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New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern (AP Photo/Thibault Camus)
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If you thought that Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern would be satisfied with just a “mandatory buyback” of scary-looking semi-automatic firearms after the Christchurch mosque shootings, we have some “President Beto O’Rourke Welcomes You to the White House” t-shirts we’d like to sell you.

With Kiwis producing an unsurprisingly low compliance rate for the current confiscation buyback scheme, New Zealand’s powers that be realized they have a problem. Unlike Australia, NZ didn’t have a firearms registry. That means they have no way of knowing who owns what guns or how many of them. That also means they can’t go out and collect the newly-illegal firearms from people who choose not to participate in the, uh, mandatory buyback.

The simple solution: create a firearms registry!

We have only one question: why do the galaxy brains who run New Zealand’s government think the compliance rate with a registry will be much better than it is for the confiscation (see New York and California for relevant examples)?

By Nick Perry, Associated Press

Six months after a gunman killed 51 people at two Christchurch mosques, New Zealand’s government is planning further restrictions to gun ownership.

A bill introduced to Parliament on Friday would create a register to track all the guns in the country and require gun owners to renew their gun licenses every five years instead of every 10. It would also place new responsibilities on doctors to notify police if they believe a gun owner shouldn’t have a license due to concerns over the owner’s mental health.

The government hopes lawmakers will approve the legislation by the end of the year.

The proposed measures come after New Zealand in April rushed through legislation to ban assault weapons such as AR-15 style rifles.

New Zealand Guns
Acting superintendent Mike McIlraith shows New Zealand lawmakers in Wellington, an AR-15 style rifle similar to one of the weapons a gunman used to slaughter 51 people at two Christchurch mosques. Six months after the gunman killed 51 people, New Zealand’s government is planning further restrictions to gun ownership. A bill introduced to Parliament on Friday, Sept. 13, 2019 would create a register to track all the guns in the country and require gun owners to renew their gun licenses every five years instead of every 10. (AP Photo/Nick Perry, File)

The government has launched a buyback scheme to compensate gun owners for the outlawed semi-automatics, and has so far collected about 19,000 weapons and 70,000 parts. The gun buyback and a parallel gun amnesty run until December.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern told reporters in Christchurch the focus remained on preventing another attack like the one on March 15. She said the attack exposed weaknesses in gun laws, which the government was fixing.

“We absolutely recognize there is a legitimate need in our communities to be able to access guns, particularly our rural community,” Ardern said. “But what these changes do is recognize that actually there’s a real responsibility that comes with gun ownership.”

Ardern has previously made the point that New Zealand has a different view on guns than the U.S., where gun ownership is seen as a constitutional right and is interpreted by many to be a defense against potential government overreach.

“Owning a firearm is a privilege not a right,” Ardern said on Friday.

Brenton Tarrant, a 28-year-old Australian white supremacist, has pleaded not guilty to terrorism, murder and attempted murder charges following the March attacks. He remains in jail ahead of his trial.

The judge in the case this week agreed to a request by prosecutors to delay the start of the trial by a month until next June to avoid a clash with the Islamic holy month of Ramadan.

Judge Cameron Mander noted that many of the witnesses are Muslim and that defense lawyers hadn’t raised any objections to the delay.

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  1. “Owning a firearm is a privilege not a right,” [NEW ZEALAND]

    “Owning a firearm is a right- and a duty – not a privilege.” [U.S.A.]

    Thank God I live here and not there.

    • New Zealand is the Globalist Elite ‘Safe Space’. Many have purchased vast properties, built lavish underground and above ground shelters, and pumped hundreds of millions of dollars into the economy and into buying elections for their Socialist Democrat politicians.

      The False Flag massacre at the Synagogue at Christchurch was necessary to invoke these laws to make things safe for them to escape to New Zealand and reside there in the event they are hunted back in the United States for starting the next Civil War.

      Remember: ALL politicians are merely FRONT MEN for the Globalist Paymasters. There are very few exceptions.

      • Do those people that purchased these bunkers and safe spaces really believe the govemnt won’t swoop in and just take over for the greater good. Stuffing 30 people into a hobbit hole designed for a family of four. Sad sad little people. Your money is spent to finance the building and supplying the hobbit holes. Start practicing your new favorite mantra “that’s not fair that’s my stuff bro”. Or the never to late one “socialism sucks get your own stuff”.

