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By Rob Morse

What can be done to stop more mass murderers in the United States? That question comes to mind since President Biden recently claimed we need to massively disarm honest US citizens in order to stop mass shootings.

Instead of accepting the President’s words at face value, I looked at what the experts say. There are many questions we might ask and lots of facts we can consider. We do a range of things today to stop violence in the US. This is what I found . . .

  • We stop several thousand violent events every day.
  • The United States is about average in its rate of mass murder.
  • We stop more than half of the attempted mass murderers who attack where honest citizens are allowed to go armed.
  • Most mass murderers go through a predictable process, and we ignored warning signs, time after time.
  • We should stop making the murderers into overnight celebrities, but that’s hard to do.

A Walmart employee murdered several of his co-workers in Virginia. That happened a few weeks ago. President Biden then commented that . . .

“[T]he idea we still allow semi automatic weapons to be purchased is sick. It’s just sick. It has no, no social redeeming value. Zero. None. Not a single, solitary rationale for it except profit for the gun manufacturers.”

The President’s comment is bizarre given what we know. We know that more than 4,000 ordinary US citizens use a firearm to protect themselves from a serious threat every single day. Stopping that many assaults, robberies, rapes and murders is of immense, socially redeeming value. The President obviously disagrees.

That level of armed self defense in America shouldn’t come as news. We’ve seen similar reports for the last few decades. The data is broadly consistent, including a report from the US Center for Disease Control and Prevention that was commissioned by the Obama Administration.

We are all biased, but we have good reason to be. We think that what we see in the news gives us a representative picture of what is happening in the world overall. It feels that way to us, but in truth there is a lot that goes unreported by our local news stations.

Our news media usually cover a mass murder in the US for days, depending on the circumstances, but they only cover mass murders that happen in other countries for a few minutes, if that. That distorts our thinking about how much violence here is and where it happens.

When we look at the rate of murder per 100,000 people, the US ranks 89th among 230 countries. If we compare countries in Europe with each state in the US, then Norway, Washington DC, and Belgium lead the list with the greatest number of people killed in mass murder per million population. Florida, Germany and Italy are among the safest.

When we look at the rate of mass murder events and the number of people killed by mass murder per 100,000 population, the US ranks 66th and 56th out of the 101 countries reporting a mass murder between 1998 and 2017. Even when we look at the rare events where more than 15 people are killed, then the US is still far safer than most of Africa, Australia, and Israel. We are safer than France and Mexico where honest citizens have been disarmed.

When in comes to mass murders, the US is average. But there are things we can do to become safer still.

We have a mixed report card on mass murder, but that isn’t from a lack of attention. We studied our schools after the attacks at Columbine and Sandy Hook. Experts concluded that time is critical. A mass murderer has all the time he wants to prepare so, short of keeping him out altogether, it’s difficult to stop a mass murder before it begins. Once it starts, the murderer will kill until he is stopped or until he gets tired of killing.

If we wait until the police arrive, then statistically, the murderer will kill 35 to 45 people. Experts concluded that the solution, then, must already be inside the school when the attack begins. We now have several million man-hours of experience with armed and trained school volunteers. If having them in schools were a problem, it would have been readily apparent by now. So far, they look like a solution. Despite this, some districts have actually ended their resource officer programs.

Schools, however, may be a special case. When we look more broadly, we have seen over a hundred cases in which ordinary citizens used their personal firearms to stop mass murderers in the US.

In the last few years, over half of attempted mass murderers were stopped by ordinary armed citizens if the attack happened where citizens are allowed to be armed. As I reported earlier, armed good-guys save lives every day.

Mass murderers may be crazy, but they’re able to read. They generally aren’t afraid of dying, but they are afraid of failing.

