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Some activists believe Biden’s team is making more of an effort than past administrations to address urban shootings; ahead of his inauguration, his team tapped Amber Goodwin, who leads a group focused on gun violence in communities of color, to coordinate policy-focused calls with activists. But the tension over this week’s meetings speaks to the demands that the gun violence prevention movement has placed on Biden—demands to be more inclusive and prioritize ending Black deaths as much as white ones. The political dynamics at play are very different from the ones Biden navigated as Obama’s vice president when he tried to pass gun control in the aftermath of the 2012 Sandy Hook massacre. At the time, Black activists, including [pastor Mike] McBride, criticized Biden for focusing too much on white kids dying in school shootings and not nearly enough on Black kids dying from gang-related shootings.

In the intervening years, the movement has broadened its lens, and Biden’s campaign signaled it had, too. And though the White House has yet to take action on its promised gun control agenda, activists remain cautiously optimistic that the Biden administration will fight against gun violence in all its forms.

— Samantha Michaels and Kara Voght in Biden’s White House Is Ready to Tackle Gun Violence. Black-Led Groups Hope They Won’t Be Excluded.

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  1. Oh boy, this will be fun. Stock up on the popcorn. Taking on the gangs and criminals will be quite the punch in the mouth for gun grabbers.

    For a bit of a different view, have a look at a podcast called, “Lifestyles of the Locked and Loaded.”

    • Never mind POTUS DJT who hadn’t a racist bone in his body until the day he ran against the slanderous libelous despicable democRat Party…

      It will be a great day of celebration when Black Americans sit around in the same manner and discuss slavery, segregation, Jim Crow, lynching, the KKK, Eugenics, Gun Control and other race based atrocities. Atrocities that belong lock, stock and barrel to the democRat Party.

      Once democRat Party race based atrocities that occurred in the North, South, East and West are attributed to the democRat Party the democRat Party can be for the first time singled out and held publically liable for Monetary Reparations.

      It is very unfortunate that only a few can connect the despicable tactics used by the democRat Party to prevent Black Americans from running for or holding public office are the same tactics the democRat Party used to remove POTUS DJT by slander and libel. Nothing new, it’s straight from the democRat Party Jim Crow Playbook.

      Bottom line…A Black American belonging to the democRat Party makes as much sense as a Jew belonging to the nazi party.

      • Debbie, are you really ignorant of history or are you just a prejudiced Trump supporter?

        You claimed:

        Never mind POTUS DJT who hadn’t a racist bone in his body until the day he ran against the slanderous libelous despicable democRat Party…”

        Here is one instance where both Donald Trump and his KKK member father Fred Trump were held accountable for their racial profiling practices in rentals.

        “In October 1973, the Justice Department filed this civil rights case in federal court in Brooklyn against Fred Trump, Donald Trump, and their real estate company. The complaint alleged that the firm had committed systemic violations of the Fair Housing Act of 1968 in their many complexes–39 buildings, between them containing over 14,000 apartments. The allegations included evidence from black and white “testers” who had sought to rent apartments; the white testers were told of vacancies; the black testers were not, or were steered to apartment complexes with a higher proportion of racial minorities. The complaint also alleged that Trump employees had placed codes next to housing applicant names to indicate if they were black.

        The Trumps retained Roy Cohn, former aide to Senator Joseph McCarthy, to defend them; they counter-claimed against the government, seeking $100 million in damages for defamation.

        The case was assigned to District Judge Edward R. Neaher. He dismissed the counterclaim and allowed the Fair Housing Act suit to proceed.

        After two years, the matter settled with a consent decree, signed June 10, 1975. It included the ordinary disclaimer of liability (the settlement was “in no way an admission” of a violation”), but prohibited the Trumps from “discriminating against any person in the terms, conditions, or privileges of sale or rental of a dwelling.” Fred and Donald Trump were ordered to “thoroughly acquaint themselves personally on a detailed basis” with the Fair Housing Act. The agreement also required the Trumps to place ads informing minorities they had an equal opportunity to seek housing at their properties. According to a contemporary article in the New York Times, Trump Management was required to furnish the New York Urban League with a weekly list of all apartment vacancies, for two years; the League would get three days to provide qualified applicants for every fifth vacancy in Trump buildings where fewer than 10 percent of the tenants were black.“

        • Oh, noes! Somebody has dredged up a dusty legal dispute from the 1970s! *eye roll*

          We could play that game with anybody who’s ever been in the public eye, and play it forever. (Remember when Kamala Harris lambasted Biden for his record on busing and for caucusing with card-carrying Democrat racists back in the mists of time?) It means next to nothing — the only significance being who gets a pass and who doesn’t.

