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This new group of men and women who wear guns as political statements apparently no longer experience weapons as tools for hunting or for sport. Even claims of defense are suspect. What type of threat necessitates military firepower?

Guns have become identified as symbolizing freedom, individuality or just plain cantankerousness. It makes me miss the old days when a gun was just a tool — albeit sometimes a beautifully crafted one.

The irony of the modern gun movement is that a take-no-prisoner stance on gun rights might just turn into a groundswell of support for tighter gun regulations. When the patriots start to lose gun nuts like me, they teeter on the brink of irrelevance.

The so-called patriots of today risk the very rights they’ve pledged to uphold with their lives. I know it’s a far less exciting thing to promote, but what makes America great is getting things done by talking and compromising.

I do not own an AR-15, and depending on my mood I can make an argument both for and against further regulations. After all, is my favorite deer rifle any less deadly than the scariest-looking assault weapon?

But on Jan. 6 at the Capitol, as I witnessed some of my countrymen threaten to use their weapons against our government, I found regulations more appealing.

It may be tedious to take part in politics on the level of reading about issues and engaging with people, but so far, that’s what makes America the best place to live. If I had to come up with a T-shirt slogan about a weapon, it wouldn’t be a threat, a warning or a brag. How about: A gun is just a gun.

— Brian Sexton in Writers on the Range: Self-described ‘gun nut’ has a warning

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  1. But on Jan. 6 at the Capitol, as I witnessed some of my countrymen threaten to use their weapons against our government, I found regulations more appealing.

    Gee, is he talking about the Q-tards with their zip ties and buffalo skins or the agent of the state who blasted a woman in the face?

    • By all accounts nutty brain sexton is a “moody” ho hum matter of “fact?” guy thinking he discovered a solution with his broad-brushed vision that reads like poetry from a bag of pot.

      What happened on Jan. 6? POTUS DJT and the vast majority of the attendees had zip Nada Nothing to do with trashing the Capitol, etc. Only when it hit home was such a fuss made by all of those D.C. hypocrites who said zip, Nada, Nothing when cities, businesses and government buildings were being looted, burned and destroyed across the country. In fact the suddenly outraged democRat Party crocodile tear hypocrites encouraged all of it.
      And furthermore during yesterday’s Impeachment Farce and in a short amount of time attorneys for POTUS DJT made utter fools out of all of those participating in another witch-hunt…Includes spaghetti legged go-along finger pointing fools like the “huntin’ rifle” writer.

      This “depending on the writer’s mood” determines whether or not he is for or against Gun Regulations/Control. Well do not be suckered in by some waving the white flag clown and his “huntin’ rifle.” By all accounts he is not qualified to run a lemonade stand.

      Since Gun Regulation is another word for Gun Control and Gun Control in any shape or form is rooted in racism and genocide his “mood” for regulation/control obviously depends on whether or not he is attired in a KKK sheet or a Nazi Brown Shirt while wearing his Jim Crow Gun Control joe biden underwear.

      It’s politically inept history illiterate clowns who think they can figure this crap out with their “Good Neighbor Mentality.” Gun Control, Gun Regulation, Sensible Gun Control call it whatever you like, dress it up with whatever you like but the bottom line is…The horrific despicable history of Gun Control is extremely well documented and its stench is never to be repeated no matter what. No matter what misguided moms or busy body do-gooders or gullible fools like d.hogg say or do Gun Control in any shape or form has no place whatsoever in America.

      Instead of the writer sipping tea and sitting around all nice and comfy he should vision himself being the head of a Black Family in a rural setting and the military wing of the democRat Party known as the KKK comes to visit him and his family all because they are Black and Black is not allowed to own a firearm. Providing he is not beaten unconscious he can watch whatever possessions he has go up in smoke and that may include him and his family. Or vision himself being a defenseless Jew in nazi germany and being beaten and put in a crowded freezing boxcar, taken miles away to a frozen concentration camp never to see his family again even if he is lucky enough to survive hell on earth. Millions have paid the price.

      I am not the least bit impressed with the writer or his damned mood swings. It’s go along to get along politically inept history illiterate knuckleheads like him who are to The Second Amendment what a drunk farting gasbag is to fine dining.

  2. “on Jan. 6 at the Capitol, as I witnessed some of my countrymen threaten to use their weapons against our government”

    Too bad he didn’t get some video of that. It would have really helped his narrative more than all the videos of those unarmed people wandering through the halls taking selfies.

    • Agreed. I’ve read a lot about protesters with guns, protesters with bombs, protesters with zip ties, protesters with F-18 fighter jets . . . . alright, I just made up that last.