They plan to kill as many people as they can, choosing their targets with that in mind. They plan for one-way shooting, not expecting to face a two-way gunfight. In the last several decades, 97.8 percent of mass murderers deliberately targeted places where ordinary citizens were disarmed by law. If that 98 percent statistic doesn’t convince you, maybe a murderer’s own words will. We know killers target “gun-free” zones because we’ve read the murderers’ own e-mails and journals.

In short, “gun-free” zones lead to more and deadlier mass shootings.

For many of us — and for most politicians — it’s hard to believe that we aren’t safe in places where people are prevented from carrying firearms. But the facts not only speak for themselves, they shout. Putting up a plastic “No Guns” sign hasn’t stopped a single mass murderer but it has disarmed their victims.

One obvious way to make us safer is to stop giving killers large, undefended targets where they can kill at will.

“Gun-free” zones work for politicians even though these zones continue to get us killed. Politicians need to appear concerned and relevant. Since politicians pass laws, they pass more laws to create more “gun-free” zones. When all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.

Passing another ineffective law lets the politician issue a very earnest press release saying that the world needs more of what he is selling. Unfortunately, “gun-free” zones only create more disarmed victims. Politicians will stop making us vulnerable when citizens and the press call them out on it and vote them out of office.

I use quotes around the term “gun-free” zone since, in reality, the only areas that are remotely gun-free are places like prisons; places with stone walls, locked doors, armed staff, and magnetometers. And even that’s not always true.

Politicians need to appear needed. Besides the laws already on the books against murder, politicians have passed all manner of laws that were supposed to stop mass killers. They’ve passed mandatory background check laws. But those checks look backward, and mass murder isn’t a long-term career path.

Sometimes people who plan mass murder have a criminal record that makes them a prohibited person who can’t legally buy firearms. We’ve seen these mass murderers borrow guns, steal them, and even commit murder to get the guns they want. They have all the time in the world.

We’ve passed “red flag” laws where police officers, teachers, family, co-workers, and friends can ask a court to disarm someone who’s considered a danger to themselves or to others. We’ve had concerned citizens call the FBI because they thought someone was going commit mass murder.

I don’t have good statistics on the number of attacks that were stopped by mandatory background check laws and “red flag” laws, but we do have horrific examples where those laws failed. We have the results from a real-world test since California had mandatory background check and red-flag laws for over a decade. Last year, California had the most mass murders of any state.

We’ve now seen family members who refused to prosecute or use a “red flag” law because they knew their family member was dangerous. These witnesses feared that the law wouldn’t stop the dangerous person and they’d be targeted for revenge if they reported what they knew. “Red flag” laws depend on good faith and a working system of justice. I’m not sure we have those anymore.

There are other ways to stop mass-murders, and the fist thing to do is to call them by their right name. They are celebrity-murders. These killers want to be known. They’re willing to kill to get the notoriety they want. They’re driven, and they would rather die than remain nameless. Those plans have worked time after time since our corporate news media give these murderers a multi-million-dollar publicity campaign if they manage to kill enough innocent victims.

We’ve been in a similar situation before and we solved it. We learned not to name the victims of sexual assault in order to allow the anonymous victims to testify in court. We learned not to name teenage suicide victims so that others wouldn’t kill themselves simply to get their name and their face on the local news. That phenomenon is now called celebrity-suicide.

Today, our news media has created (or made worse) the phenomenon of celebrity-murder. Politicians appear reluctant to stop it. Fortunately, we can stop it, particularly with the help of advertising sponsors and social media.

We know what doesn’t work. We see example after example where a government employee failed to stop a mass murderer. That can be a call screener at an FBI call center as in the attack at the Pulse nightclub. It can be a School Resource Officer who stood outside the school building while children were being murdered in Parkland, Florida. We saw over a hundred law enforcement officers standing outside an unlocked classroom door in the attack at Uvalde, Texas. We saw school officials return an armed student to class in the attack in Highland, Michigan.

I have little hope that bureaucrats will do any better. Fortunately, we can. The good news is that the solution is in our hands. What will you do?


