their military personnel to go armed at all -even if they are just sidearms.

    • Dudley DoRight never needed a weapon to rescue Nell… of course, his horse was the brains of that duo.

  14. Any country that would disarm its citizens but would arm their military and law enforcement already lives under a tyranny and is not a democracy.

    That’s not a matter of personal or pro-2A opinion or thought. Its common sense, history, and fact that any government that has the means to bear force against its own citizens who are defenseless will eventually use that force to subjugate its citizens. Its happened in every country in the world that has disarmed citizens.

    The British did it, and still does it today.
    The Russians did it, and still does it today.
    The Chinese did it, and still does it today.
    The Germans did it, and still does it today.
    The Australians did it, and still does it today.
    African countries did it, and still do it today.
    Japan did it, and still does it today.
    Canada did it, and is doing it today.

    The Romans did it, the Greeks did it, the Egyptians did it, and the list goes on and on. Every society in history with a defenseless disarmed populace, those governments have at some point used its ‘armed military and law enforcement functions’ to subjugate its citizens in some manner and started ruling by fiat in some manner. These ‘governments’ reached a point where they no longer feared the people because they had removed arms from the people and people without arms can’t fight back very well and can be subjugated.

    Today, its beginning to happen in the Democrat controlled states in the U.S. that purposely infringe 2A rights. And it doesn’t happen to just gun-owning people either, its all Americans in those states that are its present and future targets in some form. Its happening in many forms, for example; Its happening in the form of increasing pressure on citizens to obey leftist ideals (e.g. brain washing small children in schools to think they are opposite gender and keeping it secret from parents). Its happening in the form of no-due process ‘red flag’ laws where since 2022 more than 1,637 non-gun owning and innocent people monthly have been incarcerated and/or subjected to ‘mental health evaluation’ against their will and their property seized by armed police forces, using force, simply because some anonymous person called and falsely accused or the government wanted to for some other reason and in every case there was absolutely zero wrong with the victim of this gross violation of their rights and the ‘justification’ was based on pure false – done without warrant or cause or due process in direct violation of the Constitution and human rights because these governments ‘say so’. Its happening in many different forms every day in these Democrat controlled states and areas.

    It always follows the same pattern and begins small, sometimes it takes a long time. At first it begins with ‘its for your safety’ or ‘to make things better’ concepts (Hitler used that one, its ‘the Jews are or problem’ he said, ‘we can make it better if we get rid of the Jews’ he said), then there is a ‘movement of supposed enlightenment to embrace a different way’ that’s suppose to ‘include everyone’ and the government ‘endorses’ this movement they started and starts using it as a wedge to divide society into ‘us’ and ‘them’ and society begins to divide. In the past the democrats did this with Jim Crow laws, segregation, not allowing women a full share in society, demonizing blacks and using their private army called the KKK. Today they are doing it by use of ‘gun control’, still making women and blacks believe they are victims and powerless to do for their selves thus need the Democrat party to ’empower’ them, and trying to bring back, basically, the modern day form of a version of Jim Crow laws that applies only to segment of society (gun-owners) by demonizing them (like the democrat party did to blacks in the past) and removing areas where they can not participate in society (e.g. New York trying to make basically the whole state a gun free zone) and if you don’t agree with sexualized trans and drag shows for 6 year old kids in public places or in schools then you too will be cancelled and restricted for what you can and can not do about it and demonized (like the Blacks were demonized for simply being black). Yep, the Democrats are trying to bring back their ‘good old days’ and they even have their own pet army, the modern day form of their past KKK is called ANTIFA.

    All this from the democrat party that has done nothing but bring the KKK, civil war, division, voted against abolishing slavery, voted against rights for woman, the Jim Crow law party, the party that didn’t want blacks and women to have a right to vote, the party with the president that said of black people “I’ll have those n*****s voting democrat for the next 200 years.’ as a foundation for implementing his welfare programs, the party with a president that started a program that killed thousands (black, Latino, woman, white, homosexual, even trans) by confining them to ‘mental health’ institutions where they were subjected to horrors of experimentation and drugs and cruel treatment and forced sterilization and the Democrat party did it in the name of ‘public mental health safety’ (thank God Reagan ended that horror show), the party that today keeps telling women and minorities they are victims thus basically unable to make decisions their selves. That party is the Democrat party and morons actually voted them into office and they are using it to further their goals of tyranny.

    Then the government leader begins to rule by fiat (e.g. Biden with his executive orders that have weaponized ALL government agencies against American citizens, and no not just the ATF or for guns either). And then we have reached the edge of the abyss at that point, the point where the government leaders begin to be comfortable enough to start ruling by fiat – and today we have this in every democrat controlled state and by the president.

