The Interwebz are abuzz with news that the Major League Baseball (MLB) Association has backed down on their blanket ban on the Houston Astros’ retro-style jerseys. Apparently has one of those Back to the Future time machine thingies: “In a statement released Friday [tomorrow], the team said: ‘Over the past few months, the club has been in discussion with Major League Baseball about whether to wear the authentic Colt .45s jersey. The original logo features the Colts name and a pistol. The alternative jersey would only have the Colts name on the front of the jersey. This week, MLB informed the Astros that the decision would be left to the ballclub.'” Who will, no doubt, restore the pistol packin’ nostalgia jerseys—and sell a gazillion of them. Which has nothing to do with their decision, of course. [h/t David Brown]


  1. As a long time Astro fan (living in California) I plan to get one. I can wear it to the A’s games when the Astros join the AL West next year. Assuming the A’s haven’t moved to Vegas by then, of course…

  2. Awesome picture. Many moons ago kids wore their caps right, had clean haircuts, wore their pants where they should be and looked up to guys that (at least outwardly) made a clean living.

    • They apparently wore really dorky glasses as well. Also, the picture tells us nothing about people’s pants. For all we know, everyone is naked below the waist.


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