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“I’ve (shot guns) a lot in movies, but there are too many guns in the real world. I know people with guns, and they always say the same thing. ‘If somebody breaks into my house, I have to be able to defend myself.’ But what they’re really saying is, ‘I hope somebody breaks into my house so I can use this thing.’ It’s so wrong.” – Christopher Walken

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  1. Wow I didn’t know he could read the minds of all of the gun owners….maybe he should try a new profession!!!!

  2. No, grabbers, Mike B., Hollywood types, Nanny Bloomberg, et. al. I hope the only use of my defensive weapons take place at the range. I NEVER want to pull that trigger because some predator chooses my home as the target of his opportunity. That said, I want the very best tools available to keep myself and my family safe. Such a moronic statement.

  3. Yes because every night, just before I go to bed, I pray someone will break into my home and threaten my life. Then every time it doesn’t happen, I get really mad and buy more guns in a fit of rage.

  4. I feel the same way about my fire extinguisher! The damn thing just sits there collecting dust. I hope and pray every day that an all consuming fire starts and destroys my property just so that I can use it. Surely having to replace the property destroyed is worth the opportunity to discharge the extinguisher.

    • That’s a brilliant argument. Comparing owners of fire extinguishers to wanna be firefighters who hope to stop an arsonist. I’m going to use that.

      • It is a very good argument and I think one can also be made in having a first-aid trauma kit at home.

        Fortunately, things are changing. Women, liberals, and others who ten years ago would have called for all or most guns to be banned are now buying them for self-defense, hunting, social-unrest, etc. The numbers of anti-gun idiot arguments are declining though there are still lots of silly gun-grabbers namely in the mass media and among the political elite.

  5. Classic case of projection.

    What Christopher Walken is REALLY saying is that if he had a gun, he would hope someone would break into his house so he could use that thing. Ergo, anyone who has a gun wishes for someone to “make his day”. Pathetic.

  6. This is called projection. Liberals are allways projecting how they feel on others. He feels that way about guns so he assumes everyone does. They do the same with with race and gender.

    • While this is a good theory, I don’t buy it because we would be saying every liberal that supports gay marriage is also secretly gay. I know there are people in the closet but I doubt there are that many.

  7. Here are some other words that should have come from him: “Do as I say, not as I did in the movies. I don’t have any part in contributing to the gun culture.”

    From the link, he says “I’ve done it [fired guns] a lot in movies, but there are too many guns in the real world. ” He, with his influence, has contributed to his perceived problems.

    If I use the same logic he’s using, I’d say he’s a closeted 2nd Amendment supporter. Maybe he shoots at Angelina Jolie’s private range in France and doesn’t want to admit it.

  8. Ugh, like so many actors, I love them when they’re acting, but can’t stand them when they’re pontificating.

  9. Well look at that. Christopher Walken is a mind reader. He knows what gun owners are really thinking. Who knew?

  10. I don’t think we need any more cowbell.

    Seriously though, while we’re on “The Deer Hunter” and actors who were in it, I can’t help but be reminded of DeNiro’s character in “Taxi Driver”, a film which basically proves that Scorsese is a hoplophobe and which embodies the imaginary mentality that Walken is trying to apply to all gun owners. That’s hardly a new movie. Hollywood has been drumming the fear of firearms into the populace for a long time by subtle means. Even “The Deer Hunter” itself, a film treasured by many gun owners, can easily be interpreted as anti-gun. Hell, you could take the same message Walken is selling from “Apocalypse Now” (especially the sampan seen) if you were primed with a naive, bleeding heart mentality. Just look at how homosexual psychopath “Luka Magnotta” took his name from a Christopher Walken character and you can see that everything Hollywood sells is POISON.

    It is certainly true that there are paranoid people who own guns, people who have never seen combat and fantasize about what it would be like to use their weapon. To suggest that this is the secret attitude of all people who own guns is a damn lie that only someone living in the lap of luxury and imagined safety could believe. The disturbing thing here is that people take the words of celebrities to heart because they worship the characters they’ve seen them portray. The victims of celebrity worship come to believe that they are as safe as the wealthy idols they revere and that by parroting their opinions they to can be regarded as wise and deserving of praise.

