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“This video is a tribute to the ultimate submachine gun H&K MP5,” the YouTuber responsible for the above montage reveals. “Since they removed this gun [from the beta version of the video game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive] it feels like a piece of my heart was removed with it. Rip MP5 we will never forget you.” B&T anyone?

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  1. “Since they removed this gun . . . it feels like a piece of my heart was removed with it.”

    I feel the same way about Glenn Rhee, turned to zombie chow last night.

    • Not only is the answer yes, but there are some gamers who have made cash money profit on their HOBBY and can still manage to hold a full-time job, raise their kids, and pay their mortgage.

      What kind of dividends does your gun hobby pay you, cupcake?

      • Matt, I don’t own a TV or a computer, much less computer games. How does someone make money off of playing them?

        • It’s a bit of a new thing on YouTube to make videos of yourself playing video games while giving voice-over commentary. I enjoy these “let’s plays” quite a lot. Much in the same way someone would get enjoyment out of watching other people play sports while not actually participating, I get enjoyment out of watching others play video games. They get money by monetizing their content.

          Many have made it a full time job.

      • The percentage of gamers that MAKE MONEY off video games is undoubtedly lower than the amount of anti gunners with common sense, so your argument is invalid.

  2. Ah… The MP5… The best stamped metal Nazi Space Gun to ever be worth paying scalper prices for.

  3. Personally, I don’t really care. There’s better options now. I’ll still buy my MP5K, but that’s it. And that is for nostalgia.

    • What, in 9mm, is out there that has proven to be better than the MP5? I love the gun and it’s natural point of aim, the only thing I like more is the UMP45.
      But there is a lot that I haven’t shot. A whole lot. What out there is better?

      • I have an SP89 and a 4.5″ 9mm AR, both proper SBR’s – I’m considering selling the SP89, as much as I love it there’s no contest to the AR platform. For me, at least.

      • Pistol ARs are soft and accurate, and can accommodate sidearm magazines. The Skorpion, MPX, and other new players do the MP5’s job, but cheaper and better now. The MP5 only has a track record to tout right now, and it will, but honestly, it’s not the best bang for your buck anymore.

        • I haven’t shot the MPX full auto yet, but I have a lot of time with full auto pistol caliber ARs as well as the MP5 and UMP45. Full auto, the MPs win every time, at least for me.

  4. I kept waiting for them to show a picture of the Jeep, or truck that was fallowing him around with all those “spare” magazines he was using

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