nationwide riots
(AP Photo/Wong Maye-E)
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By Tim Sullivan and Aaron Morisson, AP

Tense protests over the death of George Floyd and other police killings of black men grew Saturday from New York to Tulsa to Los Angeles, with police cars set ablaze and reports of injuries mounting on all sides as the country lurched toward another night of unrest after months of coronavirus lockdowns.

The protests, which began in Minneapolis following Floyd’s death Monday after a police officer pressed a knee on his neck for more than eight minutes, have left parts of the city a grid of broken windows, burned-out buildings and ransacked stores. The unrest has since become a national phenomenon as protesters decry years of deaths at police hands.

The large crowds involved, with many people not wearing masks or social distancing, raised concerns among health experts about the potential for helping spread the coronavirus pandemic at a time when overall deaths are on the decline nationwide and much of the country is in the process of reopening society and the economy.

After a tumultuous Friday night, racially diverse crowds took to the streets again for mostly peaceful demonstrations in dozens of cities from coast to coast. The previous day’s protests also started calmly, but many descended into violence later in the day.

nationwide riots
People move past storefronts that have broken glass doors during the Justice for George Floyd Philadelphia Protest on Saturday, May 30, 2020. Floyd died in Minneapolis police custody on Memorial Day, May 25, after an officer pressed his knee into his neck for several minutes even after he stopped moving and pleading for air. (AP Photo/Matt Rourke)

— In Philadelphia, at least 13 officers were injured when peaceful protests turned violent and at least four police vehicles were set on fire. Other fires were set throughout downtown.

— In the Greenwood District of Tulsa, Oklahoma, the site of a 1921 massacre of black people that left as many as 300 dead and the city’s thriving black district in ruins, protesters blocked intersections and chanted the name of Terence Crutcher, a black man killed by a police officer in 2016.

— In Tallahassee, Florida, a pickup truck drove through a crowd of protesters, sending some running and screaming as the vehicle stopped and started and at one point had a person on its hood, police said, but no serious injuries were reported. Police handcuffed the driver but did not release his name or say whether he would face charges.

nationwide riots
A person jumps on a burning police vehicle in Los Angeles, Saturday, May 30, 2020, during a protest over the death of George Floyd. Floyd died in Minneapolis police custody on Memorial Day. (AP Photo/Ringo H.W. Chiu)

— In Los Angeles, protesters chanted “Black Lives Matter,” some within inches of the face shields of officers. Police used batons to move the crowd back and fired rubber bullets. One man used a skateboard to try to break a police SUV’s windshield. A spray-painted police car burned in the street.

— In Washington, growing crowds outside the White House chanted, taunted Secret Service agents and other law enforcement officers and at times pushed against security barriers. President Donald Trump, who spent much of Saturday in Florida for the SpaceX rocket launch, landed on the residence’s lawn in the presidential helicopter at dusk and went inside with speaking to journalists.

— And in New York City, video posted to social media showed officers using batons and shoving protesters down as they made arrests and cleared streets. Another video showed two NYPD cruisers driving into protesters who were pushing a barricade against a police car and pelting it with objects, knocking several to the ground.

“Our country has a sickness. We have to be out here,” said Brianna Petrisko, among those at lower Manhattan’s Foley Square, where most were wearing masks amid the coronavirus pandemic. “This is the only way we’re going to be heard.”

Back in Minneapolis, the city where the protests began, 29-year-old Sam Allkija said the damage seen in recent days reflects longstanding frustration and rage in the black community.

“I don’t condone them,” he said. “But you have to look deeper into why these riots are happening.”

Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz fully mobilized the state’s National Guard and promised a massive show of force.

“The situation in Minneapolis is no longer in any way about the murder of George Floyd,” Walz said. “It is about attacking civil society, instilling fear and disrupting our great cities.”

More than a dozen major cities nationwide imposed overnight curfews ranging from 6 p.m. in parts of South Carolina to 10 p.m. around Ohio. People were also told to be off the streets of Atlanta, Denver, Los Angeles, Seattle and Minneapolis — where thousands ignored the same order the previous night.

The unrest comes at a time when most Americans have spent months inside over concerns surrounding the coronavirus, which the president has called an “invisible enemy.” The events of the last 72 hours, seen live on national television, have shown the opposite: a sudden pivot to crowds, screaming protesters and burning buildings, a stark contrast to the empty streets of recent months.

Hundreds of people were arrested Friday, and police used batons, rubber bullets and pepper spray to push back crowds in some cities. Many departments reported injured officers, while social media platforms were awash in images of police using forceful tactics, throwing people to the ground, using bicycles as shields and in one instance trampling a protester while on horseback.

Authorities vowed to crack down on lawbreakers.

