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As a general rule, speech isn’t “incitement” unless it’s not only directed to producing “imminent lawless action,” but also likely “to produce such action.” Terrorism is also a defined term under law. A person commits an act of terrorism if they violate the criminal law with the intention of intimidating or coercing civilians, influence policy by intimidation or coercion, or “affect the conduct of government” through “mass destruction, assassination, or kidnapping.”

I quote these definitions to demonstrate the utter absurdity of the (City of San Francisco’s) resolution. The NRA advocates lawful actions. A good portion of its advocacy is dedicated to requesting that the government more effectively enforce gun laws. Moreover, it uses lawful means to advocate lawful actions. It isn’t using criminal acts to “affect the conduct of government”; it’s using its constitutionally protected rights.

It would be one thing if the government of San Francisco was “merely” engaged in inflammatory name-calling and vicious public posturing. Government officials make dramatic and ridiculous declarations all the time.

But here San Francisco goes farther. It mandates that the city and county should “take every reasonable step to assess the financial and contractual relationships our vendors and contractors have with this domestic terrorist organization” and that the city and county “should take every reasonable step to limit those entities who do business with the City and County of San Francisco from doing business with this domestic terrorist organization.”

This is a direct, viewpoint-based attack on the freedom of association of private citizens. It’s a retaliatory public attack on constitutionally protected speech. It flies in the face of recent California federal court precedent. And…the NRA filed a lawsuit to block its enforcement.

– David French in San Francisco’s Assault on the NRA Is Dangerous to Our Democracy thousands of new and used guns at great prices

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  1. Do they really want us to act like what they’re accusing us of being?

    As the old saying goes, “if lawful gun owners were really were as evil as gun banners claim, there wouldn’t be any gun banners.”

    • It never even occurs to them that we might. They know the NRA isn’t violent. They know the NRA isn’t a terrorist organization. They hate us, but they don’t fear us. They hold us in contempt.

      • Oh they fear us, all right. They wouldn’t want our guns if they didn’t fear us. We stand in the way of their absolute rule.

        • An excerpt from the University of Hawaii study referenced above:

          “During the 1930s, Stalin ordered a number of purges against presumed enemies of the people. These were carried out by the NKVD (predecessor to the KGB), which on the flimsiest of presumptions, and in many cases without any evidence of any wrongdoing at all, would arrest and torture citizens until they would admit to whatever the interrogator demanded. Then the NKVD would shoot them to death. Sometimes, the NKVD would murder people on no pretext at all–simply to meet a quota.

          Top communists believed that there was a certain percentage of the population that opposed the Communist Party, and therefore had to be eliminated. But in typical communist fashion, this was not something that could be left to the discretion of low-level cadre. After all, to ensure that lower level cadre were correctly guided in their work, the Party had to put a production quota on iron, steel, pigs, wheat, and virtually everything else of an economic nature. Thus it is logical that officials would also be given quotas of people to murder. Furthermore, it was consistent with the communist idea of central planning and control. From Moscow NKVD headquarters the order would go out to a village or town to kill so many “enemies of the people,” and soon enough the local henchmen would report back that the task was completed.

          That such orders would be given is incredible enough, and that the local official would obey them is also unbelievable. Vladimir and Evdokia Petrov, in their book appropriately titled Empire of Fear, asked as to why “quite ordinary decent human beings, with a normal hatred of injustice and cruelty” would carry out these merciless purges and executions? The answer: simple: sweating, trembling, fear.”

          This is the future of a disarmed people. This is where democrats would take us. Several years ago some of them estimated they would have to kill 25 million people to “cleanse” the population of capitalists.

          And thought crime is enough to get you on the list.

      • Government has squatted on the constitutionally protected, unalienable individual right to keep and bear arms since at least 1934. It wasn’t ejected immediately and with great force. They have little fear now. They can rely on those of our own who try to compromise, make excuses, and sow division. It’s been working for government longer than most of us have been alive. Likely it will continue to be effective. Government knows this and has little fear because of it.