        • These people aren’t giving up their arms. Not on a bet. They will also have very professional security teams with them. A small govt. Like NZ’s will not be a problem for them.

    • Owning a firearm is a right regardless of were you live since its an extension of the unalienable right to life and self-preservation, its just some people (governments) wrognly deny its existence.

    • When you don’t stand up when the time comes. You will lose it all. As they did in England and Australia. From 1999. 10 minutes long.

      A Warning to the Gun Owners of the World

  2. How is a registry going to fix noncompliance? They are not complying with the mandatory buy back so how stupid does someone have to be to think that they will comply with mandatory registration? The lack of intelligence and common sense boggles the mind. New Zealand is ahead of the United States with this stupidity. If New Zealand goes off the chain maybe the idiot politicians here will have a wake up call. I doubt it but a little false hope is better than no hope.

    • I see many Kiwis choosing one gun as their “sacrificial lamb” to register so they can continue renewing their licenses, while keeping the rest hidden in a safe place.

      • Tbh, this is actually a good idea and one of the best reasons to keep a rusty old shotgun or .22 around. Thrift stores ftw.

      • ” I see many Kiwis choosing one gun as their “sacrificial lamb” to register so they can continue renewing their licenses, while keeping the rest hidden in a safe place ”

        Well, now we can expect NZ to require a license for every gun as the next step.

        It never stops. The Disarmament Cartel will not quit until every civilian gun in the world has been melted down and cast in to participation trophies and fixtures for gender-neutral bathrooms.

        • That maybe but eventually here at least the cost will outweigh the benefit and people will still have guns. Granted they may not be able to go out and shoot them anytime anywhere but they will certainly still have them. I still say it’s not hard to outsmart people that are stupid enough not to think this thing through. The government sees the goal not what it would take to accomplish the goal. In certain states there are people right now that are breaking the law due to noncompliance but they still have their guns. We see our goal as doing just that, keeping our guns. The difference is we have thought about how to make that goal a reality. Atleast I know I have.

    • It doesn’t fix the current non-compliance. This is a future play on anyone who owns guns that are currently legal and thus would presumably comply with this new directive. Then in the future as they tighten restrictions they don’t have to rely on compliance to confiscate newly declared illegal guns.

      It could also be more sinister, hoping that some of the non-compliant gun owners would still register their current collection of guns that are still legal and then once the deadline passes pay all the registered gun owners a visit to see if they own anything that wasn’t declared on their registration.

      • You got it….. That’s EXACTLY why they’re trying to get people to sign up their weapons…. For future confiscation….
        One thing is for sure, being able to watch this play out in real time in New Zealand gives us a Birdseye view of how the Democrats in this country will eventually carry out their evil plan to disarm the American people…
        We can plan and stock up and figure out ways to “lose our weapons in a boating accident”…

        • George Washington and Tex300blk, that’s what I was getting at. If they can’t get people to comply with mandatory buy backs how are they going to get compliance with mandatory registration? They can’t. Or like Guesty McGuesterson said, people will offer up a sacrificial lamb and the rest will disappear. That of course will also be dependent on what kind of strong arm plan the government tries to pull to force the issue.

      • “It doesn’t fix the current non-compliance.”

        What it will do is drive all unregistered guns underground.

        Then when the police come across guns as they do their duties, like spot-checks of gun ranges and shoots on private property, they can call in the serial number and check to see if it’s registered.

        Possession of unregistered guns will result in mandatory prison time and a felony record.

        Unregistered guns will still be out there, but of little practical use to the gun owner, since they won’t be able to shoot it outdoors without risk of prison time…

        • That’s true but I’d rather have it hidden than not at all. Which is like you said driven underground. Out of sight out of mind is better than giving them up to the government. People shouldn’t have to have to be convinced to protect themselves. I know I certainly don’t anyway.

          Honestly I think this just goes to show how stupid government can be. Not just our own but in general.

    • “How is a registry going to fix compliance?”

      They could simply ruin people financially.
      A registry is only a part of the solution. The registry will track the listed owners but will be followed by more punitive legislation. Fines, denial of credit/loans, denial of work by fining potential employers, asset or property seizure …. you get the idea. If they can’t get your guns they will either seize other assets or attempt to ruin you through legalized financial extortion.

