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I’m neither here nor there on the whole woman whoopin’, whoopee or whoop-free zone thing. I’ll give you an opinion just as soon as the judge finalizes my second divorce. (Feel free to draw your own conclusions based on the facts as presented.) But I am fascinated by videos where a gamer displays his cyber-killing skills while monologuing about entirely unrelated topics. Talk about desensitized to gun violence. Or is it a case of plain old-fashioned boredom? We report, you deride.

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  1. I am not sure I can think of a generation that I can’t stand more than the YouTube generation. “Blah blah blah.. let’s talk about our feelings. Blah blah some stupid, non-interesting sh^t…” All done, as exampled to them recording themselves being moderately good at gaming. Who isn’t?

    I don’t think it is a desensitization thing (mostly because I think that whole generation is warped anyway) just a boredom thing. If you can go about your day and monologue about some stupid crap on a regular basis, your life is a waste. Unless you are being paid, it is a waste. I don’t know what it is about that generation but they can say nothing in a social setting but are stars on YouTube. I don’t get it. I am 32 and I don’t get it. My youngest sister is the YouTube generation and she doesn’t get it.

  2. Just so you guys know this kinda thing isn’t considered normal. I’m about to graduate high-school and no one does this. We have conversations while we are playing but that’s it.
    By the way battlefield 3 is far superior to this game.

  3. As part of the “YouTube generation”, I can honestly say I’ve never seen a video like that until now. There’s a reason it has less than 90 views as of the posting of this. I guess my response is, who cares? The “kids these days are [blank]” mentality is amusing to me. I agree that kids these days are [all sorts of sad things]. I don’t blame Youtube, XBox, or MTV. All of these were around when I was in grade school. My ass was playing outside with friends. Why? Our parents gave a damn. I hunted, fished, worked on cars, biked, played sports, had bonfires with my friends on a weekly basis with my friends because our parent’s did those things with us. We enjoyed it, and did it on our own.

    They need some damn direction that isn’t from school. People loooove to blame teachers. If it’s all they got, it’s all they got. But I DAMN sure see a lot of “parents these days” giving more of a damn about their own social situation.

    Sorry, not sure where that came from.

    Edit to add: Ryan posted while I was typing this: +100

    • + 1, Dude. I’m not blaming YouTube. As always, like you said, parents. Parents need to direct. Me and my middle sister were raised with summers at the cabin and vacations. My youngest sister was raised with TV and getting to go to her friends house every weekend. You guess who the F&^* up is in our family.

  4. I suppose I’m of that generation… Barely. And I made it to about 0:34. And it pisses me off when people do this in a game. As for it being normal among the errr…younger youtubers, I have no idea. Not enough perspective.

  5. I’ve been a gamer since I was 6 and I guess from my own perspective I can say that if you play it enough, it can really just be background noise while talking, like driving or some such. It’s really just an evolution of playing minesweeper while on a business call or the like. It becomes like a reflex. Nothing desensitized about it.

  6. I was just bummed I didn’t see the hot chick from the “freeze frame” actually in the video.

  7. I am on the youtubes quite often and am subscribed to a few of these Call of Duty “commentators”. There are literally thousands of people like this that play the game and chat about whatever. Some of the more popular ones get hundreds of thousands of views and get paid very well from youtube. Most are not good and boring to watch and listen too. Some are good and have interesting commentaries and things to say. Granted I don’t spend hours of my time watching these as I am married, in college and have a 2 year old. Some I do find to be entertaining, that’s all it is entertainment. Like watching a tv show or listening to the radio. Plus I play a fair amount of MW3 so its fun to watch and see how people do.
    On a side note, I’m so tired of the MW3 / BF3 argument. They are so different its ridiculous to compare them.

  8. You’d have to be crazy to go into battle without some serious training, right? So just think of being whooped by the GF as training for those glorious married years to come.

  9. As part of the “youtube generation” (whatever the hell that’s supposed to mean) I’d like to say that I am sick and tired of this whole “video games are evil, they desensitize kids to violence and then they go shoot their freinds because the game tells them to!” BS. Really? that is, IMO, one of the most disgustingly leftist statements I have ever heard uttered. If videogames make kids numb to the suffering of other people, then what about those games of cowboys and indians, wouldn’t that teach intolerance and racially based violence? What about me going to the range at age 10 and learning how to effectively shoot an AK clone? Shouldn’t I be off shooting up a campus then? This is a brilliant strategy, first you ban games that teach kids that guns can be used by the good guys for good (these games can even contain messages to kids to respect our brave vets), then you ban the real guns.
    And as for the commentary, this is an exceptional example of a terrible one. Some are good and entertaining, some are like this, but that doesn’t matter. What matters is that YOU are not being forced to watch it. Don’t like it? DON’T WATCH IT!!! And don’t complain about it too much either, these people have the right to free speech the same as you, regardless of which generation they are from, and you may not like what they say, but they can still say it.
    I also play racing games. But for some reason I don’t have the sudden urge to run over pedestrians or hit other cars when I go for a drive.
    I’m also pretty sure gutting a deer and taking a sip of it’s blood “desensitized” me more than playing a game with some good friends, but hey I’m part of the “youtube generation” so I guess that automatically makes me a brainless and superficial idiot. Too bad I get to pay for the retirement of the OFWGs.
    Now excuse me while I go be superficial and brainless by burning my Shakespeare collection, watching Jersey Wh*res, and playing videogames.

  10. My Daughter plays wholesome games like Rome Total War. Barbarian Invasion. Medieval Total War. Ahhh…the good old days.
    We need more religion in the games, like Stronghold Crusader. Kill the Infidels!
    Another of her favorites.
    In Stronghold II, you get to have a Torture Guild and build torture chambers.
    All good clean medieval family fun.

    • +1 Yes, but is the torture done by good Christian folk for the greater good of God? If so it is wonderful wholesome family fun.
      Because, y’know, torture is different depending on whether the people being tortured are the master race or untermenschen.
      Sorry, I must have taken one too many smartass pills this morning.

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