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In my experience, there are two distinct types of people who read TTAG — the morning crew and the night crew. The morning crew typically start reading when they get to work, and stop around quitting time after successfully being paid one more day to goof off on the internet. The night crew starts reading when they get home from work and stops when they drunkenly pass out with their hand still fist-deep in the Doritos bag. The night shift got first crack at the 2014 TTAG Reader’s Choice Award survey, but I wanted to make sure that the day shift was aware that they too had the power to choose the cream of the crop from this year’s releases in the gun world, to be recognized at SHOT Show 2015 . . .

Embedded below is the voting system. I have pre-populated it with all of the new guns and gear from 2014 that I can dig up. It will guide you (yes, you!) through the process of selecting which firearms and accessories you think are the best for 2014, and record your answers. If you don’t see something listed that should be considered (as long as it was first released in 2014), you can enter it. If you don’t like any of the choices, click “No Preference” and move on. Simple! Just be aware that you only one vote and we will remove any items entered that weren’t released in 2014.

The contest will run for the next week, and we will announce the winners here shortly thereafter. As we did last year, we’ll present the winners with their awards at SHOT Show 2015. That’s the plan — now get voting!

REMINDER: The SIG SAUER pistol brace came out last year, and already won this award. Any and all votes for the SB15 will be removed, as this is for 2014 only.

Can’t see the voting system? Click here!

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  1. WTF Nemo, omen has been out a while. Oh, this is the 2.0. It’s got my vote anyway, one less vote for the mpx.

  2. You seem to have a problem with proxies, recording the “forwarded for IP” which may overlap between different viewers (everybody comes from some 10.x.x.x IP or 192.168.x.x and only the first viewer gets to vote).

    • This might be an issue for people using a crappy ISP that use one public IP for an entire node of residential connections, but in the grand scheme of things it is still the most fair way to keep people from voting multiple times.

      Keep in mind that the that you see on your side of the router isn’t passed along to the public internet — it is NAT’ed upstream to the public IP address in use on your border device. Usually that’s your home router, but it could be further upstream if your ISP hates you. Anyway, worst case scenario only one person for a neighborhood gets to vote. Until they get to work.

  3. You forgot about the true night people, the ones that go to work at 7PM and keep themselves awake all night by goofing off on the computer and them come home at 8AM and spend the next 4 hours of their free time surfing the net etc. until they go to bed at noon.

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