      • That’s possible but all they would have in this country is that you bought them not that you still have them. They would also have to prove that you have them, even hidden. Hell I know plenty of people that have a cutting torch and scrap metal. Melt a bunch of metal into a pile and give it to the goons that come to collect. If I can’t have them neither can they. Hell for that matter save some burnt out barrels to throw into the mix. I keep my guns hidden and they are placated enough to go away. Everyone is happy, especially me.

    • Jacinda is certainly no Sarah Palin.

      Reminds me of that anti-Nixon bumper sticker with a photograph of Nixon and the question:


      Imagine an anti Jacinda Arden bumper sticker with her photograph and the question:


      BTW Jacinda, your fraud has been exposed. People who watched the video before you had it scrubbed know that the primary weapons used in the mosque massacre were 12 gauge shotguns, not scary looking, black AR-15 rifles.

      • I’ve watched the entire video. Shotgun used until it ran dry, then tossed away at the very beginning. Resumes firing with AR as he eventually leave and shoots his last victim ( a female ) as she walked near the street. AR was primary weapon, no two ways about it.

        • Who fkn cares what weapon he used jackass…. SECOND AMENDMENT…. NO TWO WAYS ABOUT IT…. AND I JUST KNOW YOU WON’T BE TAKING SHITE FROM ME

        • Ask James Crawford why HE cares so much what weapon was used. By the way, I’ll post what ever the fuck I want to you tough talking sack of shit.

    • She is the very spit of some type-cast “evil queen” movie villain, both in look and manner (and action, now). How NZ voters –even women– didn’t run away screaming from her in the first place, I’ll never know.

  3. Golly peop er gun control doesn’t work in NewZealand. With a tiny poulation lower than the county I live in(Cook county,ILL). Has beta boy thought about that?!? Sorry I know he doesn’t think😋

  4. “…New Zealand has a different view on guns than the U.S., where gun ownership IS a constitutional right to be a defense against worsening government overreach.”


  5. Next step… go from door to door. Leaving a trail of blood and death. The stupid people at some point will learn or else….door to door.

      • I agree to a certain extent. If ownership becomes illegal the last thing any government wants is to be in the middle of a blood bath killing their own people. The world didn’t take kindly when Hitler and the Camon (?) Rouge, Mohammed Farid Adid, and many others did it. Granted those were different reasons but it was still done by the government or new controlling government.

    • Exactly. They have time to wait you out. And, after you’re gone, the kids will probably get rid of the stuff because it will be too difficult to keep hiding your stuff.

  6. Jacinda Ardern is far more concerned with protecting the sex offenders within her own party and parliamentary crew, and terrorizing the farmers who generate a third of our nationwide income, than with following up on anything she started in haste with no mental input. A kneejerk reaction is not a well considered, workable government policy.
    She blackmailed all of our parliament into banning semi autos on no grounds other than fear of scary looking firearms. Hoplophobia personified. She has never held or fired a gun in her life. There is not much hope of National deposing her in next year’s elections, as they have a moron for a leader. I suspect that firearms owners will continue to turn their backs and hope she goes away. She will, one day. Meantime…(crickets).

  7. It’s pretty clear to everyone that the powers-that-be in kiwiland are not particularly competent, and it’s also obvious that the plan is to get things registered so that confiscation will be possible the next time they decide to add things to the ‘banned’ list.

    What I don’t see is why anyone who owns firearms would cooperate with this idiocy, considering that they have the option of stashing the hardware and waiting until these fools are voted out.

  8. I picture New Zealand gun owners sitting there like Milton listening to to Lumbergh blather on.

    Take the stapler get a structure fire.

      • Strychnine in the guacamole

        Won’t happen though, even though it’d probably only take a posse of like a couple hundred guys to depose that government (sorry, I don’t see local cops or whatever military you have standing against that many people, not knowing how many more are waiting to shoot them in the back)

  9. Obviously this call for registration is a reaction to the low compliance rate with the forced buy-back. Now they want to know what everyone has so they can show up and take it away at their leisure.

    My answer here in the USA is NO!

  10. A white western country needs to lose it’s freedom. Then the rest of the western world will see it can happen to them. Because the dark skinned criminals aren’t giving up their guns.


    It’s the same in the USA. But don’t worry, Rosie O’Donnell, and people like her will always have guns. The “establishment” whoever they are, will always have guns.

    • Criminals of ANY color won’t give up their guns.