    • “Do they really want us to act like what they’re accusing us of being?”

      Why, yes, yes they do. Anything to further the agenda. Anything.

      Besides, membership in a terrorist organization is CERTAINLY grounds for a red flag confiscation.

  2. Just like there is a strong effort to label everyone right of center a racist, they are now also recklessly labeling all right wingers terrorists. Over time, this has an effect on a fair amount of ignorant, weak-minded people like our very own resident idiot, Vlad.

    Check out recent articles by Slate and CNN put out on the 9/11 anniversary to distract from Islamic terrorism. They literally say “Right-Wingers Are America’s Deadliest Terrorists.” Did you catch that? If you vote republican, you’re not only a deplorable racist, you’re America’s deadliest terrorist.

    • “Just like there is a strong effort to label everyone right of center a racist, they are now also recklessly labeling all right wingers terrorists.”

      Is this slander, libel, or what?

      Can it be prosecuted as such? Perhaps a huge class-action lawsuit?

      I’m sick and tired of these assholes…

    • Incidentally, the “since 9/11, right-wingers have killed more people than Islamists” story is false for multiple reasons:
      • More than 1,000 people have died after 9/11 as a direct result of that attack, just as they added more than a thousand people to the Puerto Rico hurricane death toll. And these 9/11 deaths are actually “cause of death” situations, not statistical calculations.

      • Many of the “right-wingers” were not. Some had no known political motivations, some were domestic disputes where both parties had the same politics, some (like the El Paso shooter) explicitly stated that they were not motivated by President Trump, but instead mostly by other causes. The El Paso shooter, for example, was primarily motivated by what corporations were doing to the environment:

      The inconvenient truth is that our leaders, both Democrat AND Republican, have been failing us for decades. They are either complacent or involved in one of the biggest betrayals of the American public in our history: The takeover of the United States government by unchecked corporations. I could write a ten page essay on all the damage these corporations have caused, but here is what is important. Due to the death of the baby boomers, the increasingly anti-immigrant rhetoric of the right and the ever-increasing Hispanic population, America will soon become a one party-state.

      Was he a white supremacist? No:

      Racial diversity will disappear as either race mixing or genocide will take place. But the idea of deporting or murdering all non-white Americans is horrific. Many have been here at least as long as the whites, and have done as much to build our country.

  3. BTW, when you intentionally distract from Islamic terrorism, you are literally pushing jihadist propaganda. Who’s the terrorist again?

  4. So by the definition of the word, the SanFran government is engaging in terroristic actions by calling the NRA a terrorist organization. What was that quote by someone about accusing others of the things you do to deflect attention and blame?

    • Nope. Violence is required for any action to be Terrorism. San Francisco has not committed any act of violence against NRA members. Obviously, NRA members haven’t done any of that stuff either.

      So it’s all over the top, hyperbolic rhetoric. Which is bad and should be answered in a court of law.

    • Quote: “What was that quote by someone about accusing others of the things you do to deflect attention and blame?”

      Democrats have been doing this for years. Remember the Hildabeast railing about the “vast right wing conspiracy” . She was pointing at conservatives to distract attention from what the left was and is doing.

  5. its pretty obvious that if the left currently had a way to “get rid” of all gun owners they would in a heartbeat. We keep playing by the rules and they keep changing the rules, sooner or later something is going to break.

  6. Has anyone been to SF in the last few years? My wife and I went because we wanted to go to Alcatraz. Then we were heading up to the redwood national forest. We were there for 48 hours. We were assaulted by a homeless man the first day. He tried to take my wife’s purse in broad daylight on the wharf. He didnt get it.
    Not 18 hours later, another homeless person tried to steal our rental car after the valet pulled it up for us.
    We will never go back there again. What they have allowed to happen there is a disgrace. And this is what they want for the rest of the country.