This article originally appeared at Slow Facts and is reprinted here with permission. 

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  1. I’ve always said there should be an agreement among responsible media: Do not give the murderers name. No notoriety.
    Maybe describe them as “some impotent loser” when reporting the crime.
    Unfortunately the media doesn’t want shootings to stop because they feed off of them like fucking vultures.

    • RE Photo: “How loud do the screams have to be before you act?”

      News for the pictured misguided Gun Control useful idiot holding the sign…Unarmed, defenseless victims do the screaming. Therefore if one doesn’t want to be at the mercy of a criminal bloodsucker and hear themselves scream one should get out of the victim pool and armed themselves. That way with God’s help the screams heard will be the screams coming from the perp.

    • I disagree. Sometimes there is meaningful information in names.

      Media needs to be truthful, not be someone’s idea of a “benevolent social engineer”.

    • Unfortunately the media doesn’t want shootings to stop because they feed off of them like fucking vultures.

      Ransom gets it.

      And yet the author of this long article fails to understand the broader truth which underpins what Ransom said: the Ruling Class does not care about the “little people”. Rather, the Ruling Class’ guiding principle is to use, deceive, coerce, abuse, consume, and exploit the Working Class at the pleasure of the Ruling Class.

      With that simple truth in mind, two facts become crystal clear:
      1) The Ruling Class stands to gain absolutely nothing if the little people are able to secure themselves.
      2) The Ruling Class stands to gain a LOT if little people are unable to secure themselves and therefore beg the Ruling Class to save them. Of course the Ruling Class is all too happy to oblige the little people–for a huge price which comes in the form of lost money, time, freedom, and dignity.

      Putting it all together: the Ruling Class privately WANTS murder and mayhem because it primes the little people to enrich the Ruling Class.

      • “Give up your personal autonomy and submit to me, give me absolute power (drool), and I will bring order to the streets. Never mind that the major problem thugs are working for me.”

        It is an Ancient Argument, and 100% effective prior to the invention of guns. No one even talked about ridiculous, unworkable concepts like individual rights.

  2. Those are some suspect statistics. For eaxample, Australia has had a total of 12 mass murder incidents since Port Arthur in 1996 (the gun ban) — that about once every two years. How the hell is this similar to the US?

    Example two, the defensive gun use stats are self reported, and likely to be embellished and inflated — just like Trump supporter numbers are likely to be under reported and deflated.

    • “Example two, the defensive gun use stats are self reported, and likely to be embellished and inflated”

      Bullshit. Far more likely to be under-reported, based on my personal experience of having to draw to defend myself twice.

      EDIT – And look what we have here, you, hiding behind a made-up ‘disposable’ name in TTAG.

      What are you scared of, frightened little boy? 😉

      • What are the rules for using a Fake fake-name instead of a Real fake-name on TTAG.

        Cato is actually one of my dog’s name.

        • -1 TTAG point every time you get caught using a fake fake-name instead of your real fake-name.

          P.S. I suggest you stop posting your personal information on the www before someone steals your identity. You’re welcome.

        • According to DoD, PII – Personal ID Info, which is against regs to reveal, does not include the name of your fucking dog.

          If someone using the fake name, Cato, buys a car and somehow I get the bill, then I’ll worry about it.

          P.S. I suggest you stop being a fucking moron on the www before Geoff steals your identity. You’re welcome.

        • “What are the rules for using a Fake fake-name instead of a Real fake-name on TTAG.”

          It’s an issue of personal credibility…

        • Cato, Here’s some more unsolicited advice. Never trust a man without a sense of humor or without enough awareness to notice obvious sarcasm. Life’s easier when you lighten up, even on the www.

        • Cato,
          You got me man. I was being completely serious when I said people would steal your identity because you gave your dog’s name out. Guilty as charged. In my defense, I was just looking out for a fellow TTAGer. No good deed…

    • Once every year or 2 is probably what our **actual** mass murder incidents are. Remember that the media lies constantly about this – today the radio was commenting that we had 4000 “mass shootings” since Sandy Hook, which is just not true.

