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“Not only would [a gun store or gun range] allow easy access to buying a gun, it would likely increase gun ownership in Skokie. With more guns comes more gun problems, and we don’t have to look very hard to see that in the United States we have a serious gun violence problem due to the proliferation of guns.” – People For a Safer Society founder Denyse Wang Stoneback in Trustees consider regulations on gun sales, ranges [via]

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  1. with gun sales comes more responsibility and with responsibility comes people voting their ass out and that is the real problem for the trustees.

    • Well said. An attitude of personal responsibility – especially when paired with a desire for logical – does not bode well with voting for the liberal progressive left.

    • What is it with people on internet gun forums equating gun ownership with a virtue such as “personal responsibility”? It is as fucking retarded as equating gun ownership with being a violent maniac.

      A gun is just a tool. It doesn’t make us any better or any worse than other people. (See comments by ST and others at “The Armed Citizen’s Creed” May 20 2014).

      There are gun owners who exercise personal responsibility.

      There are gun owners who do not.

      There are non-gun owners who exercise personal responsiblity.

      There are non-gun owners who do not.

      Stop acting like owning a chunk of metal that projects lead makes you some kind of special class of citizen.

      • I think the views you just expressed are only your own. And say hello to Mike, and ask him if he got his new elevator shoes yet.

    • Haha.
      I had a chuckle with the spelling of her first name.
      I am a bit surprised her last name isn’t hyphen-ated…

    • Here Ms. Stoneback, I fixed it for ya’:

      ‘With more gun grabbers comes more anti-gun rhetoric, and we don’t have to look very hard to see that in the United States we have a serious gun truth problem due to the proliferation of anti-guns lies, half-truths and propaganda.’

  2. I love how people opposed to firearms only look at firearms-related crime instead of taking a look at the “big picture” and the overall effect of firearm ownership. Of course with less guns comes less gun-related crime. But what about overall crime? The second question is the one we need to get “gun grabbers” to ask.

    And our position shouldn’t be to look at the result of previous firearms bans and how ineffective they are, but it should be one that shows an increase in firearms ownership correlates to a decrease in crime. We need to show that not only is the removal of guns bad, but that the ownership of them is good.

  3. I’m getting more than a little annoyed how firearm related deaths are never in the top 5 causes of death and sometimes not even in the top 10, violent crime continues to drop as more guns go into circulation, but I keep hearing about this “gun violence” epidemic.

    • Keep in mind that at least some of these folks’ whole existence revolves around dealing with those evil things. Put so much of yourself into a cause and you are likely to grow blinders.

      (Of course the same could be said about pro-gun people too … But since I am one, that’s different.)

      On the other hand, i think think most politicians are more pragmatic, or cynical, especially as you go higher. But then you get into the whole we-can-never-admit-we-were-wrong mentality, which is I suspect more what’s happening here.

    • To be so personally and professionally invested in a cause that you become deaf, dumb and blind to all evidence to the contrary is more than merely misguided. It’s moral malpractice and complicity with the tragedies which the civil disarmament agenda has wrought. Apparently doctrinaire means never having to say “I’m sorry.”

  4. You left out the best line.
    “It was recognized that tobacco was killing people, and it was recognized that something had to be done inside motor vehicles because people were dying inside cars where they were not constrained properly,” she said. “This is the next thing we have to do now because it is a public health crisis.” WTF?

  5. Perhaps Ms. Wang-Stoneback is a learned historian of her ancestral homeland. i.e.: “Every Communist must grasp the truth, Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun” Mao Zedong… Power for Them…None for You! (My ancestors come from Switzerland, where there is a different attitude toward Political Power and an armed citizenry)

  6. Apparently Mrs. Stoneback has taken statistics from Dr. Bloomburger at Everytown U. Here’s a statistic…Among 100% of self annointed protectors of the public good making public statements, studies have found a directly, inverse relationship to subject knowledge and insistance to make statements about it.

  7. This must not stand, Mike’s minions are starting the assault on the nations 2A. Who is presenting at this trustee meeting. FILL ROOM with 2A supporters.

    • Mike’s minions are starting the assault on the nations 2A

      Starting? Been a little out of the loop, have we?

      President Skroob has been assaulting the second amendment for quite some time.

      • I’ll take the jab and perry with, MOM’s non victory emotional pleas mean nothing. Working to zone businesses & commenting on current legislation in town councils restricting citizens rights, and limiting opportunity to purchase firearms infringes.

      • “president Skroob”

        Oh, damn. How could I have not seen that before? That’s perfect.

  8. Y’know, if they actually looked at statistics and facts this whole “more guns = more violence” they might realize that their argument is a non sequitur

    • They never say “more guns = violence”; they always say “more guns = more gun violence”. It always gives the impression that they are fine with an overall increase in violent crime so long gun violence is down.

    • Just the Chicago political broken record, more guns are bad bad bad. Lookaway sheep while we quietly clean up these 6 murders this weekend and 20 injured and the MSM barely even touches on it. Look away and keep watching the voice like good little sheep and think what I tell you! 🙂

  9. “… we don’t have to look very hard to see that in the United States we have a serious gun violence problem due to the proliferation of guns.” – People For a Safer Society founder Denyse Wang Stoneback

    Wrong. We have a gang, drug, and domestic violence problem in the United States. That is a problem with people, not the objects that they use to harm others.

