California Rep. Eric Swallwel Gun Control Nukes
courtesy CNN
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California Eric Swallwel Nukes Gun Control


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    • This might come as a surprise to our esteemed Congressman but most of the people in charge of the Nukes swore an oath to defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic. They take it seriously. I was one of them, and still know a few. You would be asking them to nuke their families. Good luck with that.

    • His suggestion: Nuke them, to keep them safe.

      Secondary implication: We are not tyrants. But if you don’t hand over your guns, we’ll nuke you.

      • Once again. The Democrats, Leftists, Progressives, whatever they want to call themselves, are absolutely not against guns. They don’t want to get rid of all weapons. You can take that to the bank! They just want to make sure that what guns exist, will be used to enforce THEIR AGENDA.

      • He isn’t just threatening to use nukes on gun owners. That’s not the way those weapons work. Gun owners are spread throughout society. He is actually threatening to use nukes against everyone in society. He is apparently willing to kill everyone, just to make sure people are disarmed.

        The man is apparently a lunatic, unfit for political office.

        • Why do you say that? The US Military has already been deployed against US citizens several times just in the 1900’s alone and they complied and murdered citizens.

        • Bullshit. This is why I got out of the military… sad but true… I’m not going to be used as a tool to fight against my own people, and I damn sure will never kill again to line some rich oil fucks pockets. You are naive if you think the military/police will not want to maintain their jobs/assets/way of living. Same with the rest of America. Compliance is a dangerous form of complacency. It took me years to come to terms with this, and it might be hard to hear, but the military and the police would be the first ones to suffer casualties in a civil war… saddest part is, the civilian militias fighting for ACTUAL freedom, would be considered domestic terrorists.

          Time to wake up and smell the coffee people. These idiots in office are just like this idiot who threaten to use nukes… no fucking clue what freedom or liberty really is.

  1. because gunnies have dared threaten his precious State… and we pointed out that tanks require fuel and food when they said ‘the government has tanks’… so now they escalated it to nukes.

  2. Another moron representative talking out his rear. First, unless you didn’t care if ANY people at all survived the next civil war, you would not use nukes on our own turf lol. Second, as for calling it a short war, I wouldn’t bet on it. Civilians could turn this entire country into a Vietnam type warfare scenario and ambush from any and all places. The government might have a bigger animal than they think on their hands. In addition, who says our military would obey unconstitutional orders and attack our fellow patriots as well. Lots of things could happen, including these idiots in power being removed from power. Never know, but don’t count your chickens smartass 🤦🏻‍♂️

    • Think Russia and Afghanistan. They know they don’t have enough armament, and manoower to do what that demwit is saying, plus he knows the mass casualties on the other side would be astronomical. The military wouldn’t even try, so Swalwell is talking out his as*, with delusions of grandeur.

        • HE isn’t going to confiscate ANYTHING because he’s a sniveling coward.

          The REAL question is what dummy he’s sending in his place, and what will he do when he doesn’t come back.

        • Perfect correlation Matthew. I was just thinking about the tactical side of defending ourselves when mentioning Vietnam ( without the jungle though ). You hit it on the head with that reference. Same situation.

        • “Think war of the roses”

          Are you sure you want that as an example?

          The result of that extended conflict was the extermination of the House of York (white rose) and the House of Lancaster (red rose) family bloodlines…

      • Exactly David. Btw, just who does he think is gonna resupply the military with constant ammo to carry out this ridiculous thought. Last time I checked, all the companies that manufacture ammo would not give our government any more because they are on our side. You know, freedom and second amendment and all. So, unless it comes from outside our country to help them fight our own civilians, his loony mind think 🤔 doesn’t even seem logical. Yes, I’m totally disregarding his nuke comment because that’s his bs puffer fish trying to scare a shark routine lol.

        As far as military actually following orders and going to war against their own, yes there would be many that would, but in my heart I feel they would be splintered because of family members on the other side of the fence. Just hope that day never comes.

        Last, he must think we don’t have the intelligence to know how to defeat this type of tyranny before the downfall of our society. They wouldn’t know who to attack and take out first with our militia groups running around all over the country. However, we do know the EXACT list of people that must be removed first to save our people and country. Take the head and the body falls is all I’m saying. That would and should be the first plan of action. Not talking junk, just saying we would have to do what it takes to protect ours too.

