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img-ca-permit-carry-concealed-weapon By B.T. Lockridge Maybe that was a stupid question. Maybe I do not understand what ‘self defense’ legally means, or why someone would need more justification. Yes, I entered a contest that I have no means of winning the prize because I live in California. However, I think that made me want to write about this topic even more because who will defend the oppressed if we won’t even defend ourselves? People will say, “move to a different state.” They will say it is my fault for voting in representatives that are in effect destroying the 2nd Amendment. Most of them have valid points including these until they say it is too late . . . That’s where they are wrong. Education and culture are the only ways we can drown the fear surrounding firearms and their associated stereotypes. As long as California hasn’t seceded from USA, it is never too late. Just because one side of the political spectrum dominates, doesn’t mean a different point of view can’t gain traction and reel in some legislation that would be gun favorable in the perpetual tug of war that is politics. The idea of carrying came to me only after taking care of my newborn nephew full time. I started to realize why new moms were often victims of theft. Carrying a baby and maneuvering in the modern life we live can really hold your attention making you a perfect victim of just about any crime. Before this enlightening event, I never feared a defensive situation and never found a need to carry despite living in places where crime is a popular statistic. Commonly having one hand or less free of distractions, I decided to look up the process to obtain a CCW Permit. The idea of may issue vs. shall issue comes to mind, but even under both cases presented for a permit, I am still required to validate a need beyond self defense. Why isn’t there a centralized system  to do what is now done differently in each county (if you don’t believe that it’s done differently, look up the statistics of CCW permit carries by county, and then google how to obtain CCW Permit with county name to get detailed county specific instructions along with resources, such as a person you can email your “good cause statement” for them to review). proves an invaluable source of information in this regard. So the know-betters in political office created this system by law, and the know-betters who are sworn to protect my family and me decide whether I can do it on my own in their opinion, and I helped them do it by voting and paying taxes because they know better than I do. Every time I think of all these hoops I have to jump through, I revert back to the simplicity of the 2nd Amendment. It states clearly “… shall not be infringed” yet I believe this and many other founding ideas explicitly known as the bill of rights are infringed daily. They have a register of every person who has guns, what guns they have, if they can carry, if their twig’s left berry is missing, but they still feel it is unsafe to provide a law abiding citizen with peace of mind. At its core, I believe the 2nd Amendment translates into “peace of mind.” You will have the means to protect you and your family, where ever that may be, from whoever your enemy may be, including the very government (or police nowadays from the news that is covered) that was sworn to protect your inalienable rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Wasn’t that what America was all about? Keyword ‘was’ apparently, because all it takes is a look around to make you feel like this isn’t your grandpappy’s idea of America, the land of the free.

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  1. “Is Self-Defense a Good Enough Reason to Justify a CCW Permit?”

    Yes. Not that we should be required to supply a reason.

  2. I’ve heard the the Sheriff in Orange County has started issuing permits on the sole basis of self defense and hopefully the Sheriff here in San Diego County will actually start issuing them too.

    Also, this post would be easier to read if there were paragraphs, rather than it being one huge block of text.

    • Sheriff Gore is holding all “for self-defense” good cause applications until Peruta is final. Whenever that is. He will not issue “”for self-defense” until then. Nor will the sheriffs of Los Angeles, San Francisco, Marin, San Mateo, Alameda…and of course, Yolo County (just outside Sacramento), whose sheriff is going to take the case to the bitter end and has filed for en banc review in Richards v. Prieto. (Companion case to Peruta.) And then there are most rural counties and Sacramento, which have been issuing for self defense for some time.

  3. The Sherriff in San Diego is a weenie, he has illegally reverted to caving to Kamala Harris ‘s intervention ,which is also illegal.He is the sole word on CCW permits in his county ,not her! But she is trying to recind a SUPREME COURT RULING THAT SHE DOESN’T LIKE, EVEN THOUGH SHE HAS NO DUTY TO SIDE WITH ONE OR THE OTHER DECISIONS,AS THAT GOES BEYOND THE SCOPE OF HER OFFICE[NOT THAT SHE CARES ABOUT THE CONSTITUTION OR EVEN THE LAWS OF HER STATE,SHE IS GOING TO DO IT ANYWAY,LIKE MOST LIBERAL POLITICIANS IN THAT STATE] California is lost,even when they lose lawsuits they do every underhanded thing they can do,just like New York and Chicago and Wash D.C. to impose illegal crooked voted in bills and laws that suit THEIR AGENDAS,screw the people and their rights ‘WE’RE IN POWER NOW! WE DO WHAT WE WANT, TURN OFF THE COMPUTER,FAX MACHINES ,DON’T ANSWER THE PHONES AND PASS THESE BILLS! WE’LL READ THEM LATER!

    • Ummm, a little less with the caps, and go back to your reading. Harris is seeking to intervene in a case now pending in the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, not the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court has yet to take a case involving carry outside the home, whether concealed or open carry, so there is no “Supreme Court decision” that she could be disagreeing with. Her arguments for allowing her to intervene arenot “illegal,” and even counsel for Plaintiff Peruta concedes that the Court of Appeals has the necessary discretionary authority to allow her motion. And the lone dissenter of the three justices that decided Peruta concluded that the majority were declaring the state statute unconstitutional which, if true, gives her the necessary standing to intervene. I am sure the court will be able to decide the legal issues on its own, and will issue a detailed opinion explaining its decision. When that will be is unknown–US Courts of Appeals move in mysterious ways.

  4. Did this post just pop up? I agree with the sentiment but found it difficult to read. Yeah paragraphs are your friend. That being said I heard a LOT of a##holes say things like ” leave Illinois, move to Indiana, carry illegally blah blah BS. If Californians can change their state it would be HUGE.

  5. I was very glad to see you bring up shall not be infringed. The gun control issues of today shouldn’t even exist. You wrote a very good submission (except missing the paragraph thing). Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  6. Our government was originally based on the idea that the people shall decide their own fate and not be subjected to the rule of a far away power. Americans decided that there were certain “unalienable rights” befitting all people. The founding fathers created a Constitution to outline those rights and ensure their protection.

    At what point did it become acceptable to rescind those principles based on the thought that the states knew better? Posts like this remind me of the old poster showing three native Americans holding rifles with the caption “Give up your arms the government will take care of you”.

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