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Pretty spiffy, eh? God knows how much money The Freedom Group spent on this series of videos, rebranding Remington’s firearms research and development facility as “The Rock.” (Dwayne Johnson’s lawyers must be happy.) They sure got their money’s worth, production value-wise. You got your slow-mo gun pron. You got your action movie nickname thing opening credits thing. And you got your strap line: “nobody can touch us”—which makes ’em sound like Howie Mandel clones. And yet the video above garnered just 4,267 views since May 1? The Rock: Smash Hits of HyperSonic Steel‘s racked-up just .357 views. (See what I did there?) That’s what you get when you dump 25 videos in big ole batches and forget to send the world’s most popular firearms blog a heads-up. Or guns to review. How about it guys? We promise not to publish any more party pics of Freedom Group CEO George Kollitedes. Honest.

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  1. Remington rebranding is like GE rebranding. Remington is a household name for firearms. Many gun companies would kill to be called Remington…and now they sound like some small start up gun company instead of the legacy Remingtons have had. Very odd.

  2. This is by far, the most asinine thing I have seen today. Stop trying to reinvent the wheel Rem…. Just stick with what you know….

  3. As in “The Rock” I have to throw because my gun is broken?

    Yeah, go ahead and crow about your reltionship with DOD, Remington. Who else are you gonna sell your overpriced, underwhelming product to?

  4. Didn’t some car company run a “Like a Rock” series of TV spots? Didn’t an insurance company call themselves “The Rock?” Wasn’t the first homicide committed using a rock? And I remember rocks being mentioned in “The 4,000 Year-old Man.” So, now we have yet another Rock.

  5. Once again the production values of reality television invade the public relations process.



    What a hot-shart of a press release.

  6. When you add it all up Rem has produced a hand full of good products and discounting the designs they bought from JM Browning you can count them on one hand, which I won’t do here.
    The above is the act of a company desperate to maintain Mkt Share while cheapening it’s product line to the point that Savage and Ruger are now considered superior products to even it’s flagship M-700.
    Like the leadership in Wash. Rem needs to experience a total make-over, which I believe anyone of us could provide to it’s betterment.
    In summation, they have not got a clue, let alone an idea worthy of discussion, hence the manufactured relevance.

  7. Asked a guy I know who worked for Freedom Group’s R&D group about this. He laughed and told me it doesn’t exist.

    Interesting rebranding to make it look like the wet dream of the guy who came up with “Future Weapons”. But firearms R&D isn’t done by super serious engineers who get to work on JANET jets and need their faces blurred in darkly lit rooms secured by scores of armed guards who have top secret security clearances. It’s not an episode of the X-Files or any documentary filmed about Area 51.

    It’s done in dirty workshops filled with screw drivers and spare parts with some high tech but boring looking testing equipment. By ordinary guys who love guns and care about the end product, who screw around, wrench on guns, break stuff, and collect data.

    The “Rock” video was well done, but I had to roll my eyes at the absurdity.

    • This doesn’t surprise me on “The Rock” not existing. For a company, lack of innovation is a death sentence. If you are not constantly coming up with new ideas and improvements you will lag behind and eventually become irrelevant. My first gun at 12, many years ago, was a Remington rifle, I haven’t bought anything except ammo from them since.

    • I’d also like to add this is an absurd commercial for a company whos premier products are a 60 year old shotgun and a 50 year old bolt rifle. The only recent interesting products from their limited portfolio (ie: GPC, ACR, XM2010, 416 handguards) are unavailable unless you are the purchasing officer for DEVGRU and want a T&E.

      I hope this re-branding means they want to bring this stuff to market, but their latest “unveiled secret” of an even more budget minded bolt action hunting rifle left me… unimpressed.

  8. Freedom Group, in case anyone in your organization happens across this post, I would like you to know that my next firearm purchase is a bolt rifle, likely in either .270 or 7mm-08. It will have a walnut stock. It will have been built in the United States. I will enjoy taking trips west to hunt muleys and pronghorn with it. Guess what it won’t be? A Remington. This video changes nothing about what you have done to beloved names in the American firearms industry.

    Go F**k yourselves.

    An American gun owner


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