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Depending on the circumstances, I find ANYONE wearing a hoodie with the hood drawn over their head to obscure their face a potential threat. Does that make me a hoodieist? FWIW the Martin family’s Justice for Trayvon Martin Foundation has tweeted about the campaign but has not given it their official support.

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  1. Yep, I hate those darn stereotypes, especially when they are based on FBI crime statistics.
    Something like 15 percent of the minority black population, which includes women; which means maybe 7 percent which would be men, commit over 50 percent of murders in US.
    Less than a fraction of a percent of people with a CC licenses commit any type of felony; let alone murder; which group should I be concerned about?

  2. Gender is a term from grammar. There are two or three, depending on the langauge. Biologically speaking, “all genders” is silly, since there are two, with a few genetic abnormalities thrown in. Both sexes would have been correct.

    More to the point, though, let’s ask why some wear a hoodie. To be sure, it has its place in cold weather. But a lot of people who wear one are just trying to look cool or menacing or edgy. Many are trying to hide from the world.

    When I see a hoodie, I’m not afraid. I do wonder at times why the person wearing it wants to look like some stupid punk.

  3. no official support from the family b/c they are still working out the terms of their cut, I mean “licensing fee”.

  4. This is embarrassing. I’m an OFWG that has worn a hoodie for years. I live in the bay area in California and the winters don’t get that harsh here. a hoodie does me well for this climate. Plus it’s easier to hide my gun under the hoodie.

    Still I have to wonder about young people trying to show solidarity with TM by wearing their hoodies to make a statement. Flirting with an image that helped to get 1 young man killed may not be so smart. I personally am not going to stalk anybody based on their appereance. I’ll call 5-0 and let them determine if there’s cause for concern.

    But how many more potential GZ’s are out there?

  5. I make no bones about it, I profile. Profiling is a great survival tool.

    By themselves, hoodies are nothing to me.

    Combined with not so cold weather, suspicious actions, hoodie seems worn more for face concealment, etc.

    I’ll keep my eye on that person, especially if they’re prowling my neighborhood.

  6. If you are, within reason, profiling people wearing a hoodie as an extra potential threat to you then you are exhibiting common-sense and a lack of politically-correct social brainwashing. Still, the Left will label you a hoodie-phobic. Any criticism or concern with a Lefty approved life style choice is a -phobia in their mind and behavior to silence you.

    • Don’t ever leave white suburbia. You’ll have a coronary as hoodies are as common as tennis shoes. Even among white folks. Especially those darned college students.

        • I hear that thuggies like to wear Air Jordans. If you go to Brazil the beach gangsters, without shoes, are known for their knife attacks on dumb tourists.

        • Or on anyone dumb enough to flaunt a Rolex and not move from place to place in a private helicopter.

          Waving what you have garnered in the face of those from whom you have garnered it from is likely to get you in a spot of bother in many other countries.

          I take it you’ve never been to South America.

  7. Wouldn’t smoking a big fatty joint, then going for a late night walk in nice gated community that you don’t live in with a hood over your head, and then beating the shit out of anyone who asks you what your doing there be more of an accurate memorial?

    • Who’s that? As it has nothing to do with the actual facts of the Martin case. Unless of course, you get your imaginary facts from Bill Oreilly…

        • Martin’s father’s fiancee lived there. There’s never been any evidence that Martin was off “smoking a big fattie and wandering around”. He did go to the store and get skittles and a drink, and walked back. He was then pursued by a self-appointed-sub-mall-cop-wannabe-superhero. Zimmerman had precisely zero business doing anything other than calling 911, yet he got out of his vehicle to pursue Martin when he lost sight of him. After that, words were exchanged, and violence ensued.

          None of those facts are in dispute by anyone who has actually read reports from credible sources. What happened after the confrontation started is open to investigation and debate, but the DNA test results are not at all consistent with Zimmerman’s story.

