Phil Murphy new jersey smart gun law
New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy signs another gun control bill. (AP Photo/Seth Wenig)
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Earlier this week, New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy signed an executive order directing state agencies to cut off business with firearms-related businesses that don’t bend to his particular (vague) standards of good business practices.

He’s also threatening to pull the state’s business from banks that won’t disclose their relationships with gun makers and other firearms-related businesses.

The NSSF has issued the following press release regarding Murphy’s executive order . . .

NEWTOWN, Conn. — The National Shooting Sports Foundation® (NSSF®), the trade association for the firearms industry, released the following statement on New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy’s executive order that threatens to end business relationships with firearms manufacturers and retailers if they don’t adopt vaguely defined business practices.

“Governor Murphy’s executive order is a broad and open invitation to discriminate against firearms manufacturers and retailers. It will do nothing to curb illegal gun sales and will only serve to punish licensed and law-abiding small businesses engaged in the lawful commerce of constitutionally protected products. Furthermore, trying to regulate by coercion interstate commerce outside of New Jersey is clearly an overreach of the governor’s power and authority.

If Governor Murphy wants to work on real solutions to make our communities safer, he needs to work with the firearms industry. We conceived the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) and our industry conducts an average of 38,000 new NICS checks daily. We know what works and what doesn’t, and we are continually working to improve and strengthen background checks.

The firearms industry also works with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives to prevent straw purchases of firearms through our Don’t Lie for the Other GuyTM campaign. No one wants to stop the criminal misuse of firearms and ensure they stay out of the hands of criminals more than our industry.  We also partner with ATF in Operation Secure Store to provide retailers with education and resources to secure their inventory from theft.

Governor Murphy wrongly sees member of the firearms retailers as contributing to the criminal misuse of firearms when in reality they are on the front lines of helping to prevent firearms from rolling into the wrong hands. They are part of the solution. Our industry stands ready and willing to work with Governor Murphy on real solutions, but our industry does not deserve to be vilified, threatened and discriminated against through meaningless regulations being proposed strictly for political motivations.”

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  1. Nice words that the Governor of New Jersey couldn’t care less about. Until these little dictators are held personally responsible for their reprehensible actions nothing will change.

  2. Isn’t it convenient that he is trying to establish a state bank at the same time using the excuse to cut business with other banks who have ties with the firearm industries?

  3. calling people shooting other people gun violence is like calling abortion health care
    its tantamount or roughly analogous to saying timothy mcveigh and terry nichols did some building demolition for the us federal government in oklahoma city
    if they win this its going to because of shit like that
    we wont start winning until we learn how to control the language and the narrative:
    as long as theyre called assault rifles
    >which theyre not-theyre modern sporting rifles
    and as long as its called arming teachers
    >which it isnt-its discontinuing the practice of violating their human rights by disarming them
    we will continue to take it on the chin

  4. The gun grabbers have been yanking on the second amendment for 60 years. It’s too bad we can’t find somebody with the brains to stop this repeated nonsense.

  5. Calling for state agencies to cut ties with firearms related businesses? Like the… oh I don’t know…. State Police who kinda need guns and ammo? Freakin moron.

  6. Every political hack in favor of gun control should lead by example and disarm their security, give up their firearms, and then post a sign on their front lawn “Gun Free Zone”. Molon Labe, mic drop.

  7. I hope that by this he intends to direct his personal security and the state police to sever relationships with firearms related businesses. And I hope that those firearms related businesses in return refuse to do business with his security and with the state of New Jersey. I call for an all out ban on any firearms manufacturer or ammunition manufacturer who does any business with New Jersey.

    • I call for an all out Boycott all firearms manufacturers and all ammunition manufacturers who do any business with New Jersey or Murphy.

  8. The more the anti gun left overreaches like this, the more lawsuits that can be made for the courts to strike these unconstitutional efforts down.

  9. He’s a shitbird. He should opt out from having armed LE security. I’m sure the State Police on his security detail just love his hypocrite ass.

  10. All firearms manufacturers should stop supplying arms and ammo to the State of New Jersey.

    Further, firearms manufacturers should stop supplying arms and ammo to all of the slave States.

    There are about 660,000 law enforcement officers in the entire country. There are hundreds of millions of us.

    They should choose with whom they wish to do business, hundreds of millions or hundreds of thousands.

  11. Morons vote other morons into office.Paul’s letter to the Romans states that in the last days right before Christ comes back to stop this nonsense men thinking themselves wise instead have become utter fools

  12. How about this; all gun manufacturers stop all shipments of firearms, ammo and all related items to states like NJ who suppress the rights of their citizens? I realize there are contracts but do it anyway.

  13. Gun and ammo makers should cut NJ off right now. Whatever business is lost will be made up elsewhere. Let the NJSP go to PA to buy guns.

  14. One can make one’s career on a successful high-profile racketeering, or abuse of authoritiy prosecution, right? (Asking for a friend.)

  15. “Earlier this week, New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy signed an executive order directing state agencies to cut off business with firearms-related businesses that don’t bend to his particular (vague) standards of good business practices.”

    Why don’t firearms manufacturers and gun retailers cut off sales to all state agencies in states that refuse to comply with the U.S. Constitution? This would include cutting off all sales to the taxpayer-funded bodyguards for New Jersey governors, namely the New Jersey State Police. This step is long overdue. The few sales they’d lose from state agencies in the People’s Republic of New Jersey, Commiefornia, etc. would be more than made up for by increased purchases from private gun owners in all 50 states for any gun manufacturers who choose to side with the U.S. Constitution!

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