      • There has “actually been at least 12 this year (6 in which 5 or more people were killed), 4 in the last couple of months. Media did not need to lie about them, they really happened…

        • Sure they did. Kind of weird that they weren’t worth reporting on individually though, hey? Almost like it was all a normal spate of gang shootings in democrat strongholds.

          The lie is that the media knows that their audience will think of a classroom full of children when they say “mass shooting”, when actually it was a street corner of drug dealers.

        • WTF are YOU talking about? These are ALL very real AND were reported NATIONALLY for several days… Pretty sure you get national news in “Oregon” at least they did every time I was up there…

          Walmart employee armed with a handgun and multiple magazines shot and killed six people,
          Five people were killed and 17 suffered gunshot wounds after a shooter armed with a long gun opened fire in the LGBTQ nightclub
          teenager is alleged to have killed five people, including his older brother, and injured two others in a mass shooting that spanned 2 miles.
          Seven people were killed and more than 30 injured after a gunman opened fire from a rooftop above the crowd attending the Fourth of July celebration in the Chicago suburb.
          A suspect targeting an orthopedic surgeon who recently performed back surgery on him killed four people
          In one of the deadliest mass shootings in recent U.S. history, 19 children and two teachers were killed after a gunman opened fire with an AR-15-style rifle inside an elementary school classroom
          Ten Black people were killed and in what authorities said was a racially motivated attack at the Tops grocery store
          Six people were killed and 12 wounded after gunfire erupted in downtown Sacramento, just blocks from the state Capitol building

          These are NOT some random gang banger on a street corner in Chiraq…

        • Ok, I’ll buy that number. But what is missing is context. What was the nature of each mass shooting? If some gang banger kills five rival gang members that’s thinning the herd and of no consequence to me.

        • Much like the gun control nuts you have padded your list. Your second event wasn’t a mass murder it was a spree killing, different locations(yes it matters). The last was gang related.

        • CONTEXT? do you live under a rock? Walmart was a pissed off employee “going postal”… Colorado was a “shamed” and “confused” moron… Teenager in NC “spree killing” no relationship to victims other than his first (his brother)… Illinois “rooftop” shooter had no relationship to gangs or victims… Hospital shooter was pissed off at a Doctor… Uvalde was a nutcase that fell off the shelf, wonder how many of those teachers and grade schoolers were gangsters… Tops grocery was a fucking “racist” NOT gang affiliated… Sacramento was two “gangster” brothers shooting it out most victims were collateral damage and not gangsters involved in the shootout but I’ll concede gang related…

        • CWT, I give seven examples where FOUR or MORE individuals were killed by a single shooter (Sacramento WAS two shooters) in the past year and YOU want to nitpick over TWO of them. If I was a fucking GUN-CONTROL NUT I would have tossed in the other half dozen where ONLY three people died or the NY subway racist shooter that managed to not kill anyone and none of those were related to GANG shootings… The only reason I posted any of that was to educate “ERIC” who seems to live under the delusion that there is only ONE mass killing in the US every couple of years…

    • find and read John Lott’s work. He plays no games, and gets to the bottom of things pretty accurately. HIS numbers have proven over and over to be accurate.

      One more thing: if anything, self-defense “incidents” are vastly UNDERreported. Most folks who must present their firearm in a situation and who do NOT fire it will not want the interaction with the law. Safer to just get back in your car and continue on about your businss. Most of us would rather NOT have to “talk” to LE. Far too many things can shift a straightforward encounter to charges laid against the putative victim.

  3. “Most mass murderers go through a predictable process, and we ignored warning signs, time after time.”

    And, do what, exactly?

    Violate their civil rights, like a Leftist Scum ™ is all too eager to do?