    • We also have a texting/talking/distracted driver problem. Yet that’s a behavioral problem…addressed by applying rules towards the users…not inanimate objects, that require interface to operate.

      So, oh stalwart defender of right and wrong Mrs Stoneback how about a ban on cell phones or cars in Skokie? It will save more teens than whatever it is you’re doing.

  10. I just want to point out a couple of things that I do not recall seeing on TTAG anywhere yet…although I have not read nearly enough to know for sure it hasn’t appeared here somewhere.

    Gun stores and ranges are the best thing these people could wish for! A gun store is the best “buy-back” program ever invented! Bring in your unwanted guns and we will take them off your hands and off the streets! A gun store is not just a weekend event. They are open most of the time and ready to serve the community.

    Gun stores also work hard to make sure that ONLY qualified individuals are buying guns and that illegal buyers are prevented from obtaining a gun!

    Gun stores and especially gun ranges also work hard to train legal gun owners on the proper use, maintenance, and storage of guns and ammunition.

    Gun stores and ranges are the best bet on reducing gun violence in this great country of ours! They also provide jobs, taxes, and a possible boost to a local economy.

    Sorry if I generalized a bit to much but you all get the idea.

  11. FIFH…

    Not only would [a gun store or gun range] allow easy access to buying a gun with a background check,, it would likely increase gun ownership amongst law-abiding citizens in Skokie. With more guns comes more gun problems for criminals, and we don’t have to look very hard to see that in the United States ,especially fifteen miles down the road in Chicago, we have a serious gun violence problem due to the proliferation of guns. drugs, gangs, fatherless children, etc.

  12. From the article:

    “But Stoneback said the proposed ordinance introduces important safeguards on gun sales and gun ranges in Skokie.

    ‘While I do not want a gun range or a gun shop in Skokie, I urge you to pass the ordinance as an important first step in the right direction.’”

    Translation; a first step toward ever more restrictive ordinances on gun ownership and possession.

  13. Skokie a relatively nice suburb bordering Chicago. It has a high Jewish population & especially Holocaust survivors. This BS from Mrs wang( I assume married to a Jewish fella) is nothing new & to be expected in a dumbocrat dominated area Thank God for people like RF. There will NEVER be a gun shop or range in Skokie. Plenty of places to shoot and buy guns nearby. Don’t get excited about this POTG.

    • They’ve also resisted extending the CTA train service to the major destination shopping center in Skokie. The unspoken but ever-present fear is that it will make it easier for “certain elements” to get there from the city.

  14. “proliferation of guns…”

    Love when people use this term.

    It’s meant to sound ominous and unpleasant, like the “proliferation of nuclear armorment…”

    *Dum-dum-duuuummmm!!!* Oh no, run away!

  15. “Not only would [a car dealership] allow easy access to buying a [car], it would likely increase [car] ownership in Skokie. With more [cars] comes more [car] problems, and we don’t have to look very hard to see that in the United States we have a serious [motor vehicle deaths] problem due to the proliferation of [cars]”
    See how f*<king stupid it sounds when you say it like that?

  16. proliferation of guns or proliferation of violence?

    Last I looked, a gun was just a piece of metal, springs, wood, plastic, etc. Seems we need to look at what is actually causing what here.

  17. In other words, per “Denyse”, we should all be soooo lucky to thrive under her “ideal” police state agenda.

  18. Methinks the wench is misinterpreting the information before her like a bad psychic trying to read the tea leaves. A more accurate interpretation is that places in the US that have lots of guns seem to have fewer gun problems.

  19. Also: Illinois state law already prohibits municipalities from regulating handguns or handgun ammo. So an ordinance requiring all guns sales to take place in a gun store would be unenforceable with regards to handguns, and therefore have virtually no effect on crime or accidental injuries.

  20. Gotta love it when some stupid city person goes on a rant about how easy it is to get a gun, especially a pistol, when they obviously have never tried to wade through all the red tape.

  21. Isn’t it quaint when gun-grabbers confidently assert “that with more guns come more gun problems”? It’s as if the actually believe there are facts to back that up.

  22. “Post is closed for comments. ”

    Wow, that didn’t take long for them to shut down the conversation.

    • I was planning to point out that state law preempts local legislation for handguns and handgun ammo, rendering the efficacy of their proposed essentially nil. But, comments closed.

  23. There’s a serious violence problem in America. Guns are simply a tool.
    Being that clods like this seldom understand history, they seem to not realize that guns were definitively more accessible before ’68. You could buy a Thompson from a mail-order catalog before the NFA.
    But as Forrest said “Stupid is as stupid does.”

  24. Since she’s explicitly discussing gun stores, then she’s exclusively referring to legal firearms sold to lawful individuals who’ve passed background checks, paid their taxes and fees, and submitted to registration. In other words: not criminals.

    So she’s clearly bemoaning the obvious pent up demand among lawful citizens who, but for the statist ambitions sheltered by the likes of her, would readily and legally exercise their Constitutional right to keep and bear arms. This has nothing to do with crime or trouble or even problems with guns per se. This has everything to do with training people to accept the yoke and submit to the state; one infringed, forsaken and forgotten right at a time.

  25. The US has a serious fascist problem.

    Funny, there’s six or so gun stores without a half hour of me, and this is one of the safest cities in the country. It’s almost as if it’s not guns that are the problem, but rather destructive leftist policies.

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