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When I read Bigfoot Gun Belts’ presser announcing the release of their “highly anticipated” Untamed Series (full text after the jump) my first thought was, who highly anticipates a gun belt? Remember the scene in The Jerk where Maven R. Johnson (Steve Martin) gets all excited about seeing his name in the phone book? Like that. My second thought: who christens a gun belt “Untamed”? That’s like naming Michal Idan “Ugly Israeli.” Still, a sturdy belt is the foundation upon which any carry system (save pocket) must be built and Bigfoot makes a pretty convincing case for itself. Speaking of pockets, I find the above photo – with Bigfoot emerging from the front of a guy’s jeans – strangely disturbing. Just sayin’ . . .

Hayden, ID – Bigfoot Gun Belts, a breakthrough company that specializes in making the world’s strongest and most reliable gun belts, is proud to release their highly anticipated Untamed Series to the open and concealed carry world.

These premium leather gun belts exude quality and comfort, while providing superior support to your everyday IWB and OWB carry.

Never deal with a sagging holster ever again!

Bigfoot Gun Belts are made with a double layering of English Bridle leather, which is cut to order by a handful of skilled gun belt craftsmen. This drum dyed leather, available in traditional black or rich brown, has been chosen for its legendary strength and long lifetime.

Bigfoot gun belt (courtesy
Bigfoot – Premium Gun Belt

To provide even more strength to this beast of a gun belt, craftsmen at Bigfoot Gun Belts have embedded a spring steel core between the two layers of rich leather. The steel core, available in both the 14-ounce and 18-ounce leather belts, provides handgun owners with a strength rarely seen before (perhaps only from a distance with a shaky camera).

Each of our gun belts go through a Triple Edge Finishing process, which includes a bevel, burnish, and paint done by the industries finest gun belt makers. This creates a smooth and uniform finish and also provides protection to the edges of your gun belt.

Bigfoot gun belt (courtesy

Bigfoot – Premium Hardware

To match the strength and quality of the hand cut leather, Bigfoot Gun Belts are made with corrosion resistant hardware that will stand up to the harsh elements. The nickel-plated roller buckle will also allow the belt to effortlessly ‘roll’ through your buckle without damaging the leather, while the snaps provide you with an easy way to swap out your belt buckle within seconds.

Bigfoot gunbelt (courtesy
Bigfoot – Steel Core Leather Belt

Every Bigfoot Gun Belt is backed by our 7-Day Test Drive and Legendary Warranty. This provides you with a chance to test it out with your CCW for a full week with absolutely no risk. If you’re not fully satisfied by this beast of a belt, send it back for a full refund. Capture the strongest gun belt in existence starting at $54.88 at

About Bigfoot Gun Belts:

Nestled between the pines of North Idaho, Bigfoot Gun Belts is proud to call the Inland Northwest home. This privately owned and operated company produces only the highest quality gun belts at an affordable price. For more information about Bigfoot Gun Belts, visit our website

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  1. Ah, I should have mentioned to RF & team that I actually have one of these bad boys here right now. As Bigfoot is in my neck of the woods (both the belt company and much of the actual sasquatch population, of course) I was on their e-mail list and was able to snag a T&E belt on Saturday and started wearing it yesterday.

    I’ll keep wearing it and a review will probably happen in 1-2 months depending on how it’s going and how much I’m able to use it in the meantime, etc…

  2. They could have named it better and hadd Dan Acroyd do the commercial voice over – “A layer of leather, then a layer of steel, then another layer of leather – the Galactic……”

  3. They should have named it better and had Dan Acroyd do the commercial voice over. “A layer of leather, then a layer of steel, then another layer of leather – the Galactic Strap-a-Tactic.”

  4. Man I am sure glad my Dad didnt have a steel core belt when I was young… might have been a bit better behaved growing up though… haha

  5. I think these guy are on to something with the spring steel insert.. (Shtf you can hammer it into a sword lol)
    The only other thing I could possibly see that would help would be some sort of metal or polymer ‘eyes’ into the holes to keep from wearing over time.. Does the steel insert go all the way through? Meaning the holes too or does the insert start after the holes?
    Another possible improvement will be like my “golf” belt from nexbelt. (My favorite ccw belt) It is black on one side, brown on other and doesn’t have holes, rather has teeth about 1/4″ apart so you get an exact fit and never find your self having to be one hole too tight or too loose. And the different style buckles that are interchangeable. Those belts are about $50 and different style buckles run around $20 ea.
    Something to think about for future R&D.