  7. Yet antifa is free to roam the streets committing unprovoked assaults against innocent people, arson, looting and vandalism against businesses while the police do nothing and any poor soul that acts in genuine self defense or doesn’t fight back at all will get arrested, slandered and have their lives ruined.

    • How soon before wearing a red hat becomes a ” misdemeanor ‘ hate crime ‘ ?
      How soon before any misdemeanor causes a loss of all gun rights ?

      Scary stuff.

    • There’s actually some legitimacy to such statements and real political consequences for the left in their current track. The left has been demonizing everyone not left as a racist or a fascist for so long, and at such an intense rate, the backlash against them has actually made real honest to God fascism cool again among young people in the west. This is actually the gasoline of what’s called the “alt right”. What it really is, is the left sowing the seeds of their own demise. See, the left is now so hardcore left, and so aggressive and rude about it, that their main insults have driven people, (who have now been called those things for their entire lives) to embrace those things the left hates the most. I personally predict a return of real fascism to the European continent over the next decade or two. Europe is seen as this utopia of left wing power, but for the past decade, “far right” groups have been growing at an incredible rate, and gaining real political power in European governments. I believe a great deal of warfare will return to the continent between two competing ideologies, that of the current ultra liberal establishment allied with extremist Islamic fundamentalists, vs new fascist governments. The winner in the end will probably be Russia.

  8. A government issued designation as a “terrorist organization” can be the causation of all kinds governmental and non-governmental actions not to mention violence by actors such as ANTIFA & BLM. Which is obviously the intent.

  9. The WHO declared “Vaccine hesitancy” one of the top 10 global threats to global health…The Real ID comes in nationally next year, 2020, lines up with the the Federal “Healthy People 2020”, where one of the stated goals is mandatory adult vaccinations…and will you be able to renew your Real Id’s without showing proof of full vaccination? Good luck preserving your 2A rights when the government can force any medication/vaccination they see fit. WTF is pgtwo when you need him? Maybe finally had enough of the fake profiles spamming him?

  10. Rush Limbaugh is encouraging President Trump to visit California – not to try to win the state or anything impossible – but to point out to the nation and the world that which the left dare not talk about. Like their massive and growing homelessness problem as a result of their liberal / leftist policies, and so on and so forth. The left cannot complain about these things because they are all happening in solidly hard blue democrat controlled areas as a result of the way they run things.

    Rush Limbaugh is simply pointing out the obvious – the left will do nothing to help these poor homeless people because they already own them. They cannot complain about their conditions in election season because it is their policies which have and are creating the whole situation in the first place.

    So now Trump is highlighting California’s massive and growing homeless numbers and I hope he keeps it up LOUDLY. All of this BS about San Francisco – a city with seriously massive and growing problems with homelessness and drugs and disease and all of the illegals and crime and etc. – deciding in the middle of all that to declare the NRA a “terrorist organization” is just an attempt at _misdirection_. A way to avoid having to publicly confront their real problems for which they have no answers. Sanctuary cities encouraging massive illegal immigration into areas already suffering under massive numbers of homeless people living in filthy conditions, causing the return of medieval diseases and etc that had been wiped out. This is the reality of socialism the left wants to impose on us all.

    No way they want to have to make that an election issue because it is all too embarrassing and exposes their failures, so they call the NRA “terrorists” and with the help of complicit propaganda media, simply get to avoid having to talk about anything else that actually matters instead.

    Don’t fall for their attempts at distraction. Keep highlighting their massive and growing homelessness / crime / illegal immigration / failing infrastructure / corruption / etc. issues. That is what they will bring to the entire country if they are not consistently stopped at the ballot box.

  11. Homosexuals are socialist progressive in their political orientation. Never forget they run San Francisco. Gays boast about their political power. As far as their use of the term “racism” I will say that white homosexuals are responsible for the racist gun control laws in California still being on the books. Because as more blacks began to open carry guns, the racist white gay power structure began to pass laws at preventing, Primarily black people, from carrying guns legally.