      As far as white-majority Western nations losing their freedoms goes, I’d say you overestimate their freedoms to begin with, and most of them have had plenty of despotisms in their history.

      I’d also extend that to West-aligned nonwhite-majority nations too; ask yourself how much 2A, 4A, 5A, or 8A you’ll have in Japan or Singapore.

      • Victor
        You need to ask yourself why Japan and Singapore don’t have nearly the level of crime compared to western countries? Their system works for them. However in Venezuela not so much. I’m not saying the American Bill of Rights be forcefully imposed on other nations.

        Some people just aren’t ready for freedom. They not interested in fighting for freedom. Including those in western countries.

    • Why? I’d rather spend the dough on ammo or cheap but effective booby traps. My last landlord was lucky to walk away when he “dropped in” unannounced. The very next day, 3-4 friends couldn’t have helped him. Consider the lady of the house and that becomes 5-8.
      Wish we had space for a couple giant dogs. Then the ratio needed becomes something like 6-1 and most of the 6 STILL get hurt. Not a good career plan IMO.

  11. This is a GREAT idea! Absolutely FABULOUS! Maybe it will go viral and become GLOBAL! WOW!! Just think of all the Free Range Unicorn steaks, burgers, and ribs I could put on the grill. Mmmm, mmmmm, yummy!

  12. She can’t even grab right. You’re supposed to come off as understanding and balanced and impose the registry first to avoid severe backlash from the gun owners while tossing a bone to the grabbers then in two or three years you confiscate based on the registry. Stupid bitch.

  13. As I’ve commented previously I spent June and July in a rural area in the south of New Zealand. Local compliance when I left was 0 guns handed in. Anger levels of firearm owners was pretty high.

    Police are also carefully not mentioning that the shooter did not comply with the law to own the weapons used but they gave him one anyway. Opinion among those who know this varies from incompetence by police or corruption. Most people think incompetence.

    NZ has a parliamentary system with no upper house and judges seeming to defer to the government more than USA. So the challenges to the law by legal owners will probably go against them.

    Unfortunately for firearm owners they have had licencing for years. So the government has a list of who but not what they own for rifles and shotguns. Pistols are supposed to be registered. The other change is that the existing 10 year licences are now going to be 5 years without any compensation.

    NZ is now a great example of why the government should not know who owns firearms and what they own.

  14. I don’t think.its possible to prevent someone feom.using a gun in a crime merely by registration. The penalty for gun crimes far exceeds that for not registering.
    So No one buys the lie that registration saves lives. It’s a first step sending out letters before taking steps to render the person unable to work, travel or even live . Then comes the 4 am knock.

      • Yep wasn’t it just in the news of kids being killed in China with a knife and again in Tennessee I think? Hell terrorists took down a plane on 9/11 with box cutters for crying out loud. Box cutters and a plane killed hundreds. Someone recently pointed out more stupidity on another article about why don’t we have breathalyzer interlocks on vehicles if the government and democrats are so wrapped around the axle about people getting killed. I think that was Geof maybe or Sam I am. Either way it’s not about people dying. The government doesn’t give a shit if we die or not. They care about control and total control is better than what they have now.

        • Wood. I disagree. Governments follow life cycles, just like any other “industry”. Small governments care about their constituents in the beginning because they live among them and see them every day. But as they grown larger and more impersonal, the representatives live further away in their ivory towers from the masses, and become disconnected. THEN they no longer care.

          • I’d concede that governments formed by people who have freshly won self determination care about the people, since they are the people. It doesn’t take long for those in power to self deify and begin to look after their interests only or decide they know what’s best for you whether you agree or not.

  15. Why don’t they just put up more signs: “No Guns Allowed”. That works, right? Put them every mile, like speed limit signs….just to remind people. Of course, these are the same people who forget that killing is illegal. They’ll have to make signs for that next.

  16. … why do the galaxy brains who run New Zealand’s government think the compliance rate with a registry will be much better than it is for the confiscation?

    That is the wrong way to look at it.

    Rather, New Zealand’s government is setting themselves up for super-duper positive optics. It goes like this: New Zealand’s government passes the new law requiring registration, something like 10,000 people register their firearms, and then government claims a huge victory for registering all the firearms in New Zealand!

