Oklahoma Walmart Shooting
Law enforcement work the scene where two men and a woman were fatally shot Monday, Nov. 18, 2019, outside a Walmart store in Duncan, Okla. Two victims were shot inside a car and the third was in the parking lot outside the store in Duncan, Police Chief Danny Ford said. (AP Photo/Sean Murphy)
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In what is reported to have been a shooting resulting from a domestic dispute, a man dressed in black shot and killed a man and a woman this morning in a parking lot outside a Duncan, Oklahoma Walmart store. The shooter opened fire on the man and woman who were sitting in a car.

According to the UK’s Daily Mail . . .

When the gunman was confronted by an armed citizen, he then turned the gun on himself.

You can see from the evidence markers in the video below, the shooter fired at both victims multiple times.

As the Associated Press is reporting,

No staff members were involved in the shooting and the store was not evacuated, Walmart spokeswoman LeMia Jenkins said in an email.

“This was an isolated incident in the parking lot and was not an active shooter situation,” Jenkins said.


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    • “When the gunman was confronted by an armed citizen, he then turned the gun on himself.”

      So the armed Good Samaritan didn’t even have to fire a shot? Am I understanding this correctly? A “good guy with a gun” didn’t FUBAR the situation and cause more problems, as the politicians want us to believe?

      • Yes, you are. Y’all know that the real culprits are the (badword) people who want to disarm us and create a border to border gun free zone. The police do what they can, but they can’t be on everyone’s hip. WAKE THE HELL UP PEOPLE!!!

      • Here: https://dailyanarchist.com/2012/07/31/auditing-shooting-rampage-statistics/

        He tallies stats for mass shootings, including fewer than 4 victims; and not family shootings, but public ones of strangers. The most interesting discovery is that shooters stopped by Joe Q. Citizen on the scene killed far fewer strangers than those stopped by cops, because they were on the scene. Surprisingly, most of those killers shot themselves as soon as they were discovered, without waiting to be shot at by Joe Q. Citizen.

  1. Wait….shouldn’t Oklahoma’s absence of gun control have made this impossible? Since “more guns = less gun violence”?

    • It did make it impossible. Rather than going on a rampage like the two clowns in commiefornia, this guy got confronted by an armed responder and ate his gun. That’s the idea. You can never present somebody from firing the first shot, but an armed response by the would-be victims is how you keep a domestic case from turning into a mass shooting.

      • Haven’t been on this website in years. New look, new bloggers. Same tired comments, same old BS. Buncha f****n losers playing into bloomberg’s frame. What exactly have conservatives conserved?

    • Actually it did… an armed citizen stopped a murderer. You may not like civilians being armed allowed to defend themselves but tough shit. Most of America disagrees with you.

    • As a boy, Miner never was good at making friends. One day while in the third grade he came home with another boy from class. He said, “Dad, I’d like you to meet my new friend. His name is Vlad.”

      It was all downhill from there.

    • Miner49er,

      You posted the answer to your own rhetorical question: more guns == LESS violent crime.

      No one is claiming that more guns equates to zero violent crime. Rather, more armed citizens leads to less violent crime, fewer victims, and less severe injuries (on average) to the victims of violent crime.

      • Gun ownership and communism are not compatible, communists don’t give a dam about your safety, they just don’t want any opposition from armed citizens. It is a fact the dim0cRAT party is owned by the communist party and soros. Ultimate power is what the dim0cRATS want, they are trying to shut down freedom of speech, take away your right to defend yourself, imagine losing just freedom of speach, that would result in
        a jail sentence if you disagree with a politician.

    • Despite the efforts of gun-controllers, America is arming itself and has been arming itself since Sandy Hook.
      This is a significant demographic change once result of which is Oklahoma’s constitutional carry law which encourages average citizens to arm themselves. This armed citizen deserves a lot of credit for stopping a killer from going on a shooting spree in a crowded shopping space. It’s only a matter of time before we start seeing more confrontations between armed killers and armed citizens willing to defend themselves and others. When this begins to happen we’ll see a sharp reduction in the incidence of spree killings in public places. Simply put, constitutional carry means that if local business management and local politicians won’t provide armed protection against spree killers—we will. This is what the 2nd Amendment is all about.

