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“Even the NRA [National Rifle Association] would agree that sex toys are less dangerous than guns so there is even less reason for the government to regulate sex toys.” – Attorney Gerry Weber in ‘Guns in Georgia town: OK. Sex toys: Not so much.’ [at]

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  1. Okay, this obsession the anti’s have with sex is getting creepy.

    Guns are dildos in drawers? Gun owners want to have intercourse with pistols? Etc?

    Just exactly what demographic are they trying to appeal to with this new tack they are on?

    • They are just trying to increase the shame of being a Liberal who enjoys shooting and works for the betterment of others’ right to armed self defense.

    • It’s an attention burst.

      Its creates a reaction that puts them at the center of an issue.

      After all, negative attention is still attention. It’s attention maintained behavior, no more, no less.

      Just a lot of “Hey, look at me!” to attract readers.

    • Well this is pretty obvious here. The anti’s know they don’t really have a leg to stand upon. On legal, constitutional, or even logical grounds. The ONLY possible way they can possibly ‘win’ is in the court of public opinion. This is why we have an endless parade of miss leading stories, outright lies, personal attacks, and attempts to make ‘the people of the gun’ seem ridiculous. This is ALL they have.

      • “The anti’s know they don’t really have a leg to stand upon…”

        So they’re relying on an artificial third leg?

  2. Gotta agree there. If we are going to regulate arms, we should regulate sex toys less.

    • I agree but I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – I still believe lives could be saved if the tips of all dildo’s are painted orange. Then people will know it’s a toy.

      • Yeah, but what happens when men start painting the tips of their real penises orange to trick the police?

        • And what about people like Boehner who use too much artificial tanner and turn orange?

        • So a guy is waiting in a Doctor’s office and finally the old Doc comes in. He looks at his patient and says “i see you would not tell the nurse why you needed to see me.”
          “No.” said the patient, a man in his late thirties. It’s too embarrassing and I don’t think I can describe how bad the problem is.”
          “Try to relax.” said the Doctor. “I’ve been around a long time. I’ve seen it all, heard it all and cured some things I never believed I could. Now just tell me the problem and we’ll get on with the cure.”
          “OK.” Said the man. “But if I tell you it will just be wasting time. I have to show you.” And with that he unbuckled his belt, unsnapped his paints and dropped them and his underwear in the some motion. The afflicted man was right that words alone would never convey what the Doctor saw next and the Doctor knew that the horror he felt showed on his face but he couldn’t help it. He took some comfort in the fact that he didn’t run out of the room and evacuate the office. Simply stated the man had an orange penis. But it was the hue of the orange that put fear in his heart. It was an orange that GOD would not have used to afflict Job. It was an orange that by comparison made safety orange or dayglow orange look like the subtle muted colors in a Degas or Monet. It was an orange that any living creature knew was not caused by anything natural to the universe and that death was preferable to being attached to the afflicted appendage. The doctor sat down, composed himself and knew he had to help this person. Perspiring he looked at the man and said “I’ve got to know everything about you so I can start to help you immediately. Let’s start with some basic questions. “Are you married?” “No.” said the man. ” I have never wanted to get married.” “What do you do for a living?” “I have been unemployed for over a year.’ said the man. “What do you do with your time?” “Watch porn and eat Cheeto’s.” replied the man.

  3. Obsession with sex, check.

    Obsession with guns, check.

    That’s right, anti-human-rights advocates are obsessed with guns. Why else do you think they talk about them all the time?

    It’s really telling, from a psychological standpoint.

  4. “If the government is not in our gun racks, it certainly should not be in our bedrooms,”

    While I agree with this, I must admit to giggling at these people. I’m sure once they have secured their battery operated boyfriend rights, they will headed right for my gun rack with a vengeance.

  5. How about the government just stay out of people’s bedrooms and gun safes for a change… I guess that is too difficult of a concept to grasp.

    What I shove down my pants before I walk out of the house and what I shove down my pants when I come home are no one else’s business.

  6. How about the government just stop regulating in general and criminalize criminal actions that have victims. It’s like our country fought a war for that kind of freedom or something.

  7. sorry but I have to agree with this article, even if there is probably an underlying anti-gun bias in the author’s work.

    the government should not regulate firearms or sexual acts/toys.

    I’m sure someone will show up at some point here to defend the biblical reasoning behind laws like this.

    • Laws regulating sex toys like that are absurd, so they make a valid point. I don’t see what this has to do with firearms, though.

  8. Cue the liberty-phobes stock “gun ownership equals penis envy” schtick, in between ranting about how much they hope NRA members and their kids are murdered.

    • You got it first, 2A Newbie, mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa! Didn’t see it when I scrolled through.

      Great gutter-minds do think alike. 3:)

  9. I have to say, I don’t think I particularly want the NRA to have any opinion on Sex Toys at all. It’s just not in their charter… I definitely don’t want to hear Wayne LaPierre’s stance. Let’s let them just stick to guns.

    Now, if you want to form the NDA (National Dildo Association), I’d agree they should be against government regulation (except to ensure not toxic or otherwise intrinsically dangerous) – let’s just say “Performs to specifications”. But Likewise I don’t think the NDA’s charter then should have anything to do with the regulation of firearms.

    • <joke>A woman goes to the store and asks for batteries, The clerk, an elderly gentlemen, beckons with a trembling finger, “Come this way.” The woman says, “If I could come that way, I wouldn’t need the batteries!”

  10. Oh great. Now you double MSLSD traffic by sending us to their site. But supermodels are not appropriate? Please post a clear warning with your links to libtard sites. Something like: THIS LINK IS TO NSFTHB SITE (NSFTHB = not safe for those having brain)

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    • Geez. That’s longer than the list of states magazines can’t be shipped to.

      In CO no 30 rounders or 30 inchers for you.

    • More than half of those places are either US military addresses or US territories. Maybe their issue should be with the federal government.

    • Vibrators and batteries must be ordered and shipped separately to a licensed sex therapist. A transfer fee of $45 must be paid upon recieving sexual device. A sex education class must be completed if you are to use device on a partner. A CCW permit must be held by those using a strap-on (Citizen Cock Wearer).

  12. Yup deregulate sex toys, is no one else’s business if you buy and use them the same that it’s no one’s business how many guns and rounds someone else owns.

    But somehow I think that they will still talk gun control and regulation if their sex toys were deregulated…

  13. Great, now the “sex toys everywhere” bill in GA. School, churches, libraries…no where will it be safe from these menacing sex toys…there’ll be semen running in the streets and it will be all on the NRAs hands…

    • “…and it will be all on the NRAs hands…”

      Thanks, I needed a laugh

  14. I can’t figure out why people are upset that they’re arguing for legalizing sex toys.

    FFS, they *are* less dangerous than guns. I mean, the worst that can happen is something gets stuck in an orifice.

    • Stovepipes? Breechinismus? No silencers on some models? Accidental/incorrect breech loading through the muzzle? Embarrassing, premature discharges? Sex is fraught with peril, I tell ya!

  15. Did ANYONE even notice the phrase ” local ordinance” in the MSNBC article??? Just go to the next town to buy your toy.
    I live a mile from Indiana. I can’t buy booze on Sunday in Indiana. In Illinois I can. People cross the border to get a deal on booze, cigarettes, gasoline guns whatever-and dildos. Last I checked sex toys weren’t covered in the constitution. My 2A RIGHTS ARE This is just another anti gun article masquerading as something else.

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