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Every six months, the Knob Creek range hosts a machine gun shoot. Events conspired to keep TTAG from covering the shoot going on this weekend, but we were so there last year. More specifically, I was so there last year. And I still have fond memories of that weekend, what with the smell of gunpowder and burning automobiles wafting through the air. So while we don’t have anything new, I figured our newly expanded readership who couldn’t make it to Kentucky to be there in person would like to see a few my favorite snaps from last year . . .

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  1. Knob creek is a celebration of everything it means to be a red blooded American. Cool place to go and not a bad swap and sell as well.

  2. “I,ST, Decree it thus that anyone who serves in an elected office in Washington D.C. must upon assuming the position attend a machine gun shoot every year in office. Failure to do so represents implied consent to resign from office.

    The Floor is Open for a Vote.Let the Ayes and Nays begin.”

  3. Got paid to go once back in the 80s…..the experience is like no other!

    You just ain’t lived til you shoot quad 30s at night full of tracers!


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