  2. As you can all see, AS USUAL, IF they think the opponent is NOT armed, they will massacre them. As soon as they learn someone in the vicinity is a stand up and ARMED citizen, it ends in suicide.

    Telling. Truly telling.

  3. In countries south of America this happens a lot. Well, usually the man just kills the woman and moves on with his life. Sometimes he kills the new boyfriend too. Obviously the man isn’t supposed to have a gun but somehow gets one and murders the woman he doesn’t want anyone else to have.

    In Asia the man stabs the woman to death while everyone else stands there watching. This one time a man was disemboweling a woman while she was still alive in front of a large crowd. There was nothing they could do because the man had a huge knife and none of them knew how to disarm an attacker with a knife. They simply waited for the police and filmed the murder for evidence.

    In Europe teens run around stabbing each other like it won’t cause death. The kids carry around knives because that’s what Euro kids do. When a fight goes down some kid is going to whip out his knife. It’s kind of like an American prison yard. Rather barbaric. Reminds me of when hispanics fight with machetes to settle their problems.

    • “In Asia…none of them knew how to disarm an attacker with a knife.”

      Don’t they know Karate or something?

      • So, in China not a lot of people know “karate” as it is not Chinese. What people do know is kung-fu , which today is much more for show and not practical use, or tai-chi, which is mostly just used to improve health through exercise.
        There are a lot of stabbings (including mass stabbings at schools, usually kindergartens) but the other thing that happens is bombings, people will use improvised bombs made from propane tanks (probably mostly close to a 10 or 15 gallon size) and they tend to cause a bit of damage.

  4. Yes a good guy “used” his gun to stop a criminal.

    “Look Ma. I didn’t even have to shoot anybody”
    “And I stopped it!”

    • Years ago, I was visiting a neighborhood across town upon invitation. Unfortunately, I parked on the wrong side of the housing complex and had to walk through a dark-lit street (it was after sunset) to access the correct side. As I did, four men saw me and began walking my way. As they drew near and began to slightly fan out around me, I presented my sidearm at low ready. That was enough to convince them that I wasn’t worth the effort or risk, and they walked away without a word.

      The mere presentation of a gun is sometimes enough to deter a criminal.

      • I think it’s so important to keep talking about stories like yours, and this one as examples of “using” a gun to protect yourself.
        The something happened at the shopping Mall in Oregon several years ago. As soon as the killer saw the good guy with his gun. He killed himself.

  5. The News Media is often in error when they first report a gun tragedy. Most men who kill their wives or wives lovers and kids then turn the gun on themselves. The so called hero may have rushed up and only observed the guy committing suicide. We will not know the real story until the official reports are made. If it is later proven he was headed for the store after shooting the people in the car then yes the news Media got it right but again we do not have the official report.

    • I just knew somebody was going to say something like this. So, here you are in a parking lot. You see some guy fire into a car, killing it’s occupants. Although you are armed and in close proximity to the shooting you should just assume you are witnessing a domestic violence killing and not a spree killing? Somehow I don’t think the courageous armed citizen had that information in mind when he confronted a killer. And make no mistake, the guy who confronted the killer showed a hell of a lot of courage.

      • I dont think that moreadventures was implying the samaritan was a coward or did wrong or that he even knew the shooters motive. The fact is the media and many people on our own side are STILL trying to paint this as an attempted mass shooting. The media for obvious reasons. Our side for reasons I cant figure out. Fact is this was a domestic dispute that ended tragically. Whether the samaritan knew at the time or not is irrelevant and thoes of us who care about facts arent trying to take away from his attempt to act. But its getting rather old hearing people complain about how the left lies so much and gets facts wrong, yet here we are, STILL trying to make this shooting more than it ever was going to be.

  6. This reminds of the Gonzales case. It was part of my college paper on teaching the the 2A to grade k thru 12. You are on your own. The Police? No duty to enforce a restraining order. No duty to enforce an “order of Protection”.

    Town of Castle Rock v. Gonzales

    And the Liberals still say only the military and cops should have guns. In the Gonzales case the cops got shot and the kids got shot and died.

    • Castle Rock is my town, and I’ve had nothing but good interactions with local law enforcement, official and otherwise, but I don’t plan on them bailing me out in a self defense situation. I am fairly confident that they aren’t going to jack me up if I have to shoot someone in self defense, however.