      What I’ve not seen, or read, are the explosions, or small units maneuvering to get the best fields of fire, or body counts of hundreds, or even thousands. There weren’t any M1 Abrams, or even a smaller mechanized infantry fighting platform. No machine guns. No grenade launchers.

      Jan 6 was a total flop, as insurrections go. Maybe – just maybe – the insurrection is a figment of the left’s imagination?

      • Wow, the disingenuous right wing media machine has really done a number on you. Ridiculous statements like this would be hilarious if they weren’t so damn tragic.

        • So the guys with all the guns staged an insurrection but left their guns at home? This is your contention? You believe this?

  3. I think we can all agree that the traitorous mob that was organized and fomented by former President Trump set our movement back decades. Way to go, you stupid skeeters!

    • No we can not all agree fucktard. Your antifa lead group of Q weirdos and slow kids did no harm to us. In fact their “mostly peaceful” capital protest brought great attention to the hypocrisy and dishonesty of communist democrats.

    • Yes, the guys with all the guns staged an insurrection without actually bringing any guns. What’s it like to live in your world?

  4. Thank you for your opinion, Mr. Sexton.

    I am curious when and where you “… witnessed some of my countrymen threaten to use their weapons against our government …” on January 6?
    The only people with firearms were police and security.

    Arguments like yours are the reason why anyone seems to think “… shall not be infringed…” is negotiable. The patriots who assembled at the capitol on January 6 did so in compliance and intent of our Constitution.

    The anarchist implants were the destructive rioters. But even they did not carry firearms.

    • When one group wishes to extinguish the God-given rights of another group, who wishes only to be left alone, there can be no compromise.

  5. The gunms hes talking about must be those ghost gunms, only certain people have the ability to see those.
    I believe he is right about the gunm deal, on the bragging ,” you wantem come gettem “. I’m kinda of in the out of sight out of mind type. Dont know how much good that does though.
    It’s a mess.
    The old deer rifle, no where in the second ammendment does it say anything about hunting.
    I watched a Popeye cartoon this morning. He was in a giants castle, the giant had all kinds stuff, tires, sugar, silk stockings, rope ect. Everthing for the war effort, Popeye says, ” Uncle Sam could use this .” It looks like that kind of love for country is about gone today, maybe the world needs another war or maybe We The People need a government we feel we can trust and visa versa.
    Hopefully Biden isnt the shithead potg think he is, so far so good on the gunm laws, time will tell but I’d certainly like a government I felt wasn’t trying to take away constitutional rights.
    Maybe they aint?

  6. Geez what a maroon…I agree with “sometimes a gun is just a gun”. They’re not magical talisman’s. @ it’s not an insurrection if no one was armed. TRUMP 2024😏

  7. So January 6th, The Day That Lives In Infamy, changed him into a fan of confiscation and sales bans of certain types of guns. Thanks, but we don’t see it that way nor should you.

  8. A gun is just a tool. I agree.

    His definition of a tool is different from mine. My definition is based on effectiveness, not aesthetics. Nor is it based on colorful adjectives whose meanings are baseless like military grade or style. The meaning of military grade is not more lethal or dangerous but conforming to specific practices in machining and materials. It is also know to many of us to mean made by the lowest bidder.

    I am still a freeman, and my objective is to remain so. I have choices and I am the only one who can decide my best choices, not some faceless bureaucracy or people afraid of responsibility.

  9. The thing with “discourse,” as you describe it, is there is always a “swayin,” effect. As I was reading tgis article, the author was presebting a reasonable argument, and was “swaying,” me, until I got to the “Jan.6” part. What happened on January 6 is very complicated, and has not been sufficiently investigated, or exposed. When it comes down to the bottom line, tgere wer 500,000 people there! If, and that little word is HUGE, they had wanted to, they COULD have done whatever they wanted! The MSM nutjob commentators make it seem like what little damage was done, and the fear that was generated, was a big deal, it really was not. As soon as you use “Jan.6” as a reaxon for changing an opinion, you lose me. What happened does not compare, even slightly, to 7 months of riots, arson, and murder by anarchists! This author is just “soft” on 2a rights, and has now justified his “moral superiority” to his ilk!

  10. Honestly, I see his point. I don’t want more regulation, not at all. I think if any of these assault weapon bans that are flitting around in FL legislation come to pass, I would have two guns left out of… well, more than two. But, my family and friends just about all know that I’m a big 2A advocate, and when they see folks waving guns and screaming patriotism and revolution, they start to look at me askance and ask, “you got any big rallies coming up?” They know I don’t, but they have a hard time sometimes separating gun culture from politics (if they can be fully separated). They know I’m a safe, rational, kind and compassionate person, but they think I’m rarity in the 2A community, which I’m obviously not. I wonder how many other people in their circles that they see as safe and rational also have “scary guns” and just aren’t vocal about it. Maybe if they were, and could show that the vast majority of gun owners are safe and responsible human beings, that would help. Or maybe it would just scare the crap out of them… it’s fun times, y’all.

