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Since last week was a holiday week, we’ve been getting lots of requests from readers whose time was sucked up by family commitments to extend the deadline for submissions to our first-ever reader gun review contest. Consider it done. You now have an extra week – until midnight December 26 – to whip up the definitive take on that Colt Python – or whatever – that’s been sitting in the back of your safe all these years. Just email it to us (see the link, above) and you could find yourself headed down to your friendly neighborhood FFL to pick up a brand spanking new Bacon Maker Six 5 Ultralight from Underground Tactical. Now get going!

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  1. Question for TTaG staff:

    Someone already published a review at The Truth About Guns for all of the firearms that I have. Is there any point in reviewing a firearm that someone has already reviewed?

    • And that right there is my dilemma. I have no doubts about my ability to turn out a kick-ass review, but I don’t own very many guns, and everything I’m familiar with has already been reviewed on TTAG — including my own review of my trusty little Marlin Model 60 (written for the wrong content contest, alas! If only I had known…).

    • I don’t see what the issue is. Multiple reviews on the same item are just more opinions and experiences readers can use to compare and contrast. TTAG has posted multiple reviews of the same gun in the past. Off the top of my head, the LH9 has two reviews with drastically different opinions.

      Of course though, you have to make sure you aren’t just repeating the same information already available.

    • As long as it’s a fresh perspective. I’m tempted to tell the story of my long pointless quest (during the days ARs were banned in Ca.) to make a mini 14 shoot worth a damn, only to end up with two expensive customs that don’t shoot as well as an average $200 upper on a built 80% lower.

      • I’d like to hear that tale.

        Sold my Mini years back but kept a large pile of stainless mags, thinking I’ll buy another 14 on down the line…

        Convince me to sell those mags…

        • Hows this? Ruger’s own AR-556 is now retailing for LESS than the Mini. I love Mini’s, but they need a major refresh or they will be gone sooner rather than later. I believe they need a new receiver with a rail, factory provision for pillar bedding/free float, a switch to AR mags, an improved gas block and a bolt you can actually service for a minimum. Decent iron sights would be nice as well.

    • It doesn’t matter if we’ve already reviewed the gun you write up. The best review, judged on its own merits, will win the Bacon Maker. As DrewN said, just give us your perspective…do a great job of it.

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