    This is the point we came to in the past that resulted in the Revolutionary war. The crown had done what it usually did to its colonies, start ruling by fiat over the colonies and subjecting them to various laws and rules and pressures designed to subjugate them into a ‘production colony’ (in other words a form of forced slavery to serve England), and they divided our society. The British had ‘divided to conquer’ and the country was just about evenly divided into thirds. One third was loyal to the crown, one third was neutral but obeying the crown because the British had told them they would be left alone if they just stayed out of things but obeyed the crown, so they had already conquered and subjugated 66% of the population but there was still 33% that realized what was happening and they needed to be disarmed so as not to have the means to oppose the crown power (in the form of boots on the ground British army) so the British tried to disarm the patriots who were not having the tyranny the British were trying to impose.

    This is the point the founding fathers warned to watch out for, the point that they had come to in their day, government leaders ruling by fiat and weaponizing the government against the people.

    Its happening here in the U.S. today, we are at that edge of the abyss. So ya know….they want to disarm us.

    I don’t know about you, but personally I prefer not to live under tyranny and see future generations live under tyranny like the people in the U.K. and every gun-ban country do today.

  15. If I were Sig Sauer, or any U.S. based firearms or ammunition manufacturer, I would have refused to do business with the Canadian government because they are disarming their citizens.

    • And you would be fired and replaced with someone who understands the mission of the company is to sell. Period. Not to direct policy of someone else’s government.

    • Sig Sauer is wholly owned by Lüke & Ortmeier Holding Gruppe, aka L&O Holding, which is headquartered in Emsdetten, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. It is not a US-based company. While they do have factories in the US, it’s still a German company. FWIW.

      • Actually, even though owned by Lüke & Ortmeier Holding Gruppe as a ‘holding’ Sig Sauer US is not a direct subsidy extension of Lüke & Ortmeier but rather Sig Sauer US is a stand alone corporate entity headquartered in Newington, New Hampshire and is for all legal and constitutional purposes in the U.S. a U.S. based corporation.

    • I was today years old when I learned TTAG has their own ministry of truth.

      Mention who the (German) parent company is (owner) of a supposedly US-based firearm company and your comment is removed via moderation. It’s okay, you can look it up yourselves I guess.

      Criticize said company for business practices and shady underhanded dealings, with examples, and have that get removed via moderation also.

      For shame, TTAG. Censoring the truth simply because it’s inconvenient to your sponsors.

      You should change your name to “The Truth About Guns As It Best Suits Our Interests And Will Censor The Rest”. TTAGAIBSOIAWCTR is a bit long-winded, though.

      Either that or you have a rogue moderator who needs to go touch grass.

    • “If I were Sig Sauer, or any U.S. based firearms or ammunition manufacturer, I would have refused to do business with the Canadian government because they are disarming their citizens.”

      The firearms industry is not a 2A defender, except as it sells firearms. The firearms industry is made up of businesses; businesses trying to make a profit. If the only sales possible are in dealing with govts, then the gun industry will sell solely to govts.

  16. Great!…The canadians troops need to learn malfunction and catastrophic failure drills in real time…unfortunately for them it may be at the worst times..

    • I’ve fire a couple of thousand round through my P320, and never had a malfunction.

  17. If that’s what they want, it’s their business not mine.

    I’d pass on them though, I saw a 9mm P320 in a shop about a year ago and it looked as big as my 10mm Glock 20.

    • The Sig P320 full size actually is about 1/2″ longer than the Glock 20. Not small, but it is a full size pistol. I also built a P320 Compact-X that’s more suitable for CCW.

  18. I’ve built 3 Sig P320s of various types and granted, they all have upgraded components/parts because I can’t help myself on building cool stuff. I never have had a misfire, CCW with no issues, and only dropped the loaded pistol once on dirt (to my horror) and no discharge (only resulted in a few slight scratches on the polymer grip. From my viewpoint, I find it extremely difficult to process through the Sig P320 criticism as to what IS real and what may be suppressed or lies being told to cover up mishandling. From my years of experience, few things ever lie in the extremes – usually is some of one and some of the other. With that assumption in place, I don’t see the Sig P320 being a “dangerous” firearm to use or we’d be seeing significantly (read: statistically) higher accounts of pistol malfunction. I plan to continue using my P320s in a safe and controlled manner and expect the firearms to continue their consistent reliability and quality firing. Just IMHO…

  19. Does Canada even have a firearms manufacturing facility within its borders any more. I don’t know, but I would guess not which is why they have to buy some other country’s stuff.

  20. Question. Is Canada actively enlisting Trannies and Gender Benders too?
    If Yes, then it makes sense they would want a Transitioning Gun.


  21. “I refuse to write Sig, Glock, or Covid in all caps because reasons.”

    Well, of course. I refuse to write “woman” as “LGBTQ+”

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