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Do you run a law enforcement agency? Maybe one in, oh, Chicago or California? You know, a designated civil rights-abrogation zone that’s been confiscating firearms just as fast as your officers possibly can? Maybe you’re also holding the occasional buy-back to snag some positive local pub and demonstrate that you’re doing something to prevent “gun violence” and making the suits upstairs happy. That leaves only one question — what will you do with all those heaters? Who you gonna call? GUNBUSTERS USA! They’ve developed just the solution for your pressing firearms disposal problems. Their new GUNBUSTERS Firearms Pulverizer will chew through peacemakers at the rate of anywhere from 2-8 seconds per frame depending on what you feed it. It will also keep a video record of the serial or evidence numbers on the guns it digests. And at only about eighty-five grand a pop, it’s a lot less than a new tank for your SWAT platoon. Press release after the jump . . .

CHESTERFIELD, MO  (September 2013) – GUNBUSTERS, LLC announces the introduction of the revolutionary GUNBUSTERS™ Firearms Pulverizer systemfor law enforcement agencies intent on safely and efficiently destroying seized and surrendered firearms.  The design is the brainchild of Ray Reynolds, a retired police Lieutenant, with over forty years in law enforcement and executive positions with three major firearms manufacturers.

The Patent Pending GUNBUSTERS™ Firearms Pulverizer system enables law enforcement agencies to destroy confiscated and surrendered firearms within the safe confines of the agency. It is the first commercial pulverizer specifically made to destroy firearms. The ATF approved GUNBUSTERS’ pulverization system, includes an optical capture camera system with two high-resolution cameras that records the serial number and the pulverizing of each firearm. The video program simultaneously time-stamps the images to show the date and time of the destruction, while displaying the operator’s and witnesses’ names, and other agency information.   The system may also be utilized to destroy knives, computer hard drives and license plates.

GUNBUSTERS ‘ spokesperson, former Mayor and Police Chief of St. Louis, Missouri, Clarence Harmon said, “The GUNBUSTERS™ Firearms Pulverizer is a revolutionary method to destroy confiscated and surrendered firearms. We know agencies are recovering over a million guns a year and  the lack of disposal alternatives, coupled with prohibitive costs in transportation and security measures has resulted in property rooms literally overflowing with guns. GUNBUSTERS solves EPA issues and will create a paradigm change in how agencies destroy guns.”

GUNBUSTERS’ business model includes direct sales of the system to major federal, state and municipal agencies, and to regional service providers who will provide pulverizing services to agencies.   Agencies may also ship guns to an authorized GUNBUSTERS’ vendor, to be stripped for their parts value and then pulverized.

Mayor Harmon added, “The cost of the system is quickly recovered in administrative savings, plus it is the first system capable of providing the Chief Law Enforcement Officer with positive proof each firearm was, in fact, destroyed.” The agency is provided with a DVD documenting the destruction, with off-site backup copies maintained by GUNBUSTERS. To see video of the GUNBUSTERS™ Firearms Pulverizer System in action, visit our YouTube page. For additional information, please call (855) GUN-BUST or visit

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  1. or you could sell the firearms back to the public as a demonstration of how to correctly follow all of your super safety background check laws..

    oh that would make too much sense. lets waste taxpayer dollars nearly six figures at a time.

  2. F this company, may they go bankrupt.
    And may the designer of this device die slowly of brain cancer.


  3. So which YouTube channel is gonna post the first Glock torture test with one of these?
    Can a Glock brand Glock survive peanut butter, bacon, Elmer’s glue, and the Gunbuster?
    At the same time?

  4. Maybe they could make a larger one, with an opening wide enough to accommodate MAIG members. As compost, they would be more useful to society.

  5. I’m reminded of the line from an old Doritos commercial series – “Crunch all you want. We’ll make more.”

  6. I’m thinking a hack saw would be cheaper. Maybe if they wanted to splurge they could get a chop saw. Oh wait, this is taxpayer money they’re spending, what was I thinking?