  3. This is *good*. Expose them for what they are.

    As POTG, we need to flood the comment sections of web sites with comments supporting that point of view. Let them think the country is on their side, and show the fence-sitters just how unhinged from reality they really are…

    • I know the name of Bethesda’s next game: Fallout Democrat and they can have democrat versions of those green super mutants. They could even be named, Schumer, Pelosi, Harris, or Swalwell would be a good start. They could have raiders and name them after TV talking heads like Lemon, Acosta, or Morgan. Yep that would sell, maybe someone could do a mod for Fallout 4 and make those changes, and we wouldn’t have to wait so long for it.

  4. So… he thinks… turning the country into an apocalyptic radioactive wasteland is an appropriate way to deal with gun ownership… The result of which would leave no semblance government what so ever. Somehow, I don’t seem to think a post nuclear war world in a state of anarchy, and overrun with feral humans and mutated creatures, is going to bode well to a gun free, crime free, socialist paradise. You know what? I’m down. Fallout is a pretty fun game so why don’t we make it a reality. Sleeping in a blood stained bed full of radioactive ash and some charred body next to you in real life wouldn’t be horrific at all.

    • You’re forgetting something –

      As far as a Leftist is concerned, ‘breaking a few eggs to make an omelette’ is a noble thing to do and worth whatever the price it takes to reach their totalitarian goals…

  5. Oh man I’ve seen this fool on Tucker. California’s finest export. Does this doofus understand us 100000000 gun owner’s don’t all live in one spot?!? Anyone remember when a motley crew of patriots held off the vaunted gubmint at Bundy ranch? Anyone?

    • Realistically, that was because the Feds didn’t want the blowback for another Waco/RubyRidge. Were there an ongoing insurrection, the gloves would be off.

  6. So this fool would nuke a gun owner’s house right next door to one with a sign, “Support gun control”. Not likely. What is it you can’t do about stupid?

    • There’s nothing you can’t do to stupid. You can burn it, shoot it, hang it, feed it into a wood chipper feet first………..hopefully before it reproduces.

      • Most people are stupid they just don’t know it. Usually it’s the stupid people that reproduce the most. Rich and/or intelligent people have 1-2 kids if any. How else did we get to where we are?

        Been around the world and found that only stupid people are breeding. The cretins cloning and feeding and I don’t even own a TV.

  7. Well, I’m sure he didn’t want a Presidential candidacy anyway…

    Hopefully Harris will overreach spectacularly and wreck her chances, too. HRC 2020, baby! Make it happen, Debbie!

      • Thank God she lost !! I wouldn’t call her a FUDD , well maybe I would , but not in the traditional meaning. I wouldn’t want to insult the Elmer’s of the country. F’n- unfit- disgusting – democRAT. Deer hunting 3 day wait ? The 2nd has nothing to do with deer , wabbits , etc.

        • But she was taught by her grandmother how to shoot, she buys her dad guns every year for his cabinet and she loves target shooting and trap shooting. She wants waiting periods, background checks and no big black rifles. Sound very Fudd to me.

        • She’s not a FUDD. She’s a terrorist. She’s certainly lying about her father and his guns. What, you think he’s gonna contradict her in public? They were both laughing about their deception. Domestic enemies like her belong in concentration camps. Literally.

      • I really, really want to say something good, but, I just can’t. This is the downfall of the US. Stupid making more stupid. Rome took a thousand years to come and go. Looks like, thanks to that unwashed bohemian Marx, the “western world” won’t last 300. The gimmedats will win, and we will see an ugly thing. But, I’m getting to the end of my run, so if they want blood I’ll be happy to help. Too old to run, too old to give a damn. PS re. US troops firing an citizens = Posse Commitatus act.

  8. The modern democrat party are THE domestic enemies our Founders warned us about. There’s no salvation and only one remedy. Plan accordingly.

      • More like find…. like minded, trustworthy, local folks to train with so when their “War of Leftist Aggression” begins we can seize each state’s democrat voter registration and voting records which will give us a national “list” to work off of.

        • Seems fair. Dems use the same list to find out who didn’t show up on election day and then go in a back room and make sure those people “voted”.

        • “…we can seize each state’s democrat voter registration and voting records which will give us a national “list” to work off of.”

          There’s nothing that needs to be ‘seized’.

          In my county, it’s a public record available on-line, and in convenient PDF format for ease of printing and reading.