          Of course Debbie is a biased Trump supporter. Everyone knows that.

          She’s also 110% right about the despicable Democratic party, and everyone except you knows it.

        • In social(ist) justice you have to be punished for any and all social crimes. Even matters that were settled decades ago, and even the alleged crimes of your ancestors.

        • couldn’t scroll past your pedo crap fast enough; my eye caught the npr link… way to reclaim credibility.

        • That’s pretty weak. You should read the article yourself. Look idiot, Trump doesn’t rent apartments, he builds them, and hires people to run them or sell them. Your argument is the same as if an assembly line worker wrote something discriminatory in the glove box of a car he was building and then the owner sueing Ford for being a racist. C’mon man grow up. Oh course it was settled without appointing guilt. The same would have been for Ford.
          In these cases it makes a point without destroying the company and leaves the company with handing the issue how it sees fit.

        • Hey kneeler, I was hoping you would come back because I got something I was holding back for your return.
          Well, here it is. Probably before your time, but, the building that you are talking about is the building that The Jeffersons moved into when they moved to the east side. Look it Kap! There is no way Trump was a racist even though at that time he was a democrat.

        • Minor, I seem to recall that your parents sent you to a (OMG!) SEGREGATED SCHOOL in the early ’70s, had you forgotten that?

    • Jeez I wonder if the fact that the un-wed mother rate is approaching 80% in the black community will get taken up? How about the Democrat policies that have driven that problem ever worse?

      Nah, I didnt think so.

      Imagine if DJT had appointed Thomas Sowell to some leadership position. Would have driven the Left even more insane. Opportunities missed.

  2. Gun Control “Groups” need to focus on their own despicable Gun Control Agenda. An agenda that in any shape or form is rooted in racism and genocide.
    So you group of Gun Control racists and nazis go get Jim Crow Gun Control joe to do your dirty work. Perhaps while you are there you all can let that pervert play with your kids…alone.

  3. I’m interested in Winchester’s newest Ethno-Talon SPX loads (9mm, .40, 10mm, .45) that apparently gate trigger pull in most modern handguns (so called “RaceLock” feature) when pointed at what the patented tip technology detects as the disallowed target skin tone, as marked on the particular packaging options. 85% effective. I see that it’s offered in WhiteSafe, BlackSafe, and LatinSafe loads depending on your locale. This is a step forward.

    • I prefer to mandate smart guns. A built in photosensor would prevent the gun from firing when there is a dark skinned, Black or Latino finger on the trigger. This would prevent about try-thirds of all homicides and three-fourths of all gun homicides.

        • Hey Deb, is he wrong? You can’t fix the problem if you’re afraid to talk about it. You, correctly, say gun control is inherently racist given its most recent Jim Crow usages. Isn’t it pretty bigoted to act like the murder rates in black and Hispanic communities aren’t a problem? Especially since the vast majority of crime occurs as whichever race on others like them.

        • It’s inflammatory, but he’s not wrong. Black people commit a massively disproportionate amount of violent crime in this nation. It’s part and parcel of that Jim Crow Democrat legacy you always bring up, Debbie.

          The Democratic Party is the architect and overseer of the mental and economic slavery that has trapped so many black people over the past 60 years. It’s an evil that I can only dream they’ll one day be held accountable for.

        • “It’s an evil that I can only dream they’ll one day be held accountable for.”

          Same here. It’s absolutely tragic. I don’t see how it happens as long they control 90% of the media and education system. Now they’re in control of tech companies which are even more powerful. They have no fear of accountability.

  4. “Gun control” has been racist for over 3000 years, since the Hittites banned the teaching of edged weapon making to the Israelites.

  5. When guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns. 80 million of us become outlaws. The rest of the population thinks they will be safe. Well, we are then outlaws, what happens if we start acting like outlaws? Asking for a friend.

    • I sneak up on the porch and eat your dogs food? I dont know.
      Well at least look on the bright side 80million potg locked up changes the conversations in DOC from meth to gunms.

  6. I’m all for tackling shooting deaths and homicides in general in melanated urban environments. I’m not sure of any effective way to do that (initially) besides increased police presence, higher prosecution rates, stricter punishments. You know, all the stuff the leftist have been marching around burning cities protesting about all summer.

    • I think you may have stumbled onto the solution…. let those liberal loving cities burn to the ground, preferably with a fence installed around them, ala the Capital. When the escapees show up in your neighborhood, cull the vermin herd. When you dance with the devil, it’s to a wicked tune.

  7. I am having trouble keeping up. I thought it was the scary looking black guns they wanted to outlaw. Now it is white gun violence. I’ll look in the various hidey-holes, but I cannot seem to find any white guns.

