Walmart store shooting
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The latest reports out of Duncan, Oklahoma indicate another shooting at a Walmart store, this one an apparent murder suicide.

Here are the AP’s updates . . .

10:45 a.m.

Local media are reporting that three people have been fatally shot at a Walmart in Oklahoma.

Local media citing the Oklahoma Highway Patrol say three people were killed Monday morning at the store in Duncan.


10:30 a.m.

Local media are reporting that several people have been injured in a shooting at a Walmart store in Oklahoma.

Fox 25 TV reports that police say three people were shot and wounded Monday morning at the store in Duncan, Oklahoma.

A dispatcher tells The Associated Press that “everyone is at the scene.”

Local media reports appear to confirm that the shooter is dead. It’s not clear yet whether the reports of three people dead included the shooter.

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    • “Thanks again, Second Amendment!”

      A damn shame a “Derp” like you weren’t among the dead… 🙂

    • Dear Stupid.

      The 2nd amendment did not commit this crime. Another mentally challenged fool similar to you did. Please refrain from placing blame where it does not lay.

      Every time a see drunk driver caused death I like to thank Coors…No I don’t.

    • The first can go, too, dummy. Take guns and YOU WILL be under a Democratic despot. There is a cost to almost every right. Consider how many criminals would be off the streets if we did away with 4 through 8. And don’t stupid and tell me there a gradient of importance. By the way, I have about knives of which any two could be wielded simultaneously to kill 4 or more in crowds before I could be stopped. And probably wound another 3 or 4.

    • WTF is wrong with you ? If you can’t say something meaningful, why bother saying anything. Btw , there’s nothing special about your kind of stupid.

    • Yes, thank the Second Amendment for allowing a good guy with a gun from preventing more casualties! Late reports indicate that when the shooter was confronted by an Oklahoman exercising his right under the Second Amendment and Oklahoma’s recently enacted Constitutional Carry, the coward chose to end his own life. Otherwise, who knows how many more might have become victims?

  1. Don’t know any of the details on this shooting so I’m not commenting on it. What I propose is a thought experiment: How to deal with a rifle armed killer in a public venue when you only have a pistol and can’t make your escape? Any training or videos out there that cover this topic?

    • #1 – Wise choice. I’m also refraining from any commentary until more details are confirmed. I’m sure the snowflake anti-gunners and politicians will be doing enough of the talking in the meantime.

      #2 – Practice, practice, practice. One cannot reliably make “on target” hits at 15 yds without regular practice. Somewhat in line with that oft-quoted term “well regulated”.

    • Because you asked.
      Police and civilian Handgun vs bad guy rifle videos. All are less than 9 minutes. And there are many many more out there.

      1. Colorado Officer Had to Be Fast | Active Self Protection 2017

      2. Dayton, Ohio mass shooting breakdown 2019

      3. AK-47 Vs. Cop 2018

      4. Three Armed Home Invaders Try to Ambush Homeowner | Active Self Protection 2017 civilians

      5. Armed Robbers Can’t Handle Armed Resistance | Active Self Protection 2017

      And here is a favorite of mine.

      supercop 2 taps active shooter in Tulsa – Police Breakdown 2019

    • Well, that depends entirely on where you are, doesn’t it? Inside a Wal-mart or Target or any giant department store, there is a ton of concealment. There are very few places where you can see from one end of the store to another. (Typically the front end by the registers and one or two cross aisles that span the width of the store) Pick a cross aisle lacking flying lead and use it to either close with or create distance from the shooter. You’re probably not going to want to engage them from 100+ yards across the registers, since you have a pistol. Most people discount using the employee doors to access backroom spaces too. You should not. A very easy way to navigate the entire width of a store with limited access points. (As opposed to cross aisles, which can be accessed from numerous aisles and directions)

    • Learn to shoot accurately. Look up the Fairchild Air Force Base shooting in 1994. An AP cop, armed with his issue Beretta, took out a nut case, armed with an AK-47 clone, at a range of 70 yards. The cop could shoot; the nut case couldn’t.

    • Spray and pray. If you Can navigate to the auto section grab several cans of starting fluid and chuck them at his feet, then shoot the cans. But if you are that good of a marksman, shoot the mf in the left eye socket.

    • Make sure you are using the right weapon – .40 S&W or better. Practice, practice, practice is the first rule of thumb. Maintaining calm during a stressful situation is the next thing to concentrate on. Use fear, (adrenaline), to your advantage, rather than allowing it to control you. Think; coolly and calmly. You probably aren’t going to be well supplied with ammunition. So make every shot count. Dead center mass is the optimal target area – triple-tap. There are plenty of instructional videos available. Learn the self-defense laws where you live. As you can be a “hero” and still wind up in prison.

      • Eer uuh a .22 or bb for that matter in the left eye socket will do all that there needs to be done. In today’s climate more and more mass shooters are wearing armor and all a quintriplet center, mas tap is going to do is get your dumbass dead to say nothing of just pissing the mf off , oh and telling it where you is.