    • Agreed

      Now if Walmart would wise up and take the opportunity to learn a few things….

      Maybe a few other companies as well.

      • What did Walmart do to invite this attack? If it happened at a Target store would Walmart still be under scrutiny? Just because some wack job shops at walmart they have a responsibility in this?

        • Walmart would rather “look” like they are ‘doing something’.

          Serious companies don’t react by removing ammo off the shelves. They don’t react by removing guns. They certainly don’t react by destroying the very tools that stop the bad guys (Dicks). It should be obvious that these decisions ARE NOT fixing anything, preventing anything, stopping anything. They wont…they can’t.

          If you want to ask about Target….
          Target is more interested in forcing co-ed bathrooms on everyone.

          What did Walmart do?
          Well, instead of taking the lives of their patrons seriously, they would rather have the ‘look’ of someone that does. They would rather do stupid things that encourage the bad guys….like making sure that people with bad intent feel like they can take life without fear of retaliation. That’s what the 30.07 and 30.06 signage is all about. With Walmarts VERY public wishes out there, my safety is NOT number one. Where are the door greeters and armed security? Do you really believe all those parking lot cameras actually work? Isn’t it obvious to you that bad people are choosing Walmart? Why isn’t that clear enough to the people that run the place?

          Walmart can do what it likes. They can sell what they like. I don’t care. But only an idiot would believe they can remove evil from their midst simply by no longer selling something.

        • If Walmart wasn’t relevant, then it wouldn’t be any part of this discussion. Walmart is relevant because that’s where the bullets are flying. Being where the intended victim worked is what’s irrelevant. That just increased the chances of that person being there. This incident didn’t take place at a gas station as I’m sure the intended victim might be found there on occasion aswell. Just with less likelihood. Most people will spend more time at Walmart than a gas station.

          All I’m saying is that Walmart has done nothing to make me feel safe shopping there. Should I feel safe working there?

  7. About the armed citizen not actually having to shoot anybody, I like to hope it ain’t that unusual.

    Twice in my live I have used a gun for self defense. Both times the person attacking me turned and ran the moment they saw the gun in my hands. Both were a long time ago, I hope I never see that decision before me ever again.

    But if I do, I now own more than the .22 revolver and rifle that I had way back then.

    • If a murderer is stopped by a .22 revolver. Then that little .22 has done its job. I carry a beretta 21A in .22 caliber sometimes. And I practice with it all the time. I shoot out to 35 yard targets.

    • OK, here I go with another unsourced statistic. I don’t know where I read it, but I did read somewhere that in 97% of DGU incidents, the firearm is not discharged.

      • Through my research, I’ve heard the same thing. And it makes sense if you think about. Stick-up man Steve isn’t ex-black ops, he isn’t John Wick. He wants an easy mark, not one that could kill his ass dead. Your run-of-the-mill ne’erdowell May not be that smart, but he’s still got a sense of self-preservation.

  8. In a car? A big knife would have sufficed! A piece of metal/plastic didn’t cause this, stupidity did.

  9. We POTG should resist the urge to chalk one up for the good guys in this case. In all probability, his ex and her new boyfriend were probably the only 2 people on earth he desired to kill, and he likely intended to go out via suicide by cop. When the armed bystander arrived first, the plan changed and he turned his own gun on himself. The fact that he didn’t exchange fire with the bystander supports this theory.

    If this sad story proves anything, it is that you are the primary guardian of your life. I doubt that the ex had zero inkling of her former husband’s emotional attitude. If she had been armed this story might have been different. In a situation like this the police will never be there in time to protect you – assuming that they are inclined to come at all.

    • You not I will ever know wether or not he would have killed anyone else and that’s the way it’s supposed to work, at least sometimes, when good guys act.
      The good guy should get his due props.

  10. Where’s all the naysayers stating that you can’t get in on the fight and should just run away and hide with your gun now!?! 1 sheepdog is all it took to end it without them ever firing a shot!

  11. 3 million times a year..guns save lives…………………..

    that is 3,000,000……………………

  12. The real lesson in this is not that the killer had a gun. It is not that a good guy had a gun and stood up. The lesson is that neither of the two unfortunate victims DID NOT. I rest my teaching. Make of it what you will

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