    Their proud homosexual leader, state senator Tom Ammiano, publicly objected to black gay people openly carry guns when he was directly ask by reporters.

    He refused to repeal the Mulford Act when asked by state gun rights groups. He publicly said he supported it. That makes him a racist pig white homosexual as far as I’m concerned.
    Ammiano wrote the law making rape victims, stalking victims, as well as everyone else, wait an extra ten days to get a gun in California.

    Why do male homosexuals think they are so much smarter than a woman who has been raped, when that woman wants a gun NOW???

    Tom Ammiano, school board member, wrote the rules destroying San Francisco high school rifle teams in the 1970s. He has a well documented history of anti-civil rights activity.

    People are asking “what is the NRA doing about this”?

    I ask what are gay gun owners and the Pink Pistols doing about this? Is Operation Blazing Sword still burning? or did the flame go out?

    • Just last week, Operation Blazing Sword had a demonstration and an info table on the college campus where I work.

      I didn’t realize it had happened (bums me out because I’d love to have gone out to shake their hands), but in our weekly team meeting, my snowflake coworkers made sure we all knew about this horrible, icky thing that had happened and the strongly worded letters they had written to the Dean about it.

      So they are out there…

      • I’m glad to hear it. I hope they keep doing them. The only way things will change for the better is when all gun owners can come out of the closet.
        Never give up the fight.

  12. they are pushing civil war, {we act like mad dogs} then they can pass all the Anti-American laws they want!
    Now you know why California Democrats run rampant in that {because population contains 70% Illegals and 30% homeless} who don’t vote, afraid of losing the gravy train,

    • “because population contains 70% Illegals and 30% homeless”

      As a born-and-raised lifelong Californian who is one of many, many gun owning conservatives here, you are categorically incorrect. You’re just spewing the same nonsense all ignorant non-Californians tell each other. There are more conservatives here than the entire populations of most of the other states. We’re simply outvoted. In my own Congressional district, for example, we have a Democrat Representative, but only because she won 51% to 49% last November. That still means our district is roughly half conservative. And it’s like this in many areas here, so victory is within our reach, but we have to work for it.

      Not 70% illegals and 30% homeless, moron.

  13. SF just had to copy cat what LA did when it required all of its contractors do disclose any business relationships with the NRA. SF just took it a step further. LA got sued, so did SF. They are all claiming governmental immunity, but so far their efforts have failed since they are liable under the federal Civil Rights Act.

  14. Just a thought, to reference back to the very likely tactic of deflection…
    and applies to any thought, statement, plan, or theory from the left any time something verbal is is allowed out of an orifice (top or bottom)…
    “It ain’t about what it’s about”…

  15. I have to wonder why the NRA has not grabbed onto this for a membership drive along the lines of…Join the NRA and yell to the libs of San fran Crapped on “I am Spartacus!”

  16. If the NRA really was a terrorist organization, there wouldn’t be any anti-gun politicians left in the country — not a one. With five million members, an actual terrorist organization could make a strike in just one weekend that would eliminate every anti-gun politician from city councils right on up to Congress and the Supreme Court — forty-eight hours to change the political landscape completely.

    And not just politicians, but loudmouth anti-gun advocates would be eliminated in the same weekend.So if the NRA really were a terrorist organization, San Francisco and every other city of five thousand or more would wake up to find no anti-gun voices left — not a one.

  17. Divide and conquer: create and Us vs Them debate, rather than actually pursue understanding. We are in a post truth culture. It will not remain peaceful for very much longer. Western culture has been the greatest Freedom spreading, wealth inducing, opportunity making, equality spreading ideology that has ever been thunk up. Like it or not, at it’s core are Judeo-Christian values. “The West” will not stand if we abandon those principles. It had a good run…

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