    • I’ve seen some white SCCY pistols, a couple CANIKs in white and an AR-12 shotgun in “STW” or storm trooper white, trademark pending.

  8. Roughly 75% of all violent crime is committed by prior convicted felons. I think the solution is pretty obvious.”

    Yes it is. We need to hire way more social workers.

  9. To old to give a Fuck what politicians attempt to do to destroy the 2nd A. At the end of the day it will take bodies to enforce any actions taken. Which will require those bodies to make choices, possibly life or death choices. Then live with or die from the consequences of those decisions. For me I’ve made my Peace. What others decide is of no concern to me. Each will at some point have to choose. Courageous Sacrifice for something Greater than Oneself. Passing along the Freedoms/Liberties others sacrificed for that “We the People” could live in the Freest Nation in human history or Complacent Cowardess that they may have continued life. Even if it must be Under the Boot of Tyranny. Keep Your Powder Dry.

    • F-Troop will do some shock-and-awe raids to scare the rest. Ruby Ridge and Waco will look like Sunday picnics in comparison. The tame media will provide the appropriate spin to keep the dumb proles from protesting.

      • Just remember the American public has an aversion to high body counts. Especially when it’s “Their” family members. This is especially the case when it is the families of Politicians, LE’s and Bureaucrats. If it gets to that point waiting for the “Door Kickers” is to late to act and will require Proactive Measures. As was the case on 4/19/1775. Courageous Sacrifice or Complacent Cowardess either way the choice will be made by All. Keep Your Powder Dry.

      • . I dont know the guy but I think Randy doesn’t like being associated with Koresh, that was two different scenarios. At any rate the BATFE/ FBI doesn’t mind killing kids dogs and nursing mothers do they.
        Whatever happened to Janet Reno? Did she get her linebacker position back with the Pittsburgh Steelers? If every there was a manly woman Janet filled the bill.

  10. Gun control is evil so black led gun control is evil. An agenda to control guns doesn’t end violence but it does end liberty and the means to defend oneself.

    How does race play an issue here? If you pass gun control laws in theory it would effect all races the same. Black shootings are either police or gang related. They are not trying to limit access to police but black civilians. This makes blacks an easier target and creates an inferior culture.

    I don’t understand the meaning “black led groups hope they won’t be excluded”. It seems they want to have a photo op instead of preventing gun violence. Or they want to take credit for creating artificial barriers to gun ownership in essence be the scapegoat republicans use when blacks complain about politics. They black groups are ANTI-BLACK and have no credibility nor intelligent or purposeful contribution to society.

    Gun violence is minimal. Black gun violence is attributed to policies that create a permanent underclass and subculture of ignorance which I reject but these traitorous groups embrace. They failed their race the moment they took up the white elitist cause of disarming Blacks of guns and the means to have civil rights and ownership of property. Since the 90’s poor and at risk Blacks have detested these groups as being subservient to whites and using Black pain and suffering to further white goals of having more power. They are not “woke”.

    Woke is not blindly following white liberal ideals that are by white liberals and for white liberals. Woke is and has always been being aware (awake) of any and all threats internal and external to Blacks living in the United States. Having liberals misappropriate the term to include any random white only cause of the week such as homosexuality or other traditionally non black issues only serves to marginalize Black freedom further in this country through repeated and deliberate misrepresentation.

    TLDR; They paid these coons to advance Black genocide on behalf of racist whites. They are hated by the poor Blacks they are at war with. More gun laws means more dead blacks and more blacks in jail or prison for minor gun violations.

    • BANG. Well said. And speaking strictly for myself, I want to help. But it’s really not my place to unless I’m specifically asked. Not my community, not my business. And I lack the hubris necessary to foist myself upon them uninvited.

    • “I don’t understand the meaning “black led groups hope they won’t be excluded”.

      It goes right along with your TL;DR summary. They want a seat at the liberal/progressive white power table.

      Look for gun control to meld with the whole BLM madness. Everyone will be the worse for it, especially the people they’re trying to “help.” But a few grifters at the top will become fabulously rich and powerful, and that’s what matters.

  11. This is a fairly obvious nod to the idea that POC have started arming themselves on the realization that the state can nor will keep them safe and that they need to interfere with it. I’m betting on there being little to no actual recourse that makes it so criminals will be put in jail longer due to their crimes but rather that they will keep the common man from being able to get guns. Can’t have people getting off the plantation.

  12. Never happen with Kamaltoe at the helm.Let alone the other brown bomb throwers. Hey TTAG yer site is doing some WEIRD chit. & Parler is back up…

    • Anybody who goes back to Parler at this point is a fool.