    Freedom is messy. People get hurt.

    “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.”

    {B. Franklin}

  4. Constitutional carry nation wide would be a good start. Limit gun free zones to jails and court houses. Make it costly for a mass shooter to even start.

    • My drivers license lets me drive in all 50 states. My renewal for my CCP was 8 pages long this year. It should let me carry concealed nationwide as well.

      And I’m thinking let guns into court houses too. Be a lot more actual justice served if your honor had to worry about how the sentence went over with those in attendance for the trial.

  5. We are all biased, but we have good reason to be. We think that what we see in the news gives us a representative picture of what is happening in the world overall.

    YOU might think that way, I do not feel that the BIASED media gives a CLEAR view of anything. If you study them long enough, you can take reports of the same story from different providers and develop an insight to the actual facts.

  6. The government doesn’t want to stop the shooting, they’re behind it. You can’t vote them out because there’s people sitting behind a keyboard changing our votes. Busily working for a new caste system, where only the rich and powerful have any rights. Rich and powerful still have private planes, rest of us have an electric car where we can only go about 200 miles. Rich eat surf and turf while everyone else gets bugs and fake meat. Can’t foist that shit on me if I’m armed.

  7. The gun control folk don’t want to solve the problem of armed assault. They rejoice with every new assault because it gives them fresh ammo. They will not factor DGU stats into solution planning because those stats undermine the anti-gun lobby’s true agenda. So, how can we arrive at a rational, workable plan for preventing armed assault when a key stakeholder group (the anti-gun zealots) wants more violence and refuses to acknowledge the ‘guns save lives’ numbers.

    We could develop a rational approach if and only if the goal was to actually prevent/reduce armed assault. But that is not what the gun grabbers really want. They want us unarmed and, therefore, controllable, vulnerable.

  8. We often agree that firearms aren’t necessarily the problem. They aren’t the end all be all solution, either. There’s a reason people turn to violent crime. There are reasons someone ends up being, or attempting to be, a mass murderer. How about we discover those reasons and incentivize a change in behavior? Crime murderers and suicidal mass murderers are different, but they have some similarities. They don’t value life because they don’t value their own life, in one way or another. I haven’t seen any real effort by our dear leaders or wealthy NGOs to get to the heart of the matter and address this. As a matter of fact, they’re making it worse. I see band-aids and self-serving solutions. Should we repair the cracking dam by throwing some epoxy on it (patch and pray method)? It’s easy not to care when your house isn’t beside it.

  9. “What can be done to stop mass shootings in the United States?” Is that a rhetorical question? Shoot back!

  10. Want to positively affect all crime and violence in the US?

    If you have kids, raise them properly, model civilized behavior yourself and insist they act likewise, even if it means using extraordinary, archaic methods to alter or correct adherent behavior. From the first day, lead a respectful and proper life, exhibiting such to your kids and those around them. It’s not all that tough, but you must spend real time with them and get to know them and those who influence or hang with them.

    A lot of people (and the law) expect more from your dog than they do your offspring.


  11. Most mass murderers go through a predictable process, and we ignored warning signs, time after time.

    Funny thing, MOST of those assholes were KNOWN by (or had actual contact(s) with) local LE and many were even on the FBI “radar” yet were still able to LEGALLY purchase the very guns they used to commit their mass murders. I think that IF some nutcase is buying up guns and ammo AND posting his/her/its/whatever desire/plans to go kill a bunch of kids THAT should be enough to VIOLATE their civil rights, take their shit and get them the help they need BEFORE they kill a bunch of school kids or Walmart shoppers and end up either dead themselves OR standing before a Judge hearing their future is “life without parole” AND do away with ALL “gun free zones”… As for the street thugs? send in the National Guard if the cops won’t/can’t do their jobs clean up the drug dens if they resist shoot them if they still resist shoot them again, catch someone illegally carrying/buying/selling/using a firearm 10 years MANDATORY no questions asked 2nd offense 20, 3rd time life, get rid of those Kommie anti-America prosecutors take away any option for plea bargains, just lock them up.

