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Recently in Florissant, Missouri, a woman shot and killed 34-year-old Randall Gaston, her fiance, who was living with her. When the police arrived at the home, the woman let them in, told them she lived there, and was peaceably taken into custody.

In addition to Gaston’s body with multiple gunshot wounds, the officers must have found evidence of serious domestic violence against the woman, as they believe the shooting to have been self-defense and are not filing charges against her. This means, of course, that the police believe Gaston would have inflicted serious bodily harm or killed her if she had not stopped him with lethal force.

There are women who listen to the mantra repeated by the Civilian Disarmament Industrial Complex, telling them that statistically, a firearm in the home has a higher chance of being used against them someone they know. However, they’re missing the rest of the story: of all women who are killed by men, 93% are killed by men they know.

Sixty-three percent of those are the wives or intimate partners of their killer. In this case, with the help of a firearm, one woman was able to avoid being part of that statistic.

This defensive gun use is what female empowerment actually looks like. It’s not pretty, but it saves lives.

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  1. Good for her. I just hope she gets the firearm back from the investigators in a reasonable amount of time, or she has another available to her.

    • Arming women would do more for America then about any other gun measure. Sadly, however, its usually the bully boyfriend who packs the heat.

      The only way to stop a bad domestic abuser is a good woman with a gun.

      • And, when I was a firearms instructor, the women were generally my best students. They didn’t have the male machismo stuff going on.

      • Nobody going to suggest that women avoid dating abusive men? Breaking up beats shooting someone (even if the shooting was justified, which it appears to be in this case).

        I’m glad the woman survived. I hope she learns something, and stops shacking up with violent losers.

        Shooting someone really should be a last resort move.

        • You don’t generally know that you’re dating an abusive person until you are abused, and by then you are living in fear of being stalked and beaten/murdered if you break up with him.

          • Any man who strikes a woman just once (unless she is bigger and stronger) should be charged for battery. The first time should be the last time for the woman. She should get a restraining order immediately and she should arm herself, buy a gun if she doesn’t already have one.

        • An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. At the first signs, bail out.

          And, yes, you do know that somebody is heading toward being abusive well before he sends you to the ER for the first time. Google signs he will be abusive, or similar. It’s a well established pattern of behavior.

    • “Randall had many talents and could do anything he put his mind to. Rather that be drawing, rapping, dancing, rehabbing homes or working on or painting cars. His most pride and joy were his children, cars and beats.”

      Well, the ‘beats’ that were “His most pride and joy” got his ass dead…

      • No mention of a freaking JOB.

        Mostly he must have put his mind to knocking up women he was not married to. SEVEN kids. Who wants to help pay care for this litter until they can get their own obumer phone and SNAP card? I bet Pres Trump/ICE is at fault for separating these kids from their family.

        • Typical. That could have been Maxine Waters son….or Barracks. Thats how ‘those people’ act.

    • Good find. Laughable stuff

      Randall went home to be with the Lord. (Beelzebub)
      got reacquainted with the Lord 2years ago
      in the process of working on himself to live a better life.
      This one is touching the love of his life and fiancé, Danielle Macon (who capped his ass).

      Ole Randall is already a martyr for the antigun wackos

      Girls stay away from stupid piles of crap and DON’T let it shack up with you.

      • A victim of ‘gun violence’ because he figured it was A-OK to keep hitting his woman.

    • It is just a picture…
      showing a generic picture is beter than showing a picture of a black man which may make people jump into stereotypes rather than read the actual story…
      just say that the picture is not of the couple in question.

  2. If the guy really was assaulting her then I say “Good job – you did what you had to do”. However, she may be getting the treatment all deserve because she is a woman, and worst yet, he is a man. Other domestic situations where both are the same gender, the script is flipped, or it involves non-romantic partners . . . at least seem to get more scrutiny and a higher likelihood of charges being filed.

    On a different note. Did she use a Glock? Cuz shooting a guy named Gaston w/ a Glock is well ironic?

    • I thought the same thing, that’s a tad bit of irony.

      Looking forward to reading how many perforations he acquired.

  3. When I started working as a firefighter in the mid 70’s the police had to leave the property of a domestic incident if told to. Most of the time the man would be told to go stay somewhere else. They did not have laws to back them up.
    Later when laws were passed the thug would be arrested and in quite a few situations the victim would drop the charges . Some would go to court and ask the judge to drop charges. I remember one woman did that 18 times. Finally a law was passed that they either press charges or both would be arrested.
    It was not a pleasant sight to see a woman bloodied , beaten , and trembling uncontrollably.

  4. Good job girl! And very good point about female empowerment: the crime that dropped most significantly when Florida first enacted concealed carry was rape.

    • Do you have any evidence that she was stopping a crime and wasn’t a nutjob who decided her fiance didn’t cuck hard enough?

      • Apparently, the cops said she had obvious injuries to her body. Yea, I guess she could have beat herself up?

  5. “Randall leaves with cherishable memories: the love of his life and fiancé, Danielle Macon”

    She’s the one that shot him dead!

  6. Yet another example of female privilege. Any man in the opposite situation would be in jail waiting for a felony homicide trial. This is why feminism is cancer.

      • No, it’s very possible a man would be in legal trouble. The circumstances of the case would be the deciding factor. If the man was half the size, if the woman was an expert in the martial arts? The circumstances would be the deciding factor. Generally, the man would be charged in such a case. But, not always. That’s why the evidence in the case is so important.

  7. Well, if we’re all offering kudos to the woman because she protected herself from actual domestic violence, then I also say good job to her as well. I only hope that we would do the same if the genders are flipped. I know I would.

  8. “Known” is a terrible indicator. Your worst enemy, stalker, or rival drug dealer is “known” to you. That statistic just means that 7% of women are murdered in random violence. I believe the stats for men is similar. The domestic partner stat is more interesting, but I wouldn’t consider the anti-gun Violence Policy Center as a reputable source. That’s the same group that promoted “assault weapons” bans because it was easy to mislead the public into confusing them with machine guns.

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