  11. The point is that the people that would take out a gun against the government do not recognize this government as theirs. I get it, many think it was stolen with illegal elections and others that caused trouble at the break in on Jan 6 were anarchists.
    Read what Jefferson said about watering the tree of liberty.

  12. “But on Jan. 6 at the Capitol, as I witnessed some of my countrymen threaten to use their weapons against our government, I found regulations more appealing.”

    No one even came close to bringing any firearms into the Capital.

    On the other hand, for over a year we had people in the left side of Congress (you know- who sit in chamnbers in the building that was taken over for an hour) actually encouraging people to harass and interupt the every day lives of conservatives going about their normal business, as well as actively providing bail money for their followers who not only chanted “Burn this place down!” but actually did it in a fair number of large, leftist-run urban centers. No condemnation of the resulting violence, loss of life and property, and total disregard for both commonly agreed-upon law and civilized behavior. Where’s the condemnation of these cretins, Brian?


    • You are a man of eloquence and distinction, and I would like to subscribe to your newsletter.

      Seriously: There are infinite ways to say it, but that is the only response people like this guy deserve.

  14. January 6 proves the danger of allowing politicians to make calls on how to prepare for riots. Democrat politicians, in general, did not know how to prepare for riots in Minneapolis, Kenosha, or at the capital. Turning down the National Guard, which was made available by President Trump on January 3, is just one example. Forget the buffalo hat and the zip ties, and the guns that no one brandished (if there were any), the problem was a failure to allow law enforcement to prepare. There may have been leadership quality issues in law enforcement as well.

  15. At the core, he’s right of course. A gun is just a gun. What we make of it is an individual thing.

    That said, looking to increase the regulations on a tool (gun) just because of what someone else does with it doesn’t make sense. Never has, never will.

    I always like to use cars as the analogy so, we dont create special ownership procedures for a Porsche just because its owners have a higher than average likelyhood of speeding.

  16. nobody brought their rifle into the capital you fudd

    a bunch of unarmed riots chilled for a few hours – if they wanted to control it they would have brought rifles.

  17. His comments are silly because compromise is silly. I will not compromise my values and morals. I am a political BEAST so there is not logic in saying my values wand programs will not carry the day. Ideologically he is wrong. A weapons ban is unconstitutional period. I am not going to compromise with people who are trying to talk me out of freedom. They are plain evil.

    The problem here is being complacent and not seeing anti gunners for what they are. They do not believe they are fighting to increase safety, they believe they are disenfranchising people. There is real world harm to antigun and his 50/50 belief system. People who experience more freedom may not be able to articulate why the second amendment matters or why it is important to have the choice of full auto and 100 round drums but I do. Without choice you are a slave. His support of compromise reads like this: Let us put limits on your freedom because we are only after more power to force dependency on our political structure with ever increasing taxes for pointless programs that don’t work and decreasing freedom.

    I do more than question his integrity in stating his opinion. I believe him to be a pathological liar with no interest in the truth. Lies and deceit. I am offended by his very existence. He talks about the Capitol rioters as something bad but I find him to be more so. He is a traitor in the strongest sense by undermining our values. He should be investigated and imprisoned for conspiracy to deny human beings the basic right of self protection. He didn’t make a point. All he said was fear tactics to punk gun owners into letting his antigun anti human rights rhetoric slide. You may be able to have pleasant conversion and debate with him but I would let him know in the clearest way that it is my choice how I defend myself from my real enemies and not his. I will NOT except limits on on right to live free from persecution.

    Never compromise, never split the difference. Wrong is wrong. There is no room for error in judgement. I want full auto with unlimited access to 100+ magazines/drums and I will not be intimidated as into thinking I have to justify my choices to antigunners nor will I submit to arguments of “practicality” or other peoples bias telling me what is good for me or what they believe to be superior choices.

    You find that full auto is unmanageable? I don’t.
    You find that 100 rounds is too heavy? I don’t.
    You find that your accuracy suffers to much? I don’t.

    I scoff as such notions as conjecture and heresy to the uninformed. A bench or bipod or shooting prone can make 100 rounds drums viable but I should not have to ask for permission to train as much as possible with as many weapon systems as possible in my journey to be the type of person I want to be which in as skilled and knowledgeable about shooting as possible. Without access to different guns and ammo making informed decisions and learning what solutions work best for you become impossible. When they start saying they can ban one it opens the door to banning any and all.