          Go to Google and type in “(Example) County, (State) voter registration records”…

  9. So this California representative just posted a threat on social media. Is there someone in California that we can call and report that to that can get one of those restraining orders against him. Maybe get him preemptively locked up since he’s threatening to kill thousands of people. One of those gun violence restraining orders only you know get it a nuke violence restraining order instead. I mean I live on the other side of the country but I’m feeling threatened. I think that qualifies as a battery charge doesn’t it. Now multiply that by a few thousand. And he has to serve the sentences consecutively instead of concurrently.

    • I’m feeling unsafe as well. He is directly threatening my family and me. I want to call someone to check into this individual’s mental well being. I also have to question his grip on reality. The USA having tanks, ships and nuclear weapons did not produce a “short” war in North Korea, Viet Nam, Iran, or Afghanistan.

  10. Well in his defense, thats what it would take to overcome the armed citizens of this country. A scorced earth policy would be the only way to ensure victory. Its terrifying to thing about. The argument is now on the edge of madness.
    Is he really willing to kill millions of innocent people to prove his point? So if he cant “Save” a few thousand he is willing to kill millions? Those are the words of a true despot. If were not there yet, this country is headed twords insanity. I hope he doesn’t really believe in that scenario.
    I have a two year old daughter. I seriously fear for her future. I intend to teach her about the convictions of our founders. Liberty was won by an armed polulation who refused the dark future of tyranny.
    This man is a wanting tyrant. Please remember that every vote counts. Dont be afraid to speak up about your beliefs. The first amendment is the most important. And god help us if thats taken away, thats why we have the second.

  11. Lol, “I’m sure if we talked we could find common ground to protect our families and communities.”

    Hopefully they’ll all gather at the school or some other gun free zone.

  12. The democrats goes to nukes because, they know even with all of the military on their side, and that would NEVER happen, they (the democrats) would loose a shooting war with the American public.

  13. Democrats are finally admitting just how for they will go in their bid to destroy liberty and install themselves as a single party dictatorship. Neo-communist single party rule just like the old USSR.

      • I think we can all draw inspiration from Nicolae Ceausescu and aspire to have our countrymen line up for miles to urinate on and pump bullets into our lifeless bodies after the revolution.

  14. That is some bat shit crazy if ever there was any. “We have nukes but they’re legit ” I think I have now heard it all. Must be some special kind of nukes , simultaneously pinpoint every gun owner in the country & proof we disappear , one big bang. I think the Leftards have left the building. Permanently !!

  15. In the old days, uppity psychopaths like this tended to be beaten, tarred, and feathered long before they got any real power over anyone (and hung if they did have power), and the pain of that experience would be enough to convince them & their peers to repress those anti-social tendencies in the future. That’s what a ‘restrained government’ actually is.

    I do wish we could isolate whatever gene or mutation causes these omnicidal maniacs to develop, and purge it from humanity. It’s no coincidence these head cases tend to be the biggest predator-altruists and social justice advocates, and they sure aren’t confined to one party or dogma.

  16. Suuuuure. Nuke the cities you plan on using after the war…. GREAT idea. You can be dictator of a radioactive crater.

      • “…nuking the cities may not be the worst idea ever…”

        Oh, YES it is!

        The detonation will kill some, then the vast majority of the population that survived will pour out of the ruined city expecting to be housed and fed. In *your* house, eating *your* food. While they inseminate your wife and daughters. And diddle your dogs.

        Oh, and you know, they will start voting in your previously-pleasant rural area, spreading their ‘Progressive’ policies to your previously-conservative location.

        No, and HELL, NO! Do not nuke Leftist big cities.

        We need our genetic engineers to create a nasty, 100-percent lethal disease that only infects Leftists…

        • The detonation will kill some, then the vast majority of the population that survived will pour out of the ruined city expecting to be housed and fed. In *your* house, eating *your* food. While they inseminate your wife and daughters. And diddle your dogs.
          There are ways to deal with this scenario.

  17. Nukes; the cause of and solution to all of a liberal’s problems.

    Fun fact; much like small pox blankets, slavery, and the large-scale suspension of Habeus Corpus, nukes are an atrocity that has only been committed by American Democrats in US history. Yes, each of these was necessary in its respective era…but Democrats are pros at figuring out how to make these atrocities necessary.

    • The smallpox blankets thing never happened. The connection to the Democrats is still there, since a lying Democrat-Communist professor made the whole thing up.