    • I don’t know what happened that night for sure. Neither does anyone else. Especially the people who launched this campaign, who are acting like the kid was a innocent angelic being. I made the “fatty joint” comment because they found marijuana in his system, which he could have smoked a month ago for all anyone knows. Doesn’t matter though, marijuana doesn’t turn people violent, and has little relevance besides maybe to speaking to the character of Trayvon. All I’m saying is the kid was no boy scout. I’m not defending Zimmerman either, he screwed up bad, and had no business following him. But if Trayvon got aggravated by questions from a wannabe cop, and attacked him, he was out of line. It’s sad what happened, it really is, but I have a really hard time not holding both of them equally responsible for what happened. I also feel that anyone who blames Zimmerman only, is irresponsibly delusional, i.e. the people running this campaign.

      • So let’s say we’re pretty close to the same page on most of this stuff. Though I don’t personally partake, smoking a little weed says nothing about your character other than you break a law on the same moral level as speeding on a wide-open 4 lane in the middle of Montana.

        Here’s my question – You are a black kid in Florida (not exactly a hotbed of colorblindness). You are being followed by some white white dude in a vehicle. He wears no uniform,
        his vehicle doesn’t have flashing lights nor any signs that say “Security Services”. You have every right to be where you are, and you are breaking no laws. You lose this guy and he gets out of his vehicle and chases you down to confront you like he “is somebody”. I wouldn’t blame Martin a bit for putting a beat down on that idiot who was actively looking for trouble.

        As an upper-middle white guy, I know exactly what my response would be to this absolute nobody with NO legal authority. Who has NO legit reason to even talk to me, let alone have the nads to get in my face about what I’m doing in somewhere I belong. Not only would I be on the phone to the cops, but I would be proactively drawing down on this psycho idiot, because all I know for a fact is some whack-job in street clothes in a plain car, is chasing and threatening me.

        • If you’re the self-appointed neighborhood watch guy, roaming around in no uniform and an unmarked vehicle, possessing no legal authority whatsoever, carrying a gun in violation of the ‘neighborhood watch’ program guidelines, and you trail me around I’m going to think you’re stalking me to rob/attack/kill me. Because that’s what your behaviors indicate. I’m just walking and breaking no laws.

          Especially after I try to get away and you pursue me with absolutely no grounds, nor authority to do so. Also in violation of the neighborhood watch guidelines, and the direct instruction of the police on the phone with him. There is not one thing you are doing that points to anything other thanyou are coming to attack me.

          So, if you think you have the right to chase people without any legal cause, nor right, yes, it’s likely best we don’t meet. I’ve got the much better case for stand your ground than you.

        • Just to be clear, my first comment was intended to be as truthful, and taken as seriously, as their assertion that Trayvon was shot simply because he was black and wearing a hoodie. There’s more to the story.

          I think smoking marijuana is harmless, and I’m a supporter of legalization. In a court though, having marijuana in your system could be used as character evidence.

        • I think it’s highly unlikely that Trayvon saw Zimmerman following him and decided to attack him when he approached him. I think Zimmerman probably approached him and started asking him questions like he had some kind of authority, Trayvon told the wannabe mall cop to fvck off, Zimmerman continued to press him, and then it came to blows.
          I believe this is a case of big ego’s getting in the way of letting cooler heads prevail. If they could have just let it go this would have never happened. I know a lot of people that should learn from this.

        • Jon R., As I said, it seems perhaps we are pretty close to the same page on this clusterbuck. All I’m saying that were Martin the one who was legally able to carry and survived the encounter, this whole incident would be viewed very differently. Very differently, especially if he were white.

          Maybe, despite everything leading up to this, which is completely uncontested by Zimmerman and is tracked by the 911 tapes, Zimmerman was incredibly civilized and polite when he finally caught up with Martin. Maybe Martin did just go apeshyte on the little do-gooder. Except it’s really hard to believe a scrawny (150#) punk kid is any kind of threat to a guy who has at least 40# and 10 years to his plus column, and is only short a few inches shorter. Regardless of all that “maybe” , as stranger stuff has happened and I’d believe it, the DNA results don’t back Zimmerman’s story at all.

