Scott Israel Sheriff Fired Broward County
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The first reaction to this report that Broward County’s laughingstock of a chief law enforcement officer, Scott Israel is about to get the boot is…duh! Of course they’re going to get rid of him. He and his embarrassment of an operation bungled the run-up and the response to the Parkland school shooting in virtually every way possible.

They knew the shooter was a big problem — Broward County deputies had responded to dozens of calls from his home — but they didn’t prosecute him when he was violent at school. The kids threw up more red flags than an Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez campaign stop.

Then, on the day of the shooting, his deputy failed to enter the school during the shooting, his inexperienced commander ignored established tactics and set up a perimeter rather than attacking the shooter and then she kept paramedics out of the school long after the shooting had stopped.

So Sheriff Israel’s well-oiled machine was an utter disaster. Given that, the next response to news that he’s on his way out is…what the hell took them so long?

However, according to he’s not being removed for abysmal performance on the job . . .

According to the source, Sheriff Israel is being removed from office for criminal issues, not malfeasance, following an investigation conducted by the office of Florida Governor Rick Scott. The source exclusively revealed to Big League Politics that Sheriff Israel is also allegedly being investigated by the IRS.

According to the source in the Broward Sheriffs office, Sheriff Israel’s removal revolves around a criminal matter that the FBI is aware of. Although his failures surrounding the Parkland shooting initially sparked the investigation, it isn’t the sole reason why he is being removed.

The high-level source who wished to remain anonymous told Big League Politics that Sheriff Israel is already aware of the fact that he is being removed from office next week.

It’s probably too much to expect that Israel’s job performance — such as it is — would constitute sufficient reason to fire him.

Since the Parkland shooting, a lot of unflattering information has come out regarding Sheriff Israel. Along with being a mouthpiece for Democratic politicians and gun control advocates, like Hillary Clinton and Debbie Wasserman Schultz who he has been photographed with, Sheriff Israel and his department have recently made headlines for more controversy

In May, it was revealed that Marjory Stoneman Douglas high school and the Broward County Sheriff’s office were keeping quiet the fact that Sheriff Israel’s son, Brett, had allegedly assaulted a 14 year old student on campus in an act of bullying.

Whatever the reason, it can only be a plus to have new leadership at the head of the Broward County Sheriff’s Department.

It’s also possible that the timing has something to do with Governor Rick Scott Senate campaign.

Governor Scott is expected to release a statement in the coming week when Sheriff Israel is removed from office. Scott is currently running for US Senate in Florida, and news of Sheriff Israel’s removal is sure to boost his approval rating in what is gearing up to be one of the most important Senate races in the country.


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  1. “According to the source, Sheriff Israel is being removed from office for criminal issues,“

    Big surprise. A criminal who wants to see his victims disarmed.

    • And the F B I has found some criminal issues for him to be prosecuted with. I think that the F B I wants to try to play the hero here when they are as much at fault as he is.

  2. Yes! 17 people died because of this guy’s incompetent employees and his “expertly trained management system”. Firing should be the least of his worries.
    The fact that it has taken so long to get to this point shows a shocking lack of accountability by the government and Governor of Florida.

  3. It was time for him to move along anyway. Malfeasance of that magnitude deserves a promotion – he should run for a state representative office at the very least, if not a Congressional rep. Democrats will vote for him in droves.

  4. The pro-gun entities should use this as bait when the anti-gunners say only cops should have guns, he is the poster child for everything wrong with the deep state…

    • “…everything wrong with the deep state..”

      He’s elected. Deep state has to do with appointees and hired bureaucrats who maintain the status quo for decades despite elected regime changes.

      His system and people are still in place so the department he leaves behind will have a “deep state”ish feel unless his replacement shakes all the crap out of the trees….. doubt thats going to happen; deep state it is for Broward County.

      I say 6.5 CM for Sheriff of Broward County 2018!

  5. While I completely agree that Sheriff Israel is a miserable failure and incompetent individual…..

    I’m kinda wondering how an elected official gets ‘fired’.
    By whom?
    Who’s the boss of an elected official?
    Can an elected Florida Senator be ‘fired’?

    • I don’t know ow how it is in Florida, but where I am there are two options:

      1. Arrest. Then the deputy or assistant assumes the job until the next election.
      2. Legislature can defund the position. Still in office but with no way to do.anything without being able to pay salaries, etc.

      In this case I’m guessing option #1.

        • The Governor can only suspend a sheriff, then, the legislature has to impeach him . He’s probably typing up his resignation letter by now.