    The fact that 200,000 people refused to register their firearms and the compliance rate was only 5% does not matter because NO ONE CAN CONCRETELY ESTABLISH THE COMPLIANCE RATE. While it may be true that only 5% complied, no one can actually prove that. In the absence of any compelling evidence to the contrary — and with the willing participation of a complicit mainstream media — New Zealand’s government then looks like a knight in shining armor.

  17. This line right here says it all:

    A bill introduced to Parliament on Friday would create a register to track all the guns in the country …

    No it would not!!!

    Rather, it would create a registry to track a FRACTION of the guns in the country. And that FRACTION of guns would correspond to the FRACTION of firearm owners who CHOSE to comply. And there would be a significant FRACTION of firearms in the country that would NOT be on the registry.

    Nevertheless, the masses will not know this, the complicit mainstream media will not talk about this, and New Zealand’s government will publicly solicit accolades for a job well done.

    • Wow, giving themselves a pat on the back for a job well done. What a lie.
      That lasts until the next act of violence happens, then the next knee-jerk reaction to “do something” occurs.
      Just look at states like Quackifornia, NY, NJ. Witness the US urban areas run by godless liberal idiots voted for by other godless liberal idiots and you’ll understand what successful government looks like.
      They don’t want real solutions. This is why they cast blame elsewhere and use peripheral arguments to justify their corrupt lies and suppress those brave enough to confront them.
      At some point running is no longer an option. They’ll not stop hounding you until you’re give up tired, financially broken, or dead.

  18. US:registration leads to confiscation.
    NZ:confiscation leads to………..Registration?

    I think someone got confused on the steps here.

  19. “The only power any government has is the power to crack down on criminals. Well, when there aren’t enough criminals, one makes them. One declares so many things to be a crime that it becomes impossible for men to live without breaking laws.”

    Ayn Rand

    • Do not click on this poster’s link. It’s only an attempt to get TTAG’ers to shop at his store.

  20. So, peole who won’t give them their guns will report into a registry … to be used to take their guns.

    • Who’s your Insurance Carrier that Insure your firearms against Fire, Flood, or Theft. If their Insured their already registered, even if the insurer is the NRA…

      • I’m self insured. No entity has a complete list of everything I’ve lost in a tragic boating accident. Not even me!

  21. So, people who won’t give them their guns will report into a registry … to be used to take their guns.

  22. Create more restrictions, create a bigger black market. Good job! Jacinda “Skeltor” Ardern fails at human behavior again.

  23. that New Zealand woman is an idiot, everything she has done is not going to make one single bit of difference , she is just wasting everybody’s time and money, there is probably something to do about it but her taking the easy way out because she don’t know anything else to do is stupid

  24. Go for it NZ. America could do well to copy your example. The government must set the tone and atmosphere with the law.

    • How did you get off your government leash? You don’t deserve the safety you are too scared to secure for yourself and you definitely don’t deserve the liberty you are so willing to trade security for.

  25. I have a dozen AR-15’s. I would be happy to sell them back to you for $5 million dollars each. If you agree, I can give you the legal weapons upon receipt of $60 million US Dollars (don’t want your worthless currency)! Let me know!

  26. Leftist shitbags are the enemy. They are not to be negotiated with, or trusted. There is zero….ZERO…. Decent Democrats or leftists. It doesn’t matter who they are, or what relationship they have with you. If they are of the left, they are the enemy. Plain and simple.

    Leftist shitbags deserve zero quarter or peace. They deserve only to be removed from the public sphere. At some point they will pick a fight. When that happens, remember…. They deserve nothing. Nothing….. No aid, no quarter, no assistance, nothing…. They scream for our heads to be put on a pike, it is well past time…. For us to respond in kind. They want a fight, we have to utterly decimate them. We have to destroy every single one of them.

    Also IDGAF if I sound like a monster. They want us to be destroyed, they want us removed from the public sphere, they want us in shackles, they want to physically harm us….. Remember who these shitbag commies are. Remember what they want. Remember, that to them, all of us are subhuman scumbags deserving of eradication.

    We should give them what they want for us.

    Remember, those of the left, are the enemy. No peace or quarter. . .

  27. First: Registry of all guns
    Next: Confiscation of all guns
    Lastly: Government now free to do as it chooses. Subjects (NOT ‘citizens’!) cannot effectively resist whatever ‘laws’ Government chooses!
    Result: Total control and/or chaos!

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