          We’ll never know exactly what happened, but from everything we can know, Zimmerman was about as full retard as the guy who got a gun to shoot the trespasser that caused him no threat whatsoever. Except in this case, a kid going out to get a soda and go home got killed for abso-effen-loutely no valid reason. And it makes us all look like the guys Walken talks about.

  8. Having been a crime victim in New York City, and the ex of a woman who was twice victimized (armed robbery and rape), and knowing that each and every one of those vermin were white, I do not profile based on race. However, I do profile based on age and on hoodies. As a truly OFWG, I regard young people — who actually commit most of the violent crimes — as potentially dangerous. And hoodies are the modern-day version of the desperado’s mask.

    If I saw jwm with a hoodie, I’d be aware but wouldn’t blink an eye. By his own admission he’s not a young guy, so my danger needle wouldn’t move very much. But if I see a teen or 20-something walking down my block with that hoodie up, I cross the street to reduce the potential for conflict.

    It isn’t fear and it isn’t paranoia. It’s just common sense.

    • “Hoodies are the modern-day version of the desperado’s mask.”

      Thanks — that’s the funniest thing I’ve heard all day.

      You are aware that everybody under 30 owns at least one right?

  9. Dammit, I just like hoodies. They’re just cozy in cooler weather. Now they’ve become a symbol. Oy. Give me back my security blanket!

    • I sometimes wear the hood up when its cold. Now I’m just gonna turn into another Trayvon.

      I guess that because I wear the hood up, I’m just another wannabe gangsta thug who can’t wait to attack an OFWG.

  10. Why all the hate on hoodies? Aren’t any you folks fans of one of the greatest American films of all time, ROCKY? The guy cemented the image of the hooded sweatshirt as the everyman’s badge of perseverance.

    I suppose regional differences may apply here – growing up here in the Pacific NW, where the weather can be cold and wet, hoodies are fairly common among all ages – joggers, HS or college kids showing school pride, hot yoga moms leaving the gym. I even dress my 2 year old son on occasion in a fleece hoodie, because the hood keeps his little noggin warm from the wind chill when we venture out.

  11. Does anyone here ever visit urban areas at all, let alone live in one?

    If I was “on guard” every time I saw a black guy (c’mon no dancin’ around it) in a hoodie, my adrenal gland would explode, and I would need to order Maalox by the drum. I would mostly cower in my bunker and could never go anywhere without full body armor and guns drawn at the ready.

    There’s far more telling things about body language, stride, and movement patterns that one needs to be aware of to identify a real potential threat.

    A hoodie? That’s such a standard piece of kit, it’s like worrying that the guy’s wearing sneakers…

  12. Mr. Farago, I agree 100%. Anyone wearing a hoodie obscuring their face, especially in 80 degree weather, is a problem looking for a home.

    • Drive by any school with the kids getting out here in metro Phoenix and you’ll see dozen of the dipsticks wearing hoodies even when it’s almost 100°. 99% of them are just dumb kids that like the “look”.

        • There’s a world full of kids with shaved heads wearing what us “normal” folks would consider winter headwear in 80F+ temps.

          It seems “odd”, I’d never do it, but that’s part of the whole “free country” thing. Whether any of us approves of their piercings, trenchcoats, or make-up ala The Cure, is none of anyone’s GD business – it’s not some inherently evil ideology like wearing a burqa.

        • One would think the look of heatstroke would be common. Just this afternoon I was in the garage running some boards through the jointer and a young girl walked by in a purple hoodie with the hood over her head – it was 95° today. Granted most longtime southern Arizonans are wussies when it comes to cold weather but to me a hoodie in 95° weather is asinine.

  13. This is just STUPID. I wore hoodies when I lived in Michigan for years. The hoodie didn’t get Treyvon Martin Shot. Slamming Zimmermans head in the pavement, got him SHOT!

  14. I can tell you this: If I see anyone walking up the path to my door after dark wearing a hoodie on halloween, they’ll be greeted by me wearing my Clint Eastwood disguise, complete with M1 Garand – “Get off my lawn”.

  15. 1st, if they really believe TM got shot simply because he wore a hoodie and now they really intend to wear hoodies in public does that mean they have a death wish?