“Quite frankly, I’m ready to just lock people up,” Atlanta Police Chief Erika Shields said at a news conference. Demonstrations there turned violent Friday, and police were arresting protesters Saturday on blocked-off downtown streets. “Yes, you caught us off balance once. It’s not going to happen twice.”

This week’s unrest recalled the riots in Los Angeles nearly 30 years ago after the acquittal of the white police officers who beat Rodney King, a black motorist who had led them on a high-speed chase. The protests of Floyd’s killing have gripped many more cities, but the losses in Minneapolis have yet to approach the staggering totals Los Angeles saw during five days of rioting in 1992, when more than 60 people died, 2,000-plus were injured and thousands arrested, with property damage topping $1 billion.

Many protesters spoke of frustration that Floyd’s death was one more in a litany. It came in the wake of the killing in Georgia of Ahmaud Arbery, a black man who was shot dead after being pursued by two white men while running in their neighborhood, and in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic that has thrown millions out of work, killed more than 100,000 people in the U.S. and disproportionately affected black people.

The officer who held his knee to Floyd’s neck as he begged for air was arrested Friday and charged with third-degree murder and second-degree manslaughter. But many protesters are demanding the arrests of the three other officers involved.

nationwide riots
A protester vents at a line of Tucson Police Officers in riot gear at Cushing Street and Church Avenue early on Saturday, May 30, 2020 in Tucson. The protest in Tucson was similar to those in numerous cities across the United States following George Floyd’s death while in custody of the Minneapolis police on Memorial Day in Minnesota. (Josh Galemore/Arizona Daily Star via AP)

Trump stoked the anger, firing off a series of tweets criticizing Minnesota’s response, ridiculing people who protested outside the White House and warning that if protesters had breached its fence they would “have been greeted with the most vicious dogs, and most ominous weapons, I have ever seen.”

Leaders in many affected cities have voiced outrage over Floyd’s killing and expressed sympathy for protesters’ concerns. But as the unrest intensified, they spoke of a desperate need to protect their cities and said they would call in reinforcements, despite concerns that could lead to more heavy-handed tactics.

Minnesota has steadily increased to 1,700 the number of National Guardsmen it says it needs to contain the unrest, and the governor is considering a potential offer of military police put on alert by the Pentagon.

Governors in Georgia, Kentucky, Ohio and Texas also activated the National Guard after protests there turned violent overnight, while nighttime curfews were put in place in Portland, Oregon, Cincinnati and elsewhere.

Police in St. Louis were investigating the death of a protester who climbed between two trailers of a Fed Ex truck and was killed when it drove away. And a person was killed in the area of protests in downtown Detroit just before midnight after someone fired shots into an SUV, officers said. Police had initially said someone fired into the crowd from an SUV.

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  1. 1992? Try 1968.

    Hong Kong flu pandemic
    Riots in the wake of MLK assassination.
    Soviets put down reform in Czechoslovakia
    RFK assassinated.

    If I were Joe Biden I would be worried.

  2. / It came in the wake of the killing in Georgia of Ahmaud Arbery, a black man who was shot dead after being pursued by two white men while running in their neighborhood, /
    The above statement by the author of this article is false.
    Arbery ATTACKED the man with the shotgun and tried to take it away from him. Arbery “double-backed” toward the man with the shotgun and started the confrontation. Arbery could have ran in any other direction and got away. Arbery CHOSE to attack the man with the shotgun…

    • GIve it a rest. Let someone chase you, armed, and see how far you run before you either give up and submit to whatever they want to do with you, or you fight back. Would you stop for some armed men chasing you in a truck just because they say “This is a citizens arrest”?

        • “Arbery could have ran in any other direction and got away.”

          He was being chased by three men in to pick up trucks with a shotgun, he tried to escape but was blocked repeatedly.

          Regarding George Floyd, one question.

          Why haven’t we seen the supposedly ‘counterfeit ‘$20 bill that started all this?

          One would think that if the police had it in their possession they would have shown it by now, in order to justify the arrest.

      • The best thing to do when confronted by a man with a shotgun is to charge him. From the Tactical Suicide Online Course.

        • Exactly what is taught at Benning’s school for wayward boys, least it was.

          When ambushed the ambusher has already figured everything out beforehand. The ambushee has two choices at this point. Run (you die period) or attack like a maniac (you die probably.. but slight possibility you might survive) Them’s the options pretty much.

          man I need coffee.

        • Ahhhhhh, the Fort Benning School for Wayward Boys…. sub complex Building #4. IOBC Class
          5-80. I was taught that in the case of a NEAR AMBUSH the only hope one has to survive is to assault through the ambush and engage in close combat within the main body of the enemy force. For any other sort of ambush, at any range, lay down a base of fire, then maneuver out of the KZ. The American military is the ONLY armed force in the world that teaches a response to the near ambush scenario.