    • I was thinking of the same thing – the Mission Belt brand, but works the same way. Mix the 2 designs & you’d have the perfect belt.

    • I have a couple of old belts with metal in them….still great 30 years later. I have thir 14 Oz built and it is great, until you have to go through a metal detector

  6. I got a thick, double-stitched leather belt at Wal Mart for $12. Works well with my 1911 and my pants don’t fall down, either… Just sayin’.

    • Well, you got me beat. I thought I was doing good. I just bought one at BiMart (West coast) for 14 little ones! Thick leather, 1.5″ wide. Should hold up for a long time, probably until I take the dirt nap!

    • For years, I carried a 1911, SP101, and a double magazine carrier on those Walmart Workforce rough duty belts. I sang their praises until I got a Beltman belt. The difference was night and day. I have a few shekels saved and am considering giving this Bigfoot belt a try; something I never would have in my “Walmart belt phase.”

    • I didn’t think about that. I’m flying for work tomorrow so I’ll wear this belt and see what happens when it goes through security each way…

    • “Sweet. Now the TSA can steal your belt at the airport.”

      Somebody actually sells a thin spring-steel ‘sword’ that uses a belt as it’s scabbard.

      This could be a problem in the TSA line…

        • That’s because they are useless f’ing morons.

          About as useless, by the way, as a belt mounted spring steel “sword”. What the hell?

          “Tremble before my wobbling, floppy lasagna noodle of death, evil-doers!”

  7. I can see the steel insert cutting the stitching holding the two layers together and destroying the belt in about 6 months. I think I’ll wait to hear what happens when this is worn every day for a while.

  8. These look like a helluvadeal, though with double “14 oz” leather, there’s really no need for steel. Perhaps what they really have is 7 oz + 7 oz = 14 oz? In any case, I’ve paid a lot more money for a lot less belt (provided they actually live up to their website claims). That said, I’ve got enough belts already and won’t be ordering another.

  9. How wide are these belts?. Looking at the fit in the belt loops of one of their illustrations, it seems to be 1 1/2″ or less.

  10. What thickness is the belt? I’d like to know more about the steel insert. Would like to see a photo of it, what kind of steel, thickness, width, etc. Can you get this information when you do the review?
    Just to say it has a steel insert doesn’t say very much, although it may be a very good belt??
    The leather belt I just bought is .160 thick, 1 1/2″ wide.
    Another thing “Siris” brought up. Does the insert go all the way to the end? Belts that I have had usually wear out at the buckling area.

  11. “Still, a sturdy belt is the foundation upon which any carry system (save pocket) must be built”

    …or ankle holster, or shoulder holster.

    Also, it’s “Navin R. Johnson”, not “Maven”.

    Looks like a sturdy belt that doesn’t scream “I’m TACTICAL!”, though. Nice.

  12. I have a kydex-core belt I never wear due to its unrelenting stiffness. I prefer my Hank’s Amish belt — looks about as thick, but all leather and as comfortable as a sturdy belt is gonna get.

    Looking forward to the review.

  13. I’m in the camp that wants to know whether the core goes all the way through. I’ve got a comp-tac contour belt right now, which I like, but the issue is that I carry AIWB (more-or-less about 1o’clock) and the Kydex core stops short of where most of the weight of the guns rests. I can’t shift it over because of the “contour”.

  14. Good on them for mentioning both open and concealed carry. I use the stiffest belt that Beltman makes and am considering trying out Bigfoot’s 18 oz steel core belt. I primarily open carry but do occasionally conceal.

  15. I am interested in one now after having my thick, stiff western belts and all others so far start cracking at the buckle lying point then failing completely leaving me with two almost worthless pieces of leather; well the longer piece I use for a strop to polish the blades of my knive using the inside for best results. A fine super sharp polished smooth edge.fine like a scalpel,

  16. Can anyone answer this. Does the steel core extend all the way through the buckling holes to the tip(end) to keep this from happening

  17. I emailed both Bigfoot and Alien customer service. I heard back immediately from Bigfoot.
    They are both in the same town in Idaho, but on different streets.
    In response to my query about internal rusting:
    Bigfoot said the steel liner was made of STAINLESS spring steel and stopped short of the end of the belt.
    In other words, the eyelet holes dont go thru the metal.
    I have yet to hear from Alien.

    • I really wouldn,t worry to much about waiting for Alien Gear to answer. The two belts are the same company. Big Foot is making the Alien Gear belts. Same belt and company.

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