    2nd, I like hoodies and the weather is starting to change to good hoodie weather.

    3rd, depending on different factors we should be more alert to people who are obscuring their face. For instance cooler weather or light rain, or OFWG reduces the threat factor.

    4th, those Phoenix students wearing hoodies because they like the look. What look is that? The “gansta” look of course.

  16. Nobody is afraid of a damn hooded sweatshirt. Lots of people wear them for different reasons and they are not threatening. George Zimmerman did not scope out Trayvon because he had a hoodie on or even because he was black. He noticed the young man was acting suspiciously and meandering around in an area where homes had been burglarized and Zimmerman NEVER drew his weapon until Trayvon had him pinned and pounded into the grass.

    Never forget that 17 year old, 6’+ Trayvon Martin decided to beat on a smaller, fully grown man for no apparent reason before getting shot by a single bullet through the heart. This is typical urban youth savagery, I saw opportunistic gang beatings many times growing up in a forcefully integrated public school system in Delaware. Urban youth (it is NOT just black kids) are primed for violence by the media and a severe lack of parenting. They tend to avoid guns in order to avoid doing time, but they have no qualms about beating you to death for no reason, in fact they’ll do it with pride.

    Liberals do not like to admit it, but there is a significant nationwide subset of extremely violent home grown urban youth, often from organic and ethnocentric ghettos who will beat, rape, rob and/or kill you for fun. This is the number one reason to carry a gun in the United States today. People deny it because these individuals are diffused between the cities, but make no mistake, the urban liberal mindset is intentionally creating bogeymen who will one day be useful to hold up as examples in the run up to the great gelding ceremony that ushers in their utopia.

    • “Opportunistic gang beatings” happen when there’s more than one yob around to witness the act or get in on the fun. There’s no such thing as a one-man gang.

      Zimmerman’s story doesn’t pass the smell test. Drawing a circle around a map of an inner city and scrawling “Here be monsters” doesn’t help it.

      • Hey, I go to the inner city all the time. I love to eat at Checkers, even though I get accosted by panhandlers, young men selling “cologne” and drug dealers. Where else can you get chicken wings at a drive-thru? I am not being sarcastic here, the wings are that good.

        I’m not scared of the city at all, but I brought up the phenomena of gang beatings I’ve seen a lot of them and because they exemplify the kind of testosterone fueled stupidity that comes out of the ghetto. These are people who are taught to solve problems with their fists first…. that is why Trayvon is dead. The liberal totalitarians like it this way – that is my overall point. This is nothing but convenient for their agenda.

        I mean, you saw the pictures of Trayvon wearing a “grill” right? You saw that his twitter postings, right? He was a wannabe thug, whether he really was one or not does not matter. George Zimmerman is a man of black African and Amerind heritage, I really doubt he did anything to provoke Trayvon Martin. If anything, the very ethnic Mr. Zimmerman made a totally objective judgement. Everyone knows Trayvon was a delinquent and it is quite obvious that this is yet another case of violent, urban puke culture coming face to face with a property owner who happened to be armed.

    • What Zimmerman, someone who is NOT a cop, NOT even a stinking security guard, did, was play wannabe superhero. Zimmerman is nobody. He had precisely zero legal right to do anything beyond call the cops if he thought Martin was so “suspicious”. Period. Full effen stop.

      If there was a confrontation, it was 100% of Zimmerman’s making. He had NO business getting out of his car to pursue Martin. None.

      Martin was never witnessed by anyone breaking any laws, so I give two good flyins’ whether houses had been broken into in that neighborhood. If you aren’t even a cop, and you aren’t witnessing a crime in progress that has the realistic potential to get someone innocent killed, you are to sit down and STFU after calling the cops. It ain’t your job. Especially when you just look like some sketchy A-hole with no uniform and no marked car.

      Supporting this sort of completely unjustified vigilante shoot is what makes us look bad when there actually is a need for a deadly force response.

      • Pure bullshit sir, 100%.