          Now, my home town of Coral Gables Florida, had a vastly different experience with protesters. Coral Gables is a suburb of Miami. Mostly upper class and well off, there is only a negligible population of African Americans but a very large population of Latinos. Yesterday there was a protest but in contrast to the rest of the country, this was utterly peaceful and at the conclusion, both the protesters and the police knelt in unified PRAYER for an end to all discrimination, police brutality and violent minority backlash in response to said police actions. I’m pretty proud of them all. That’s the way it’s SUPPOSED to work!

    • He was shot dead. It was after he was pursued by them while he was running. They may be leaving out some debatable details of the final confrontation, but nothing there is false.

    • He made a desperate move to try and save his life when two white guys in a truck, with guns, would not let him escape.

      • No…. what I saw was the jogger trying to attack someone with a gun …. now if that doesn’t show the IQ of the typical jogger, I don’t know what does….js

        • Yeah, of course that is all you saw. The murder victim having tried to go wide around the nutjobs in the truck, that escaped your attention. Them cutting him off, that means nothing to you.

          Because you are part of the problem.

    • Yeah I wouldn’t have tried to take the shotgun of a man trying to kidnap me… I would have plugged him between the eyes. Too bad that isn’t what happened. We’d be saved a lot of trouble.

  3. All these fools breaking and looting are sooner or later going to run into the strong man on the block. I don’t think they are going to like it.

    “Everyone had a plan until they get punched in the mouth.”
    Mike Tyson

  4. If its bad now, then the Nov. elections may end up being… oof.

    Decades of partisan radicalization.
    A politicized pandemic testing our will to choose between personal liberties and safety.
    Extended lock downs putting A LOT of people out of work and killing small businesses.
    …TP shortage…

    Civil unrest was almost a certainty.
    Had a feeling this was coming, just not now.

    • The kind of people who are out there burning down the house never paid attention to any social distancing regulation and gang business was not affected.

      • True – notice that while all other imports of chicom goods largely ceased Feb-May there apparently was no shortage of the chicom mfg/pushed illegal narcotics into the US?

        • That shit is local. The only drugs that are imported are prescriptions and opiates, which are legal.

        • May want to check on that one. We saw all kinds of weird combo drugs over the last two months that suggest the supply lines have been disrupted and ‘street chemists’ are trying to make do with what is left to see what works. Fentanylcrak and methestacy we’re the big ones that got DEA attention up here.

        • Montana the precursor chemicals for meth are in bulk imported. There is small scale local production but the effort involved exceeds demand. Cocaine and Opium derivatives are also imported and having similar issues. Fentanyl is being mixed into a lot of stuff because it is still cost effective to smuggle in and distribute. Now stuff like MDMA and weed yeah pretty much all local at this point.

        • Makes sense. When supplies on those things start getting low, the addicts get creative.

    • I have the impression that the current crop of rioters are not the same people who were protesting (peacefully, albeit angrily) the lockdowns several weeks back.

      • whats needed now is a rational look at why these protests turn into riots…clearly there are those coming into these cities and fomenting anarchy…they need to be arrested and then brought up on federal charges…the end game is probably having antifa designated a terrorist group…

        • Arrest records show virtually everybody taken into custody is a local. The outside adjitator stuff is BS. See instapundit post

        • Yes because the smart ones leading from the rear are always caught in a chaotic environment.

    • Yes it is. Because he was black. If it was not race based a lot more people would be behind it, and it might actually be well organized. They chose to make it about race. They chose to destruct local communities. No different than the previous protests they organized that were race based. Yet BLM acts oblivious. I mean, they are… the assumption is you cannot be racist if you are black, and even white people are just oh so ashamed… It’s sad. Once they drop the race baiting, I’d gladly stand armed in front. Until then, It’s fuck all sides, as usual. That said, let them try to implement martial law… see how many armed protesters come crawling out of the wood works then. Wont be tolerated in America.

      • Nobody is going to declare the kind of martial law you have in mind. What do you think happened in LA in ’92 and nationally in ’68. In 1968 the 82nd set up machine guns on the Capital steps. You sound like a 20 something.

        • Seattle ordering people to be in by 5pm. They call it a “Curfew”. What happens when people armed show up to resist the “curfew”?

        • 1985 eh? You don’t even remember Rodney King. Setting curfew during a time of civil unrest is not martial law. I get it. This is all new to you. History started long before you could remember anything. Try reading up on 1968 before you run your mouth about things you don’t know about..