  12. Quote————The United States is about average in its rate of mass murder.———-quote

    Falsehood: Capitalvania leads the industrialized countries with the most mass murders, homicides and suicides with firearms.

    quote—————We stop more than half of the attempted mass murderers who attack where honest citizens are allowed to go armed.———–quote

    Falsehood:————According to the data, citizens stopped shooters just 10 times in 316 mass murders and THAT WORKS OUT TO JUST 3% of the time a good guy with a gun stops a mass shooting.

    quote————–Most mass murderers go through a predictable process, and we ignored warning signs, time after time.————–quote

    The Republicans have constantly blocked Universal Health Care which would make mental health care affordable to the citizens. Every civilized nation on earth has Universal Health Care and even some African nations have lower infant mortality than West Virginia has.

    The Republicans have constantly blocked Universal Background Checks, Safe Storage Laws and mental tests for the purchase of a deadly weapon. We are the only industrialized nation on earth that does not do this and we have the highest homicide, suicide and mass murder rate with firearms. It is proven that the suicide rate goes way up when firearms are readily available and in the home.

    Far right Moron’s scream “lock them up” which is “after the mass murders have taken place”. Locking them up does not bring back the dead and never will.

    It’s been 10 years today that the Sandy Hook Massacre took place and Republicans have blocked every effort to prevent such tragedies from happening again and again as the recent massacre at Uvalde proved yet again.

      • He/she/it is the product of government “education” system. Perhaps will learn something next year in 9th grade.

    • One thing we can do to help prevent mass shooting is get rid of dacian. His ignorance and ‘wokeness’ is they very thing mass shooters need in their attention desires.

    • “There are nearly daily shootings in the capital, you just never hear about them” Quote from an interview with a former cop in the UK. Was an authorized firearms officer and spent most of his career on the anti terrorism unit. You can see the video on Colion Noir’s youtube channel (quote starts around the 13:40 mark).

    • dacian, the DUNDERHEAD. You are great at making wild accusations but provide little if any proof of any of them.
      First, there is no such country as Captivania.
      Second. where do you get your “3%” of the time that good guys stop the bad guy? Is that something you and your radical cohorts make up to fit your anti gun agenda?
      Third, what part of “universal background checks” won’t and don’t work don’t you understand? Some how you “think (sic)” you are going to get criminals to go through your “background checks” (which are NOT background checks at all)?
      Fourth, all the “efforts” blocked are meaningless attempts to attack a problem that does not exist. The real problem is that criminals are being turned loose like jail has gone out of style.
      Grow up and get your head in the game.

      • To Walter the Beverly Hillbilly

        Quote————here do you get your “3%” of the time ———quote

        Read my post it tells you oh retarded one.

        quote————-Third, what part of “universal background checks” won’t and don’t work don’t you understand?———quote

        Once again you make a complete fool of yourself. Universal Background Checks are part of every industrialized society and their lower homicides and mass murders prove their gun control laws work far better than our almost total lack of such laws on the Federal Level. Universal Background Checks would prevent “overnight” people like you from selling guns face to face with no background checks which is were the bulk of crime guns come from. And Safe Storage laws would prevent tens of thousands of smash and grab gun thefts both in private dwellings and in gun stores. Of course to a paranoid like yourself this is way over your head.

        quote————Fourth, all the “efforts” blocked are meaningless attempts to attack a problem that does not exist.————quote

        A nutcase response if there ever was one. I guess 40,000 gun deaths a year is not enough to make you refrain from shouting “Losses can never be too high”.

        Walter, see a shrink your paranoia is out of control.

        • Hey doofus, people understand that mass shootings stopped by DGU rarely show up in stats, because uh, duh, they did not happen…

          … which means your skip is showing. Please adjust.

