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Early results from the 2018 California Safety and Wellbeing Survey shows 10 percent of gun owners in the state own about half of all firearms. The majority of gun owners, about 54 percent, have one or two firearms, according to the survey.

What’s more, the survey found that a quarter of respondents said they did not get a background check when they bought a gun, said Nicole Kravitz-Wirtz, a researcher who led the study.

“We have only about 75 percent of our respondents reporting that they had a background check done when they bought their most recent firearm in California, so that means anywhere from one in four and one in five people not having a background check,” Kravitz-Wirtz said.

“(This) does not bode well for the implementation and the enforcement of California’s comprehensive background check law which has been in place since the 1990s.” (Michael Finch II,, We Don’t Know Enough About Gun Owners in California)

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  1. “We Don’t Know Enough About Gun Owners in California”

    Why is it any of your business to know about gun owners in California? This is a further attempt to marginalize and isolate people who own firearms. It turns out Trump was right, the mainstream media is the enemy of the American people.

    • I think we need a survey of anti gun people.
      1. Is it ok to “interpret” statistical info to get conclusion you want?
      2. Are there any other civil liberties that should be curtailed?
      3. If groups of people (who were rendered defenceless by gun laws) are killed in a mass shootings, how would disarming more people stop mass shootings?
      4. How do feel about common sense straw control?

      They need to treated as the illogical aberent group that they are.

      • I am sure you could convince the same Californians to sign a petition to outlaw the Swiss Army Knife. You can spin it by saying that no one needs a military grade assault knife.

        • They will sign a petition to outlaw Di-hydrogen Monoxide….. In fact there have been a few attempts to show just how gullible people can be doing just that. If you haven’t figured it out yet Di-hydrogen Monoxide = H2O, so they nimrods want to ban water. It was done in 97 by a young man as a science experiment as well as on college campuses.

      • I’m pretty sure this survey was of anti-gun people. None of the gun owners that I know in CA would answer any survey questions related to their firearms at all.

  2. I smell a rat. As has been said, gun owners are now naturally reluctant to be forthcoming in any survey about guns. And yet 10 percent of those who did respond admitted to purchases outside the law? Hmm.

    • Not necessarily outside the law. Could have been obtained before CA banned private party sales, or brought in by immigrants from states that still allowed private party sales.

  3. Ashton Kutcher confessed to receiving a pistol from “a friend” in the parking lot of the Borderline Bar at his birthday party. The same Borderline bar where police waited outside for an active shooter to slaughter people until he ran out of bullets.

    Someone will be along to post Kutcher’s exact tweet….

  4. Without ‘all’ the data, this survey is pure garbage. Let’s start with how many gun owners are there in California. 10% of an unknown number of gun owners is meaningless. Then 54% of an unknown or of 10% is layered garbage topped off with 75% of the unknown is total bullshit.
    This is how gun grabbers try to fool the public. By baffling using BS. Notice how they start out with a small number depicting gun owners as a minority then use numbers above the majority and even 2/3s to further depict us as nuts that illegally own gun. We are all crazy dumb ass criminals don’t cha know.

  5. According to the article, it was a web based survey. I suspect many of those “surveyed” were anti-gun and their answers were based on the desire to skew the results to their liking. If gun owners are like me, they wouldn’t answer gun related questions. I suspect many of the 71% that said there were no guns in their house have firearms in their home and won’t admit it since it is nobody else’s business. When is the last time you heard of a gun survey that wasn’t designed to further the anti-gun agenda?

  6. In California every firearm purchase done through a Licensed Dealer requires a State issued “Firearms Safety Certificate” and a Background check and is “recorded” in a State owned database aka registered with the State. So, anyone claiming to have bought a firearm without a Background Check is buying on a Private Party Sale, which by State Law requires both parties to have an “FSC” and to use a Licensed Dealer to record the sale/transfer. Whoever these “respondents” are (if they are real people at all) have therefore, committed crimes per California State Law and SacBee has got them to admit as much in a “survey”. I find that hugely dubious unless SacBee tapped into a survey group buying and selling in the Firearms Black Market. The Iron Pipeline seems to be thriving in California owing to the number of prohibited persons committing Gang-related shootings who seem to be well-enough armed. That seems highly dubious, as well.

    It is also true that many people in California have no idea of the Labyrinth of State Firearms Laws they are supposed to obey, so maybe SacBee just got unbelievably lucky. Highly doubtful.

    Could this be “Fake News” manufactured by SacBee to advance the next onslaught of “Gun Control Laws” the California State Legislature is planning? That seems somewhat plausible.

    • ” “We have only about 75 percent of our respondents reporting that they had a background check done when they bought their most recent firearm in California, so that means anywhere from one in four and one in five people not having a background check,” Kravitz-Wirtz said.
      ” when they bought their most recent firearm in California”

      Nothing there says a law was broken. The most recent firearm purchase could have been before the UBC was in place.

      • I’m not in Kalifornia, but in my own state I have seen people who will say “I didn’t have any background check at the gun store, I just filled out a form and bought the gun.” For most people NICS actually does work fast enough that they might not even notice the background check unless someone tells them about it.