    Their one gun for all is not intelligent or acceptable. (a small selection of guns leads to lack of proficiency and they do not fit all situations)
    Their argument that it creates safety is not acceptable. (the opposite is true but they actually do wish to make people disarm physically and mentally so as to roll over politically on all issues)
    Their argument that if they can save one life it is worth it is not acceptable. (They would not ban all cars if one pedestrian was killed in a hit and run so they are hypocritical)
    Their argument of murder rates too is unacceptable. (crime rates go down but they still whine)
    Their tactic of putting onus on the gun owner to defend why he needs this or that is not acceptable.

    They cannot make a clear argument why what you want should not be allowed so they force you to explain why you need it in hopes that you struggle to answer and in doing so make it seem that you really don’t know and that alone should be grounds for an items banishment. That is not freedom nor is it just. That is a cheap ploy of debate. “I can’t tell you why you are wrong but if you cannot tell me why you are right you should be punished”.

    If you do not start making it clearer that they are in then wrong and that they are not allowed to repeatedly employ bulling tactics to force their political bias on you then I will have to singlehandedly have to invert society and cause radical change that will FOREVER impair their ability to infringe on people who live and let lives right to self choice and self destiny.

    It is pretty sad when an item is banned the attitude is “oh well I didn’t need that particular item anyways”. Compromising leads to incremental socialism. I wouldn’t give the bastards a fraction of an inch. In short they are as bad as fascist Nazis so why coddle them or negotiate with them? I see then in that light and could expose them so others do too. My words move mountains.

    They will never prevent any violence or crime and acting as though they can makes for a rather lousy political foundation. They can not prevent dedicated attackers from attacking so gun control arguments appeal to either stupid people or people who are on the side of the bad guys. Shit happens and trying to legislate a world that is violence free is not going to ever work. They would rather have violence as an excuse to limit freedom and expand police power than tackle social issues at the source by addressing the elephant in the room that all crime stems from their secret societies and black op intelligence agencies.

    It makes me mad because I know they don’t care about people and then to wrap themselves in a blanket of lies proclaiming they are somehow moral or have proven leadership or all the while eroding the freedoms of the people they claim to serve is sickening. They are the enemy.

    Blacks do not like them. They do not protect us. Their ideology is theirs alone and yet us blackface(s) to advertise their white liberal only policies that only they agreed on with the words “we all agreed” on is dismissive and marginalizing to African Americans. They are the party of lgbt not the black anything. Blacks are not supportive of lgbt on anything and would never ally with gays for anything. ANYTHING. Honestly lgbt is racist and offensive from a historical and cultural point of view but that is another rant.

    I don’t think Biden won the election because he said he wanted to restore law enforcement communities when blacks were very loudly decrying police and wanted the police defunded. I think he wanted trump impeached so that he could steal the election. I think he got record votes because he have double voting or more votes than there were voters.

    Black people don’t really like democrats. People has that bias but that is because the only blacks on tv are paid shills. Poor blacks are not allowed to give their honest opinion are are silenced or coerced into paying lip service to them. Things like democrats talking about how they ended segregation but they were the ones who started it and other convoluted history.

    He found regulations more appealing. He is a tory. Being adamant in your rights as a American does not increase the chances of losing more freedom. He is using scare tactics because he is an idiot. Nobody is scared of him or his idle threats. I will NEVER forget what he said or his cowardice. He is my enemy for life. His disregard for human lives and what’s at stake versus his lame attempts to sugarcoat government overreach and breaking of the social contract. The Capitol Riot happened because government has been too abusive. They deserved the scorn they were shown. Right to rule is not absolute. The government played stupid games and won stupid prizes. People lost respect for then when they make it clear they were going to run the country their way despite the wishes of the voters. They do not respect citizens so they do not deserve respect.

    What makes America great is NOT compromise but the ability to address grievances to the state. The state routinely makes up lies to engage in warfare against its own people then use dishonest tactics to manipulate the people into giving up their freedom. If people vote against some government scheme the government just keeps pushing it back on the table again and again and again until they get what they want or they just ignore the vote and do whatever they damn well please. If people make it clear their intentions how they wish to live and decide their own destiny government is there to correct them and inform them they voted wrong and nudge them in a direction not of their own choosing. They do not respect due process, the law, nor the aspirations set forth in the constitution. They only care about self interest and they do not care about blacks, women, gays, or any other perceived group they are claiming to protect. Your own personal experience tells you that they are lying so why take their side on any matter or give them any benefit of doubt? Why ignore their heavy handed and one sided approach to governing the nation. In other words their stance is you are a child that needs to blindly obey a government who acts like a mother who does not love you. They are totalitarian rule with democracy as sheepskin covering. They employ media to lie and put a slant so people can’t see it and they use dark psychology and gaslighting to make the public second guess themselves.


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