    In ancient Greece acting was regarded as a frivolous profession that was not deserving of respect – I think we need to get back to that, sooner rather than later! Gun rights supporters can have no idols before the truth that owning firearms is a question of human dignity in the face of a permanently dysfunctional world. Down with Hollywood!

  11. This from a guy whose latest movie bears the title “Seven Psychopaths”. I watched trailers and it is easy to deduce that firearms play as large a role in the film as Mr. Walken.

    Dare I say the word hypocrite?

  12. Has Walken given a satisfactory account of the events surrounding the death of Natalie Wood? That, by itself, would be irrelevant to his argument, except that here, he’s projecting a psychological state onto the minds of people that he hasn’t studied and doesn’t know. The origin of his projection is pertinent to the debate.

  13. This is why I don’t support hollywood. I don’t have cable or satellite and when I buy a dvd it’s at the used store so the hollywood types don’t make a dime off me. I was avoiding movie theaters for years before Aurora.

    In the last 7-8 years I’ve been to a theater once. I was given a free pass and went to see the new True Grit. Good movie but if not for the pass I would have waited for it to show up in the used shops.

    Being a tight bastard serves my anti hollywood campaign quite well.

  14. If you shoot someone who deserves it. Who cares wether you wanted to shoot or not because when someone breaks into a house. They deserve to get the shit shot out of them!! Also, I have never been in the millitary but I grew up around a lot of street violence and I have no problem dropping someone who deserves it.

  15. I think CW anti-gun irrational and excessive hyplo-phobia is an expression of his currently public -phobia of guns and his secret desire to own guns, sleep with guns, and marry one. On the surface CW is a gun-Hater and Bigot. Underneath it all he has an insatiable attraction to guns, just say’in.

  16. “But what they’re really saying is, ‘I hope somebody breaks into my house so I can use this thing.’ It’s so wrong.” — Christopher Walken

    Not even close. I hope no one ever breaks into my home. The only thing I hope for is that I have an adequate firearm available to defend my family and myself if someone attacks us.

    Facing a violent criminal home invader with nothing more than my bare hands and a cell phone is not only undesirable, it’s foolish.

  17. Hasn’t he ever heard the old saying, Plan for the worst but hope for the best?
    I mean we put our seat belts on every time we get in the car, but we don’t pray or hope for a car accident. We own fire extinguishers, and first aid kits, but we don’t hope for our house to burn down, or our child to fall off the jungle gym.

  18. Goddammit, Walken. And I really liked you.

    Oh well, there’s a pretty good anti-gun control message in the latest movie he stars in, Seven Psychopaths.

    One of the characters starts opening fire next to a “NO FIREARMS” sign in a national park. Another goes on a diatribe against Colin Farrell’s character for “not believing in guns.”

    ‘You don’t believe in guns? They’re not leprechauns, you dumb mick. Bet you wish you had one right now.’

  19. It is irrelevant what the homeowner is thinking. They have a right to defend their life and the lives of their family.

  20. Daniel Craig is also a very vocal anti-gun agitator. Then again, he’s a Brit. I’d be shocked if Sean Connery were anti-gun, though. That would be very depressing.

    But for every Walken, we have Tarantino. I hope.

    • Sean Connery has sadly made anti-gun comments. I read one with SC making a reference to civilian gun ownership and the worries it gives him as a parent.

      Daniel Craig has also made pro-feminist advertisements while dressed fully in drag the message was that womyn are equals to men and still discriminated against (though in real politics it is special class status for females). The Daniel Craig video below of course uses feminist statistics.


  21. I seriously need to quit reading what my favorite actors have to say off screen. I have way too many outstanding Chris Walken movies to quit watching or throw out. As far as actors go I’d actually prefer to stay in a bubble and not hear the crap that comes out of their yaps. Sam Jackson’s recent political tirades have already made it damn hard for me to pull one of his movies out of the collection and watch. Actors/actresses need to stick to their movies or shows and otherwise shut the f**k up.

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