        • Yea, sit back and enjoy the criticisms about age. I fought in 2 “wars”… I don’t need to “see” rodney king to see whats going on now, or how we got here. Fuck you.

        • Just mad because you don’t understand the difference between the governments play on words. What part of a curfew is free? Is the government our parents and we are to be treated like toddlers? Wake the fuck up.

        • Montana you didn’t fight in two wars. You probably have yet to be to two different states. Go eat another cheese puff Basement dweller.

        • Are you idiots really advocating a curfew is okay? How about once people don’t go home for a curfew, the military shows up… Do they really need to specify “this is martial law” to wake you up? You realize they just shut EVERYTHING down once that curfew is in place, right? Papers, please? Sounds like nazi Germany.

          I know it’s NOT martial law, yet. What point are you trying to prove that it’s acceptable?

          Also, Ron:

          Suck it.

        • Montana have at it. Go join the Sons of Obama if you can wench your ass up out of your basement. I’m sure they’ll be happy to have a nutcase like you.

        • The only nut cases that currently exist are the ones like you, sitting on their ass and letting their freedoms being taken advantage of.

  5. Everyone rioting will be a victim after the first bullet goes off.. those damn rooftop sniping Koreans are still carrying their 90’s SK’s they gave $60 and never cleaned, that they got at the Tulsa Gun Show and I have the latest and greatest 30lb SBR, I gave 2 Grand for… Gees, I want some of that action

    • Yea, I;ll support the guy/gal defending their business/private property. But if that shot is fired by a tyrant, then it’s time to refresh the tree of liberty. The enemy of my enemy, is my friend… or… a tool to be used at the very least.

      • If you were half the man you claim to be, you’d be out there right now ready to die alongside your antifa buddies.

        But instead, you are here being a keyboard commando.

        • 8 hour drive to Seattle… closest “curfew” to me. And guess what: Open carry is legal. See you there? Nah, you are too scared to do anything. It’s why you assume that someone fighting for freedom against police must be all for the looting and rioting, right? So yea, if I am antifa… you must be a Redcoat. The only thing you have ever done is check a ballot and mail it in. Where were you at the Bundy Standoff? How about Standing Rock? Were you out getting a feel for the climate in the previous “BLM” protests? Did you stand in the middle of anything? No. You watch it on TV. Over, and over, and over. Coward.

        • You know what Ron, you inspire me. Like the many before you who criticize what they don’t understand and fail to act on anything outside the normal of their daily routine to ensure the freedom of their families and that others are not taken advantage of by the tyrants who have been occupying our government for far too long. To never become someone like you and to fight for your families freedom. I might not end up in Seattle, but Missoula is pretty close and I have some paid vacation time a some boojahideen on speed dial. So that makes 5 times since 2014. What have you done sir? I honestly would like to know, even though I suspect it’s not much other than pressing a “share” button, or doing exactly what you criticize others of: keyboard commando-ing. Just know this: Sometimes, because people have access to the internet, they might actually be the ones doing shit they talk about, or have done things they mentioned previously. You’d be wise to show up in person and defend your beliefs, rather than cower behind an alter ego we all know you don’t actually live up to. My guess is you are a shitty 9-5er and probably not anywhere close to a leadership position, and expect your wife to have dinner ready when you get home so you can sit in front of the TV then break out the smart device and start your venting. Personally, I like to stay up to date on current events. Something the military taught me the value of. Finding this website was an accident. Technically, they stole my EDC pics and shared them. So I’ve been here ever since, debunking bullshit from rednecks like you. I advise you to stand up for yourself, outside of the internet sir. You’d be amazed how much you learn.

        • I’m glad I enrage you so much. And you’re not a veteran. You’re a fake. If you did serve, it was probably in JROTC🤣

        • Yeah I’m not clicking on any link you provide.

          Judging from your past rants it’s probably gay porn.

        • Really? Look at yourselves!
          Haven’t you ever heard what they said about arguing with fools?

        • Lol, clicked on the link, Montana. Not sure to reprimand you for the weak OPSEC by the possible image of your face, or laugh at the additional “Silver Surfer Farting Fire”.

          Jury’s still out on your sanity, dude.

        • Nothing short of sharing a DD214 would do much here, but they are old pics, and none of you are smart enough to use them. Anyone else (alphabet bois) already watching my online activity whizzing past the VPN already know my face. Come and take them. Sanity? You’d be surprised how professional I am in person. But I don’t take shit, from anyone. Why should I online? It’s fun calling bitch ass boomers like Ron out in my down time, and I can multitask. I don’t dwell on internet comment sections. And, it shut him up real quick, didn’t it? And I’m not scared to show my face. Maybe that’s the problem with people who are… they sit online, talk shit, dwell on it, and hide in the shadows to continue their “venting” sessions. That’s not me.