          OTOH, “give up your rights, and I will make the trains run on time” is an ancient argument, and may work for you yet again. Even your peeps are the ones screwing up the train.

          Then you can have another “Cultural Revolution”.

          Commies are the ultimate heels.

    • I’m not comfortable with others deciding if I can exercise my constitutional right because they are unrealistically imaginative ‘I Feelz” emotionally not comfortable.

      No one is forcing you to be comfortable with it, feelz free to not be comfortable with it. You not being comfortable with law abiding people having guns is your own state of mind and if you can’t control your own mind that’s your problem and not the problem of law abiding people with guns exercising their right.

    • Well, then go wave your ‘magic’ wand and POOF, make all of those uncomfortable guns disappear. What could possibly go wrong?

  13. Violence could be stopped if we quit being so possessive.
    Like for instance, a guy wants to rape your sheep, don’t protest, and help hold the sheep for him.
    Theres no need for violence if we let the sheep rapers rape sheep.

  14. “Our news media usually cover a mass murder in the US for days”

    Only if the murderer fits their template, angry white male. Black, gay, woman, etc., and you’re lucky to hear about it after 24 hours.

  15. Mass killers, shooters or otherwise, should be terminated by being doused with gasoline and set on fire. The punishment imposed by a New Retroactive Law. Start with the oldest living one and proceed to the more recent ones, One-A-Day. Yank them out of their cozy prison cells and send them to the hereafter. I’d bet the number of incidents would plunge, although there might still be one now and then.

  16. The average number of people killed in mass shootings when stopped by police is 14.29
    The average number of people killed in a mass shooting when stopped by a civilian is 2.33
    How you stop mass shootings is to give Americans ALL their constitutional rights BACK.
    There is no rational basis for making public schools, of all places, rights-free zones. NONE.

    • High-score spree killers are planners. Nothing complicates planning like knowing someone will have a gun and shoot you in the back before you even get started good.

      Concealed carry is a deterrent.

  17. There absolutely are things that could be done. Primarily, lock up the criminals and keep them in their cages.

  18. “Mass shootings” is a outlier. The run of mill murdering is by the known protected demographic. See in Chiraq. As the progs are not prepared to (as would be proper) to execute these POS, all that is left is in lock them up. Current fad of the prog left also rejects this. Perhaps we could deport them to the homeland of their ancient ancestors (THAT’s a real 1619 project).

  19. GOOD , BAD , THE UGLY ,,, IN HMANS … SO …

  20. You think we have mass shootings ? What happens when Governments disarm their citizens:
    1911 Turkey Citizens disarmed-1.5 million Armenians were slaughtered.
    1929 Russia Citizens disarmed-20 million Russians murdered
    1935 China Citizens disarmed-20 million Chinese killed
    1938 Germany citizens disarmed- 6 million Jews murdered
    1956 Cambodia citizens disarmed- 1 million “intellectuals ” killed
    1964 Guatemala citizens disarmed-100,000 Mayan Indians massacred
    1970 Uganda citizens disarmed- 300,000Christians put to death

  21. Hmm – the single biggest mass killing I recall in recent years was here in my fair city a couple of months ago – not a single shot was fired. 53 fatalities. Ironically(?) not a single call for banning semi-trailers or human smuggling. Makes ya wonder what the real goal is.

  22. I do not believe we can actually ‘prevent’ a mass shooting. I think the best we can do is to minimize the number of people harmed or killed. ‘Prevent’ maybe if a CCW holder happened to confront the shooter enroute to his target. Mental health services and early intervention may stop some of them but the Parkland shooter was an example of it not working as the shooter had several numerous sessions with mental health counselors. It did not work. I truly believe that shooter would have found a way to get a gun even had he been placed on the NICS list.

  23. Shootings seem to happen approximately at the same time democrats are pushing gun control measures. It’s time to explore MKULTRA and its sister projects.

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