    • Posts like this are going to age terribly when the Democrats eventually retake (steal) the Presidency and both houses of Congress. Your free state won’t be so free at that point, but it’s ok, you voted for it, you deserve it. Right?

    • Too bad you are in the same room as the rest of them when the Californians throw shit at the fan.

      Washington, Oregon, Colorado, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas are all going down hard because of Californians and Mexicans. The east coast is falling due to New Yorkers and the like.

  18. If there is another civil war in the US, it will be diaspora. Thanks to the internet age, ideas and allegiances are scattered throughout the country. There will be no Mason Dixon line.

    The military chain of command will fracture, because troops within the ranks will not cooperate; rendering tanks, aircraft, drones, satellites, Intel, and communication irrelevant.

    The problem would be that during such a conflict, another more organized regime could easily move in and take over.

  19. Anyone not understanding that we are and have been fighting a low intensity war against the domestic communists for the past sixty years hasn’t been paying attention. War is good business, invest your children. 30-

  20. Earlier this year he wrote some tweet like “We’ll just come and take your guns and you can’t do anything about it”. Something like that… I don’t take this guy serious enough to look up his rants. (Someone can search TTAG – it was on here too). He’s trolling POTG. He IS crazy, but he’s trolling.

    • Jasper……Someone did the math using how many guns are estimated to be in gun owners hands. Then they figured the average number of guns per person. They then assumed that two or three gun confiscators would likely die in taking guns from each gun owner and the number of confiscators needed was extremely high. Don’t think that that attempt would last very long.

  21. The scary thing is that Swalwell and his ilk don’t make a distinction between citizens who legally own and use firearms and lawless criminals; about 34% of US citizens own guns – approximately 116 million. If Swalwell thinks he’s going to be able to force his will on about 1/3 of the country – good luck. This isn’t Australia. A significant number of peaceable, law abiding people are going to vigorously resist any attempt to disarm them or confiscate their property. It is reckless beyond belief that an elected representative would put the lives of citizens and law enforcement personnel at risk as a result of such a misguided policy. His “cure” is worse than the disease.

    The sad fact is that the majority of non suicide gun deaths are caused by a small number of young, mostly minority men who are involved in repeat criminal activity. NRA member, middle aged white guys aren’t responsible for the carnage in the Democrat controlled inner cities.

    But it’s “racist” to point that out.

  22. This system is so broke. In a nation of over 300 millions, that’s the best we can come up with when it is time to elect leaders? It’s a bad joke, local and federal governments, alphabet agencies, law enforcement, the military…There are so many things wrong it would take hours to make a list.

  23. I am really trying to figure out the mechanics of his Nuke America Plan.
    Nukes are best against high density targets.
    Most legal owning gun owners ( especially rifle owners ) tend to be in lower density populated areas ( which tend to have more productive people) .
    Is he planning on nuking the higher density urban areas as a show of force?
    Is he planning on nuking small towns with 60 megaton bombs?
    Is he planning on trying to rule a radioactive wasteland full of disgruntled and starving people?
    Is he planning on nuking the gun owning food growing and food distribution centers?
    What plans does he have for dealing with all the farm livestock eating and absorbing radioactive materials?
    What plans does he have for dealing with radioactive food supplies?
    So, he is going to destroy the village to save it?
    We are fighting for peace in America.

  24. This kind of issue is one of the reason I am seriously questioning my career as a police officer, at +30 year old I am considering working on a degree or other skills and get a fresh start with something different.
    We deal with stupid way too often for our benefits and pay, agencies are too short on manpower, the job is getting more frustrating, more dangerous, and more stressful. I make a little over $20/hr and I cannot afford a 3bd/2ba house where I work, my pension plan will allow me to retire at 60 year old probably with back pain and the likes.
    I still get those good interactions with people and that keeps me going but it is getting harder. Our nation is heading in the wrong direction. The nation is very divided, not because of Trump, but because people are too stupid and get too emotional over diverse things. People fight and argue over politicians who cannot care less about us the “middle class”. At some point you have to become a man again, I want to live, not survive the way society is telling me to.
    I see people everyday working their butts off, to pay bills and to put gas in the car, rinse repeat. Meanwhile the elected crooks are not getting anything (good) done, and they have amazing salaries and benefits.

    • I took out the word “good” due to the definition of elected crooks.
      Meanwhile the elected crooks are not getting anything done, and they have amazing salaries and benefits.
      Not getting anything done may be a blessing in disguise, especially with Mister Nuke America Plan in office.