          Come and take them.

      • people put their sweat and lives and dreams into these small businesses that are being destroyed….how is that helpful?

        • Bigger picture. If a city must burn to end tyranny then so be it. But in reality, once armed opposition to police forces shows up, they also put a stop to the looting and the focus shifts towards government buildings, officials home residences, public broadcasting locations… Do I really need to spell it out?

  6. George Floyd is the excuse for this….not the reason. And the vast majority of the movers and shakers fomenting the violence are part of the George Soros funded BLM/Antifa factions dedicated to the
    destruction of America.

  7. In my Southren white opinion, 90% of the persons are exercising their 1st amendment rights.
    The other 10% are crimmals using the protest as a cover to cause mayham, they should be jailed until trail & have to work off the damage thay caused.
    The protester look ugly from far away, but a closer look & you will see that the trouble is a few low lifes, who respect no one not even themselves.

    • Always is. That’s why if they try to implement martial law, or they kill anyone, they will be met with armed opposition and break the current cold war status, driving us straight into civil war. I hope people defend themselves against that 10% in the crowd, but more so, I hope the tyranny enforcers learn their lesson and stop showing up for work. It’s a no win either way. War is hell. It never starts out peaceful.

    • if they come in from out of state they should be brought up on federal charges…without exception…

  8. Those democratic socialists are torn between starting a revolution or just helping themselves to other people’s stuff.

    • Like most Democrats they see noting wrong with taking what isn’t theirs. Anyone here gonna tell me Nancy isn’t worse….she just uses legislation to steal your money. Without Trump and the Republican majority that holds the Senate we would all be in deep crap.

    • they won’t…apparently the decision has been made to sacrifice property for the saving of of human life….mayors and governors of these liberal bastions are averse to applying strong measures in the vain hope that restraint will quell the unrest when it only foments further disruption…the lessons are clear but go unheeded…

  9. “Among the many historic figures of great figures(sic) that Greenfield was once home to the Rev. George C. Braxton, a former slave, two-time war veteran, and respected hero to the citizens of the town. He stood tall, sported a white beard, and a distinctive grin, and is reported to have charmed just about everyone he met. He was friendly and heroic.”

    “Legend has it that Braxton once saved the Greenfield Town Hall from burning when a decorative kerosene chandelier fell and lit the town hall ablaze. Braxton leapt into action, beating down the growing flames with his only coat, successfully saving the historic building. The citizens of Greenfield, grateful for his heroism, raised enough money to purchase Braxton a new coat, which he accepted proudly.”

    Obviously he was way behind the times. Instead of putting out the fire which threatened to destroy the town hall, which wad obviously the center of a “racist” local government , he should have shouted, “Burn baby, burn!”

    • ” Burn baby burn ” was from the ” peaceful Martin Luther King. He would get a crowd enraged then turn them loose on a city to pillage and burn.

    • Maybe he should avoid it burned.

      “The Tulsa race massacre (also called the Tulsa race riot, the Greenwood Massacre, or the Black Wall Street Massacre) of 1921[9][10][11][12][13][14] took place on May 31 and June 1, 1921, when mobs of white residents attacked black residents and businesses of the Greenwood District in Tulsa, Oklahoma.[1] It has been called “the single worst incident of racial violence in American history.”[15] The attack, carried out on the ground and from private aircraft, destroyed more than 35 square blocks of the district – at that time the wealthiest black community in the United States, known as “Black Wall Street”.

      History did not begin when Facebook started, America has a long memory and when the citizens are fed up with racial oppression they will act.

  10. I was really getting bored with Netflix, videos and tea these last 3 months, so I am digging watching the action from all across the United States… running people over, burning stuff up and watching Blue female Governors and Police Chiefs of both sexes emote and cry at the injustice of it all. You can’t make this stuff up, and we’re told to wear masks while we rob and loot. Dang, Tacoma PD even has a dance video out about maintaining social distancing and staying 2 pool noodles apart. Is this great or what?

  11. A white guy was just murdered by a black mob in Dallas, in cold blood, on live TV.

    This is gonna get real interesting.

    • It was a white kid who hit him with a skateboard that delivered the final blow.

      Fuck this. I won’t stand by watching and doing nothing.

    • We should do something about it guys, I know let’s meet downtown and loot some Playstation and Air Max! For justice, and peace, of course.
      Anyway, I worked in the hood today and I am white. I didn’t feel any racial tension whatsoever. Just the usual blacks sitting in front of their porch, smoking their weed. Nothing different than 6 months or 6 years ago, just different people. Business as usual. I won’t be holding my breath.

        • It seems to me you’re quite sensitive for someone who “engaged the enemy in Iraq.” I have known Air Force guys tougher than that.