        • Yeah, but California has a 10 day wait. We also can only buy one handgun a month; efforts to extend that law to long arms have failed in the past, but with the new governor, it is fair to say that that too will become law. No, it doesn’t make any sense, but gun laws here pretty much never have.

        • The buyer may not witness the NICS check. It might be done in a back room, and it can be (and usually is in my case) done in less than a minute.
          I usually don’t rely on what people tell me they witness, because as most lawyers will tell you, witness accounts are notoriously unreliable.
          “Well, I didn’t see him do that.” In no way, shape, or form, does that mean he didn’t do that.

  7. JUNK SCIENCE!!! First off it is a web-based survey. this means the respondents are self- selecting to respond. skewing the results from the get-go. Secondly, the pool of respondents is statically insignificant at less than 6.4 thousandths of 1% of the population(1/15.8k). For a perspective of how small that number is: that is about 56 people out of the total population of men, women, non-binary, trans, and children of San Francisco or about the foot traffic of a single Starbuck in the city for an hour.

    • Maybe they contacted the criminals who got their weapons on the black market. I would never fill out any survey regarding firearms for the same reason I caution my daughter about posts on facebook. They become a permanent record.

  8. When I lived in the high desert in Kern County, we traded or sold guns frequently. W/O background checks. There were only two gun dealers in town and they helped us evade the law. They would purchase high cap mags for us as long as we had an address outside of CA to ship to. I sold two of the handguns I brought from NJ when I moved there to coworkers. Both w/o a background check.

    The flatlanders were the enemy and we did all we could to evade the laws they passed.

  9. Golly my first thought was 54% own guns in Commieforina?!? THAT’S more than the BS # in ILLinois…I assume if y’all voted for your guns your state wouldn’t be so chitty. I will NEVER take a survey from oh pretty much anyone.

  10. I live in California and every gun purchased needs to go through an FFL which requires a background check. That survey is bullshit.

    • And every drug dealer answers anti-gun tilted, and other, surveys honestly and truthfully too.

    • There’s not that many drug dealers stupid. What percentage of the population do you think are drug dealers? That would make 1 out of 4 people drug dealers. It’s more likely the survey is bullshit meant to frighten people into thinking a whole lot of people are buying guns without background checks.

  11. The bias in the survey is that those running it want a high percentage of guns obtained without a background check.
    As it’s a web based survey, questions need be asked on how the survey was distributed, the number of responses and how accurate the data is. We’ve all seen the click-bait “Only 6% of all Americans can answer…”
    It would be fun to post the survey here and see the results.

  12. Well, if California governments can ignore federal law, Why shouldn’t the people be able to ignore California law?

  13. Every current purchase – that is true. How many guns are owned that have been passed down in the family and are not used – as in a deterrent against someone breaking in, in a top drawer in the master bedroom?

    I have seen many 70+ year old virgin handguns in the original box – with original ammo in it’s original box. Those were pieces that were bought for defense and never used. Others I have seen may have had less than a box of ammo down the pipe. How many people have purchased, been given or traded used, well broken in guns over the years just to sit in a drawer? I believe that a large percentage of gun owners are just that, owners – that have not shot a firearm in years.

    The press wants to show all owners in the light of what many might consider irresponsible – this is far from the truth. Yes, I remember the open areas in L.A. county where you could watch people firing off automatic weapons, giant fireballs and most had very poor range safety habits. Drinking and drugging also went along. This turned off a lot of people to firearms – but, just like there are crazies on the road doing dangerous stunts, this does not mean everyone who owns a motor vehicle does these things. Those people are a small percentage of the average everyday law abiding owner – and there are many more than are reported.

  14. I took a survey here at my local Starbucks on people’s political affiliation. I found out 97% of people are Democrats. I also found out 97% of people approve of same sex marriage. I also found out 97% of people use marijuana. I also found out 97% of the people expect free government handouts. Last but not least 97% of the people were anti gun. Survey numbers were 1000 people.

  15. I don’t know about comiefonia but the rest of the countryand maybe the upper east coast as well but sales between private party’s there’s no background check I wonder If there was a check box for for dealer or Private sale??

  16. We don’t have to worry too much about media statistics as long as they keep using factually incorrect data and keep drawing incorrect conclusions by repeadly asking the wrong questions. In other words, they are too misdirected to realize how misdirected they are. God bless America and all the ships at sea. -30-

  17. After Gov Newsome signs all of his favorite gun control laws, you will still be able to buy a gun in California, without a background check.

    • Under the Newsome leadership you will still be able to walk around with a strap on dildo, well fitted for public attire in California. Just like you could when he was San Francisco mayor.

      And you can walk around naked and still have sex in public, infront of others people’s children, on days the state government gives you permission.

  18. “The survey builds on a body of work completed by the university’s Violence Prevention Research Program, including a recent study that concluded gun control policies from the early 1990s did not significantly affect the firearm homicide or suicide rates in the decade after becoming law.”

    Haha, so laws don’t change behavior??!! Well NO shit.

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