    • I personally think this is the time that we need people like you to remain in law enforcement more than ever, but I do understand your deliberation there, and of course you have to do what’s best for you and your family. But I hope you do understand the gratitude that the good citizens of your county, and this country, have for your service, sir.

  25. Could you imagine the government trying to take out a few hundred guerrilla fighters in the forest of California? California can’t even handle people smoking without out of control forest fires erupting. Now imagine them trying to drop bombs without starting fires and try to imagine them trying to control tactical guerrilla started fires.

    The entire state would be covered in a smoke cloud after a month. Guerrilla fighters wouldn’t even have to fire guns to win, they could destroy everything in their path by encouraging mother nature in certain areas of the state.

    • Bingo. This is exactly what I was alluding to in my responses earlier (above). I guess they are the kid that would rather see the toy broken than for their sibling or friend to have it. Really is mind boggling and unbelievably narcissistic

  26. Swalwell once again showcases how shallow his thinking is. Even if he used “nukes” as a stand-in for large weapons, it’s flawed. Okay Erik, suppose I am standing 50 yards from your daughter. In that case, would you “nuke” me? 100 feet from your wife? 25 yards from you?

    There are a hundred million gun owners or so in this country. You can’t heard them into some “safe” zone and nuke them. They are very widely dispersed among the population. Using heavy armament on “them” means using it on the general population.

    And, here’s another way to look at it. There are probably fewer than 200 deaths a year from “assault rifles.” Given this, how much trauma would a public official inflict upon the United States to eliminate this issue? Nuking? Door to door searches and the subsequent barricades/ standoffs/ violence? To what extent would the left create societal conflict chaos to eliminate the threat of assault rifles? If the answer is any of these measures, then they are truly screwed up.

    Swalwell: mouth is much faster than brain.

  27. This begs the question of why most Americans should be worried about gun confiscation efforts.

    We all know that minority neighborhoods would be exclusively targeted.

    The NYPD is not going to confiscate firearms in Bayside, Queens, nor Central Park West, Manhattan.

    The LAPD is not going to confiscate firearms in Bel air or Brentwood or the Hollywood Hills.

  28. Oh and TRUMP is the crazy dictator who wants to tear the country in half??? Rrriiight.
    This guy Swalwell is openly calling for WAR on his own people, and is willing to (direct others to) use force, (up to and including nukes apparently) to crush and kill any citizens who resist his tyranny. This guy is dangerously delusional — but do no underestimate their ignorance and ability to start something that they can’t stop.

  29. It is time to direct the parks service to erect working gallows on the grounds of the mall in front of the capital, as a reminder.

    In the meantime, censure him thus denying his constituents representation for the remainder of his term.

  30. Go ahead, nuke me right now, this instant. The fallout from unintended consequences would do enough damage to “others” your life would be over. Nuke all gun owners and you’d erase the U.S. From the planet ya moron.
    Let’s do this; quit the adoption of illegal immigrants and ship them home and enforce the border like a real nation would do. Now that you’ve stopped that financial hemorrhage put that money in programs for our inner city youth, it would provide a path for the minorities that feel bound and live a life of Gangs and thugs. Maybe just maybe if they saw a future they’d stop gunning each other down. I’ll bet you could find plenty of homeless vets who could work with them. Wow now you’ve even helped a vet get employment. Blah blah blah. Your not gonna nuke anybody, you won’t even firehose invaders as they jump the border. Go step on a nail or something.

  31. When one segment of our nation is calling for irrational actions against the rest of the nation, such as calling for nukes or supporting slavery, we are headed for a civil war. Interesting how the Democrats are always the innovators or leaders of the irrational concepts. And, yes Georgia, the Democrats were the ones fighting for slavery, and when they lost on that front, for Jim Crow, poll taxes and other racist policies. How quickly we forget history. The only nuclear strikes ever against other humans were also ordered by a Democrat.

  32. We own the Nukes! The nukes belong to the PEOPLE and we are in charge…read the Constitution for once retard Congress Tard! Who the F voted 4 ur simple retarded Communist ass. You should be locked up after 1776 justice.

  33. Danny Griffith is the bath house buddy of this toad. And by the way skippy, the FBI has killed and burned more innocent civilians at Waco and Ruby Ridge than the military can be blamed for in the past century. And you can bet skippy learned his facts at Obama’s knee.


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