        • It was sarcasm. Try not to confuse commenting online with being emotional. If you understood this, your butt would not hurt over being told to KYS. lol. You have known air force guys to answer your late night booty calls.

  12. So we see the cops can’t get a handle on this. I thought the gun confiscations were going to be this precision operation that would overwhelm gun owners .

    Alrighty then. We see that’s probably not true.

      • that’s always been true…in the final analysis you’re on your own…clinging to the illusion that they can protect you is foolish in the extreme…..

  13. To those of us who actually matter, F*ck em, let the cities burn. I chose not to live in a Large city anywhere in the country. George Floyd was a career criminal with a long history of violent criminal activity. Cops did society a favor. Mr. Floyd won’t be committing any more crimes. People of color destroying property because of some sense of moral outrage? Really, WHAT A JOKE. What is great, none of this affects my life in any way. It is however great entertainment watching this retardation unfold. Keep voting democrat and this is what you get.

  14. Of course it is not simply about the police murdering one man. This is the sort of shit that happens when a population gets sparked into a an active rage from countless such events, and lesser ones too, in many places for many years. The cause is the small percentage of cops who are assholes and the large percentage of cops who tolerate the assholes. It is never about just the most recent thing, or even just about killings.

    That is the reality but it is not an excuse for looting and arson. Of course there should be armed citizens on the roofs of those businesses shooting anyone trying to toss a fire bomb or break down a door. It is disappointing to not be seeing that sort of thing. Not that I want anyone shot by a store keeper, just the show of force would stop the looters and arsonists in the first place.

    There’s another thing that should be happening but does not appear to be. Riots begin from a few agitators in a crowd. Of course there will always be the dedicated anarchists, who see the protest as their best tool. These people who transform a protest into a riot can be spotted, and stopped.

    By watching the crowd and dispatching teams to grab agitators and rush them off the scene, riots can be avoided. Police having spotters on the ground and on roof tops, directing teams to those few can keep things down to just the noisy but non-violent types.

    But all that is about containing and halting the rage being acted out. Until the rank and file of police get a fucking clue about why this shit happens, it will always happen again.

    This current eruption of rage will run its course. There will be lots of talk for a while and then it will die down. The root cause tho will still be there, still refilling the reservoir of rage for the next time. Could be soon, could be a generation, but it will come again.

    • Bad, more like indifferent cops, are just as much created by the inner city environment as the fatherless gang culture is. Places like Chicago provide a lot of black humor for the TTAG crowd to chew on and then the same people decry the police for acting like they are in a war zone. Well, there had been many more casualties, both KIA and WIA in Chicago since the GWOT started than in Iraq and Afghanistan combined. The reason that cops behave like they are in war zone is because they are in an F-ing war zone. Chew on that fact when trying to theorize about the state of police-commumity relations in the inner city.

      • Cops are not in a warzone, not even in Chicago. Cops aren’t targeted daily, it’s mostly hoodrats killing hoodrats and the cops showing up to gather evidence when the suspects are long gone. Being a convenience store or gas station employee in some parts of Chicago is probably more dangerous than being a cop.

        • The cops have to deal with aftermath in a daily basis. If you don’t think that has an impact on their psyche and attitude then you are an idiot.

    • With anarchists it can actually be hard to spot the leaders, assuming there are any to begin with. Arresting them for what and charging them with what? In the liberal cities cops don’t even move when they witness a battery or assault (usage varies by state) during a “protest.”
      Shooting the rioters? Better get a darn good attorney before then. Some folks got in a lot of legal trouble for what seemed to be pretty clean stand your ground cases, if you use deadly force to defend property I can only imagine the amount of shit that is going to fall on you after.

  15. So the bully boys in blue can only bully when it’s fifteen against one . When the looting starts the shooting starts. Both sides now idiot, the capitalist should have taken out gunms when they had a chance.

    • Make longer (and literate) posts if you what qualify for the Soros bonus bucks. 100 words is still the minimum to qualify.

      • We certainly appreciate the info from someone who knows, could you just scan your rate card and post it please?

      • I’ll have to give him a pass for spelling and coherence on the grounds that this is an American marsupial.

    • “Make longer (and literate) posts if you what qualify for the Soros bonus bucks”

      If you bite him, Possum, I won’t see a thing… 😉

  16. Buy firearms and ammo. As much as you can afford. As evidenced by this entire debacle, the authorities are bunch of pu$$ies.

    • Most normal people with a decent amount of education and skills don’t want to be cops. Shitty hours, too much stress, shitty coworkers with questionable ethics and general attitude, shitty supervisors, the politics, and a bunch of folks who simply don’t like and/or don’t trust law enforcement. Many cops look worn-out and miserable when they retire due to many years of negativity and stress. No thanks, be a fireman instead, they get to stay in shape while getting paid, and they can show up late to a house fire people will still thank them and call them heroes.