      • You could get a chop saw for $150 and it would take about 10 seconds to chop it into 2 or 3 pieces that could never be reassembled into a working firearm. Unless your worried about some kid getting his hands on a half a revolver cylinder and cutting himself on a sharp edge or something. I’m guessing you couldn’t even get an acetylene tank filled for that.

    • SF and surrounding agencies used to take a boat out to the center of the Bay a few time a year and dump the guns.

      Oh for a time machine and a decent mini-sub.

  7. Go to the “About” page and you see all you need to know:

    “The GUNBUSTERS™ Firearms Pulverizer is the concept of Raymond Reynolds, a retired police commander. ”

    I won’t even bother going on a rant, because the rant writes itself.

    There is, however, this idea: Let’s make something that looks like a gun… but isn’t really. But it will look and feel like a gun (a long gun, of course)… until we feed it into the silly little invention of this retired donut-scarfing twerp.

    Then the expensive noises will commence.

    I’m thinking M42 HSS as my barrel material, with quenched O-1 for my receiver. A buttstock filled with pieces of carbide.

    Whattaya think, guys? Who wants to find the first customer of this clown and turn in such a piece?

    • I love it DGS! What I really want is an operable firearm made as you suggest, however inefficient, so that I could say in all honestly that I really was turning in an operable gun. . . thus it’s not my fault your fascist, ill conceived freedom eating contraption choked on it!

    • Not bad at all. I had been thinking of a few guns loaded with C4.

      (Which, I want to make it clear, I do NOT know how to make, or anything else about it!)

  8. 85 grand, and just to grind up still-useful guns. Gah, the waste! Spend that money on cancer research or something else that provides an actual service to the tax payer.

  9. I’m with the Hon. Gov. Wm J. Le Petomane;

    This has no conceivable purpose outside of agitprop and an utter waste of money. Never mind the moral, fiscal, philosophical and even mental health ramifications of wishing to destroy that which has intrinsic value, what does this do one could not have done with a large hammer and a hard surface?

    It’s as if guns have taken on such unrealistic attributes as to require a specifically designed system by which to destroy them as opposed to any other metal wood and plastic machine which may be cheaply and easily rendered inoperable by means of a hammer or applied heat.

    I must also point out the lovely bit of security theater in which the serial numbers and destruction of each gun are thoroughly and multiply documented. It almost makes it sound as if pulverizing guns were an effective and important means of fighting crime. I should like to see US gun production capacity to see how many of these must operate simultaneously and around the clock before they are able to destroy more guns than are produced. I’m betting (hoping) it’s many more of them than will ever be sold.

    Yet another (bad, over priced, over blown and absurd) solution in search of a problem.

    • This machine has ONE very valuable purpose that I think is being overlooked in our understandable disgust at its intended purpose:

      We need to monitor VERY carefully the sales of this machine and who buys it. With that the POTG have a very reliable measure of who the enemy is and how dedicated they are. When the federal government agencies start buying and stockpiling these things we know that serious trouble is just down the road. We couldn’t have a better barometer of their intentions other than being included on their e-mail list.

    • The infernal machine is not for destroying guns – not really. The thing has one purpose in mind: sending a little tingle into the loins of gun grabbers and self-defense haters.

      Assuming their loins have any tingle left in ’em.

  10. Without commenting on what a waste of energy buybacks are…

    Why can’t the PD do what the military does as a field expedient – pile them under the blade of an earthmover and then drop the blade. That seems cheaper to me.

  11. So when they do an amnesty buyback do they even bother checking the guns ballistics for possible matches to current crimes? It just seems like an incredibly stupid system….

    Criminal 1 shoots and kills someone, Police find the body but no weapon and no witnesses, Crime goes unsolved…. 3 months later gun amnesty buyback….. Criminal 1 takes the gun used in the crime to the police, gets $50 for it, Police throw the gun in the gunbuster….. no more evidence.