  2. Thanks again to “gun free zones”.
    I know the corporate headquarters of Walmart has armed security guards. Because the CEO of the company makes sure they are there.

    He has also made sure his lower-level employees are disarmed at work.

  3. That’s impossible, it defies all logic. Walmart recently announced a policy that people can no longer carry guns while in store.

  4. Whatever…not much traction in a murder/suicide. But the dims will count this as a mass shooting😖

  5. Appears to have been “just” a murder/suicide. Dude capped his ex and her new man in their car, then blew his brains out.

    Not something you’d ever hear about in the national news, if it weren’t for the fact that they could include Walmart and invoke the mass shooting association.

  6. Suddenly the guy wearing armor to Walmart seems more forward-thinking than Walmart’s stance of harassing and ridiculing anyone carrying in their store.

  7. It is becoming obvious that Walmart is no longer a safe place to shop. Regardless of where you might be on gun-control/gun-rights, going there could endanger your life. It looks to me like the only things that the people running the company want to do is silly and will not correct the problem. They don’t seem to actually want to create a safe shopping experience. What they WILL do is stupid stuff that accomplishes nothing. If their policies actually accomplish anything, it certainly doesn’t show.

    Well, maybe it accomplishes one thing…..I still have no reason to shop there.

  8. “It is becoming obvious that Walmart is no longer a safe place to shop. Regardless of where you might be on gun-control/gun-rights, going there could endanger your life.”

    Actually, any public place that attracts reasonably large collections of people and which also announces that it is a gun-free zone or, like Walmart a gun restrictive zone, is a perfect target for spree killers. One of the things they count on is having plenty of targets who are not and cannot be armed for self protection. The fundamental solution to spree killings is an armed populace. Barring that, stores like Walmart seriously need to upgrade their security. They need to have highly visible, well armed security both in the stores and also in the parking lots.

    • Whereas you are technically correct, Walmart is turning into the ‘go to’ place for idiots and and those with suicidal/homicidal tendencies.

      Until Walmart decides to actually get serious about this, I simply don’t feel comfortable being there.

  9. I’m within 30 miles of this event.
    Duncan PD presumes it to be domestic violence.
    Ex caught ex with bf or some other insanity or Sis took $10 of memaws social security money.
    This area is full of toothless, local yokel red neck druggies who are the bread and butter of the drug trade!

  10. The whole point of concealed carry, is its CONCEALED,, I have shopped walley world with my weapon concealed, nobody knows but me … that’s the point.

    • The whole point of concealed carry, is its CONCEALED,, I have shopped PLACES THAT ARE NOT walley world with my weapon concealed, nobody knows but me … that’s the point. I don’t see the point of giving money to people who are actively using it to partner with political orgs that are trying to strip me of my rights.

  11. Because of the increase in the trend of “gun violence”. The Demo-CRAP , Socialist, Liberal Political Party, Globalism, (& some GOP Globalist RINOs), and in conjunction with the EU New World 🌎 Order…The U.S. Constitution/Bill of Rights, and especially the archaic 2nd Amendment, are hereby suspended for public safety reasons and the public good…All U.S. citizens will be required to surrender ALL personal firearms, and other dangerous weapons…NO US citizen shall be “Allowed” to possess any instrument capable of offensive or defensive uses! YOU CAN NOT BE TRUSTED! So it is decreed, by YOUR Authoritarian control freak overlords!

  12. But how can this be? Walmart had the pistol ammo on clearance as was getting it out of the store. Why didn’t this virtue signaling work?

    • I thought they announced they would be selling at regular prices until they ran out — not that I’ve set foot in a store since they became a charter member of Bloomberg’s astroturf Everytown for Gun Safety retailer program.

  13. If We The people were at all times armed, as is Constitutionally intended. Then little to none of these mass-shootings would be taking place. For the fear of immediately retaliation keeps even the most insane/suicidal people at bay. We’d be hearing stories like: Two people shot; the shooter and their first victim.

    These shootings are taking place because of the unconstitutional laws that have already been enacted by the democratic party. And that party should be charged as aiding and abetting in the commission of all of these crimes. The democratic party is guilty of conspiracy to commit murder – on a grand scale.

  14. First of all, this was a domestic dispute! The woman worked at Wal-mart and was out in the parking lot with her current boyfriend. Her ex-husband accompanied by another of her ex-boyfriends went to the parking lot to confront her. The real unfortunate item is that the ex-husband also brought along one of their 3 children to the scene that was a witness to everything that transpired. The ex-husband confronted the woman and fired multiple shots through the windows killing the woman and her boyfriend. Another man in the parking lot witnessed the events was a legal concealed carrier. He pulled his weapon attempting to keep the husband at the scene, but the husband apparently decided to end it there and killed himself, while his child and others watched.

    This was a mixed family, the father being Hispanic and his ex-wife being caucasian. A number of people in the area knew these people and have said there was trouble brewing for a very long time.

    This is a tragedy that could ould have possibly been avoided with early intervention, but some have said that they offered help and it was refused.

    Again, this was a family problem that went on for a long period without remedy!

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