  17. I got a whiff of “tear gas”? today in Hammond,IN. The “protesters” were trying to loot Target in Munster just south of where I was. Black Friday shopping I’m guessing. The cop’s looked quite pizzed…lock n load!

  18. In the midst of all this and while I was peaceably taking possession of my new (to me) 2018 Polaris Slingshot in North Carolina all this was happening across the country. I didn’t know a thing until I got home and turned on the news to see Nashville not quite burning to the ground (liberal mayor) and I see that our new Governor Lee had gotten his pet legislation almost to full passage. Constitutional Carry. Tennessee would be like the 17th state to do so. The RINOS and anti freedom police are all in total meltdown mode over it but can’t quite see the irony through the smoke in downtown Nashville. There’s like ZERO problems here in the extreme northeast tip of the state. So many folks here carry either openly or concealed that bad guys pretty much stick to internecine conflicts (folks they know personally or victims they have good reason to think are defenseless). I’m so glad that we moved out of Miami, FL in December 2018. Now a bunch of our friends from there are contacting our realtor up here.

  19. We are getting closer everyday from becoming a shithole country. Mostly due to the evolution of our demographics, public “education,” incompetent and dishonest politicians, and the fake news media with their propaganda and “divide to not even conquer” mindset. I am waiting for Chief Censor and a couple others to explain how these LOOTERS are fighting for any good cause. Like I said couple days ago, these protests are controlled by antifa, hoodrats, and the likes. There is zero message, it has absolutely nothing to do with justice, freedom, or any good cause. Just another opportunity to make a mess and have “fun.”

  20. “while social media platforms were awash in images of police using forceful tactics, throwing people to the ground, using bicycles as shields and in one instance trampling a protester while on horseback.”

    Those sound like pretty tame tactics under the circumstances.

    Particularly the “using bicycle as a shield”

      • I’d be scared of a horse. Had one almost break my foot because he felt put off for not being fed on time.

        But I’ve heard that dogs inspire more effect during a riot. Maybe it’s the barking?

        • Ummmmm, I think it’s the teeth and the bone crushing force that gets applied during he bite process. Could be images brought up by great mammy and pappy telling stories of the good old days dealing with white folks and their forces in the South when Reverend Martin Luther King marched for civil rights and the right to vote. Et al.

  21. I think we have a loud mouth TROLL on this board, is he 14 or 24?
    I can not tell, but he does not sound like a man who has face down a real combatant in a real fight.

    • Face downed? You mean engaged? Okay. 90% of combat is not “face to face”, and 90% of it now is engagements followed by air support, unless you are on a special team, it’s usually a very slow process. I was route clearance. I engaged “The enemy”. When it was in Iraq, it was usually indirect. When it was in AFG, it was usually an explosion either followed by nothing, or indirect. But the couple times it wasn’t… what a fucken rush, now that I look back on it. I know the real enemy now is at home. 34, btw.

      • Oh wow your 34. I’m so impressed. You been there and done it all and now your here to tell us what’s what, huh?

        Well, you act like you’re about 4. And your an embarrassment to anyone you served with. I’ve read enough of your posts to tell your simply a lunatic or a 17 year old troll.

        Even if you are who you say who you are, I don’t care. The fact that “you been to war” Doesn’t mean shit and doesn’t give you any kind of special authority. Half the people who comment here are vets too. You’re not special.

        You’d get your ass handed to you by the men I served with while I was in.

        • In what… the coast guard? lol. The only people who talk like that still believe they fought for freedom. Bet you have a ribbon or veteran bumper sticker on your car huh… seeking recognition? Don’t confuse my shitposting proof of my service with seeking recognition. I was called out. I proved I was in. That’s where it ends. I learned a skill set. People like you joined for the same reason 99% of the military does: for a fucking job and the benefits. Then you get out and preach about how others who saw their fight for tyranny as a joke are “not worthy of calling themselves veterans”. Say it to a Vietnam vet. I dare you. Never claimed to be a know it all, or special because I have seen combat. And, you do care. It’s why you commented.

  22. You folks can fight your imaginary civil war. Let us all know how that goes for you, and if you win any medals.

    My plan to handle all these troubles is to binge watch Star Wars Rebels. Had no idea these animated series were that good, kinda’ fills in the holes between the movies. Already watched all of The Clone Wars series, so now I know who Ahsoka Tano is and why it’s very cool that Rosario Dawson will be playing the character in the live action season 2 of The Mandalorian. Fun stuff, good check brain at door and enjoy the show sort of fare.

