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“To us at TANNERITE® Binary Exploding Targets, ‘the essence of the outdoor experience’ is founded upon near sensory-overload of sight, sound, feel, smell and taste. The sight and sound of a direct hit; feel of percussion in the air; smell of a freshly fired round; and the sweet taste of victory…” email blast for OL’s Big Bang Tannerite Giveaway

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  1. Those guys destroyed a couple thousand dollars worth of antiqued barnwood doing that. Hard to watch.

    • I was thinking the same thing but there is no fire. It looks like the whole thing just collapses. All the wood appears to be still intact.

    • Sorry guys, but fragments (especially scorched fragments) are worthless unless you have a market for antiqued jigsaw puzzles. Planks like those in the former barn could have been worth several hundreds of dollars each, depending on the species of wood. Now, nothing.

      What a waste.

      • I’m sure he ruined some of them, but there seems to be a lot of good lumber laying around.

        But, whatever, the barn’s owner obviously granted permission to blow it sky high, and since it is private party….he can do whatever he wants with it.


        Because ‘Merica.

    • I was thinking the SAME thing. I just forked out seventy bucks at Home Depot for lumber, and they had all that just sitting there (and it was probably ten times better seasoned, antiqued, and old-growth than the Home Depot stuff). Argh!

  2. KC TV station just did what amounted to an “Oh-ma-gerd” piece regarding binary explosives. It was the usual we need to ban it “For the Children” garbage.

  3. I like how all those dead tumble weeds and the barn wood caught on fire and turned into a raging forest fire.
    Oh, wait. It didn’t, cause it can’t.

  4. Dumb, gives ammunition to the people who want to ban the stuff. “Look it blows up buildings!”.

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