        George Zimmerman was in his own neighborhood and can get out his car wherever he wants. Where does it say in the law that you can savagely beat someone for “following” you? Sounds like something from the “Lord of the Flies Guidebook to Dispute Settlement.”

        If I saw a suspicious person in my neighborhood and my neighbors had been robbed in recent months, you are DAMN RIGHT I will check them out. When the police don’t provide deterrence, it becomes the property owners’ problem. George Zimmerman was acting on behalf of his neighborhood in an effort not to lose sight of someone he had informed the police about – someone who had in fact hid from him. Why? Was poor, scared, little Trayvon afraid a man half his size was going to try and molest him? Give me a break. At the very least, Trayvon was flirting with trespassing. At worst, he was casing apartments as future targets.

        Zimmerman never drew his weapon until Trayvon had already assaulted him. Full effen stop that, you chunp, and quit defending ignorant thugism. If Trayvon didn’t like Zimmerman calling him out, he should have walked away and professed innocence. That isn’t what happened. He saw the man was smaller than him and Trayvon went for another notch in his belt.

        • Lord of the Flies? That’s exactly what YOU are advocating “somebody broke into my neighborhood and now I see somebody so I have the right to question them”. Horseshit. Somebody attacks you, breaks in, do whatcha gotta do. But until that, you keep your neighborhood superhero crap in check. You can move to Somalia if you wanna live like that.

          You have the right to call the cops, and keep watching them until the cops show up. If they attack someone, then by all means, get involved.

          It’s not relevant to anything what kind of BS he put on his tweets/FB or any other locker room crap that kids have done since the dawn of time. The kid was doing nothing wrong.

          BTW, yeah Martin was just huge compared to Zimmerman. I mean at 6′ 150# he’s just frightening to a 5’9″ 190# guy. How could that massive black 17 not just kick the crap out an older guy that was a few inches shorter and had 40# on him.

          Once again Zimmerman had no right to do what he was doing and Martin had already been running away. The one who had the right to stand his ground was Martin.

          Had it gone down anything like your propaganda, Zimmerman might have a case for self-defense. But the points I have made

      • (For some reason the previous post truncated. Perhaps I hit the wrong key…)

        … are not in dispute by either the PA, the police, or (most significantly) Zimmerman’s attorney. So, the facts have sweet FA to do with your fauxian fantasy tale trying to spin this pile of semi-white-Florida-trash vigilante crap into something defensible.

        It’s painfully obvious from your posts that all blacks make you pee your pants with fear and you have no idea how to get along in a world where you see them in your neighborhood. A real 17 year old “thug” would have capped Zimmerman’s ass the minute he said word one to him. He wouldn’t have run until after he left our little punk biatch wannabe Zimmy in a pool of blood. Obviously you have no idea what those “thugs” really are except that you get chicken wings from the drive-through while thinking you’re edgy for even driving through wherever it is you live. Protip: Let me know and I’ll take you on a guided tour of the BBQ and Chop-Suey joints I frequent in North St. Louis. They don’t have drive-thrus. One goes in to order. My white self sits down and eats when my order is done.

  17. How about not wearing a black hoodie on Halloween because CARS CAN’T SEE YOU WALKING DOWN THE STREET IN THE DARK! Any idiot walking down the street in the dark wearing a black hoodie is a lot more likely to get squished by a car than shot at.

  18. No, its not the hoodie that makes a person scary — the person makes the person scary.

    What a dumb campaign. Did they even put any thought into this?? It could be a good way to get yourself shot.

  19. Gee, I hate stereotypes as well. I guess I wear a Klansman hoodie that night. Should they be afraid of me then? I’m still a white man. You see, I am not AFRAID of anyone wearing a hoodie. I think think that people who wear hoodies to hide their identity are afraid to show their identity. What if I walked into a bank wearing a ski mask or a hockey mask . Should they be afraid of me? Damn straight. Hoodies aren’t cool. They are suspicious.

  20. Generally I’m not scared of black people wearing anything, unless they are asking me if I have a fucking problem then telling me I have one now as they march up on me.
    In fact, any race creed or color acts that way and and we’ll see what happens next.


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