    Oh, and nothing much going on around these parts. Heard something about some trouble downtown, but that’s far away.

    Think I’ll clean the popcorn maker before starting the final season of ‘Rebels ….

    • Rebels is pretty good, they moved the story along without a lot of “filler” episodes. Clone Wars is better overall though there are some clunkier episodes too. These are made to stick to the TV-PG rating though CW can get pretty dark. I’m watching Avatar: The Last Airbender now and it’s a hoot – lots of quirky anime style humor. The thing they all share: the involvement of that quirky Star Wars nerd and possible heir apparent to George Lucas, the cowboy hat wearing western Pennsylvanian Dave Filoni – same guy who’s partnered with Jon Favreau to make The Mandalorian.

      • The Clone Wars was better, so far. But any Rebel’s episodes with Ahsoka Tano are improved by the character. And it is all worthwhile to anyone who is at least a casual fan. I mean I’d never go to a fan convention of ComicCon, that’s just over the top into the thing for me.

        I do like what they are doing with the live action The Mandalorian, just wish the episodes were a full hour and more to a season. The technology of the high definition video wall and ceiling, combined with active parallax correction for camera movements by a real-time game engine, amazing work!

  23. In St Louis thug tried to rob a FedEx truck, got pulled under the trailer and died. LMFAO, what a bunch of low IQ felons. Who wants to die for a few FedEx packages folks?

    Note: With most packages, you don’t even know what’s inside, could have very well picked a bunch of women’s socks and Peppa Pig toys. Unfortunately, we will never know, he died before he could get his dirty hands on something.

    • I think we all appreciate a good “Stupid Criminal” story.

      On the other hand I’ve watched a bunch of news videos now on YouTube, all sorts of news sources. This is not crowds of just black people, put that notion out of your head. Lots of white faces, all ages, both among the sign carrying protesters and the rock throwing, store looting lowlifes.

      Looking very well racially integrated to me.

    • Will the Fed EX driver deliver the body to the morgue? Or is there extra shipping and handling fees involved?

      Another one bites the dust! Hey – Hey.

  24. Liberals need violence to advance their agenda. That is why they let the rioters run wild.

    They might truly believe that you can pacify them by doing that.

    The only way to stop it is to arrest, stop the trouble makers the first time they step out of line.

    Failure to do so only embolden them.

  25. The stupid is stunning. Ya’ll are like listening to an argument in a home for old widows. Thanks for the morning entertainment, carry on.

  26. This is no longer about Floyd.

    Anger that already exists is being incited by people that want destruction. The black community is being used. Burning it all down is pointless and will not result in anything worthwhile. Venting frustration about injustice by committing another injustice is not going to produce justice.

  27. I haven’t seen anyone address the real concern I have. Is there going to be another run on ammo, which will run up prices? Just asking for a friend…who keeps asking me for ammo…

    • Tell your friend to start reloading and make his own. Not only will his supply grow exponentially, but it will keep him too busy to bother you or anyone else. With the right rig and enough base components he can crank out a thousand rounds in about 1.5-2.0 hours and more as he gets more experienced.

  28. The locals who turned out around here certainly didn’t seem to be hell bent on destruction. It seems the worst agitators left yesterday.
    Using flashbangs on a peaceably assembled crowd and pepper balls on the local press is NOT a good look.
    If THAT, however, was their show of force; then most of us here have no worries.

  29. Well, apparently that article about enhanced trolling, from a few days ago, was correct.

    • TTAG management believes they have to operate under a suicide pact. As I said to CC, individual trolls like him and his alter ego Vlad are ok but when you faced with an organized effort to use trolls to disrupt and silence you, it’s not a free speech issue any more. It’s offensive information operations directed at you. You deal with it or die. TTAG has chosen to die.

  30. Think the time for calling these “protests” is over! These are the same shoppers and gang bangers, and their antifa and BLM organizers who’ve been anxiously waiting for ANY excuse to help out the race baiting dems and their media ally’s

  31. The writer of the AP article doesn’t know crap about Tulsa. The protest, which was peaceful except for one person injured when they were knocked down by a SUV trying to get around the blockade on I-44, was NOT in the Greenwood district. It started around 41st and Peoria, in the Brookside district, and went as far as I-44 and then Mayor G.T. Bynum’s hose before breaking up. The Greenwood district is north of the downtown area of Tulsa.

    One thing of note about the Tulsa protest. My son and his girlfriend went out to observe the scene. They reported, and it was confirmed by news sources, that there were some carrying rifles and shotguns during the protests. There were no incidents occurring due to these firearms-toting individuals. Contrast this with Oklahoma City, which had an overnight riot with multiple arrests and at least one burned police vehicle.


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