        • I doubt it. He’ll fight. His ego is too big to quit or admit that he deserves this. He’s been a good little stooge for the (D)’s….. Look no further than the woomb of woman’s rights and anti patriarchy politics: San Francisco County County, California to see what happens to good little commie Sheriff who beats his wife…. (Ross Mirkarimi…. I cant paste the link)

      • The Governor of Florida can remove local officials for a variety of reasons.
        We have a law here that if a local official passes a gun law more strict than state law, the official will be removed by the Governor and will be personally fined.
        Ex governor Rick Scott is running un opposed in the Republican primary for Florida senator in Washington.
        Scott is a RINO who signed the anti gun law here in Florida.
        It is a difficult choice to vote for him or sit out the election and let gun hating Democrat Bill Nelson stay in Washington

    • It varies from state to state, but had a similar thing happen in my county earlier this year. Once indicted by a grand jury, some states have a provision that the governor can suspend or (apparently in Florida’s case) fire a Sheriff and appoint an interim Sheriff until the next election.

    • Under Florida statutes 112.40 through 112.521, the governor can suspend a sheriff for cause and refer his allegations to the state Senate. The Senate in turn holds a trial-like hearing and can either uphold the governor’s charges, in which case the sheriff is fired, or overrule them and reinstate the sheriff.

  6. Hmmmm….I be thinking Russian collusion ! Has anyone seen Mueller in the sunshine state ?

  7. As a resident of I don’t care why.
    Just get his ass out and with no retirement or pension.
    Just toss him to the curb already.

    • No, no, no! He exhibited “AMAZING” leadership skills. So amazing no one else could recognize them as such! 😉

  8. As usual. You can be responsible for the deaths of many US citizens and nothing happens, BUT fail to pay the IRS and you GO DOWN! It is all about the money.

  9. I’d like to see someone reporting on this other than BigLeaguePolitics, as they’re about as skewed one way as Vox is the other.

  10. Unlike a police chief, a Sheriff can not be fired. Sheriffs are elected. In some states he might be able to be recalled, but generally only Western states have recall in their constitutions, and Florida is an old state.

    Sounds like he is going to be indited by the State AG. Once indited there may be a method of removal.

  11. Don’t care if Scott cured cancer and brought about world peace…he’s a mousy little lying turd and he can suck it. Would vote for a clown in a jackass costume before I’d vote for that idiot






  13. He should be hung from the sheriff’s department flag pole and left there for 10 days to remind the deputies about failing the public.

  14. Before you all go and keel haul him, you might consider he may be the typical, not the exception.

    No offense to the brave rank and file in the PD / Sheriffs, but the top positions are mostly political assignments. They are far removed from protecting the individual, their goal is to protect themselves and their department. There certainly may be Sheriffs / Police Chiefs that put protection of the individual as a priority, but I bet they work mostly in small departments, not big cities.

  15. well… good that he loses his job but ummm when we fire him can we fire him from a large cannon towards oh idk a solid concrete wall or maybe just fire him out into the glades?

  16. If I had a pension to bet, I would bet it on the side of this POS keeping his pension. The working men/women in this country have taken bad hits over being in a union, so we get get squat(since the unions are there, but the jobs are mostly non union). A civil service workers gets normal raises, full benefits and there is no way to take his pension when he does wrong.
    First responders should bot be allowed the legal protections and union help that other citizens are not allowed.

  17. Since when does a sheriff prosecute someone? That is the job of the SA or DA (depending where you live). I wonder if the writer meant ‘arrest’, but if the school wouldn’t sign the complaints, that would explain the lack of arrest. Anyone know if the school was reluctant to go forward with the complaints?

  18. His malfeasance cost 17 lives and sparked many copy cat shootings across the nation. He is a member of the Obamanation along with Hillary and d hogg

  19. First off… No one on this fourm would run into a building with a active shooting going on… Yeah yeah you are like I would … No you won’t here is why. You have no idea how many and what weapon is being used. And at the moment you know. Hey if I stand here behind cover I seem to be safe… What you people wanted to see was police In movies bust in the school. Take out the perp and save the day… But that is not life… These police officer fell the same way. They choice not to engage. Because of the high risk. This is why we have SWAT teams who training together makes them a fighting force. 4 reg cop would have been easy picking for someone with a AR-15 and knew how to use it…so at the end of it all please stop blaming police for the evil one who killed these people. Next stop blaming Gun you fools would rather live on your knees… Grow a pair for God sakes. You kid is being bullied… Tell your kid to punch him square in the jaw. That shit ends right there. Stop using socal media as a soap box for your life… No one cares about what you have for dinner or who your mom and dad are going out with tonight. Lastly this generation of me me now now has to stop here is my message to all the young adults… Your Job is not a day care. You are expected to be their on time. Don’t go-to your boss and be like I played video gave till 4 am it’s cool if I am 2 hours late right. No it’s not cool and your fired. Don’t cry and say o my boss is mean… Blah blah. You are a complete moron. If you can’t even get to work on time… Rant over … Mic drop

  20. He’s a pathetic ass and should have been fired long ago. Hey, how about this….he could be the door guard at the local Dick’s sporting goods store. A Dick working a Dick’s, how perfect is that!!

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