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Ecco chi qua (courtesy

It’s a bit difficult for me to criticize the look and feel of Benneli USA’s revamped website, what with TTAG’s new site design garnering about as much support as Carlos Danger’s reelection campaign. As Matt from FL would no doubt attest (please don’t). So, as we bid farewell to Benelli’s basic black web page and say bonjourno to Big Ben’s black-and-white etch-a-sketch design, I’ll simply point out that it’s a whole lot easier to find the information you need to research their damn fine guns. And now that that’s been said and done, can you guys please get over the MR1 Tactical Rifle review? That was three years ago. You don’t even sell it in the U.S. anymore. Not to mention the fact that I spent a lot of cold hard cash on two, no three of your shotguns. If you send TTAG a gun (or six) for testing and evaluation, we promise to consider it just as critically as we did the MR1. Proving that core values are more than skin deep. Si?

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  1. It’s only the great content at TTAG that I cared about…until I didn’t.

    I could overlook the PC downgrade, but now that my iPhone looks like hammered sh!t I’ll hafta reconsider visiting as often as i did (10-15 times per day for about a year). Seriously, it’s awful: Titles are larger, text is smaller, no skip to comments at top of page, no arrows to show a comment of a comment = crap. A stupid pencil in a blue box beside each story on the front page = well, that one’s just stoopid. Matt in FL said it best referring to fixing something that ain’t broke!

    (And the site looks like utter crap on my PC, but I seldom visit there…)

    • Came here to post exactly this. The mobile site is downright terrible. I’ll put up with it to get my TTAG fix, but I’ll grumble about it the whole time.

    • david,
      I couldn’t agree more. The first couple of days I figured it was just growing pains, but it is so bad that I may only visit once a day, and then I rarely click through to read the whole article. I miss the old site.

  2. “ Carlos Danger’s reelection campaign…”

    I watch The Daily Show well… daily, and I want to know if anyone else did the dance (or at least had the music go through their head) when they read that?

    As to the rest, mum’s the word.

  3. Oh, and actually, Benelli’s new site looks nice. The guys over at Remington should really get a hold of whoever did Benelli’s work, because the Remington site could really use some work, including the fact that it just flat out doesn’t load at least one in every four times I click on it.

  4. OK, I’ll bite. Why can’t we buy the MR1 in the US anymore. Google search doesn’t tell me anything.

    • Carlson’s makes replacement Nova/Super Nova barrels for about $100 cheaper than I could find a Benelli barrel. I just got my 24″ field barrel in from Joe Bob Outfitters to go on my Super Nova Tactical so I can use it as a backup hunting gun. $220 from Joe Bob, add $10 for a 26 or 28″; Cabela’s also carries the Carlson’s barrels. Hope this helps; I looked for a long time for an additional barrel but couldn’t stomach paying more than what I would pay for an entire Nova or 870.

  5. Now I understand why I haven’t gotten my shotgun from them. They were busy redoing their website. Maybe they should concentrate on getting their orders out.

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