    It just seems like the police are in such a hurry to LOOK like they are solving crime that they completely forget to actually do their jobs to solve crime….

    • I talked to someone at GUNBUSTERS. The pulverizer doesn’t just destroy the gun, it keeps a searchable video record of the, er, funeral. It records the serial number and/or evidence number of every gun it eats. Because you never know….

      • So it’s an ordinary shredder that they sell all day long for other non-retarded purposes, which a camera mounted on it? I wonder how much of the price is dedicated to that aspect.

  12. I suppose the question is: When the revolution eventually comes, is this thing suitable for the disposal of tyrants and traitors?

  13. Great. Does Gunbusters also sell jackets and caps like Beretta? I think I’d like a Beretta jacket and a Gunbusters cap, just to suggest something about the duality of man.

    Hey, it makes as much sense as that stupid machine.

  14. I love this part:
    “Agencies may also ship guns to an authorized GUNBUSTERS’ vendor, to be stripped for their parts value…”
    I smell an FFL violation and potential for black market sales here – two for the price of one!

  15. Huh.
    So that’s how it is…
    Laws restricting gun possession and ownership…
    have by their very nature…
    created a marketplace for destroying guns.

    I very much doubt some liberal masterminded such an insidious outcome to the these laws but an insidious outcome it very well is.

    Mr GUNBUSTERS strikes me if nothing else as an astute grass-roots capitalist. I’ll lay my money on a capitalist over a politician any day if the bet was who could get what needed to be done, done. Straight away.

    And so our stomachs turn. As when an unexpected, perverse corruption of natural order occurs. My revulsion comes mostly from the capitalist within me that would happily provide door-to-door service AND pay any municipality a penny to unload them of their gun burden.

    On a spiritual and symbolic level I’m all for retiring a gun used in the commission of a violent crime. Here in Baltimore though, I would wager there are more than a few virgin Beretta 380’s, S&W 38-357s, wonder 9s, and a slew of 22s being liberated from droopy-ass miscreants as well as good people just trying to get by in an extremely dangerous city that outlaws the carrying of firearms to protect oneself.

    So for a penny a gun – between the occasional nice gun, salvageable workhorses, parts and scrap – I could do pretty well – especially if scaled up. But wait, I have my city, my state and federal government already crawling up my rectum and making life miserable simply because I choose to own a handful of firearms. I highly doubt these same people would sell them to me for a penny regardless of practicality, common, and fiscal sense.

    And so enter instead the 85k Tonka toy monster gun-chewer on steroids, irresistible to town managers, replete with it’s vaguely pornographic cameras.

    There’s something that ain’t right about it.

  16. “to be stripped for their parts value…” Why not just leave the parts intact? What good are the “parts of value” without guns?

    • Apparently street criminals are like super MacGyvers who can make a functioning firearm out of 6 magazine release springs and an extractor even if all the frames and receivers are smashed beyond use.

  17. Can’t believe this nonsense came from Chesterfield…. This is where I live, and I’d love to know the percentage of CCW holders, it’s got to be far higher than the national average. Nothing but rich white folk driving SUV’s and packing heaters. A tax-funded gun buyback around here would be instant career ender for all those involved.

  18. Of course the comments on their youtube channel would require their approval. Always censorship, why am I not surprised.

  19. @ Dan Z – right you are. I figured they also made common household doodads I could get by without. Looks like they make useful municipal scale equipment… that we probably already need and use.

    “American Pulverizer

    Not sure you’d have been in the market for anything they make anyway.”

  20. I call fake! Don’t you know that something as devilish as a firearm can’t be destroyed this way?! You have to go on quest, resist it’s urging for comitting evil with it and drop it into a volcano. Pay no attention to all the OFWGs mumbling: My pretious…

  21. An $85,000 machine designed to destroy millions of dollars worth of valuables. I see that the half of my earnings the government seizes are being spent extremely poorly.

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