      The guy who made it what it was is gone, and it’s fully in the hands of utterly amoral hedge-fund mercenaries now. Joining Parler is putting yourself at the mercy of people who see you as nothing more than cattle to be herded, corralled, controlled, and exploited. They want you to think they’re on your side, but they’re not.

      If you want to talk to people who don’t hate you on a platform where the First Amendment always applies, go sign up with Gab.

      • why should social media respect people too dumb to respect themselves?
        plenty of truth out there without chat room membership.

      • “Joining the democrats is putting yourself at the mercy of people who see you as nothing more than cattle to be herded, corralled, controlled, and exploited. They want you to think they’re on your side, but they’re not.”


      • What ING said, doubly so.

        Also noticed the Parlor app is back in Google play store, which means if you join back you WILL be subject to censorship. The knee has been bent.

  13. There used to be a program in Massachusetts to reduce gang violence. It worked so well that it was called the Boston Miracle. I wonder what happened to it and why it wasn’t tried in other cities.

    • It’s kinda like education. When I was in school, we were taught gun safety, driver ed was in school. We knew better, because we were taught better. The left started erasing God, the Pledge, and stopped teaching responsibility for your own actions. Birth control, abortion? Does this not take away a bit of personal responsibility, too? Kinda like Old Joe and Kameltoe bailing “protesters” out, enabling repeat performances nation wide. THAT WAS treason. Parkland was tragic. We should take the guns away? Didn’t this shooter kill his own mother, break into her secured firearms, steal them, and use them to for murder?? I recon that’s NOT THE ISSUE. No trial yet, after how long? We need to get rid of all the drunk cars, they kill. Spoons make people fat, lethal weapons, for sure. Lawyers are politicans! They will be the only winners. Pure stupidity.

      • We could argue abortion, but precisely what aspect of birth control is not taking responsibility for your own actions?

        Oh, and the kid who killed his mother for access to her firearms was Sandy Hook, not Parkland, IIRC.

      • Wrong mass killer, the a$$hole that killer his own mother was Lanza in Sandy Hook. Cruz, in the Parkland case, bought his guns even though he SHOULD have been prohibited.

  14. “And a lot more social workers to replace those who sacrificed themselves for the cause.”

    From what I read and see, there is an endless supply of suckers social workers.

  15. “TDS has infected the DNC since 2016.”

    With Trump out of office, hearing it is called TWS; Trump Withdrawal Syndrome.

  16. Want to stop “gun violence” in black communities? Implement gang control. Gun control is just a phrase used by political grifters so that they and their constituents can continue to absolve themselves of any responsibility for their own actions. In that way, the phrase, “gun control” serves a similar purpose to the phrase “white privilege.”

    • To solve a problem you have to determine the cause, then you find the remedy. Basing the remedy upon something not relevant to the problem will always give a false solution. But we know that all this intrusion on our rights is just to get control. As history has shown many times, to enslave people you have to disarm them first.

  17. Better be careful…there might be a whole lot more brown and black young males incarcerated if they start targeting “gun violence”…especially non-white “gun violence”..
    and that would be…racist….right?

  18. Biden will do nothing to stop any gun violence. He’s going to push gun control measures that will do absolutely nothing to stop future attacks and would have done nothing if they were in place before the media hyped attacks. The bad guys either weren’t restricted, and they had plenty of time unopposed thr swap as many mags as they wanted. The Newtown shooter was even discarding partially loaded mags so that he’d go into a room with a fresh mag. Gang thugs get guns from the black market, so red flags and universal background checks don’t affect them.
    The immediate solution is to crack down on high crime areas and put the perpetrators in jail, like Project Exile did. There’s a limited pool of criminals that are the real troublemakers, and violence drops when these thugs are in jail. It’s almost like getting rid of a virus. Biden won’t do it because putting non-whites in jail will be called racist.
    The long term solution is to fix the schools (which will piss off teachers’ unions), decriminalize drugs and treat addiction as a health problem (dems might be ok), incentivize private investment in these neighborhoods (nope, tax cuts/credits are bad), and reform welfare to encourage work and families (nope, dem power is based on the gimme culture). Funding community based programs to intercept the potential bad guys and mentor them to be productive members of society would help too, which might have a chance from a Dem administration.

  19. All they have to do is enforce the laws. When a gun is used in a felony, that charge should never be allowed to be plea bargained away.

    • Not only that, the guns LE “buys back”, are destroyed without checking if they were used in a crime. WOW. Please help me walk from a felony!

  20. ” “Melanated”? You are KILLING me, here!”

    I thought “melanate” is what they make reusable plastic dinnerware from.



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